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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 13, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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biggest polluters and the government is encouraging households to go green. it plans to spending $750 million in installing roof top solar panels in the next five years. get plenty more on our website, the address for that ♪ i am appreciative for the quick and appropriate response. >> secretary of state john kerry thanking iran for the quick release of those u.s. sailors. >> i want to focus on our future. >> from presidential candidates to members of congress reaction to president obama's final state of the union address. oil prices are down, experts saying they could go even lower. >> my dad has been a season ticket holder for 20 years. >> st. louis fans furious over
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news that their team is heading to l.a. ♪ this is al jazeera america live in new york city. i'm del walters dell. there is new video of the u.s. sailors being taken custody by iran. their small boats were traveling from bahrain to kuwait when they entered iranian waters. >> these are always situations which as everybody here knows have an ability if not properly guided to get out of control. and i'm appreciative for the quick and appropriate response of the iranian authorities. all indications suggest or tell us that our sailors were
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well-taken care of. provided be blankets and food, and assisted with their return to the fleet earlier today. >> reporter: iran first, though, accused those boats of trespassing. the pentagon says the boat instead experienced a mechanical failure, and iran appears to have accepted that explanation. rosiland jordan is live for us in washington, d.c. we're learning more about their release, including the role of secretary of state john kerry. >> that's right. the secretary of state in fact was in direct contact with the iranian foreign minister on tuesday. they had at least two conversations about the situation involving those ten u.s. navy sailors, and how it is that they ended up near the island which is an iranian island in the arabian or persian gulf. the secretary of state engaged in this diplomacy as opposed to the defense secretary, ash carter, so when the secretary
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first reacted to the news that the sailors had been transferred back to u.s. custody, he said, this was a victory for diplomacy, and at the speech at the national defense university in the past year, mr. kerry referred and expanded on what he meant by that. >> and i think we can all imagine how a similar situation might have played out three or four years ago. and -- and in fact, it is clear that today this kind of issue was able to be peacefully resolved, and officially resolved, and that is a testament to the critical role that diplomacy plays in keeping our country safe, secure, and strong. >> reporter: the other point, which mr. kerry made during his speech, del, was that where countries can try to work together on issues of mutual
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concern, he sees that there is more possibility of that happening. and he cited not just the ongoing fight against isil, but also about the ongoing efforts to try to end the civil war inside syria, which has been going on for nearly five years. so it was a brood speech, but the secretary took the opportunity, again, to stress that you can't always fix problems using weapons. sometimes talking to each other and listening to each other in the secretary's view is the best way to resolve these issues. >> and rosalyn the detention coming at a touch time time, specifically the iran an nuclear deal being put into place. could we see repercussions? >> reporter: certainly you will expect to hear criticisms from congressional republicans. in fact yesterday they were not only criticizing how the obama administration was responding to the news that these sailors had
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been detained, but they were also one, calling on the participa president, barack obama to speak specifically about the sailors, and some were saying they should use military action to get the sailors back. there has also been analyses coming from those two study the iranian political climate, and they suggest -- part of the early suggestions by iran that the sailors might have been up to something nefarious is coming from the military, which has not been exactly welcoming of the nuclear deal, which as the secretary said could be fully implemented in the next few days. they feel this is degrading iran's ability to project its own power on a global scale. so there is some suggestion, these analysts say that this detention might have happened
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just so the military could reassert its power. that is a very domestic political concern, but of course it does make people here in washington sit up and take notice. >> rosalyn thank you very much. president obama didn't talk about the american sailors being held in is state of the union address last night. he did, however, taught the iranian nuclear deal as one of his many achieves in his time in office. mike viqueira is live at the nation's capitol. and mike, the president looking back, looking forward, what is he headed now? >> reporter: they said it was going to be a non-traditional speech, and that was true. there are things that he wants to have happen over the course of the next year. one thing that is tradition, however, the president is leaving on a two-day trip to try to amplify some of the message
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he put forth last night. he is going to omaha, nebraska, there he will have what is described as a living room discussion, and later a speech at the university there, going to be focusing principally on education, we'll remain overnight outside of the white house going to baton rouge, louisiana, where tomorrow he'll be having a townhall meeting, and talk about some of those issues. del, white house officials had let it be known before meeting that the president was upset at the tone of politics, especially in the republican campaign trail, how they were talking down the economy and a number of other things that the president frankly views as successes of his term that was clearly reflected in the speech he gave last night. and he also asked the american people to help make happen something he was unable to accomplish during his seven
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years in office. >> the president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: president obama didn't just taught his record, he dared republicans to dispute it. on the economy. >> anyone claiming that america's economy is in decline, is peddling fiction. >> reporter: on who is to blame for the recession. >> food stamp resip yenths did not cause the financial crisis. recklessness on wall street did. [ applause ] >> reporter: it was the same on climate change and the fight against isil, mr. obama using his last state of the union to deliver an in your face address directed at republicans. his scorn extended to the campaign trail and the republican who called for american bombers to make though syrian sand glow. >> and our answer needs to be more than tough talk. or calling to carpet bomb civilians. >> reporter: and he hit back at
