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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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coming up in the next 60 minutes. the u.n. describes the level of violence against civilians in iraq is staggering with 18,000 deaths in less than two years. china endures it's slowest growth, fueling concerns around the world. diversity spike lee boycotts the oscars saying it is a
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lily whites award show. the 14 grand slam goes out in the first round a new u.n. report has revealed the full scale of violence, as describing it as staggering. based on first hand evidence, the u.n. says that at least 18,000 civilians have lost their lives in the the conflict between the start of 2014, and october 2015, mostly at the hands of isil. at least 3.2 million people have been displaced in the past two years. 3,500 are being held at slaves by isil, most of them are from the minority community, and most of those
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held captive are women and children. the latest report points to approximately 19,000 civilians who lost their lives between january and october of 2015, because of the conflict throughout this country. now, in addition to that the report 3.2 million internally displaced people in iraqen, of that number 1 million are children. it is a dire crisis here, that has only gotten worse, and because they have taken up so much territory here in iraq, but also because of the conflicts going on, the clashes with isil, also because of the number of internally displaced and rising violence.
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my team and i, we were here just a couple of weeks ago, we saw many that had left when isil took it over, they are internalingly encamped for the internally displaced. they cannot return, because of the devastating infrastructure, but also because in mosul, adjacent, isil still has a strong hold. then you look at other parts of the country, say for example, that's an area where there was rising sectarian tensions this past week. it is a dire situation, all the aid workers say it is only going to get worse in the near term. >> joining us live from baghdad via skype, a retired brigadier general of the army, sir, thank you for joining us here. on al jazeera, we were hearing from mohammad
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obviously is a dire situation, looking at the numbers it is 18,000 deaths in two years and that is past the number of deaths we have seen -- that horrific year in irack. and now the difference also is there's a very specific enemy, moat of these deaths related to isil, so what strategy do you think the iraqi army, the government, should adopt to try to finally defeat or at least get these numbers down? this number indicates that the casualties since 2014, i think iraqi forces should wronger hard to push out of the cities and we have witnessed that the victory in
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ramadi and that would be sustained in front of the forces is not very rosy, there are a lot of cities in anbar province itself that are under isis control. mosul is still under isis control. also there are a lot of sectarian violence taking place in the mixed populated area between sunni and shia, from time to time, especially in and that is contributed to the regional contest on who is on the ground or who would meat the other, i think the actors of the domestic players from iraqi militias with sunnies or shiites they
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are taking the opportunity to fight with each other in order to control on the drowned before the other. >> forgive me for jumping in, obviously the picture in iraq is incredibly complicated. you mentioned ramadi the nearby victory of the army there, of course, ramadi is still not clearly secured and one of the many reasons this is crucial, we have seen a staggering number of people that are internally displaced. what do you think a priority should be? to lit rate more towns or to make sure the ones they do liberate like ramadi are safe enough for people to return to so at least the issue of the internally displaced people would be alleviated somewhat? >> well, there are two top priorities now in ramadi and anbar province as a whole. the first is to sustain the victory, not to give opportunity so isis to launch
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a counter attack to retake the liberated area. and the second is to secure the areas and provide the essential and basic services in order to encourager the population to return to their homes and cities. although that is not possible because i believe that from the report that 80% of ramadi has been destroyed whether houses, buildings, infrastructure, and that needs to be rehabilitated, reconstructed again. this is a huge challenging for the iraqi government, and the local government too, to take on that challenges. that has been said also there are a lot of city -- as well, falujjah is under control of isis. they should focus. this is one of the top priorities of the portion to focus on in order too take on
