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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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one-eighth. the emission was aborted after a water bubble was found in his helmet. will give you all of the goble headlines and a great deal more. that's >> the dow drops more than 300 points at the opening bell, and the rough ride is far from over. >> since september the constitution hasn't changed. [ laughter ] >> but the poll numbers have. >> republican presidential hopefuls face off. the clock ticking down to the iowa caucuses. k report, head leaders at an army lab ignored safety
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issues that lead to anthrax being sent by mail. >> it seems as if it's open city on young black men in chicago. >> reporter: another video shows police officers gunning down another unarmed black man. ♪ this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm tony harris. worldwide stocks are tumbling today. the dow is down nearly 500 points. and u.s. cued oil dipped below $30 a barrel this morning. that's a new 12-year low. in that helped drag asian and european markets down again. germany, france, both were down more than 2%. when markets closed today, the u.k. was down just under 2%, and
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china fell into a bear market for the second time in two months. they closed down to their lowest levels in years. al jazeera's rob mcbride is in hong kong. >> reporter: this has been an end to a her hengdous couple of weeks. the fall brings losses to nearly 9%, and 21% since last december. that's very much bear market territory, and the bears are predicting it could fall still further. last week we saw various measures by the authorities to try to stop the selloff, the 7% trigger that would suspend trading in the market. we saw those measures being lifted. they clearly wornth working. despite that the selloff has continued. and people are now wondering what the wider impact is going
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to be on the chinese economy. next week we are expecting all important gdp figures to show what the growth rate was doing in the last quarter of 2015. it's likely to show a continued slowing in the growth rate of the chinese economy. the big question for me is will the authorities allow that process to be a soft landing or a hard one. on the evidence of the last couple of weeks, things are starting to feel very bumpy right now. our economics correspondent patricia sabga joins us now. look at the board, patty. we're down 519 points, down 3% so far on the day. how much is this really about china. come on? . >> some of it is. really what it is is the fears are coming home to roost. china is a big part of it, because china was the engine of
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global growth. it has been slowing down, but it is slowing down way more than people thought it was slowing down. >> what is china doing about this? it sees what is happening, what is the government doing to -- >> well, china's leaders really seem to have lost the flood. theying can't seem to stem the route entirely. and you have to think of the chinese stock market really as a proxy as sentiment. so that's a very ugly barometer. add to that low ill prices. oil flirting with $30 a barrel. a lot of analysts are calling for $20 a barrel, some are even calling for $15 a barrel. you can see the high point in 2014, and now there it is. it has basically been going down down down down -- >> up over $100 a barrel in 2011 -- 12. >> 2014.
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so now it is flitting with $30 a barrel. this is having all sorts of knock-on effects, because you are seeing an oversupply of oil at a time when demand for oil is waning, but everybody is pumping like crazy. iran is expected to start pumping like crazy. this is also hurting a lot of shale oil frac-ers -- >> isn't it devastating the shale oil industry. >> well, we have seen 40 companies go bankrupt this year. that is costing jobs and of course all of the businesses that were feeding off of the oil boom. and we have other bad news, retail sales were down in december. and two-thirlds of u.s. economic growth comes from consumer spending -- >> in december? that's part of the christmas
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season. >> yeah, and at a time when gasoline prices are really low, and fuel costs are really low, so a lot of economists were saying you have -- >> you have extra money in your pocket -- >> yeah, and we are not seeing that. and when you strip out car and retail sales, that fell even more -- >> people are still trying to draw down debt in their lives. that's why folks aren't rushing to spend. >> it's de-leveraging -- there has been a lot of de-leveraging since the financial crisis. in part it is because america hasn't gotten a raise, wages are stagnant, and that's another reason as well, but what you are seeing really hit home now on wall street and what you are seeing reflected in the dow, down 527 points, so part of this is also because we're going into a long weekend because of the holiday, so traders are trying to close out -- they don't want
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to be exploded going into the weekend. but a lot of people were hoping the u.s. would be an island of stable 2i -- >> fundamentals are pretty good, no? >> we have had strong job creation, but weakness in manufacturing, weak retail sales, a lot of u.s. firms that sell goods overseas, and the u.s. dollar is so strong, so this is causing a lot of worry. >> okay. i don't know if you are going to be back with us later, but you have been talking about this -- you have been warning that there was something around the corner here. maybe we can get into that. patty good to see you. wal-mart has announced it will close more than 200 stores worldwide. 1600 workers will be effected globally. the wal-mart ceo told investors the company would be evaluating store count in light of
