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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 13, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> only on al jazeera america. bl announcer: this is al bl jazeera. hello, welcome to the al jazeera newshour, life from our headquarters in doha. i'm elizabeth puranam. coming up in the next 60 minutes - a bomb blast outside a polio vaccination center kills at least 14 people in pakistan three russians are arrested in turkey during a series of raids during the istanbul bombing there are reports people
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detained in iran could be released and we'll take you to the motor city, the detroit auto show unveils the cars of the future turkish police have detained three russian citizens with links to i.s.i.l. it comes after tuesday's suicide bomb attack in istanbul, that targeted an area popular with tourists. russian officials confirmed three of their nationals have been picked up. turkish police carried out a series of raids. officers detained 59 suspected i.s.i.l. fighters. meanwhile, turkey's prime minister is due to land in
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istanbul later on wednesday, and insists i.s.i.l. was goodnight tuesday's attack. for more on this, let's go to our correspondent live in istanbul. i understand the german interior minister are arriving in turkey. >> that's right. lots of movement right now. a german interior minister arriving here, having a joint conference with the turkish interior ministry, and also akmed, the permit, is likely to be making a public statement. he'll be seeing the survivors in hospital, and also getting briefed by security chiefs at the governor's residence. it's a situation here right now where the security pushed us back at short notice. we were at the scene of the bombing a short time looking. but they are clearing the whole area now. it's thought that may be a senior politician will be
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visiting here to lay a wreath or flowers. there are flowers around the egyptian senna taf where mainly the german group gathered. it's a surreal situation there, looking at it, because you wouldn't guess it was the scene of carnage 24 hours ago. the only indicator that it was a site was signs of ball bearings flying through the area. it's an open area. there's no blast damage anywhere. you would not guess it was the scene of the bombing. right now there's a major operation going on to get leaves, to try to get an indication as to where this suicide bomber had actually come from, and there is information that suggests that the bomber was 28 years old and originated in saudi arabia, but was a
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citizen of syria, crossed the border illegally, and had been fingerprinted, id'ed in istanbul. however, he was not on a terror list, nothing to suggest that he would be a bomber. that gives you an indicator of what sort of challenge the security forces here are up against. >> so quite a lot of information about the suicide bomber. are we hearing anything about the three russians that have been arrested? detained. >> that's right. there were raids in a whole varietiy of cities across the southern part of the turkey and the east. there were 59 people arrested, and in addition to that, three russian nationals were taken in. and we have heard. we had confirmation from the russian consule general in antalya city in the south.
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these three russian citizens do not know where we are. they are suspected of being i.s.i.l. members and have been detained for questioning. no link, suggestion of a link at this stage with the bombing here. all of these arrests have been made in a series of raids in - on 22 addresses. but again, i hasten to add no indication of a link to the bombing here. what we do know, as i said earlier is that the used bomber, and this has been confirmed by senior security sources to al jazeera, that the bomber is named as nabil fadli, and he, according to police sources, was, in fact, across the border on 5 january, from syria to turkey, and travelled to istanbul, where he declared himself as a refugee would, and was fingerprinted. now, a lot of people were
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suspicious, it seemed odd that this information, the identity of the suicide bomber should be released so quickly after the bombing and the indicator there is that the fingerprint was made earlier after crossing the border illegally thank you for that andrew simmonds with the latest from istanbul let's move to other news. we are hearing from iranian state television that 10 u.s. navy people custody by iran have been released. iran delayed the sailors after the two small vessels entered iranian waters near farsi island. u.s. officials say they travelled from beirut to center of excellence of brain aging. they were said to have strayed off course due to mechanical problems, and it is close to
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being resolved. let's go to a political analyst and journalist joining us from tehran. good to scr you with us on al jazeera. the 10 sailors have been released according to iranian state television. how serious an incident was this? >> that is the right question. i think the officials here are taking it very seriously. at the same time they are not overreacting, for the simple fact that these are sensitive times, and the nuclear deal between rain, the united states and the international community will be implemented fully, and that includes lifting of the sanctions. some people are assuming that this was some kind of provocation in order to create some kind of tension, and delaying the lifting of the sanctions. as i said, the iranians have overreacted.
