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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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♪ >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ welcome to the news hour with the top stories on al jazeera, indonesia's president visits jakarta. the gloves come off during the latest debate among u.s. republican rivals, also coming up,. between denmark and sweden which has a new people smuggling
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routes as they start to close their land borders to refugees. >> i have all the sport including the return of a convicted cricket sheet and with pakistan after a five-year ban for spot fixing. ♪ searching for a man who is a suspect in attacks and indonesia with attackers with i.s.i.s. in thursday's explosion and gun battles and we have more on the investigation in the center of jakarta and following a peace rally taking place there and tell us what the message is that the people are trying to send
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out. >> yes, people have come to the very place where the attack happened on thursday morning, the intersection where those attackers came to has been reopened, the roads are open to traffic and many people have been coming all day to pay their respects and also as an active defiance in the peace rally that started about an hour ago certainly designed to do that as an active defiance saying they will not be afraid or deterred from going about their business and living their lives as they have always done and it's a multi cultural society and not dictated by a minority. >> okay, wayne, thank you for that update and let's go over to jakarta and tell us about the latest on the investigation and the arrevenues that have been ma made. >> reporter: yes, indeed. what we do know is of those that
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tried to attack the location where wayne is on thursday and there are five of those individuals were killed at the scene, the bigger question was how many of them may have escaped if there were any more and that is one new line of investigation and was there a local coordinator here in jakarta and well throughout the day and to the south of the city three arrevenues were made. now the authorities have been very careful to state that these people have been detained and are being questioned in relation to the attacks but may not be directly connected to the attacks so we wait to see what the intelligence agency has to say. certainly the intelligence chief has been talking today, had a press conference and trying to defend both his department and the criticism he has come from other areas of the society
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saying the intelligence agency failed the people of indonesia and jakarta and had the intelligence coming in before christmas and knew there was attack because of the amount of chatter that was on the internet or social media and agencies were informed but couldn't pinpoint where such and attack happened and that is ongoing and the larger question is the five dead bodies and the five individuals that were killed at the scene, who were they, where did they come from, how were they funded and who funded and where did they get the arms and ammunitions and those are the questions and seem to lead to an indonesia from the island of salo and known to the authorities here, arrested on arms and ammunition charges back in 2011 but in indonesia maybe a year ago to syria to the area of
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the raqqa where it's believed he may have master minded this attack in jakarta and in the engame he perhaps wants to lead them and there is a power broking game going on at the moment as to who might lead the fight here if indeed that is the case. >> thank you for that update from jakarta, u.s. republican frontrunner donald trump ended a truce in spectacular style and said whether cruz should be allowed to stand for president, that bitter exchange came during the latest debate between white house hopefuls and we report from charleston in south carolina. >> reporter: the smaller the feeled the -- field and the brighter the spotlight and there were sharp attacked on al
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jazeera and hillary clinton and either other. >> strengthening the military and keeping your homes and families safe and cannot give hillary clinton leadership. >> somehow we are better off than the day barack obama was inaugurated is an alternative universe. >> the next commander and chief is standing on this stage. [applause] and i give you my word if i'm elbow selected president no service man or woman will be forced on their knees and any nation with the men and women will fear the fury of united states of america. >> reporter: exchange between the candidates and loudest between the frontrunners cruz and trump and said cruz couldn't be president because he was born in canada but what the debate did do is highlight significant
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differences between them and like muslims entering the u.s. >> muslims what kind of signals does that send to the rest of the world that they are a player in creating peace. >> if we do not know who you are and not know i'm coming and when i'm president you are not getting into the united states of america. >> our country is a message we cannot let these people come in our countries and break our borders, we cannot do it. >> reporter: point to where they see their biggest threat. >> you blew it. >> reporter: with polls two weeks away there is a need for impact and this is focus on who is capable of winning the nomination and the debate and first caucus and decision of the voters, at the republican debate at charleston, south carolina. >> reporter: judge released
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video when they shot dead a black teen and chapman sued the city of chicago over his death in 2013 and asked for the film to be public saying he was no danger to the officers. >> the city of chicago has had not only in the last month in a half they had two and a half years to be transparent in this case and pretty surely you are going to see what happened on january 7, 2013, you are going to see a young kid running away from the police in broad daylight being shot to death. from our point of view it's very clear chapman is running as fast as he can and almost makes the turn around the corner where they would not have seen him and disappeared running away, that is very clear >> still to come on the al jazeera news hour, starvation is a war crime and we will tell you about the u.n. warning to all sides in syria's conflict plus.