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isis in the coming days so they will prepare themselves for the major operation, the major offensive against isil and mosul. >> and of course, sir, the isil controlled territory isn't just in iraq, it statled iraq and syria, how crucial do you think the iraq armies battle against isil is this border and is the securing of this border? >> this is a significant area, that is being used lined between rules their claims catch poll, i think if that would be fully controlled or monitors by the airports, and i think iraqi security forces not having the credibility, the full capability to control on the boarder line, so i think iraq should work and cooperate with the u.s. is coalition, in order to control on that
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border. i think they need also special operation forces in order to make grades from time to time on that area because of the vast area, and i think iraqi security forces and the u.s. coalition should work together in order to control on that crucial area to deprive isis to maintain themselves. >> retired brigadier general, sir, thank you for sharing your views with us. >> rival political factions have announced the make up of a new unity government. the two sides sign add u.n. backed deal last month, and under that agreement, the presidential council was formed. it is currently based and has named a government of 32 ministers. al jazeera has more now from the capitol. the announcement of the national unity government is seen as a significant step
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forward, because we are talking about a country that has been struggling to put an end to the political impasse. in morocco, which resulted in the formation of the presidential council. the authority which is going to lead libya during the transitional period, and now there is a national unity government, this is a government which is going to take over because they think they are worried they could use the area as a platform to launch attacks but we are talking about libya that has been divided since 2011, and i think this national unity government needs to reach out to different factions in libya, convince them to work in the a spirit of consensus,
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but we are seeing some signs in libya, in the east, and also in tripoli of discontent over this government it has been rejected by tripoli, and some power factions and the legitimate parliament of the international recognized parliament is wided over this government. it can be a mammoth task facing this government, as it is aims to bring peace and stability to libya. >> a lot more to come on the news hour, including why some businesses in the occupied west bank, are being accused of contributing to the violation of palestinian rights. hooked on heroin, helping the addicts living with the biggest supplier of the drug, afghanistan. he may be banned from football, but why sepp blatter is still getting paid of fifa president, all the
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details coming up. after more evidence that the world's second largest economy is losing some of it's steam. china's economy grew at a rate of 6.9%, now for most countries that would be good news, but for china it is the weakest annual fourth in a quarter of a century, and it is far lower than the double digits figures seen in 2010. well the fear is the continuing slow lon can have an effect across the globe, beijing is in the middle of a reform project trying to shift reliance, to service the industries. that coupled with weak exports could see chinese drop fourthner 2016, to 6.5%.
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lawrence lee has the details. >> for years china has been the world's factory, relying on low manufacturing costs to make goods sold worldwide. more than 20 years has propelled china from consumerism and the slow down is hurting many other economies worldwide, commodity ex-porters who have relied on china for years are now also struggling. ageists say a slow down is inevitable, given how much the chinese economy has drown. chin in is transferring from old to new. while these emerging industries are smaller, so even though they are growing fast, emerging industries cannot make up for traditional slow down downs soe overall economy is facing down with pressure.
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slower growth is expected to be the new normal, already analysts are expecting the economy to cross over this year. and even measures such as cutting interest rates aren't expected to help much chinese government leaders are encouraging everyone to spent more, hoping to shift the economy from export dependance to a more sustainable consumer driven model. some emerged on tuesday, retail spending still grew by double digits. and the automotive industry is forecasted to grow. the industry as a whole is doing all right, because consumers are willing to upgrade their cars. so the whole market is p twoing pretty fast. >> the government is already undertaking reforms, slowly changing from a central planned economy, to a market driven one.