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unfortunately, at the same time, the americans overreacted. they sent ships, helicopters to carry out a manoeuvre, but in order, perhaps, to engage the iranian forces. the good news is that the iranians did not engage, they didn't overreact, and as you mentioned, they released the american sailors safely and send them back to the ship. >> there seemed to be some conflicting information, maybe you could call it coming from iran, the revolutionary guard, the salors were being interrogated. news outlets saying they were snooping around. iranian and u.s. officials saying that they were safe. they were well treated, and now they have been released. that's an important point that you made. let's not forget that they are
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cooperating with the american forces in iraq and syria. there's no reason for them not to take this incident lightly. yes, these things may be happening here in the iranian media for the simple fact that soon we will have two different elections ahead of us. and some people may try to take advantage of the situation for political gains. as i mentioned. they are not overreacting. it is acting rationally, they release them safe. they are returned to the ships and there was no interrogation at all. >> this deal coming days before a landmark deal before iran and world powers are implemented. could it be a reason why the situation was resolved as quickly as it was. >> absolutely. you are absolutely right.
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no one wants to take any blame here for the collapse. nuclear deal with the united states. especially in the two-three days ahead of us. that includes the iagc forces, commanders and the leadership. everybody is desperate to put the deals behind them safely. in order to prepare for the next elections ahead of us. as i mentioned, nobody is going to take the blame for anything here, no one wants to make or be part of the nuclear deal with the west, including the iagc commanders, all eyes are fixated on the deal and the elections, as i mentioned. nobody is in the mood to make any mistake right now. >> political analyst and journalist with kyharn international. thank you for your time. we appreciate it. thank you. >> a bomb blast in the
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south-west of pakistan killed 14 people, close to a polio vaccination center. it appears the attack targeted security forces, and were on their way to guard the facility, health workers and security personnel were preparing for a polio drive. no one claimed responsibility, but fighters linked to al qaeda targeted vaccine health workers in the past. >> let's go to our correspondent live for us in the pakistani capital. what more can you tell us about the attack? >> well, first of all, it must be understood that an anti-polio campaign is under way across the country, and particularly in the balookize stan province along the border. the target is to vaccinate 2.4 million children under the age of five. it also includes 55,000
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children. the attackers are said to have taken on the police, who were guarding the center from where the aid workers or the polio workers were supposed to move to dispense the vaccination house to house, and to the streets. so the attacker choosing his target carefully, across pakistan the security forces are on a heightened state of alert. they have to give protection to the polio workers, because they have come under attack in the past. to discuss this further. to see who may have carried out the attacks. we have a senior analyst with us. could you give us an idea as to who may be behind this deadly attack. >> there are probably, in my judgment, about three different factions that could be involved in it. number one, those factions who are basically - who lack education who have no
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understanding of what the business is about, and consider it an act of infidelity being facilitated bit the west into pakistan. let's resist that. number two. more important. that the is it terrorism itself. there are forces. they have done it in the past and use it under the guide of infidelity they promote their own agenda, wreaking havoc in the country. it sells, those with no education, looking at the guys coming from the west, and are the agents of the united states, that of the west, they are trying to instill terms, affecting the religion. under the guard they use it in
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society. it looks probable that that is the reaction today. >> never an act of - whenever an act of terrorism happens, it undermines terrorism against pakistan. because the armed forces are determined it's been two years, there's a claim by the government that it has discovered terrorism in pakistan. >> we are taking you to turkey where the german interior minister is speaking following the attacks in istanbul yesterday. let's listen in.
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>> turkey works on that, fighting in a content use way. we see a lot of problems, terrorist problems resulting from the current situation in syria. and on the other hand. we also face the p.k.k. terrorism, and we condition our security operation to fire the p.k.k. and terrorism. and recording this, we need to thank germany for the cooperation. the radical terrorist organization and d.a.e.s.h./i.s.i.l. as well have to be faced.
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and already arrested around 300 persons who are accused of their relations with terrorism. i need to make it well-known for you, 3,000 persons. 800 are in gaol. most of foreigners. that's why we need, as i said more cooperation with those exporting countries of fighters, we need to have more, to stop it
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across the borders and stop them arriving or reaching syria. and they say countries have to adopt necessary measures and take necessary steps to stop the terrorists. we thank germany for cooperating with us in this record. >> more than 35,000 people have been stopped because they are suspect, and they are prevented
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from entering turkey, and they belong to more than 120 countries. there are 387 of these people carry the nation altsy and the citizenship of germany. and we have also deported more than 2,800 person suspected of being in relation with terrorist organizations. they have been deported to their countries and we have deported these people to their countries, and some of them, around 92, are
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germans, and these suspects, or these that are accused of being terrorists or having relations with terrorist opposition have been returned to the countries. ladies an gentlemen, turkey is exerting a lot of efforts to fight terrorism, and turkey is adopting a decisive stand against terrorism and terrorists. during the recent attack, and even a week before this attack. we have stopped 220 persons being affiliated to i.s.i.l.