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>> it's one of the biggest dinosaurs ever discovered and barely fits in this museum, i'm in new york and that story coming up. the former head of world athletics and the 2020 olympics. ♪ first iran says it is confident sanctions are about to be lifted freeing up billions of dollars in trade, nuclear inspectors have to confirm tehran is holding up its side of a landmark deal and key to that is removal of the core of the heavy water nuclear reactor at iraq and says it has done that and no longer to produce plutonium, al-shabab says it began on
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friday when they rammed the gates of the base 500 kilometers near the kenya border and al-shabab says it's now only in control of a nearby town and syria and international demands growing for emergency aid to be allowed in besieged towns and dozens died and starving and russia says food has got to be allowed in and the u.n. says they are using starvation as a war crime and our diplomatic editor has more from the u.n. in new york. >> reporter: more aid is finally delivered to the starving people of madaya a town blockaded by the syrian government, the second delivery of food and medicine this week but before that the town was cutoff for three months, at least 28 people died from starvation. in summer his strongest comments yet after five years of war in syria the u.n. secretary-general
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ban ki-moon told the u.n. general assembly this was a war crime. >> the town has been the victim of deliberate starvation. let me be clear, the use of food as a weapon of war is a war crime. all sides including the syrian government which has the primary responsibility to protect syrians are committing atrocious act under humanitarian law. >> reporter: 400,000 people in syria are cutoff from food and assistance should be on the agenda and syrian peace talks in geneva due to start in ten days. >> i think in addition to political negotiation it is how to deliver the humanitarian assistance without impediment
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and should be discussed, this is a very important confidence building measure. >> reporter: the u.n. security council will be meeting to discuss the besieged areas in syria in an open session on friday and despite the fact that ban ki-moon has described these as war crimes the council won't be taking any action on that, a referral to the international criminal court requires a vote by the security council and it's certain on an issue like this that russia and china would ooze their veto. in yemen they released the men sterand four others as a confidence building measure before peace talks, the u.n. special envoy to yemen says he is making progress for the next round of talks which are delayed. >> translator: i confirm to you the release of the minister of education and four other political activists and journ liss have been secured and held for the past few months and
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received this morning official confirmation from the group and their health and safety and being the minister of defense and also with hadi and then thirdly. a bomb blast in aiden in southern yemen and has caused a fire as victoria reports. >> reporter: this is the oil refinery, witnesses say a bomb blast hit the complex in middle aiden close to yemen second city and this attack is another reminder that security remains a challenge here, on thursday two policemen died in a bomb attack and last month the governor of aiden was killed when his convoy was targeted by armed fighters and the car he was travelling in was engulfed in flames, following that the deputy governor of aiden had a dawn to dusk curfew and said it saved lives and what is needed is an end to the fighting. >> translator: there have been
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achievements but this is a brutal war between the forces and those loyal to saleh and still fighting but god will help us. >> reporter: the lives of anti-houthi fighters backed by troops of uae and from saleh were out in six months and forces loyal to the president hadi have made significant advances in the southern port city but people worry about the lack of security. >> translator: the security committed in aiden should not be responsible for the task and security, it's a huge challenge and political factions and social groups should be concerned and should have a big role to play. >> reporter: despite the instability in aiden they are trying to build confidence in the stability to protect its citizens, on thursday he went to a graduation ceremony at a military base and also visited aiden port as it's brought back
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under government control, if government can control aiden they can use it as a base to recapture the rest of aiden, victoria with al jazeera. we are hearing of more violence in southern libya the tribes are reportedly fighting in a town called ubari not far from the region's oil field and a group of armed fighters attacked an oil exploration company near the city. refugees and migrants in northern france say they are worried about losing their belongings when they are forced to move to new accommodation and police told people living in the camp known as the jungle to relocate because bulldozers roll in and jackie roland reports. >> reporter: a sense of urgency has spread through the ways of the jungle and volunteers helping refugees to move their makeshift homes, people have heard that the local authorities want to clear away hundreds of tents and reclaim part of the
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land currently used by the camp. >> a lot of confusion especially between the police and residents of the camp. it's very often, yeah, and there is no idea and we always want to move as fasz as we can so we are not wasting time. >> reporter: the refugees are among those affected and took down their home and moved it a few hundred meters and in the process of transferring their stuff. >> the police two days ago after they told me you must move your house because three days after we come here and moving your house and we say okay and there is no choice for me. >> reporter: the local authorities are encouraging people to leave their tents many of which are sinking into the mud and move instead into new accommodation and some refugees are afraid and think it looks like a detention center.
