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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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launch still waiting to get the green light to present us from going the route of the dinosaurs. gabriel elizondo, al jazeera, new york. much more on the website, the address, >> the fate of nearly 5 million illegal immigrants in the fate of the supreme court. global markets making marginal gains despite more dismal news coming out of china. michigan's governor in the state of the state address. >> i will not be at the academy awards and i won't be watching. >> and boycotting the oscars the big names that say they will sit out the awards in protest.
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this is al jazeera america live in new york city. a major announcement this morning from the nation's highest court the supreme court now sayening it will review president obama's executive action on immigration. that action to allow up to 5 million illegal immigrants to work legally has been stalled because of lower court rulings. the president issuing those 14 months ago, the decision now meaning the court will take up the case at the height of the presidential election cycle. the justices are expected to hear the case in april, the decision could come in late june. lisa stark is live for the us, why is the court taking up a case that is so highly charged? >> boy, this is a charged case, they had indicated they wanted to take up this case
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and in fact they have decided to do so even adding a institutional question that us withn't talked about. as you said, this involves an executive action. it applies to about 5 million illegal immigrants they are the oning who mostly have children who are u.s. citizens. under the action, they would be to stay here longer, they would be able to get work, have some sort of temporary legal status. now texas and 25 ore states sued arguing that the president simply did not have the authority to do this. lower courts agreed with them, put this on hold. that's how we have ended up here. we do have a reaction from the attorney general, in texas, ken paxton, he issued a state, he said the court should affirm what president obama himself has said on more than two occasions that he the not unilaterally
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rewrite laws and circumvent the people's representatives. on the other side, nancy pelosi, and the house, she issued a statement saying she is sure the court will side with the obama administration saying we cannot perpetuate a broken immigration system, that tears apart families, and fails to meet the needs of our country. as you mentioned, we will hear from the court sometime this summer. and that will really be right in the middle of the presidential context as well, so will it be interesting to see what comes of that. >>less say aside from the numbers 5 million families effected 5 million potential families that can vote, how will this decision effect the presidential race? >> well, this is a very contention issue. we are starting to get some reaction already today. we have heard from hillary clinton. she is saying and bernie sanders saying that they are glad that the court is taking up the case. hillary clinton saying she believes the president's action will be upheld, she says, so families can
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hopefully stay together and live without fear of deportation. on the other side, marco rubio saying that he thinks the supreme court will rule against the administration, he says look even if it doesn't it doesn't matter, because if i am president i will do away with this executive action anyway. we have not yet heard from donald trump, but you can expect that we will. and of course, depending on the way the court rules this summer, it could energize one side or another in this presidential race. >> have we heard presidential race the white house? >> he was meeting this morning in the oval office, with the prime minister of australia, but the question was tossed at him, and he just simply ignored it, so we have no official reaction, put we know the white house did want the court to take up this case, so that if the court does rule, in favor of the administration, there's time to put in this place before mr. obama leaves
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office. >> thank you very much, it has been a choppy trading session thus far for u.s. investors the market is concerned about those lagging oil prices in china's announcement that it's economy is slowing. beijing saying falling to 6.9%, that is the slowest rate there in 25 years and while the stocks are up today, they did plunge to near historic lows in recent weeks. meanwhile the i.m.f. protecting slow growth other the next two years and they say that's doing to have a huge impact on global markets as well. it is also predicting bleak economies in brazil, and oil ex-porters. but overall, they say it is a mixed picture. the i.m.f. also saying that despite the slow down, the national economy will improve. the outlook for the coming year is a modest increase in the rate around the world. and modest improvement in economies. a little bit liar growth
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marginally highner the u.s. as well. and the beginning of the recovery that are contrasting very sharply. >> our coverage begins with barnabie phillips who has the latest from london. >> i think both optimists and pessimists will be able to table different things from is this latest i.m.f. report. yes, they believe the global economy will see modest growth overall, but they are saying that that rate of growth is .2% less than they thought it was going to be, only three months ago. they are scaling back, if you like. they see positives. they see the united states, the united kingdom, some countries in europe, enjoying a modest continuing economic recovery. growth in p the united states staying in the 2.5% region over the next couple of years. china, they see continuing to
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have a bumpy ride. growth ofen just over 6%, it sounds good but when you remember the kind of double digit growth that china did enjoy, that does amount to a substantial slow down. bad news too for brazil, they see a contraction there. of 3.5%, and that will have a major impact on the whole latin american economic area. low oil prices, yes, they will be with us. the i.m.f. believes for the foreseeable future, and that is a double edged sword. pad news for oil exporting countries. angola, nigeria, and so far. good news for those that come from countries which are not major oil ex-porters in theory, it could mean cheaper gasoline prices at the pump. >> and as barnabie phillips reporting for us, thank you very much. in asia, the shanghai stocks pulling out of the new year slump. and that helped the other asian markets bounce back. including japan and hong kong. meanwhile trading in european
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markets have now closed german are both up more than a% and a and a half. our economics correspondent joining us now, and what do you make out of this report? >> so you take a look at this report, and you are like really, really? you don't say, let's face it. the i.m.f. puts a button on a consensus that has been grow nag's their job. they are the button on a consensus that we already knew. we have known for some time that the global economy is slowing down. we have known that china -- that as china slows down it can be a drag on global growth. really what i would take away is that this is the third time in under a year that they revived their projection and that's because there is still confusion about china. what is the fall out going to be. that has fall outs on
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countries that sell raw materials to china. and also we are in this era where the u.s. raised interest rates for the first time in ten years and now when you raise interest rates it tends to cool down an economy, but it also sucks money out of the merging markets as investors try to get higher and very key here, safer returns in the united states. >> so i am watching the stock market today. and i am hearing this bad news coming out of china, slowing growth. but i am also seeing that the market is up. as far as i am concerned that means i have more money in my pocket than i did yesterday? what does this mean? >> so, yes, you didn't see the markets sell off because it wasn't as bad as many were expected. now we have an official figure. but when you take a step back, and you look at that report and dig deep, there are some signs that are troubling. and one is that we have seen a serious slow down.
