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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2016 9:00am-9:31am EST

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attacker set off suicide bombs and battled police in the streets of indonesia capital, jakarta. you're watching al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. also coming up, an explosion in turkey killed at least six people where the army is fighting rebels. liberia is declared ebola free, one of the world's worst epidemics is over. >> relief in madaya as more aid arrives to the syrians caught in the crossfire.
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hello, attackers have targeted a bustling crowded area of indonesia's capital jakarta as they set off bombs and exchange would gunfire with police. all five attackers have been killed, as have two civilians. we have this report. >> the blast tore through the downtown area. at least six separate explosions and then gunfire, a multi-prong attack close to the office of the united nations and popular shopping mall. >> he was on his own, for about 10 minutes, he did that mass killing. >> indonesia officials released this picture of a suspect carrying a gun. one bomb went off near a starbucks cafe and a police post was destroyed in one of the blasts. indonesia's president cut short
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an overseas visit. >> i urge people to stay calm because everything is under control. >> cameron street is a busy thorough fair, which is close to the u.n. offices and presidential palace. the traffic and people which normally crowd the streets are gone, replaced with heavy security. al jazeera, jakarta. an attack near a police station in southeastern turkey killed at least five people. it happened in an area that has seen fighting between government forces and kurdish rebels. we have more from istanbul. >> this was an attack on a police headquarters. security force the were the target, but civilian families took the brunt of this attack,
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because a building housing families collapsed nearby. it was a devastating blast that took out the front of the police headquarters. now there are desperate scenes of rescue workers trying to get children and families out while dealing with the casualty of the police headquarters. among the dead was run police officer. the rest were either from police families or the civilian families. three children reported amongst the dead, one of them a baby. it was the p.k.k., according to the government, about the kurdistan workers party responsible for the attack. all the hallmarks are there. this is an area where they are active, the p.k.k. it's 30 kilometers from the city and many are subject to strict curfews since the two year ceasefire with the p.k.k.
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collapsed last july. the situation there is very tense, indeed and this, a very vivid illustration of just how much of a threat in security terms the turkish government faces in the aftermath of the attack here in the center of istanbul by islamic state. the end of the ebola outbreak in liberia, but many live with the after effects. the me men who in 16 rated the bodies are forced together to live. >> this is what you the left of the county, a place that turns to great reluctance. as bodies were piling up in the
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streets from ebola, they did what few liberians had done before, they set fire to the dead. for four months, they burned close to 2,000 bodies. >> many continue to blame them for cremating the dead. international experts recommended cremation to stop the spread of ebola. in this nation, liberians believe the dead will come back to haunt the living if they are not buried. angry mobs attacked his house. >> that is not what the young
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member expected. they thought they'd be hailed as heroes and receive apologies from the people who shunned them. they are still waiting. it was a terrible time for them. a year after cremations were stopped, their lives remain virtually destroyed. their time is spent drinking alcohol and taking drugs to get through their macabre task. >> i did for my country. >> the men are now forced to live together, sharing the same room in a house not far from the crematorium, the place they hated so much has become a home which sorts. nowhere else will accept them.
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al jazeera. we're taking you live to munich, the scene of the world anti doping agency releasing the second part of this report into alleged doping in global athletics. let's listen in to that conference. >> today, we're here to listen to the second and final part of their report which looks into matters that may be considered of a criminal nature of the world anti doping code and findings on the database released by the sunday times newspaper an television in august of last year. to deliver the findings, i have on the far side of the head table professor richard mclaren, a profess off a of law at university of canada, experienced in international sports law and of course a long standing member of the court of
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arbitration for sports. in the center, we have dick pounds, the following president of wada and chair of the standing commission. to any side, former member which interpol and broad experience in the law enforcement industry. before i pass over to the independent commission, can i just alert you to the fact that following this press conference, we will have the national financial prosecutor of france on stage to deliver a status into their findings on the french criminal investigation. we have translation from english to french, so channel 1 is english and channel 2 is french on your headsets. if i can hand over to the chair of the independent commission, dick pound, to deliver the
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findings. >> thank you, everyone, for coming this afternoon and welcome to those of you who are participating by telephone. i'd like to simply say once again that the members of the independent commission are thankful to the media for understanding that we were not in a position to discuss the progress of our investigation. what we'll do today is make some general remarks about the various items in the report and then turn it over to you for any question you may have. for purposes of disclosure, i would say just so you know, that because we are a commission established by wada, we
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committed the report to wada on monday afternoon to allow wada to have time to upload the report on to its website and as a matter of courtesy to consider whatever position it might have in relation to the content of the report. wada has not been given the opportunity to comment on the report. no other persons or organizations, with the exception of the iaff were given advance notice of the report, the iaaf was given 24 hours advance notice and those of you who are speed readers have had half an hour to have a look at what's in the report. as a reminder, the terms of reference were essentially limited to athletics and to russia, not to other sports, and not to other countries. the current portion of the