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we are given a guided tour. 125 containers with heating and electricity designed to provide shelter for about 1500 people, the center opened on monday and the first people started moving in including several families, the containers are still being vetted out and the authorities hope more people will choose to move in as the word spreads. this dorm accommodates 12 men, there is a separate area in the container park for women, children and families. but many refugees are not convinced, each person needs to register a palm print in order to get an access code, data they fear can control or even deport them. so despite the rain, the mud and the freezing cold hundreds of people prefer to stay in the tents and shacks of the camp,
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free to take their chance at jumping on a freight train and making their way to the united kingdom. jackie roland, al jazeera. refugees are taking their chances in a dangerous new sea route between denmark and sweden, a narrow stretch in the baltic sea and four kilometers wide and the waters are cold even in the height of summer, the temperature doesn't go above 12 degrees celsius and huge cargo ships passing back and forth and from sweden lawyers lee explains why this is the route of choice for many. >> half past nine in the morning and the migrant reception center is already full of people. these men, women and children are all new arrivals which means they have all come in the small period since sweden introduced border controls to try to stop them, one way or another they are still finding a way.
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>> possibility to get to sweden in some kind of way or illegal entry and that will still happen. >> reporter: by road and rail the obvious roads linking copenhagen and sweden they are checking people's credentials and some found a way through in car boots or in trucks and denmark sailing culture and liberal activism are playing to the advantage and these young people are part of a bigger group which carried dozens to sweden because they already have families there and it's free of charge, they do not fit any profile of what you regard people smugglers is looking like. >> when you any about smugglers you think about people earning a lot of money from helpless people, that is what we are doing, we are helping people and giving them food and are good sailors and not charging anything for what we do. >> reporter: whether there are good sailors to help refugees
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cross the sea far more dangerous attempts are beginning to happen at least one rigid inflatable boat between turkey and greece crossed and you wouldn't last a half hour in the sea and the coast guard is on high alert. >> more dangerous for them and the water is difficult and could be rough weather and most people are not prepared for those kinds of waters. >> reporter: this is not the first time that the sound between denmark and sweden has been used as a people smuggling route. during world war when copenhagen was held by a nazis they would go to sweden and the difference now the people smuggling routes have ground up here is because countries started to close their borders to refugees.
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many politicians in copenhagen do not see them as helping refugees but as criminals who should be arrested, if the border control goes on then inflatable dinghys may be with the families who want to go across the water and the most desperate journey, the straight between denmark and sweden. comedian sworn in as guatemala president and he swept the election with the election of corruption scandals and we report from guatemala city. >> reporter: back on the streets hundreds of protesters marched to guatemala central park and six months ago aiming to take down a president accused of corruption and now they are here to send a message to guatemala's new president.
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>> translator: this year we are starting by demanding that the government is transparent and that it is honest like it should be, this is our main objective. >> reporter: was sworn in as guatemala's president on thursday afternoon, the 46-year-old former t.v. comic told politicians and the press he will take the country on a new course. >> translator: a new guatemala is possible and of course things could be better but keep in mind things can change overnight and only we can clear the change and the darkness over corruption and the dawn of transparency. >> surprised the nation when he won october's presidential runoff and his lack of political experience was his best weapon in a country battered by a series of corruption scandals that brought down top politicians including the president molina, analysts say morales won't have much time to make good on promises to fight
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corruption and rebuild public trust. >> it's the make or break year definitely and finally going to know what jimmy is made of and know if he was able to makeup a team of people that are going to support him, support his position. >> reporter: morales under scrutiny nationally and internationally but his greatest obstacles may come from within guatemala's political system and it's here in congress that his political future will likely be determined with his party having less than 10% of the seats and with congress highly fragmented experts say it's incredibly difficult for him to push through any significant reforms. with thousands of people planning another demonstration on saturday guatemala say their people's movement is here to stay and a message being sent loud and clear to the country's new president, guatemala city.