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and after the - that recent attack and within the information that we have gathered through investigations, we managed to stop one of the suspects yesterday, last night. and the investigations are ongoing and we will continue that in a way. because these investigations have so many angles, and we have evaluated everything, and we have exchanged with the german side the necessary information,
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and the germans are changing what they have, information, with us. we, at the same time as i said, exchanged information with them. and we do our investigations within the cooperation with the germans. this is an attack against humanity, an attack against turkey, an attack against the guests of turkey. our guests are like citizens, are like turkish people.
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once again, our guests are as important as our residents, and i'd like to say that this attack is an attack against turkey, an attack against the turkish people and the turkish nation. and we have to stand firm against the terrorist attacks without hesitation and without tolerance. we will visit germany next week, and now. the german interior minister is with us here in turkey. his visit is a strong and important signal that says our
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cooperation is vit until in combatting and fighting terrorism. all tourists in turkey, all our guests in turkey are quite important to us, as the turkish people. and we ail have to condition our daily life as normal, and at the same time we need to trust the security measures adopted by the turkish authorities to protect
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them. we adopt all the necessary security measures with firmness. and in this regard we, at the same time, support and boost our cooperation, and our information with the german side. i repeat - once again - i repeat once again, that we are quite ready to cooperate with all countries for the sake of fighting and combatting terrorism. we will continue that. and we will stay firm against
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terrorism. >> a lot of countries in the world suffer from these terrorism attacks, and when we cooperate, we need to be working hands by hand, shoulder by shoulder, and we need to prevent terrorists from achieving their aims and goals. so we are listening to the turkish interior minister there, following tuesday's suicide bomb attack in istanbul's historic district, that left 10 dead. eight german, and i believe that's the german interior minister standing. there would be turkish -- standing there with the turkish
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interior minister, calling the attacks against turkey, turkey's guests and against humanity, and outlining the measures that he says turkey has been taking against terrorism. giving us a little more information about those wounded in the attacks. saying nine of the 11 people that were seriously wounded in tuesday's attack were german. let's go to our correspondent andrew simmonds now. he's live in istanbul. andrew, turkish interior minister saying that turkey must cooperate. needs to cooperate with countries that are exporting fires, need to stop them reaching foreigners, following information that the suicide bomber was from saudi and
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travelled to turkey from saria. >> that's right, he was painting a picture of what the turkish are up against. you were almost blinded by large numbers. extrapolating from it, a figure, out of 3,000 i.s.i.l. fighters, 847 are in gaol. being interviewed. most of them are foreigners. now, he said that one has to really go to the countries of export, as he referred to it. i think that's the right translation. he said that there needs to be more cooperation with the countries, he means the u.k., france, wherever the - wherever the i.s.i.l. members come from, they are getting back at the critics who suggested that
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turkey has been too low coming down hard on i.s.i.l., coming down hard on the 900 kilometer border with syria, which was porous on many occasions. now that security is tightened up, and the turkish are also allowing the u.s. to use the turkish air base, so many things have been done by the turkish to confront i.s.i.l. i.s.i.l. is hitting back. what we have seen here, this horrendous carnage a short distance away, one of the world's most historic sites and turkey's most important tourist attraction is an indicator of the way i.s.i.l. are going. they want to hit turkey where it hurts. what they said was that he had though go ahead with the most - the biggest inquiry possible. he revealed this was one suspect
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arrested on tuesday. one of the suspects was stopped. investigations are ongoing, and these had to be secret. obviously secret investigations. no reference to the three arrests of russian nationals in the south of the country. and no reference to the 59 arrests - early morning raids of people in five different provinces. clearly what will we here from the german interior minister is really how germany is coping with its losses, because we hear that there are nine german nationals who died, and one norwegian. and two german nationals are critically ill. and amongst the injured, and some of them have been discharged from hospital now, there is supposed to be one peruvian. but few turkish citizens were hurt in this explosion.
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i have just been to the site. we were pushed away for security reasons, we believe a senior politician, a senior minister, is going to visit the site, where red flowers are the only marker to what happened there, it's extraordinary, it downed seem like a bomb site. it was ride open, and no blast damage whatsoever, but terrible carnage. thank you for that, andrew simmonds joining us live from istanbul, where we have been hearing from the interior ministry. later in the newshour, the slow and tortured process of trying to return south african lands to traditional owners. >> in sport. la lakers lose their star player to injury again. andrew has the details. details.