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report that we're releasing tailed was conducted on the base of a compressed time table, not unlike report number one, since we believed that lengthy delays are not in the best interests of sport or the organizations and individuals involved. what you have before you today is a summary of the principle elements that the commission considered to be evidence of possible criminal conduct. now obviously, our commission has no jurisdiction to pursue criminal investigations, so it decided to refer the materials to interpol on the base of an established relationship that wada has with interpol. interpol in turn having reviewed it suggested that we consider approaching the french authorities, which we did, and the french authorities agreed to take on a project of
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investigation. their prosecutorial decisions will be made in due course at the completion of their investigation. in the meantime, the relevant sports authorities have their own responsibilities to deal with conduct that may be in breach of the applicable sport rules and the commission has undertaken to make this information available to them and wait an additional couple months for two reasons, not to interfere with the investigation of the authorities and secondly because we wanted to put both elements of our report together, which included the extended terms of reference that we were given in relation to allegations from a macro perspective, the iaaf was insufficiently acted in pursuing matters of
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investigation of blood doping. the first element of today's report is the criminal aspect of it, and i'm going to ask professor mclaren if he would summarize that for you present. >> good afternoon, everyone. what i have to say relates to the materials the independent commission has held back in our report as the chair was just mentioning. we had in the course of our overseeing the investigation discovered certain events that the conduct of employed individuals within or associated with the iaaf went beyond sporting corruption and they have been criminal in nature. i don't propose to go through part one of the second report in detail, but provide you with a
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descriptive overview and that it demonstrates that the time for reform and not a denial is now. in presenting our information, the icu wants everyone to bear in mind -- that is not for the i.c. to engage in. the information is provided to the iaaf to deem with the sporting corruption and we have made a number of recommendations to that effect. they follow the conclusions of each parts of the chapter which have already had a quick opportunity to have a look at. aside from outlining reforms required by the iaaf, the information's also crucial to illustrate to the world sporting authorities the need for self
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evaluation. the findings of the i.c. demonstrate how easy it is for individuals such as those under investigation by the french prosecutor's office to disrupt the governance process. the information the i.c. has very clearly indicates that the disruption of the federation emanated from the very top, the president. he inserted his personal liam advisor into the iaaf medical and anti doping democratic in november of 2011 with the london 2012 and the moscow 2013 championships looming up. he did so to enable him to manage and follow up russian biological passport cases. you may recall from our earlier
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report that the russian coaches around this time did not have a good understanding of the a.b.p. process. they mastered the manipulation and sometimes destruction of urine samples of russian athletes so as to not produce positive results, but they had not yet learned how to do the same for the a.v.p. the deliberate insertion by the president and his actions were intended to achieve the same results of manipulation and delay with the avp cases involving the russians. same result that had been achieved with the urine samples. after his insertion into the department, he acted quickly to proceed to grasp exclusive control over the internal departmental procedures in relation to dealing with processing, notifying possible
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adp and possible doping cases. he required staff to generate a list noting russian athletes with suspiciousar possible doping profiles and that list has been referred to us and others as the list of 23. that list was also used to extort jumpup money from at least one russian athlete, with payments flowing to officials and iaaf consultants, and the legal advisers and perhaps employees within the iaaf. the tactics deployed by the president meant that notification to athletes were delayed or never sent, thus significantly disrupting the disciplinary processes of the iaaf. in carrying out these tactics, the director of the department, an employee of the iaaf,
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dr. gabrielle delay led directly to the president to carry out his tactics. he was in the department and complicit in the disruption of the russian athletes avp's and there are actively corrupting the department operations. what was forming in the anti doping department was the beginnings of an informal governance process operating outside of the proper governance process of the organization. that informal, i will legitimate governance process was enhanced and enlarged by contractual consultants who are sons of the president. members of the informal illegitimate governance group were engaged also to extort
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athletes. in addition, the ic has information that members of that group also may have engaged in corruption related to the practices in awarding sponsor ship and marketing rights, and also the process of selecting or not selecting particular cities for the iaaf world championships. while outside of the ic's mandate, we do recommend that a forensic examination of the processes used be undertaken by the iaff. the informal governance structure involving the president, the treasurer, also the president of the athletics federation in russia whether combined with the external consultants, aided and abetted
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by a third person formed a formidable barrier to the effective operation of the proper legitimate functions of the governance structure of the organization. i'll let our chairman expand a little further on that in a few moments. there's one last area of information that was withheld, but much of which in the case was contained in the ethics committee very lengthy investigation that led to the decision last week. i don't propose to go into the details of her case, most of which is in our report or now otherwise in the public domain. we have included though at the end of our report a useful chronology of these events which you might want to refer to. however, i do want to touch on one aspect of the demand to