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>> final day of campaigning in taiwan ahead of presidential and legislative elections on saturday, the big question is the future of ties with china with the proindependence opposition leader topping polls and adrian brown looks at issues dominating the campaign. >> reporter: 20 years since taiwan became a democracy and now the political landscape could be about to change again if opinion opinions are correct then this is about to be the first woman president in an ethnic chinese society and dominated by men for so long, what difference would it make if you become president? >> well, we get to prove this is a face where we stress and then we achieve gender equality. >> she leads the opposition proindependence democratic progressive party and trailing
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behind her is eric chu of the party who dominated here and has close ties with china and a symbol of the relationship is the historic handshake last year between the presidents and china still regards taiwan as a province and reunited with the mother land and chances of that happening any time soon remain remote especially if they become the next president. dpp victory in both the parliamentary and parliamentary resolution would be a setback for china but she wants to maintain a stable relationship, how would you deal with president xi jinping. >> as a matter of communication and communication and communication. >> reporter: some analysts say she now appears to be moderating her anti-beijing stance. >> maybe she has come to the realization that in order to win
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you have to be more pragmatic and also be low key in terms of particularly sensitive issues. >> like independence. >> like independence. >> the real issue in this election is the splattering economy with 1% wages stagnating. >> the economy is a priority for the election and don't care who will be elected. >> translator: i hope the new president can promote the economy. >> reporter: this could still be a close election with one opinion poll suggesting up to 25% of voters remain undecided, adrian brown, al jazeera, taiwan. now the weather with stef and more on the hurricane stef forming in the atlantic. >> that is right and rare for this time of year and first of all let's start off with exactly where it is because many of us have heard of it but cannot necessarily point it on a map and first of all we start in europe and head to the west and the tie any little island we i
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colored red for you and if you put the satellite picture on top of that we can see this very distinctive cloud here with a very well defined eye and indicates that it's an organized system and that is a storm called hurricane alex and it's interesting because it's the first hurricane to form in the atlantic in january since 1955 and some say 38 is when it formed in january and this formed in december and still going in january and either way it's obviously a very long time since we had a hurricane in january in the atlantic so very, very unusual, this one is heading its way northward straight and may have a direct impact and fortunately for those living here the storm is beginning to move a little bit faster, that means that we won't have such a prolonged period of sustained result and looks like it's easing a little bit as well and by the time it makes
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landfall the winds won't be as strong as it might and still will have a problem with flooding and still a storm surge as well and may not have seen the worst of the storm and may have dodged the bullet. this is coming up, shortly in the news hour. >> i'm in new deli where we see the city's car ban has had any effect on air quality on one of the most polluted cities in the world. champions look to hang on to their trophies details coming up, a little later with joe in sports. ♪
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the top stories on the al jazeera news hour and the president has visited the site of thursday's bombings in jakarta and five civilians and two attackers died in the attack, the u.n. says the use of starvation in the syrian conflict is a war crime and ban ki-moon criticized all sides for what he calls atrocious against the law and 400,000 people are under siege in syria. u.s. president hopefuls surround the debate and frontrunners cruz and trump clashed on stage before the contest and the caucus in iowa state and returning to a top stories indonesia where the search is on
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for a man police believe planned attacks in jakarta and what investigators are saying from indonesia with links to i.s.i.l. in syria and indonesia prompted in the past with increased in security and crucially i.s.i.l. has put out a statement claiming that it was responsible. let's speak to the professor in moderate and contemporary history in qatar and joining us in doha and talk to us about how big of a threat is i.s.i.l. in indonesia. >> it was a big threat and what happened until a few years ago the international security was implied with al-qaeda with branches everywhere and i.s.i.l. was a potential player when it comes to terrorism in the world and the subpoenas of al-qaeda and the focus internationally when it comes to the security circles as i.s.i.l. >> you say al-qaeda but groups
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subscribe to the ideology and how big of a threat does that remain? >> that is correct. however now the more act of terrorist organization according to the international community is i.s.i.l. now because they have the base and the fund and they have the appealing to the people and people come and work with them from different nationalitys and that is the man, the most dangerous chapter of the story and what happened in jakarta it is in terms of the attack and happened in open area by any individual and i think the message was that from, you know, i.s.i.l. if the person who was you know accused to be linked to i.s.i.l. and if he is behind what happened the message was that i.s.i.l. can go everywhere in the world. it was active in europe and active in paris and germany and now it can work in asia and it's
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a message that becomes more the word more accessible to them. and to the international. >> what is the role of the religious leaders here, we saw on friday some religious leaders we meant to hold a press conference sending out a message of peace, is that enough? what do they have to do? >> this is about ideology. those people with i.s.i.l. or al-qaeda not authorized by muslims to do what they are doing and this is something they capture, a part of the religious, a meaning of religion and they are just moving ahead. they have no authorization, they are not presenting majority of muslims so keep it in mind. >> how is it they are attracting fighters and some estimates put the number of fighters in indonesia that have gone to
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fight with indonesia and syria up there. >> there are three and one is the discourse itself and second is social economic factors within its society and let's not forget you may look at unemployment and may look at social aspects and look at economic aspects and may look at other you know even the family aspect of all those individuals. this matter needs to be digging down to know the roots and it's not about someone who just goes for the sake of going there, there are roots for this and it's needed more to dig down and understand, it is not only a security issue. what we saw, since 2011 that terrorism is being built with as a security matter, it is not to do with security matter, it is more social economic matter and needs to be looked at. there is no specification for innocent people of course but there are roots for that and witness that not only in the done by muslims, it happened in asia and happened in europe and has a history of this.