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it is literally trying to shift it's economy from an investment, and manufacturing growth model to an economy powered by consumer spending that is enormously difficult, and it is fought with peril. >> and oil, ticking higher this week? hearing all of the bad news concerning oil, why is that not a good thing? >> as i always say don't get lost in day to day gyrations of oil. of course we have seen oil prices steadily decline, they are now trading firmly under 30-dollar as barrel, and a lot of analyst are calling for oil to go to $20 a barrel, that's because right now the world is awash in cheap out and into this glut comes iran, that is given to pump extra oil into this market of extreme oversupply. and the big question and the
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fundamentals here, what is it going to take the raise the price? we have to get a serious increase demand, that's unlikely. look at the global economy, it is not growing that fast. or you have to get these oil producers to agree to cut their production. now opec is keeping the taps doing full last, that is a policy that is engineered by saudi arabia, saudi arabia, of course, which is bitter enemies with it's fellow opec member, iran. so who is going to want to start cutting production first? are they going to trust each other, and not just within opec, but you also have to get nonopec oil producers. so the world just got smaller this week. >> yes. >> in politics the largest l.g.b.t. organization in the u.s. is now backing hillary clinton for president. the human rights campaign announcing their endorsement today which clinton is expected to accept next week. many fear if a conservative
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president last year's ruling will be overturned. if you log on to your twitter account, we want to show you what you would have seen. suffering a total outage lasting several hours. the problem beginning around 3:00 a.m. users were unable to share their updates on their smart phones or computer as shut down of twitser significant for it's 300 million users. the site is back up, and running. michigan's governor delivering the state of the state address tonight, live for many in flint dealing with the water crisis may be too little too late. changing the rules on the job, why some are forced choose between their work and their religion.
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are still searching for three kidnapped americans. witnesses saying the gunman dressed in military uniforms carries out the kidnapping in broad daylight. 100 yards away from a police station. no group claiming responsibility yet, the hostages are the first to be kidnapped inside iraq in several years. there is a new report that says the violence suffered by those in iraq and staggering. as well as alleged abuses by government backed forces. they say between january of 2014, and october of 2015, nearly 19,000 civilians were killed more than 36,000
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others were injured. also more than 3 million people were displaced. indiana saying it is worried that a bird throughout break could hurt it's economy. to the hundreds of thousands that need to be euthanatized. this is the largest outbreak in indiana's history, already effecting ten farms there, indiana producing about half a billion bowl tri-industry each year, multiply that by four. more national guardsman are heading to flint michigan, they are helping to handout thousands of bottles of water. all this is the calls are growing louder for the glove nor to resign. andy has more. >> michigan's governor will give his state of the state address in lansing michigan tonight at the state capitol, for he is to apologize again for this water crisis in flint, but he will be getting an ear full. >> the led cross is in full
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fledged crisis mode, going block by block, knocking on doors seeing who needs bottled water, and just about everyone does. >> thank you, again. >> and the mood here is just as pitterly cold as the weather. >> i am not sure what to make of it. i am pretty sure i can't say on t.v. what i really think, but we are afraid. we are very afraid, we don't know what damage has been done to us. >> governor rick snider apologized again, but the governor also took aim at candidates accusing hillary clinton and others for what he said were attempts at politicizing the crisis. i said it was outrageous that the governor hadn't acted and within two hours he had. >> regardless they are looking for answers. we don't know what to do. we are still hurting and we
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need a lot more help. >> and as people scramble monday to get cases of watt fresh a national guard, they are still feeling the effects. >> nothing like that, you will start having problems. >> the national card set up in fire stations around the city, can't even keep track of the number of cases of water it has dolled out. >> i was very surprised at the amount of bottles water on the ground, and how fast they are getting here, and how fast they are going out. >> a flint resident, so moved by the crisis, he just joined the volunteers on monday. >> people can't even leave their homes and some just don't know where to go. >> the residents are wondering how long this crisis will go on. >> it is terrible. we live in america. >> protestors will be at the state capitol tonight to demand the governor resign, some are even calling for the criminal prosecution.