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good to have you with us on the al jazeera newshour. these are the top stories, iranian state television is reporting that 10 sailors held by train have been released. iran detained them earlier on tuesday after two small vessels entered iranian waters. the sailors were travelling from kuwait to bahrain turkey's interior minister
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says he will cooperate closely with germany over the blast in istanbul, he made the statement during a press conference. all the 10 killed on tuesday were german tourists a bomb blast in south-west pakistan killed 14 close to a polio investigation center. it appears the attack targeted security force, who were on their way to guard the center. >> now, coordinated attacks in the eastern african city of jalalabad killed 17 security personnel. whole gunmen who barricaded themselves were killed after a shoot out with security forces. an accomplice blew himself up near a police vessel. we have more from kabul local officials say there were three attackers involved in the operation.
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the first carried out a suicide bomb against police vehicle, and two attackers went on to a guest house which belongs to the local government there. they were holding out there fighting with afghan security forces. the two attacksers were killed as a result. the pakistani consulate were not far. it's not clear if the aim was to target the guest house which belongs to the local government. or they were targetting the pakistani consulate. there's no claim of responsibility, but jalalabad, the city, and the wider province is volatile, and has a number of armed groups, the islamic state. and the taliban, the two groups are fighting each other, and the afghan army are fighting the groups. we understand the security situation is volatile in that
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area pakistan says it arrested members of a group suspected of attacking an indian airbase this month. the prime minister's office says it shut the offices oft group. pakistan sent a team to an air base in india. the arrests coming ahead of a meeting of foreign secretaries of countries. the south korean military said it fired warning scholtz after spotting a drone approaching the airspace. south korea urged china to agree to stronger sanctions against north korea for its latest tests. let's go to harry faucet for more on this. >> what more can you tell us about the drone? >> the south korean defence ministry told us that the forces and demilitarized zone detected an unidentified vehicle understood to be a drone heading
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to the south korean air space, as it crossed the demarcation line dividing the two countries within the demail tarized zone, south korea issued broadcasts warning is to be turned around and fired 22 warning shots, after which the aircraft did, indeed, change course, and headed back to north korea. also on wednesday, south koreans finding thousands of leaflets dropped in seoul, presumably from north korea, from korean propaganda carried on the leaflets. now, there's high level diplomacy between south korea, united states and japan. those are couragely meeting in -- currentsly meeting in seoul. north korea needs to be responded to for the fourth nuclear test on a different level from how the international community reacted in the past.
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reflecting the words of the president in her new year address earlier. >> and park geun-hye focussing attention on china to rein north korea in. >> that's right. park geun-hye, throughout her presidency, has done a lot to bring south korea closer to china. china is a big economic factor in south korea's own export driven economy, she was one of the few, the only, really, u.s. ally to attend a big chinese military rally here. nevertheless she's put china in the spotlight over the issue, saying china needs to back up its words in terms of criticizing north korea over a nuclear programme, urging north korea not to carry out tests, saying that she expects china to use its role in the security council of the united nations. it is a permanent member of the security council to make sure
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that there are tougher sanctions, saying it's a fundamentally different situation in terms of security, and it needs a fundamental different response and she expects china to step up. and tougher sanctions have been enforce said. >> that's our correspondent in seoul, harry fawcett syrian state television says government troops captured the rebel strong hold of latakia. 120 air strikes have been carried out to support the syrian army offense ifs. russian air strikes are reported to attack the city of aleppo. the children and teachers are reported to have been killed. human rights group say several schools, more than 5,000 air strikes have been conducted.
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it began in september. the u.n. inquiry documented war crimes in syria, gathering residents in madaya. they are collecting testimonies about how residents have been deprived of food. the world health organisations allow mobile clinics to assess the state of nutrition. the u.n. described the suffering as the worst scene in the country so far. >> it was heart-breaking to see food, medicines, other humanitarian aid was very much needed inside. we have seen people who were waiting for us at the checkpoint who still couldn't believe when the first truck was entering the aid, reaching them.