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this is an issue of need to be dealt with the root of and that root digs down and just looking at the example of the crisis. >> thank you very much. >> my pleasure. more now on one of our other top stories and telling you about an al-shabab attack in somalia and it was 500 west of the capitol mogidishu by the capitol and we are in somalia with an update on the african union base that was attacked. >> reporter: thank you very much, al jazeera. and today somali national come to be al-shabab and that has
5:36 am
come to be positive with the camp and it will follow their unsung troops under attack by the international troops. that operation is ongoing as of now and we are waiting informati information. >> what do you mean exactly when you say it's ongoing because al-shabab has said it has taken complete control off that au camp, are you denying that? >> al-shabab is something where al-shabab is talking about overcome even when they have not. >> are you denying that al-shabab does not have complete control of that au camp? >> now that we now of troops and i'm getting the penalties in fighting so that is propaganda.
5:37 am
>> what about any reports of ash -- casualties or deaths have any been reported so far? >> and in the camps we have the third and the proper account of what happened today for the media. >> and how long do you expect this operation to continue for? >> the operation it's very hard to tell. it depends on the problem. >> okay, paul, thank you very much for joining us on al jazeera so that operation still ongoing as paul was just telling us. al-shabab reportedly has seized an african union base in somalia according to al-shabab but said that operation is still ongoing. now india has postponed high level peace talks with pakistan
5:38 am
scheduled for friday and comes two weeks after attack on an indian airforce base which new deli blames on a pakistan armed group and they are evaluating the response to the incident but an indian government spokesman says the talks will take place at some point. a driving ban in india's capitol seen more than a million private cars taken off the road, restriction was introduced to lower lethal pollution levels in new deli and it will take more than a 15-day trial to reduce the smog that blankets the city and we report. >> reporter: many commuters in india's capitol drive to work alone and a lack of public transit in many areas and carpooling is not popular, it's why on many winter days the city looks like this and the roads like this. turning short trips into long journeys that is why the state
5:39 am
government brought in a 15 day of an alternating ban on cars restricting those with even numbered played to one day and odd plates to the other. on the days he couldn't drive his car he takes a taxi and has noticed a difference in his commute. >> so we are thinking about 15 or 20 and now i'm able to reach the office in 45-50 minutes and that is good for me. >> reporter: police fined thousands of people for violating the ban but most followed it but the ban's overall effectiveness is in doubt. pollution levels have gone down in the last few days with the ban according to figures but may have to do with the weather as it does the ban and others believe that it should not be focused on vehicles when other sources of pollution are still present. this air pollution scientists says vehicle emissions has a
5:40 am
small portion to pollution. >> there are so many sources in the surrounding towns of cities and industries using coal and you have sets coming up, in the surroundings of the city and they call contribute to the problem. >> reporter: but many environmentists say overall pollution cannot go down without including vehicles in a broader plan. >> to intensify services which includes metro and autos and taxi services and carpooling and sharing, that is the kind of system that we really want to make for the city which should be sustained even after the ordinary program is over. >> reporter: his well maintained gasoline car emits less pollution than the diesel taxi that arrives and he hopes the government will rework the ban so it will be more effective the next time it is implemented,
5:41 am
al jazeera deli. >> reporter: a woman has died after testing positive for ebola, however they were not able to do follow-up tests to confirm she has the virus and happened a day after the world health organization declared the west african ebola epidemic is different and guinea and sierra leone struggled to contain the outbreak after the first case in december 2013. still to come on the news hour joe will have the sport including formula one on the slope and took his car off a snowy mountain and survived. ♪ also on the road to oscar's glory mad max is one leading the charge in nominations. ♪
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♪ from king kong to new york they had a fair share of creatures over the years but they had one important difference and it was 100 million years ago and the dinosaur larger than the trex and barasaurus and we take a look. >> unveiled to the public for the first time one of the biggest dinosaurs ever discovered and 37 meters or 122 feet this dinosaur is so long it cannot fit all the way in the
5:44 am