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in the meantime, tens of thousands of cases of bottled water are still going out every single day. back to you. >> andy for us live in flint michigan thank you. earlier on your world, i talked to kurt, he is with the american civil liberties union, he is one of the ones that helped uncover the crisis and he told us there is a cover up in print, that has to be investigated at the highest level. >> this happened because flint was a financially stressed city that was taken over by the state. so it just never would have happened there. but i think -- and then that's compounded by the fact that there were no checks and balances. you have the governors appointed emergency manager
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making this decision, or maybe even the governors office, the governor still won't say if they are involved in the decision or not. and then you have the governors department of environmental quality that is supposed to be there overseeing things to make sure that they are done correctly and they were accomplice sit in the cover up. >> let me ask the question this way, and put it starkly, in your opinion, is what is happening in flint, michigan a crime? >> . >> yes. people were poisoned. and the state knew. >> and they denied that there was -- there was a problem when they knew there was one. and so -- records were falsified so i think i should not get ahead of ourself. we need adequate investigation to determine with certainty if there were crimes and if there were they should be prosecuted. >> when we come back, we
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career. he also was inducted into the rock & roll hall of fame back in 1990 ate. there's more evidence today that a good night sleep is good for you. researchers writing finding that sleep reduces the risk of diabeteses and they say four nights of sleep deprivation increase the risk factor for the disease. space ex-saying the rocket was descending on to that ocean barge when the rocket exploded. space ex-c.e.o. saying it could have been the ice build up from heavy fog the day off lift off, this was the fourth landing that failed.
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the company says it is about money, not religion i don't know. >> each day, in between assembling snow blowers and land mowers 53 muslim employees would stop twice each shift, to pray but on january 14th, they side while they will still be allowed to use prayer rooms they will only be allowed to use them during two company scheduled 10-minute breaks. >> that is is absolutely discrimination on it's face. >> muslim employees at the company say designate add set time for their prayer doesn't work for them. the time changes every day. if someone tells you you pray on your break, and the break time is not the pray time, it will be impossible to pray.
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>> he also says allowing the extra two breaks per shift, would mean shutting down production for those breaks which could cost the company one. dollars each year. the company says 43 of the 53 muslim employees say they don't plan on returning to work, unless they reverse course, the employees say they were essentially fired. >> so they say if they will give us this paper and then just to leave. >> no one was terminated we were showing them what their options might be in the event that they voluntarily not to come back to work. >> john henry smith, al jazeera. >> well today this growing calls for a boycott of the academy awards all together for the second straight year. there is not a single actor of comelor nominated in any lead or supporting roles and that is bringing back last
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year's #oscars so white. >> the oscars are just about a month away, but the buzz isn't about who is nominated but who isn't. the frustration over the last of diversity, now leading to a full fledged boycott by some of the industries biggest names. director spike lee, and actress jayden picket smith bow saying they won't attend this year's ceremony. >> becking for arc knowledgement, even asking diminishing dignity. and diminishing power. and we are a dignified people. we are powerful. and let's not forget it. >> i am the wrong person to have discovered this. >> her husband was cast over for his role in concussion. >> what am i doing here? >> along with east of know nation, and credence michael b jordan, spike lee plames the hollywood studio system saying the real battle is in h the executive offices where the gate keepers decide what
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gets made, and what gets jeddson. this was also passed over. >> even though the film crossed $200 million. the executive editor of black says the oscars controversy reflects a wider problem. >> the fact that the motion picture industry like so many other institutions is very slow to change. not a very diverse indiffusion, you have a situation where essentially, white males are dominating the industry. and the president of the academy also expressed frustration, promising to take action. >> we are working inside the academy, in order to make sure we have inclusion and especially in the area of membership. >> but that may not be enough
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come oscar night when a lot of viewers say they will boycott watching the show. >> the last time an african-american won was 2006, it was forest whitaker for his role many believe who was hosting this year's oscars could have the last laugh. the cincinnati reds are saying they induct pete rose into that tame's hall of fame. manford concluding that baseball career hits leader continues to gamble even when seeking that action, rose was given a lifetime ban from baseball for betting on the game. thank you for joining us. the news continues life from london next, and a reminder you can always find us 24 hour as day by going to our website add al where the news never stops.
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coming up in the next 60 minutes. the u.n. describes the level of violence against civilians in iraq is staggering with 18,000 deaths in less than two years. china endures it's slowest growth, fueling concerns around the world. diversity s