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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2016 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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traveling through the solar system and hitting them. he said he felt exhilarated but had no time to dwell on such emotions. more on all of the stories and a great more besides at that's ♪ the dow drops more than 300 points after the opening bell, and the rough ride is far from over. since september, the constitution hasn't changed. [ laughter ] >> but the poll numbers have. >> reporter: the republican presidential hopefuls facing off once again. and leaders at an army lab
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ignored issues that allowed anthrax to be sent by mail. and chicago on edge again after another video shows officers gunning down another unarmed black man. ♪ this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm del walters. stocks around the world are tumbling again today. on wall street the dow jones now down more than 2%, as you can see, down 370 points at this hour. and u.s. crude oil dipping below $30 a barrel, that is a new 12-year low. european markets are closing just as we speak. germany is down more than 3%, london, and others are down more than 2%. and china falling into a bear
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market. the shanghai and hong kong indexes both closing at their lowest levels in years. rob mcbride is in hong kong with more. >> reporter: this has been an horrendous end to a herren douse couple of weeks. the fall brings losses for the week to nearly 9%, and 21% since last december. that is very much bear market territory. and they are predicting it could fall further. last week we saw measures by the authorities to try to stop the fall, we saw those measures being lifted. they clearly weren't working. if anything they were making the situation worse. despite that the selloff has continued this week, and people are wondering what the wider impact is going to be on the chinese economy. next week we're expecting
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all-important gdp figures to show what the growth rate was doing in the last quarter of 2015. it is likely to show continued slowing in the chinese economy. the big question is will the authorities allow that to be a soft landing or a hard one. on the evidence of the last couple of weeks, things are starting to feel pretty bumpy now. >> patricia sabga joins us now. and the numbers opening down more than 300 points. looking live at the board right now, they are still down more than 300 points. no corrections or changes. why? >> this is the momentum from that selloff in china, and oil prices dipping below $30 a barrel. and we saw that retail sales were down in december. now keep that in mind, december christmas shopping season, not a
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great reading there. but the other reason is you have to keep in fine that two-thirds of u.s. economic growth comes from retail spending, so that signals that american consumers are not spending as much as they need to, to grow the economy. >> $660 a year, consumers save in their pocketbook because gas is so cheap. but what does this mean for the 401k. >> we saw an graphic on oil prices. and some analysts are predicting it to go as low as $15 a barrel. and this is indicative of a global economic slowdown. so if you are talking about in terms of your 401k, for example, how are exquestionties going to
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do? equities have been overpriced for a very, very long time some analysts say. about half of the sales comes from selling goods overseas. the dollar is very strong right now, making u.s. goods relatively expensive to other goods. so that will hut -- hurt equities. energy stocks are being hit. you have the sector of sanctions coming off of iran pumping even more oil into a market already awash in oil, which will drive prices even lower, and there is the big risk of deflation. and that is terrifying to economists, bhauz -- because when people think prices will go lower, they are going to wait for a lower price and that grinds economic activity to a halt. waning demand from china, and
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lower pricing across the board, that filters out to all of the countries that export to china, and lowers the volume of overall global trade, and the question is to what extent is this going to hit the united states? we're starting to see weakness in exports and retail sale and we just got the empire manufacturing index, and that was also weak. >> patricia sabga thank you. and wal-mart announcing it is going to be closing more than 200 stores worldwide. more than half of those closures will take place here. 1600 workers will be effected globally. the ceo telling investors the company would reevaluate store closures. and goldman sachs has reached a $5 billion deal with the justice department.
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goldman was accused of fraudulently marketing mortgage-backed securities. it will come in the form of mortgage forgiveness and refinancings. 12 people have feared dead after two military helicopters crashed off of the coast of hawaii. a debris field was stopped two miles off of the coast. no word yet on just what caused that crash. today we'll learn new details of a defense department investigation into anthrax being shipped by mistake to a number of labs in the united states. courtney keeley is love from washington. courtney what do we expect to hear today? >> we'll be hearing details from a report that will be naming names. that brief willing be an hour and a half from now, but the report was linked to usa today.