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competition including from online seller amazon. goldman sachs has reached a $5 billion deal with the justice department, and resolves claims from state investigations. goldman was accused of fraudulently marketing mortgage-backed securities. 12 people are feared dead after two military helicopters crashed off of the coast of hawaii. the choppers collided near aroy hue just before midnight. a debris field was spotted two miles off of the coast. each helicopter had six passengers. today we will learn details of a department of defense investigation into the anthrax shipment mistakenly sent to a number of laboratories in the united states. the shipment came from a utah lab that does testing for the u.s. army. courtney keeley is live fore us. this investigation has been
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going on for months now by my count are we expecting to hear today? >> we'll hear them name names. according to a report in usa today that got the actual report that they'll beretearing -- referring to, they will be naming the brigadier general, and 11 others. they handled these agents thinking they that they were dead. over a decade, and they were shipping them out to every state in the country to nine foreign countries. we have heard from the pentagon in previous news conference, what ensued. a maryland lab tested -- tested some live -- what they thought was dead anthrax in may. found out it was live anthrax, and that's when the news came
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out, then the pentagon had to explain a lot in june, but now we're hearing who made the egregious mistakes for over ten years, tony. >> remind us again of how this shipment mistake happened in the first place. >> right. well, it sounds incredibly dramatic, and it is. when the pentagon had this incredibly dramatic news conference in june, they described and they showed what it looked like. so when you hear live anthrax, it's pretty dramatic headlines. they emphasized that these samples were a fraction of a teaspoon, wrapped and wrapped, and that emphasized there was no threat to the public. and then they said it was shipped by fedex. tiny samples, but still
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terrifying anxiety inspiring news to people. the pentagon has been reassuring ever since then, and they tested 400 samples they had after that. so we will be hearing who -- who had no -- who was -- they thought they were dead. they thought they radiated them, and apparently the only thing that worked was these shipping by feld ex, tony. thank you. lindsay gram endorsed jeb bush for president today. he said he will make the best commander in chief. bush and his six rivals faced off at last niebt's debate and it was clear any admiration between donald trump and ted cruz is over, they clashed last night on everything from where ted cruz is born to trump's
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so-called new york values. they were back and forth, taking up so much time there was little time left for the others. paul brennan has the blow by blow. >> i have spent my entire life defending the constitution before the u.s. supreme court, and i'm not going to be taking legal advise from donald trump. >> reporter: the long-simmering snackdown between ted cruz and donald trump finally boiled over. the fox moderators asked cruz whether he is callfied to be president because he was born in canada. something tramp has raised questions about. >> i recognize that donald is dismayed that his pal numbers are falling in iowa, but the fact and the laws are quite clear the child of a u.s. citizen born abroad is a natural-born citizen. >> reporter: a clearly angry trump argued the issue would hang over cruz's head if he becomes the nominee. >> in iowa now as you know ted,
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in the last three polls i'm beating you. so you shouldn't misrepresent how well you are doing in the polls. that is a misrepresentation. >> reporter: the men then sparred over what cruz suggested were trump's socially liberal new york values. >> not a lot of conservatives come out of manhattan. >> reporter: but here trump turned the tables, by arguing that 9/11 was when the world saw new york's true colors. >> we rebuild, and everybody in the world watched and everybody in the world loved new york and loved new yorkers, and that was a very insulting statement that ted made. >> reporter: the other five candidates were left trying to score points when they could get a word in. jeb bush took aim at trump's plan to ban all muslim immigrants. >> we don't have to have refugees come to our country,
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but all muslims, seriously? what kind of signal does that send to the rest of the world? >> reporter: the other big targets of the night, of course, president obama and the woman who hopes to succeed him in the white house, hillary clinton. >> i wait to interrupt this episode of court tv, but i think we have to get back to what this ex-shun has to be about. any president wants to change america. we elected a president that is weakening america on the global stage. we elected a president that doesn't agree in the free enterprise system. >> tuesday night i watched story time with barack obama -- [ laughter ] >> and i have got to tell ya, it sounded like everything in the world was going amazing. >> to be honest with you hillary clinton would be a national security disaster. >> she wouldn't just be a disaster. she is disqualified from being commander in chief of the united states. >> chris christie who earlier
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said he would kick president obama's rear butted into an argument between rubio and cruz. the republicans will get another chance to take on each other and the democrats two weeks from now. paul brennan, al jazeera, new york. president obama is taking to the web today in a follow-up to his state of the union address. he will answer questions live on youtube with three of the website's most popular stars the sitdown takes place at 2:15 eastern on the white's official youtube channel. and more protests expected in chicago. and sean penn talks about why he wanted to interview the mexican drug kingpin.