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people like donald trump. >> we sure don't need to push away vital allies in this fight by echoing the lie that isil is somehow representative of one of the world's largest religions. >> reporter: in a surprise there were echos of that criticism in the republican response as south carolina governor called out the most strident voices in her own party. >> during anxious times it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. we must resist that temptation. >> reporter: but with the first votes set to be cast in three weeks, and the race to succeed mr. obama in full stride, haley made the case for a republican in the white house. >> if we held the white house taxes would be lower for working families, and we would put the brakes on run-away spending and debt. >> reporter: del a couple of things to follow up on that speech. the president talked about the need -- and he spent a
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considerable amount of time on this -- the need to fix politics. he says it is one of the few regrets of my presidency. the ranker and suspension has gotten worse not better. and in a tell vision interview today, nikki haley says she is open to talking with candidates. >> mike, thank you very much. turkey is on the offensive after that bomb attack in istanbul killed ten people. they have arrested four more people in connection with the attack, and held dozens suspected of having isil ties. the attacker was a saudi man with syrian citizenship who entered turkey illegally as a refugee. in paris the diner where
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patrons were shot in kill has now reopened. two others that were targeted in the attacks have already reopened, but the concert hall, the scene of the bloodiest shootings remains closed. the price of oil hovering between gains and losses today after a day of hitting near record lows. tuesday briefly dipping below $30 a barrel. oil is down 17% so far this year. patricia sabga is here. and have we seen the bottom? >> there are analysts calling for oil at $120 a barrel. some as low as 15, $16 a barrel. it's the laws of supply and demand. there is a oversupply of oil. oil producers are pumping with abandon adding to the glut. and amist all of this, china's economy is slowing down, and as
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it slows so does its appetite for oil. we have massive oversupply, and it all spells low oil prices. >> what does this mean for frac-ing? >> it's bad news, because their cost of production is higher than the cost of production than more traditional oil place if you will. so this has really hurt a lot of shale oil companies, especially those that borrowed. because they borrowed thinking they would be able to pay back those loans. we already started to see the process of oil frac-ers starting to default last year, and there is some prediction that up to a third could enter bankruptcy before the year is over. >> what about the rest of the world? >> it's bad news for the global economy because of deflationary pressures, when prices drop. that might sound like a great thing, but it's really not.
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especially for the global economy, because we have seen the price of oil drop along with other commodity prices, and this deflationary pressures trigger other pressures. we see competitive devaluing of currencies, which basically lowers the prices of goods overall, lowers the volume of global trade. and right now, the dollar is relatively strong to other currencies, okay? so our goods are more expensive to buy overseas. we have these deflationary pressures coming in through the price of oil and commodities and cheap imported goods, so it's bad for the u.s. economy and the global economy. >> patricia sabga thank you very much. the obama administration confirming its top intelligence official has been the target of a hacker. that's the same hacker, he says who broke into the cia
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director's personal account. in that hacker saying he was responsible. the government, though, not confirming that. st. louis fans now reacting to news that their team is heading to the city of angels. and one possible solution to what causes those hover boards to catch fire.
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for the first time in more than 20 years, football vurning to los angeles, but st. louis might not be the only city
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singing the blues. at least one other city could be next. john henry smith has the story. [ cheers ] >> reporter: celebration in los angeles. >> thank you, god! >> yeah! >> reporter: devastation in st. louis. >> i really am -- we're going to miss them. >> my dad has been a someone ticket holder for 20 years. it's just depressing. >> reporter: 30 of 32 owners voted to allow stan crocky to move the team back to los angeles. >> a great wrong perpetrated 21 years ago has now been righted. >> reporter: many owners praised his proposed pry rately financed stadium and entertainment venue in engelwood, calling it the right way to return profootball to the l.a. market. >> absolutely the greatest plan that has ever been conceived in sports as far as how to put the show on. and that's what los angeles
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deserves. >> reporter: for fans in st. louis the news came as a slap in the face, especially after city leaders pledged $150 million to replace the 21-year-old edward jones dome. nfl commissioner has called that stadium and the proposal to replace it inadequate. >> we back the rams, we gave them a stadium, we was willing to give them a new stadium to play in, and i think they let us down. >> i understand the emotional side. i have a responsibility also to take care of the organization, and a responsibility to my 31 other partners to have phares class facility. >> reporter: as part of the nfl's l.a. agreement, the san diego chargers have a year to consider whether to move to the new stadium as well. if the chargers decide to stay where they are, the right then goes to the oakland raiders. >> the excitement that we feel about being able to return the rams to los angeles is balanced with a disappointment that we
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weren't able to get it done for our fans in st. louis, san diego, and oakland. the national guard is on its way to flint-michigan to help with the city's water crisis there. calling for the guard to hand out bottled water and filters as they deal with lead contamination in the water supply. detroit's major pledging to improve conditions at the schools. the mayor touring several of those schools on tuesday calling the conditions that he saw heart breaking. at least five of those schools will be closed today as part of that organized, sick-out the teachers say they are upset about their salaries and complain the condition of the school building itself is deplorable. a recall this morning of some children's cough syrup. it found the dosing cups had the
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wrong markings. they say the products are sold at a number of retailers, including rite aid, cvs, and dollar general. a big development in that problem with hoover board. there is a new battery that could solve the problem of them catching fire. ines ferre has more. >> reporter: researcher at sam ford university say they might have the solution for a dangerous problem, hover boards that catch on fire. videos online show the scooter going up in flames. officials say it's likely due to the product's battery, which sometimes overheats when charging. >> the risk of them catching fire becomes higher and higher. >> reporter: so the group at stamford has come up with a new battery that shuts down before overheating. >> so what we have developed here is a thermally responsive polymer. so basically if the battery overheats it will shut off.