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it says the brigadier general and 11 other employees displayed egregious mistakes. they thought they were shipping dead anthrax, they were shipping live an -- anthrax, del. >> how did this happen in the first place? >> reporter: the anthrax needs to beer radiated. so they did that process and they were unaware it didn't work. they were shipping in very, very small samples to labs across the united states, and in nine different countries. it wasn't by bulk. it was actually by fedex. so last summer, in may, actually, in the spring, a maryland lab did their own testing and found out, then the
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pentagon came out and said they were testing 400 samples that they had to figure out what went wrong. they showed the live anthrax that they thought had been effectively killed, the spores. they showed how it had been shipped. they showed that it was liquid, not easily inhaleable, that the public wasn't at risk, and it was a fraction of a teaspoon wrapped in many different layers, and then it was fedexed as i said, del. >> courtney keeley for us live in washington. thank you very much. former presidential candidate, lindsey graham has endorsed former governor jeb bush for president. bush and the six rivals facing off in that debate last night, and it was clear that any
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bro-mans between donald trump and ted cruz is over. they clashed once again last night on everything from where ted cruz was born to trump's so-called new york values, the back and forth taking up so much time, there was little time left for the others. paul beban has the blow by blow. >> i have spent my entire life defending the constitution before the u.s. -- >> reporter: thursday night the snackdown finally boiled off. gloves came off from moderators asked cruz whether he is qualified to be president, because he was born in canada. something trump has raised questions about. >> i recognize that donald is dismayed that his poll numbers are falling. but under long-standing u.s. law, the child of a u.s. citizen born abroad is a natural-born
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citizen. >> reporter: trump said cruz was wrong in the polls. >> in iowa as you know, ted, in the last three polls, i'm beating you. so you shouldn't represent how well you were doing in the polls. >> reporter: the men then sparred over what cruz suggested were trump's socially liberal new york walls. >> not a lot of conservatives come out of manhattan. >> reporter: trump turned the tables arguing that 9/11 was when the world saw new york's true colors. >> we rebuilt manhattan, and everybody in the world watched, and everybody loved new york, and new yorkers, and that was a very insulting statement that ted made. >> reporter: the other five candidates left trying to score pointings when they could get a
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word in. >> we don't have to have refugees come to our countries, but all muslims? seriously? what kind of signal does that send to the rest of the world? >> reporter: the other big targets of the night, president obama, and the woman who hopes to succeed him in the white house, hillary clinton. >> i hate to interrupt the episode of court tv, but in 2008 we elected a president that didn't want to fix america. he wants to change america. we elected a president that doesn't believe in the free enterprise system. this election has to be about reversing all of that damage. >> on tuesday night i watched story time with barack obama. [ laughter ] >> and i have got to tell ya, it sounded like everything in the world was going amazing. >> to be honest with you, hillary clinton would be a national security disaster. >> hillary clinton is disqualified from being
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commander and chief of the united states. >> reporter: as the debate passed the two-hour mark, chris christie who earlier said he would kick president obama's rear, budgeted into an argument between rubio and cruz. the republicans will get another chance to take on each other and the democrats two weeks from now. paul beban, al jazeera. dozens of kenyan soldiers have been killed in an attack on' -- on a somalian base. heavily armed al-shabab fighters stormed the base killing at least 63 soldiers. more concerns about police abusing power in this -- in chicago. and sean penn talks about why he wanted to interview the mexican drug lord known as el
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any president will answer questions life on youtube. the questions will be submitted via social media. the sitdown taking place at 2:50 eastern time. and -- >> last year, vice president biden said that when a new moon shot, america can cure cancer. last month he worked with this congress to give scientists at the national institutes of health the strongest resources
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they have had in over a decade. [ cheers ] >> so tonight i'm announcing a new national effort to get it done, and because he has gone to the mat for all of us on so many issues, i'm putting joe in charge of mission control. [ cheers ] >> for the loved ones we have all lost, for the families, that we can still say let's make america the country that cures cancer once and for all. >> he wants to break down what he calls information silos to try to unify the global front. in that disease is now the leading cause of death around the world. chicago is bracing for more protests today after the release of another shooting video. it shows an officer killing a 17-year-old three years ago, and there are already accusations of lies and coverups. >> reporter: look closely
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towards the right, and you see the officer try to grab cedrick chapman as he gets out of a car he had allegedly stoling. he was unarmed. within seven seconds the officer starts shooting from behind. chapman is on the ground dying as the officer handcuffs him. officer freye told investigators he thought chapman was holding a dark object and possibly turning towards him. >> at no time did either of these officers communicate to each other. >> reporter: the shooting was ultimately ruled within police department policy, and freye never faced discipline. at the time the lead investigator for the investigation authority said he would have recommended against freye. but davis was overruled by his boss, and later he was fired.