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that will take time for now china and demand for exports will have to put off slower chinese growth. lawrence lee, alleges, beijing. >> despite the slow down in china, the latest international monetary fund says global economic growth is expected to rise slightly this year. it is forecasted to be 3.4%, that's a rise of a third of 1% from last year. advanced economies will say a modest and uneven recovery and drive global growth. the i.m.f. forecast generalized slow down in china and the emerging market economies. >> important stressed economy can spill over to others to effects on trade, commodity prices and confidence. >> a down side risk is that china's economy can encounter rough patches where growth slows more than expected directly effecting trade
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partners, while disturbing foreign exchange and other markets worldwide. we have maintaining our growth assessments for china, in light of the robust developments of the service and new economy sectors. but the picture could change further down the road, continues strong growth is depend on it's authorities prompt decisive action to address remaining imbalances in the which i and the legacies of past immaterial balances. >> a commodity prices connected to the chinese slow down are effected countries articled the world. many companies are strugglin struggling. >> this wasn't the dram j home that these children's parents had pictured a few years ago. they thought that life couldn't get any better when the bank had agreed to lend
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them enough money to buy this land, but then she lost her job. she was one of 5,000 people layed off when they decided to layoff operations. >> we were thinking we tried to issue one or two issues. to settle ourselves and lead the life,. >> not only do they not have enough money to complete the house, she is worried that unless she find as job soon, she is going to find it difficult to put food on the table for her children they don't understand that i don't have a job. they don't understand that fact, all they know is money should bring food on the table, this should bring food on the table. but then where do you get the food on the table? >> despite her hardship, she continues herself lucky, there are those a 34-year-old father of three, who has to provide for his two sisters
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and his wife's family. he has had to pull his daughter out of school because he can't afford the fees. >> copser one of the main sources. it has an impact on the economy. that's why the government is thankful that some companies such as the one that owned this mine, are i tooing their best not to cut jobs. >> as opposed to closing down and reduced fix costs and that approach can be taken quite well. >> one of the ways the companies are trying to survive is by suspending operations in underground mines and instead increasing productivity in open pit mine which is are much cheap tore operate. this is one of the largest open pit mines more than 7,000 tons of copper ore have
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been taken to the ground here. for now the global drop in the price of copper has met with other companies that are forced to shut down. >> there was a time when mines like these were buzzing with activity the industry is going through one of the toughest periods meaning zambia can no longer depend on it to drive the economy forward. but that's a problem for the politicians and to solve. in the meantime, families like these, the question they need an answer to is how are they going to feed their children. al jazeera, zambia. >> the price of oil is hitting the u.s., with the organization petroleum exported countries expect output to drop significantly top to talk us through that impact, where oil futures are sold on the america tile
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exchange. good to see you, talk us through what effect that would have? it is really a drop in the bucket, according to most analyst, i should say a drop in the barrel. oil is selling around $28 a barrel, it is down today as it has been lately, and it doesn't look like it is going to go up any time soon. the international energy association saying the international oil market is likely to drown in oversupply if something doesn't change. so let's say they cuts their supply, well, that's compensated by the fact that iran sanctions have been lifted and iran expected to deliver as much as 500,000 barrels of oil a day. so that compensates for the cut there, there are likely to be cuts by other countries but never the less, prices are forecasted to go down
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before they go back up. a lot say prices are likely to pick up later in the year, but they will go down first. just to give you perspective, when they were last tightened in iran in 2012, oil prices were above 109-dollar as barrel, now they are at went eight. it is amazing isn't it. let's talk about how consumers how will they be effected? >> well, it is good for oil importing companies like japan, and china, it is bad of course for oil ex-porters. here in the u.s. you can get gas for under $2 a gallon. and home heating oil, which people use here, hundreds of dollars can be saved every year just in these lower prices but there's a catch, the u.s. has had a boost from
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oil industries jobs and those jobs can likely go away, production is expected to reduce here, and, of course, if this reverberate throughout the global economy, and that starts to have a drag on growth here and elsewhere, that's a real problem because it doesn't do much good to have cheap prices if you don't have a job. with the latest from chicago, john, thank you. >> winter has slowed the flow of migrants and refugees to europe, but it certainly hasn't stopped it, greece reported 100,000 new arrivals in december alone. and further north, thousands of refugees are making their way across the balkins and are now caught in sup freezing temperatures. barnabie phillips reports. >> many people thought they would stop coming once winter arrived but they haven't. a steady flow of refugees make their way across the boarder, into southern serbia.