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>> reporter: a much-needed fix for a product that has been linked to nearly two dozen fires. the consumer product safety commission says it is investigating at least 22 hover board fires across the country. >> i started to see sparks, and i yelled and he was running in the room and we just heard a loud bang and pieces flew like a bomb and then it just went up in many flames. >> reporter: some online retailers have pulled their boards from their sites. and fire officials have warned owners to only charge the device outside. obviously that's the only way they are going to work. certainly do not charge them inside the house until somebody knows what the problem is and they can rectify that problem. >> reporter: users will have to wait before the stamford technology commercializes. we are all counting down to tonight's powerball drawing just hours left now before the
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numbers are l called for the world's biggest single jackpot ever.
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countdown is on before tonight's historic $1.5 billion powerball drawing. so far no one has picked all six numbers since november. but on saturday's drawing 28 people came in second place picking up 2 to $1 million for selecting five numbers right.
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plenty of people spending their hard-earned money just trying to get rich quick. an andy is live in dhik. what happens if no one wins tonight. >> reporter: well, del, the powerball folks tell us if nobody wins tonight, then saturday's draw willing jump to an estimated $2 billion, which just means that your astronomically bad odds of winning just got a little bit worse. but nobody cares. >> i bought the winning ticket. >> reporter: the one store in all of chicago that is king of lottery winnings is this one on the south side. at this gas station, the store has doled out five wins up to $20,000 or more over the last fy years, more than any other store. and no one knows why. >> people think this store is
12:56 pm
lucky. >> reporter: they actually sell more in lottery tickets here than in gas. but some critics are concerned that people are so intoxicated by this incredible number that they are spending more than they can afford on lottery tickets. particularly in this neighbor, which is not wealthy. >> everybody has got his budget. we never force nobody. >> reporter: we asked the executive director of powerball if the lottery is doing enough to fa size the terrible odds of winning. and he told us: and we didn't find a single person here who felt pressure to overspend. >> you know, it's like soup -- it's like their super bowl. >> i don't go overboard. >> reporter: each power ball state decides on its own how it will spend its own proceeds. often going to education. the head of powerball says texas
12:57 pm
has seen $70 million generated for education. just since this current powerball cycle began in november. and here the dreaming goes on. >> i would love to have a home, and maybe someplace for my 84-year-old mom. >> student loans. [ laughter ] >> first student loans. and then a couple -- a house. >> reporter: and to give you an idea how much the feeding frenzy has been going on here, in texas yesterday they sold over $3 million in just one hour of powerball tickets, and dell, i know you have been asking me all morning have i bought my ticket yet. the answer is no, not yet. have you bought yours. >> i'm part of an office pool, so if you don't see me here tomorrow, you will know what happened. how much much has been raised by powerball over all.
12:58 pm
>> reporter:ed a of yesterday about $900 million has been put into what they call the good causes fund. that would be a new record too. in that is continuing to grow hour before hour as well. >> andy before we let you go, you have heard a lot of dreams what is the most outlandish that you heard? >> well, interesting yesterday, at that convenience store a lot of them talked about giving to charity, which was so nice, either for family and friends. giving to their church. but today we talked to a woman who has an office pool going, and he said if they all win that business will just die right there. so that might be the weirdest. we might see that, who knows. >> andy thank you very much. spacex plans another rocket launch hopefully for a better landing on sunday the company aiming to land the first stage of its two-stage rocket on an unmanned ship in the pacific ocean.
12:59 pm
they have tried to do so twice with both rockets -- exploding after hitting its targets. these nominations are out for that other awards show. the razies. 50 shades of gray getting six nods overall. including worst picture, director, actor and actress. johnny depp, all getting nods for worst actor of actress. we well find out the winners or loses the night before the oscars. the news continues live from london next, and you can always check us out 24 hours a day, by
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going to our website, the news never stops there. >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello i'm lauren taylor. coming up, the u.s. secretary of state thanks iran after ten navy sailors are released, but there is no expression of regret. dozens of isil suspects are held in raids in turkey as police make one arrest in connection with the istanbul blast. plans to evict as many as 2,000 refugees from a camp in ca.