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return the moneys paid to them to cover up her a.v.p. results. 300,000 of 450,000 euros that were paid are transferred by wire from a bank account in singapore, registered to a company known as black tidings. the moneys eventually arrive inn the hands via the russian federation. there's more investigative work to be done in connection with this transaction, however, it does bring into play another person, a consultant to an iaaf marketing organization. the involvement by this consultant, along with the others within the informal governance structure constituted a direct attack on the governance and integrity of the iaaf. then after london 2012, another athlete from turkey experienced
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a similar attempt to that at extortion. very similar patterns of conduct within the iaaf medical and anti doping democratic with respect to this athlete, for example a list was generated of turkish athletes as was done with the russian athletes, there are other similarities that make the independent commission say that we may only have examined the tip of thationberg with respect to athletes who have been extorted. the details of her extortion attempt are described in the report and there's also a chronology at the end of the report which you can refer to. with those comments, i'll turn the press conference back to our chairman. >> thank you. the second element of the three that we deal with reflect developments that have emerged
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follow the december 6, 2015 report, number one which have been thoroughly reported in the media and among several other documents, a leaked email communication from an iaaf senior staff member to diak. many of the representation the commission has received on behalf of the iaaf have attempted to distance the conduct investigated from the iaaf itself. the commission has been troubled by the apparently unwillingness of the iaaf to acknowledge that the conduct does, indeed, reflect on the iaaf and that it must assume it's responsibilities for what went wrong. it was also apparent to the commission that the institutional knowledge of the problems with russia was far wider than has been acknowledged, and that the iaaf
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had displayed no genuine appetite to deal with the problems. >> i do wants to, as a matter of public record that the commission acknowledges there were staff members at the iaaf who tried to sox the doping problems relating to russian athletes despite interference from the informal de facto management structure that prevented them from being able to do so, and in mentioned in particular the participants. the third portion of our report arises from the allegations made also by a.r.d. and other media outlets, including the sunday times in august 2015 regarding suspicious test results that may or may not have been diligently pursued by the iaaf.
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the terms of our commission was extended to enable us to deal with those allegations, as well. this as i mentioned earlier is very much a macro overall investigation and not limited to the suspected russian doping cases. there was considerable data to be analyzed by our experts, and all of us want to thank those experts for working so diligently at a particularly busy time of the year. the commission appreciates that there's a good deal of technical material involved in this aspect of its report, and it has tried to find a balance between overwhelming scientific detail and a comprehensive as you cannery of the principal. , the executive summary that we published at the start of part three highlights the
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findings. the key finding is that the database used by a.r.d. in the sunday times and the two australian scientists could not have been used to prosecute athletes for doping violations prior to the establishment of the athlete biological passport in 2009. i put a bracket here while everyone went forward with this in 2009, unless and until kass salivate those principles which took him until 2011, they essentially had their fingers crossed. the data in the database that was obtained were incomplete. those data had not been collected or recorded in compliance with the applicable technical standards that give rise to the a.v.p. now a full analysis of the
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database and matching iaaf records showed to us that the iaaf was suitably reactive to a typical test results and followed acceptable practices throughout the period under review, including issues of follow up and retesting. although there were for sure some difficult periods in the relationship with wada, the outstanding issues have been resolved and wada no longer has to concentrate on the iaaf. in conclusion, the commission does not share the views expressed, the effect that the iaaf was inadequate in its responses to blood doping in the period under review. indeed, in point of fact, the iaaf was one of the leaders in the development of the athlete
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passport. that's by way of a summary. ladies and gentlemen, we are at your disposal or any questions you may have. >> all right, so that is the scene right now in munich, and we were listening to officials from the world anti doping agency and what they're doing is they are releasing the second part of their report into alleged doping and corruption in global athletics. sitting here with me in the studio is our sports presenter. you were listening in to that press conference, along with me. what's the takeaway mental? i mean, there was some pretty strong language used by wada. >> yeah, basically they had beenization that the extent of corruption within world athletics, within the iaaf, the world governing body for athletics was completely embedded in the organization. this was not limited to a small group of individuals. this was throughout the organization. quite worryingly for the current
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president, backs, he was a member of the iaaf council and they are suggesting that they would have had to have had some knowledge of the corruption, the extent of corruption that was going on. most of the corruption allegations resolve around the predecessor. he's been arrested by french authorities a few months ago and and international arrest warrant has been issued to his son for corruption and money laundering allegations. we're not just talking about corruption within the sport, we're actually talking about criminal investigations, as well, so the extent to the story is quite -- your jaw drops when you hear the allegations put forward today. >> sounds like it. you touched upon the president of the iaaf briefly, but what is all of this, what we heard
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today, what does all of this mean for him. >> sebastien is actually in that room, i've seen a few pictures of him taking in what was said by dick pound and his colleagues. sebastien co was voted in on a mandate to clean up athletics, a fee scandals had broken just before his election, so the issue of corruption was very much in the spotlight. he said he was there to clean up athletics, he was there for the long haul. in fact things have gotten even worse under his watch. he was a member, a vice president for nine years under the previous regime, he was a member of the iaaf council and as dick pound said, they found it very hard to believe that no member of the iaaf council could have been unaware of the corruption going on, mainly things like covering up doping violations, extorting money from ss