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>> snow and ice is not stopped them. some say it is suffered tragedies along the way. >> i have lost my father, and also my young sister. the police registered the arrivals not the long lines we saw here in the summer, but there are some 1,500 people in this camp. it is funded by the e.u., but the groups of european governments are most concerned with deterring people from coming. >> that's something we are seeing today, more and more people are starting to smuggling routs. and trending people behind without any assistance. >> invariably they say they want so go to germany, and they are in a hurry as they
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fear more will be closed to them. europe's leaders must know, that if people are still coming into these desperate conditions it is likely this year will be every bit as momentum for the constant as the one that's just passed. barnabie phillips al jazeera. >> the country is the biggest supplier of users around the world. heroin and opium are widely available for afghans themselves. most of these men are homeless. they receive three meals a day, use training suits. around a 600 then are living here. >> i have been using drugs
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for 22 years i am tired of this dark life, i want to start a new one. >> i compare my previous life, i feel inhuman. seven many here praise the treatment, but some complain about the quality of food and lack of proper medical services. outside they get fresh air every day, and the chance to exercise. keeping fit and busy is important for their recovery. visitors come twice a week. the government plans to host more than 10,000 patientser year. the government leaders have yet to approve a budget of $4 million a year. this is one step on the long road the program starts with a 45 days and we have the process. >> for example, they will
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learn carpentry, and it all works. now it is six month as long period of time. so after that we teas teach tha career. afghan zahn is the word's biggest producer of fuel, last year it produced 3,300 funds. opium are turned into heroin which are sold worldwide. imlegal drugs are cheap and available. urn employment is high and addicts can easily return to old habits. >> the number of addicts in afghanistan is quite alarming. the problem is there are only 123 treatment centers across the cub. >> in this center a moment of joy for the addicts
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temporarily forgetting their battle which they could win or lose. al jazeera, kabul. still to comment on the al jazeera news hour, a u.s. city appeals to washington for help, over it's contaminated water crisis. plus. scientists say humans could become extinct for an asteroid were to hit earth, so they are planning a major operation that could save us all. >> in h sports cricket captain reveals what he knows about two players being approached.
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perhaps with genes. >> this is what innovation looks like. >> i feel like we're making an impact. >> let's do it. >> techknow, where technology meets humanity. only on al jazeera america. the u.n. estimates that isil is responsible for the death of 80 attorney thousand civilians in iraq. libya's rival factions have announced the make up of a new unity government, after signing a u.n. backed deal last month. and china's economic growth
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has dropped to a 25 year low, with concerns it could contract further this year. business this is the occupied west bank have been accused of contributing to the violation of palestinian rights. figures from a campaign group on the economic settlers including quarries show that almost all of the stones are transferred to israeli and settlement pockets. the palestinian union is says israel hasn't issued any new permits to palestinians since 1994. an israeli company, quarrying stone in the occupied west bank, no one wants to talk to us on camera, the israeli quarry owner, and the palestinian businessman all said the issue is too complicated. the owner did say he paid his workers well, they have social benefits the a lot of palestinian buyers they all seem to agree, however they told us that israeli companies definitely get
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preferential treatment in controlled areas obtains licenses more quickly. >> the human rights watch report using quarries of one example of how they benefit from policies that discriminate, these are not new, but the report coms at a sometime of growing pressure on israel. >> the european union is labeling products from israeli settlement, the u.n. wants to distinguish. israel is having spats with sweden and brazil, and it's relations with the administration is tense. the government denied international pressure on israel is growing. >> when we look and we see very good relations with many countries and this is a way that it will keep on being. i think mrs. a kind of a negative spin which is being inspired by the workers here and it does not correspond. >> he resigned from the government five years ago
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because he didn't agree with the policies. >> the name of the benefit of the douse. israel claimed to be adhering to a peace process to the two state solution, to the creation of the state of palestine alongside israel. people believed israel. and we are prepared to leave ape force of pressure aside, not any more. we are seeing the pressure coming in. >> the haw moon rights watch report is the latest criticism from various bodies. their patience with the government over the settlement policies appeared to be running out. stephanie decker, in the occupied west bank. >> ten people have been killed in at least 20 injuries in a suicide bomb blast in pakistan. taliban fighters are suspected in carrying out the attack at a police chec
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check point witnesses say the explosives were attacked to a motor bike. >> a federal emergency has been declared in flint michigan, supplies were poisons with led when the local government tried to save money by taking water from a local. the latest now from flint. >> every single day, thousands of cases of bottled water are going out to to residents in this city. in the last week or so, over 36,000 cases of bottled water have gone out thanks to the michigan state police, and the red are cross, and the national guard, just this morning we saw another convey of trucks leave on their mission, now, part of the goal here is to get every single household in flint at least one clean water filter, so that at least one spick is going out clean water.