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people were anxious, were coming to us asking did we bring more food because we are hungry. >> president obama opted to paint an optimistic future. he urged it fight against terrorism, without discriminating against muslims. white house correspondent patty culhane reports. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: u.s. president obama hope that will be a member of the his political party, so he spent much of his speech detailing what he sees as accomplishments. a higher minimum wage, he was highly critical without naming them, of the republican presidential candidate. like donald trump, suggesting a ban on muslims. >> when politicians insult muslims, whether abroad or fellow citizens, when a mosque
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is vanedalized -- vanedaize said, it doesn't make us safer. that's not telling it like it is. it's wrong in the republican response they echoed a call or tolerance, promising curbs on immigrants. >> we cannot allow immigrants to come here illegally. in this age of terrorism, we must not let in refugees, whose intentions cannot be determined. >> this was the night about the next election. two sides laid out with separate visions. the president renewed his call, saying the lack of it is one of the few regrets of his presidency. that doesn't seem to change the dynamic of many. >> it's too late for the president to lecture to us. we get along fine.
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the compromise in his version of that is all his way. >> god bless the united states of america. >> reporter: at the same time the president made it clear he may not give another speech, but has another year and plans to make changes, with or without congress's help joining us here in our doha studio for more on this is professor at columbia university, and also good to have you with us on al jazeera, to talk more about this. what did you make of president obama's last state of the union address? >> the key word is the last. this was his performance. not the last second term, but the last state of the union. he is talking of history, prosperity, and says "i don't want to talk about next year, but five years, decades, future. since the beginning of his second term, he had been
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conscious of historical significance, as the first african-american, his denzil washington version coming out. reminding us of the first ain't war speech he gave. there are some substantial issues that he raised. first and foremost was the question of economy, and technology, advanced technology. third, more personal to the world at large is the question of national security, by which he means liberal imperialism. the key term in that section is without policing it. >> that's right. >> this will remain as the doctrine, namely he will have a position of authority, but not to put foot - american soldiers involved. >> can you do both. has he achieved that? >> that is the key question.
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if you look at iraq, syria, and the rising tension, the fact is that that kind of a smart power, obama doctrine not to get involved, and yet flood the market with american military hardware is not going to work. the key question, the last part of the speech, the domestic politics, we have two options. bernie sanders is to the left. hillary clinton to his right. whether or not the - there are upcoming primaries that would be crits call in this direction. which way the american democratic vote will go, very much will determine the future of the obama doctrine. >> on the - on the future did this feel like a democratic speech or platform, looking ahead? >> very much so. since 1980, when the president
5:45 am
game the president. after every state of the union address, the center of gravity in the american politics shifted to the right. to me, this rhetorical performance of obama puts on the table for the first time after many years, the liberal democratic position without compromising politics, or his economic policies, nevertheless addressing social issues such as gay marriages, obama care, or issues that matter, community information. things as to bernie sanders, my concern was to see which way he shifts. politically he owes hillary clinton and bill clinton a huge debt. >> thank i very much. professor at columbia
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university. >> my pleasure. >> to northern cameron, where two female suicide bombers killed 10 in an explosion at a mosque. no one claimed responsibility for the attack. the nigerian based armed group stepped up attacks in cameroon, chad and niger last year. >> now to south africa and the legacy of apartheid. most land is i knowed by white south africans. despite a ruling to return a third of the land to the black majority. more than 60,000 awaiting settlement. >> reporter: this is one of the biggest landholders in this province, he keeps some of the continents iconic animals and grows crops, they may not be his forever. five communities moved off the land by a white minority
5:47 am
government were moved off saying his lands belongs to them. so far the government has not met senegal's price. it may not have to if it succeeds in changing the rules, so an independent body sets the price, and he said it stalls a plan on the farm. >> the biggest problem i have is unsure. we are totally unsure. will we be here tomorrow, in five years. 10 years time. i would love to get surety from the government. >> reporter: in 1994 it was estimated 82 million acres of land was owned by whited. 30% was to be distributed to blacks this year.
5:48 am
only 4.2 million hectares has been returned. >> in the farm below, some claiming it live up on the mountains, they look at his success hoping one day it could be theirs. >> the land is dry, steep and stoney and it's almost impossible to grow anything. they remember when they first claimed the land 15 years ago. if we look at the land, it's so beautiful and water is available down there. if we have the land, we would be very happy. >> it could transform the lives of people in the future. there's is one of 65,000 claims still to be settled, leaving families like this with an uncertain future.
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sport coming up. we'll tell you what the targets are later this hour.
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>> now, the cars of the future are on show in detroit, or parts of them are. the city hosting the north american show where designers display the new ideas. the drivers will have to wait to get behind the wheel as john hendren explains. >> reporter: these are the cars you will not see on the road soon.