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we talked to davis about the video's release. >> i do feel vindicated every time a video comes out. i do feel like vindicated that there is more transparency now. >> reporter: davis's boss was himself fired after the release of the laquan mcdonald video. in that officer is now facing a murder charge. >> if we truly can believe that ipra is independent, and what they are telling us is truthful, that is great. but as of now no one can trust them. >> reporter: the department is working on coming up with new guidelines for when officers can and cannot use deadly force. >> our goal is to change the way officers think when they approach a critical incident, by establishing time and distance to allow for more prudent
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thinking, and physical space for a safer environment. >> reporter: but changes will come far too late for demonstrators, who took to the streets after the mcdonald video, and are taking credit for the police blacking down on the chapman video. >> they kill them without conscious. it's like they go safari hunting. >> reporter: davis also told us that the officer who shot chapman had previously shot two other unarmed people, and he has a slew of exsensitive force complaints against him. >> the police department tried for years to block the release of that video. michigan officially opening an investigation into flint's water crisis. the purpose is to try to determine if laws were violated when the city's water was
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contaminated in the first place with lead. and the governor asking for the president to declare a state of emergency in that county. another state now saying it wants to raise its minimum wage. oregon's governor wants a wage hike by 2022. the raises have to be approved by the state legislature. officials say they are started the process to extradite joaquin guzman. meanwhile, sean penn is talking about his interview with guzman.
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>> every discussion ignores the purpose, which was to try to contribute to this discussion about the policy on the war on drugs. let's go to the big picture of what we all want. we all want this drug problem to stop. >> guzman facing charges in a number of states across the united states. those charges include murder, money laundering and drug charges. a widow who's husband was killed in an isil attack is now suing twitter. she says twitter helped isil to raise money, and get recruits. she is suing on the grounds of providing materially support to a terrorist organization. when we come back, oscar outrage why some are upset against over the list of this year's nominees. >> this is going to be huge.
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>> and that's an nba star doing his best donald. ♪
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new york city is in the final stage of banning those
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horse-drawn carriages. critics say the horses are poorly treated and are at risk for car accidents. it will cut the number of horses on the street to 220, to 75. tesla is going vegan. the faux leather will come in a shade they are calling ultra white. the prices of the model xstarting at about $123,000. the motion picture academy under fire again this year, and the issue once again is diversity. minorities shut out of all of the major categories. >> reporter: a year ago, neil patrick harris claimed the oscars to be the celebration of the best and whitest. >> we are pleased to announce the films selected as the best
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picture nominees -- >> reporter: the hashtag oscars so white quickly began streaming on twitter. >> you have to make diversity the watch word in hollywood. you pay lip service to it all the time. yet your flagship event is all white. >> reporter: many thought mauve i haves like crede, and concussion, deserved to be honored. and the lack of the nominations for the ganger rap group surprised even the motion picture association's president disappointed. >> i was really disappointed. >> how do you do that? >> reporter: tim gray says the personal tastes of some voters
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may be to blame. >> i do wonder if enough of them saw straight out of compton. because i talked to some people that said that is not my kind of music. >> reporter: the new weighted voting system may have played a role. >> it could have been everybody's number two or number three choice, and not make the final cut. >> reporter: but some hollywood insiders say there may be an up diet to the renewed debate. >> people will say don't just talk, you have got to do. talking gets to the do, and we are going to do. those two astronauts are still engaged in what will be a 6.5-hour space walk. they are fixing a broken power
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unit. they are trying to swap out the unit before the solar panels start producing energy. >> this is going to be huge. i know how to win an nba title, believe me. yes, yes. that's my real hair. i'm a real american. trust me. we need to build a wall, a wall of noise. >> reporter: the maverick's big man trying to drum up excitement for his team in dallas. it features all of the donald trademark looks. he also told fans he wanted to build a wall of noise and promised to make so many baskets their heads would spin. thanks for joining us. i'm del walters, the news continues live from london next. taking a look at the market before we go, the dow down 300
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points at this hour. stay with us. ♪ indonesian police arrest three suspects the way after deadly attacks in the heart of jakarta. >> good to have your company, i'm david foster, live from london. a call for action, iraq's top shiite cleric urges the government to do more to stop sectarian violence. only hours after the west african ebola outbreak is confirmed over, a new case is confirmed in sierra