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but nobody knows when the pipes here will be cleaned enough to allow the water to start operating normally. a lot of people of course blame michigan's governor, tonight he is delivering his state of the state address, where he will certainly expect him to apologize again for this water mess. he has apologized several times already. that is not satisfying the critics that are demanding he resign. there's even a petition drive asking that he be charged with all of this. so we will find out later tonight. >> film maker spike lee and actress jada pinkett-smith are leading a boycott of next month's awards. all went oscar nominees in h the lead and supporting actor cool goes are white. >> it is the annual award season, when stars of the silver screen walk the red carpets in hopes of going home, but this year's build
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up is tinged with controversy. noted black director spike lee is calling for a boycott of what he described as a lily white oscar ceremony. no black actor has received a nomination. it is time for people of color to disregard the academy awards. even affecting diminishing dignity. and diminishing power. and we are a dignified people. >> that message appears to be gaining traction. on social media the #oscars so white has been quickly resurrected with users calling this a sequel to last year's olga. here is every actor nominated this year in four major film awards the oscars, golden globes, critics choice, and screen actors guild. there are 35 in total take a closer look, just two of them
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are black. will smith for his performance, and for supporting role in no nation. both of these disappear along with several others when it comes to the oscars. the academy awards regarded as the most prestigious has an all white roster for the second year in a war. while some argue that black actors didn't play prominent roles this year, others say the problem goeses deeper. >> the motion picture industry like so many others is very slow to change. not a very diverse institution. you have a situation where essentially white males are dominating the industry. >> oscar nominees are determined be i the 6,000 members of the academy of motion sciences. the academy president has issued a statement saying it is time for big changes and
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review of ore membership recruitment in order to bring about much needed diversity. that diversity is long time coming, some in the industry comment that it is easier for a black person to become president of the united states, than head of hollywood movie studios. he is a film critic and historian, thank you for joining us here in the studio. first of all, what do you think is behind this? what do you think the reasons are behind senate because the president of the academy awards. what do you think the reasons are? >> i think it was a hangover from last year. about more black performers coming into hollywood and being recognized for their
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talents and the history of hollywood is stephened in race. but i think that this year, the second year with no nominees in any of the categories it speaks for itself. however, we are dealing with an art form here, we are dealing with opinions and aesthetics. so it is a simple issue. >> what do you make of the boycott? >> i would ask the question what is the boycott. the nature of the boycott seems to me that two or three high profile people have said they aren't going to attend. raising awareness that a lot of people may not have noticed may notice. >> maybe, but hollywood has always had a difficult time when it comes to race. and it isn't even the first time these issues have been raised. as far back as the 1940's. were raising these issues. >> what do you think the solution is? maybe changing the make up of
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the voting panel? presumably if you change that you also are changing the system, what do you think the answer might be? >> i think the suggestion is that obviously the current make up of the voting panel needs more diversification. >> winners of as a cars -- >> yeah. >> i think we have to be careful here. what are we leans towards. is a quo that system, is that the answer. because to be honest, i won't be in favor of that, i think the question of hollywood and in march, black lead performers definitely needs to loosen up. and the motion of the world that it is, we need to see a much more diverse range of performers on our screens but we also need to respect the fact that there's also a need for quality and certainly i wouldn't be an advocate for simply having an award for
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simply being in a black actor or actress. that would just i think undermine. >> yeah. >>le do you think that could be a similar issue? an issue that cationing perhaps an issue with markets? >> well, again, it depends on what women you are talking about. >> i mean relating to nonwhite actors. >> women people with disabilities, black performers, i would say and again, i don't think the quota system is honest. i think hollywood has a problem in terms of seeing universal aspects of human interests in the stories of groups and it needs to loosen up. >> very briefly, any nonwhite actor that should have been nominate? >> i thought last year, for
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example, selma, should definitely have gotten a nomination at least for his performance which was outstanding. this year, beast of no nation. >> thank you so much. >> still a lot more to come on the news hour, inside the life of anarchist how one of the greats is being celebrated in london.