5:51 am
they will influence the cars rolling off the assembly line. >> you see the way it captures the light. >> reporter: the concept cars introduced at the auto show in detroit are designed to draw attention to the automaker and experiment with new ideas that may or may not make its way into the cars in the lot. >> reporter: the slooek muscular precision won the design award for concept cars. >> for the rear, we wanted to create a luxury feeling, and for the front focused on the performance. because this car from the interior standpoint represents a new precision performance. >> reporter: with the doors and surfed displace screen. the main screen - audi pointed to the future with its concept car, won on hydrogen. some areas to be worked out.
5:52 am
>> it's an electric driving mobility. >> it has low profile door handles, rear few mir oars, a self-opening -- mu mirrors, a 600 mile range, and refuelling time of 4 minutes. electric cars can take hours to refuel. the buick is leaner and sportier than any vehicle on the road. it's made with a 3d printer. the latestling in continental began as a concept car and began in 2017. aimed at the north american and chinese markets. it had sleeker lines, doors that spring open, and a design that says wealth, without drawing attention. >> customers wanted to make is easier and more intuitive. >> this is a car dined for the passenger in back as in front. it heats, cools, reclines and
5:53 am
massages. you can control the audio and the climate here. >> some of the cars ruled out will never make it to production. you are likely to seements of it next year. >> time for the sports news now, anxiety. >> thank you so much. for the first time in 20 years, los angeles used to be the hope of a franchise. the st. louis rams will head back to l.a. owners voted to get their approval and end the 21 year absence in the united states, in the second-largest tv mark. the san diego charges were given the options to gain the rams. they'll play home games at the colosseum, while they build a 2 billion stadium. the rams will pay the n.f.l. a 550 million re-election fee. the value of the ram's franchise is under a million dollars.
5:54 am
by moving to the entertainment capital of the world, it's estimated it will rise to 3 billion. it's a difficult market. and a difficult place to permit a stadium. and build something that we as a league can be proud of. i think we worked hard, we got a little lucky, and we had a lot of good people help us. >> in 2019 they'll be opening in a new stadium which we all as ownership are excited about the kind of facility that will be built, that we believe will be extraordinarily successful in the los angeles market. it's more than a stadium. it's a project and entertainment complex. >> in the n.b.a., the los angeles lasers beat the
5:55 am
pelicans, kobe bryant returning after missing the last game for the lakers, but only played 16 minutes due to an achilles injury. nine of 19 points in the fourth. lakesers winning 95 to 91. >> seth blatter's right hand plan at f.i.f.a. has been fired by football's world grchs body. the former secretary-general has been suspended after being accused of being involved in a scheme to profit from the sale of world cup tickets. he denies wrongdoing. >> manchester united manager louis van gaal says his team's draw felts like a defeat. two goals for wayne rooney not enough, the results ending a run of four defeats to newcastle. >> we are disappointed. we have to blame ourselves, because we could have finished this match much earlier.
5:56 am
it was big chances. we didn't do that. >> rio's mayor said brazil's chick problems means more projects are likely to be cut. the warning came at the opening of the basketball arena, hosting wheelchair games at the paralympics, organizers are trying to cut 5 million from the budget. >> we are not pa rich country, every time we convert the budgets. olympics, we'll do it. it's not going to be the olympics of wasting money. we'll see the place will be perfect. the experience of the audience will be perfect chris froome targeted retaining his tour de france and winning goal in the olympic time trial and road rage events. the britishish rider signed a contract with team sky. keeping him there until the ends
5:57 am
of 2018. froome won the tour de france in 2013 and 2015. and said this year's route suits his still of racing. >> the course sits better than it did last year. so helpfully if things go to plan, it should go all right for me. that's it's going to take a lot of hard work, it's not going be easier than last year. the one difference is that this year we have more time trials in the tour, and that will make it a lot more of a well-rounded race, and more of a battle between different riders. >> that's chris froome remaining for a third tour de france this year. that is all the sport for now. >> that does it for the al jazeera newshour, i'll be back in a few minutes with a full news bulletin. thank you for watching. watching.
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tenuous sailours -- ten u.s. sailors detained in iran have been released [ ♪ ] hello, welcome to al jazeera, live from our headquarters in doha. i'm elizabeth puranam. also ahead - turkey's government says it detained one person in connection with tuesday's blasts of istanbul, as it carries out raids across the country. a bomb blast outside a polo vaccination center kills 14 people in pakistan. and china town comes


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