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so chicago is bracing for more protests after the release of another police shooting video. it shows an officer killing a 17 year old three years ago. there are already accusations of lies and coverups. >> reporter: look closely towards the right and you see the officer try to grab cedrick chapman. he starts running. he is unarmed, but he was holding something, it turned out to be a box for a smartphone. within seven seconds officer freye starts shooting from
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behind. officer freye told investigators he thought chapman was holding a dark object, and possibly turning towards him. >> at no time did either of these officers communicate to each other. they never said, i think he has a gun. >> reporter: the shooting was ultimately ruled within police department policy, and frey never faced discipline. the lead investigator for the police review authority or ipra, was lorenzo davis, he said he would have recommended charges against freye. but davis was overruled by his boss and later fired. >> i do feel vindicated every time a video comes out. i do feel like -- vindicated that there's more transparency
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no now. >> if we truly can believe ipshg ra is independent and twha are telling us is truthful, then that's great. in that helps the system, but as of right now, no one can trust them. >> reporter: the city's interim police superintendent said the department is working on coming up with new guidelines for when officers can and cannot use deadly force. >> our goal is to change the way officers think when they approach a critical incident, by establishing time and distance to allow for more prudent thinking and physical space. >> reporter: but changes will come far too late for demonstrators who took to the streets after the release of the law quan mcdonald video, and are now taking credit for the city finally backing down on the release of the chapman video.
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>> it seems as if it's open season on young black men in the city of chicago. >> reporter: that former investigator with ipra, davis, also told us that kevin freye had previously shot two other unarmed people, and we know he also has a slew of excessive force complaints against him. but remains on the beat today. the police department had tried for years to block the release of that video. michigan has opened an investigation into flint's water crisis. when the city's water was contaminated with lead. the governor also asked president obama to declare a federal emergency in genesse county. the justice department says it has started extradition proceedings against joaquin
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guzman. officials say it could take a year or longer. meanwhile sean penn is talking about his interview with guzman. >> i have a regret that the entire discussion about this article ignores its purpose, which was to -- to try to contribute to this discussion about the policy on the war on drugs. let's go to the big picture of what we all want. we all want this drug problem to start. guzman faces charges in a number of states, including murder, money laundering, and drug charges. a woman who's husband was killed in an isil attack is suing twitter. she argues that twitter-eped
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isil build the international support it now enjoys today. fields is suing on the grounds of providing material support to a terrorist group, and violating the federal anti-terrorism act. oscar outrage, why some are upset over the list of this year's nominees. >> this is going to be huge. and nba star dirk nowitzki, does the donald.
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so new york city is in the final stages of banning those horse-drawn carriages. they are popular with tourists, but critics say the horses are poorly treated and are a risk for car accidents. the plan would cut the number of horses from 220 to 75. the motion picture academy is under fire again this year, the issue, diversity. minorities were shut out of all of the major categories. >> reporter: a year ago, kneel patrick harris proclaimed the oscars to be a celebration of hollywood's best and whiten. >> we are pleased to announce the films selected -- >> reporter: the hashtag oscars so white quickly began trending on twitter.
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>> you have to make diversity the watch word in hollywood. your flagship event is all white. many thought movies like creed, beast of no nation, and concussion deserved to be honored, and the lack of the nominations for the by optic of the ganger rap group surprised even the president. >> i really was disappointed. i was. i loved straight out of compton. >> how do you have ten categories available, you only choose eight films but still don't include straight out of compton? how do you do? >> tim gray says the personal taste of some voters may to be blame. >> i do wonder if sufficient saw them. because i talked to a couple of people that said that is not my
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kinding of music. >> if you didn't fill out straight out of compton as your number 1 choice, it doesn't get counted until they counted all of the other number 1 choices, and that means it could have been everybody's number 2 or number 3 choice, and not make the final cut. >> reporter: but some hollywood insiders say there may be an upside. >> people will say don't just talk you got to do. talking gets to the do. and we are going to do. >> reporter: john henry smith, al jazeera. those two astronauts still engaged in what will be a 6.5-hour space walk fixing a broken power unit, the two were working quickly to swap out the unit before the station emerges from earth's shadow and its solar panels start producing
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electricity. dirk knnowitzki capitalizin on donald trump's style. >> yes, that is my real hair. we need to build a wall, a wall of noise! >> reporter: he shot a spoof campaign ad trying to drum up excitement for his team. it features all of the donald's trademark looks, nowitzki himself is a german immigrant. he told fans he wanted to build a wall of noise, and promised to make so many baskets their heads would spin. okay. do we have time to show the numbers on the big board. the dow down 459 points. that's all of our time.
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i'm tony harris. the news continues next live from london nch ♪ >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello i'm david foster, it is 6:00 pm here in london, 1800 gmt, wherever you are watching this al jazeera news hour. a mobile clinic is sent to madaya. the u.n. says 32 people have starved to death there in the last 30 days. we are not afraid. indonesians gather outside of the jakarta cafe which was attacked on thursday. six people are critically ill after a