museum gallery so the head sticks out the door and the first of its kind ever discovered and scientists don't have an official name for it yet and until then they are calling it the titanasaur and not sure if it's male or female but what they do know when it roamed the earth it weighed the equivalent of ten african elephants. i'm tall and come up to the knee of the dinosaur and how big it was and the crazy part they believe when this dinosaur died it was only an adolescent and not a full grown adult and you can only imagine how big its parents most have been. it is unearthed in a remote part of argentina in 2014 and took a team of palentologists18 months to excavate 200 bones and the
5:45 am
dinosaur remains where fragment ms are left this dinosaur was 70% intact. >> you need a fairly complete skeleton to start to understand these animals as living organisms and this is what we can do with that, with this highly complete skeleton we can for the first time we will be able to answer those questions. >> reporter: some remains sent to a lab in canada where a cast of the entire dinosaur was made, a team of workers at the american history of new york then put the dinosaur back together, an ardous task unlike anything the museum has ever taken and on display for young and old to gaze at and admire and opening an unique window into unanswered questions of how the biggest of the big lived and eventually died, gabrielle with al jazeera, new york.
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time for the sports news with joe. convicted cricket cheat has played his first match with pakistan after a five year ban of spot fixing and took one wicket in oakland and served a three month prison sentence of convicted of conspiracy in a match against england in 2010 and jake marsh is the senior operations at the international center for sports security and is live from london and jake the decision divided the pakistan team, what is your view, should he have been allowed back or not? >> we seem to have some problems there with jake marsh, we will try and come back to him a little bit later, former head of wor world athletics accused of a corruption in a second report by
5:47 am
the world antidoping agency and independent investigators say a $5 million may have changed the vote for the 2020 olympics from istanbul to tokyo and we have more from munich. >> reporter: part one of the report of doping left russia suspended from@let -- athletics and it's about them and the athletics governing body and it went to the highest level with form former president called on russian president of vladimir putin and claims to have a friendship with him and the implication clearly being that things were smoothed over and how troubled are you considering russia has any space when it comes to doping. >> well it's troubling to hear that and we don't know whether it's true and it has been said
5:48 am
and there have been some somewhat bizarre and contradictions to what he has been saying in recent weeks and months. >> reporter: one accused is the track president and responded to the president that he committed no wrongdoing also conjecture and iaaf is meant to protect the sport but it was deception to the public and charged by french prosecutors for active corruption while his son is ban for life for their part in covering up doping with adjusted bribery while talking about the organization and this one was in corruption too and they are rebuilding trust but the corruption happened during his vice presidency and the report implies he must have been aware of the imbedded extent of doping. >> the changes we can make are
5:49 am
taking place and are swift and the journey back to trust will take longer. >> is there a prospect of you stepping down? >> i have a job to do and i will see this job through. >> reporter: the german journalist who leaked this prompting the investigation was this person. >> here we talk about integrity of the competition and if you allow dopers to compete at the olympics and take money for that then you just manipulate competition itself. >> reporter: the first inspection of russian athletics happened a few days ago with fears that the task force team will readmit them to easily in time for the olympics in reo in august, after the latest report the world will be even more skeptical about attempts to convince as they are getting back on track, lee weldings with al jazeera, munich. let's go back to the top story the convicted cricket cheat to pakistan's squad
5:50 am
following his five-year ban for spot fixing and we join our guest the senior manager of operations and integrity at the international center of sports security and joins us from london and jake the decision to have him on the squad divided the team and what is your view should he be allowed back or not? >> these cases of spots or match fixing are not straightforward and this is typical in this sense when mohamed was convicted of spot fixing and talking about a 18-year-old and young cricketer who was inexperienced in his sport and inexperienced in life. now he was arguably corrupted by those above him, superiors to him and he was posing a very difficult position, now in the last five years he has been to prison for three months and been through an extensive
5:51 am
rehabilitation program with the icc and with the governing body we have to have faith his rehabilitation has been taken seriously and he has gone through a proper program to get him back on track. secondly, he has also had the support of international cricketers who do not want to see him a scapegoat for the crime and eric pringle came out in an article and said he did not think that mohamed amir should not be made a scapegoat and recently mccullom gave support for him to come back and play, i think that is it. >> do you think the punishment is enough of a deterrent to other players who may be vulnerable to being manipulated by vetting chiefs? >> in terms of the message it sends to players if you try to corrupt cricket and cheat in the sports it's being monitored for this sort of activity it will be spotted and you will be
5:52 am
punished. as i said mohamed went to prison for three months. he was originally sentenced to six and players may face the end of their career with this sort of case. amir in a sense is a special case because he was 18, he was incredibly talented, if this happens to a 25-year-old cricketer then their career is over and also means he is under the spotlight going forward and finally and i think this is important actually to take from this case, this also shows there is a path for rehabilitation for athletes when this happens and this is very critical in terms of professional governance of sports and it will also mean and also help players coming forward to report corruption in the future. >> jake marsh there for the international center for sports security and thank you very much for giving your thoughts and we are three days away from the tennis season in australia and defending champions are still
5:53 am
favorites to win another title and two posed for photos with the open trophies before the draw and each three of the four majors in 2016 and she has three and he has five and never lost a final act at melvin park. the raptors on a four-game winning streak after beating magic in london and top scored for the magic with 27 points with a game tied at 96 all over time was needed and got 24 points in the raptures and it was 106-103 but she nearly sunk a long three on the buzzer and the sixth defeat in six games and sports of formula one trying to take itself to new heights and with the new resort of kitsfield with the setting for the first attempt to drive a carton the top of an alpine peak
5:54 am
and had to use a helicopter to put on the mountain site and took on the challenge and the 18-year-old car was fitted with special snow chains and the dutchman made it up in pretty impressive fashion. that is all the sport for now and more later doreen >> oscars have clear runners with mad max and fury road receiving multiple nominations and phil lavelle has more. >> reporter: we are well in award season and know who is up for what at the big ones, the oscars next month and loads of categories and 24 to be exact best director and actor and actress and best film or picture between you and i and first of all let's look at best director and adam up for the big short and also back at the oscars
5:55 am
again and won for bird man and will it be two years running and miller for mad max and fury rose and mccarthy for spotlight and this is rue. >> for five years you made life in that small room that person has nurturing and normal as you could. >> i'm fine >> you are fine >> you are so old now and do you know what we are going to do today? >> what. >> we are going to bake a birthday cake. >> best actor up for his betrayal of the late apple founder jobs and his role in trumbo and matt damon survived being stranded on mars and an oscar and up two strong contenders and then he is seen as the one to beat and of course last year's golden boy the man at the moment will the dannish girl bring him more success. >> never attempted before.
5:56 am
>> it's killing you. it's my only hope. this is not my body. i have to let him go. >> reporter: so to best actress and charlotte up there for 45 years and jennifer lawrence but keep your eye on this woman, kate blanchard and now an oscar as well. >> would you like this?. >> yes, what a strange girl you are. >> why? >> long with space. >> and there is best film and the big one and why there are eight films in the category and familiar names in other
5:57 am
categories but two are getting critics extra excited and bridge of spies and revenant and this is the one to watch. and so the count down is underway and nominees and six weeks to wait and predictions and excitement still to come. >> phil reporting on oscar nominations and you can read more about them on our website at al and there you will find the day's other top stories along with al and thanks for watching the news hour and back in a moment with a full bulletin of news coming your way, do stay with us. ♪
5:58 am
>> these people have decided that today they will be arrested. >> i know that i'm being surveilled. >> people are not getting the care that they need. >> this is a crime against humanity. >> hands up... >> don't shoot. >> hands up... >> don't shoot. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> explosions going on... we're not quite sure - >> is that an i.e.d.?
5:59 am
6:00 am
♪ indonesia's president visits the site of the bombing in jakarta. ♪ you are watching al jazeera live from headquarters in doha and also coming up. >> who the hell knows if you can even serve in office. >> reporter: the gloves come off during the latest debate among u.s. republican rivals and also coming up, the starving of syria and residents of madaya say 32 have died of hunger in the last month. >> i'm lawrence lee and between denmark and sweden which has