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will be among the highlightss on day three of the australian open, which gets underway in a few hours time, day two saw the former winner the 14 time grand slam
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champion. 2014 was the worst season on record for rafael that car, the new year has failed to bring a change in porches. nadal dropped the start set but still shows glimpses been the game went the distance, but when it matters most in the decisive fifth set and just the second time at a grand slam. >> the game is changing. >> and we try to hit all the balls there is no balls that you can prepare to hit. and go for the winners. >> a big shot in the women's draw as well, number 133
1:48 pm
hasn't worn a grand slam match in 14 previous attempts. but she ended her drought by knocking off number two seed. >> 80th seed also made a first round exit, knocked out by britain. andy murray supporters were in full force, and with good reason. he began his campaign in dominant fashion, dropping just six games on his way to a straight set victory over teenager alexandar. >> claiming his last ever australian open, in straight sets to advance to the second round. al jazeera. >> so that was day two, let's have a look at the highlights
1:49 pm
for day three, a fur hours serena williams second match, she takes on the young player, followed by potentially match up between roger federer. because he is a former quarter finalist in melbourne, but this is a game i am looking forward to, a former wimbeldon runnerup, she ises unseeded but she looks to been on her way back followed injured play, of course the defending champion trying to get into the third round, and takes on quiton from france. not really proud of that, i think it is a little bit hypocritical, really, because
1:50 pm
i don't believe that the players are allowed to be sponsored by companies. but then the tomorrows are. >> and gambling on matches when you are into fans may land you in trouble. reports on the shadowing practice of court siding. >> big names have made tennis big business and that goes for betting on the game too. >> it's led to a shadowing practice known as court siding. seconds. >> it is shown on t.v. or the internet, the person receiving that information then gets an advantage to put a bet on to beat others. >> it is most common in
1:51 pm
tennis, and online indicates thousands of dollars on every game. >> millions of dollars on the market being traded. especially big finals 69 million-dollars have been traded online during the space of a couple of hours. it is happening all around the world, and there would be at least five reports this year, i think 2015, i think there were around 36 people throughout the tomorrow. >> court siding came out of the shadowing in 2014, when a british man employs by a indicate was arrested for using a device inside his shots to transmit scores. he was later released because the practice isn't illegal. >> taking advantage of the technical differences and at times but regardless, it is
1:52 pm
the same as doping. >> organizers are cracking down, with warnings on tickets and looking for court side in the stands. one of the reasons for a tougher approach, is that tennis bodies are already selling the data which is now being passed to big betting companies. >> so you are seeing the sport protecting book makers if you like, that's what it is really about. >> tennis' integrity unit is behind the crack down. they told al jazeera it's work is carries out confidentially. while the majority of tennis fans are at tournaments to see they'd dalls in action some may only be interested in a different high stakes game. al jazeera. world football governing body
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has admitted that sepp blatter is still being paid his president's salary. he was in charge of the organization for 17 years before he was given an eight year suspension, over a $2 million payment to uefa chief. fifa's compliance commission says until a new president selected at the end of february, he is entitled to receive his undisclosed cut. >> matthews was asked about the approach to his teammates, but he himself is not under any investigation. >> the ticketers felt really
1:54 pm
uncomfortable in the last few days because they are the ones that came forward and reported this to address. this has been some media, and you know taking it against the players and sergeanting the message as they have done something wrong. and this is not about playing investigation, this is about the the player approach, so they are getting into the investigation regarding the player approach. >> 2016 cycling season formally got underway on tuesday, competitive had to contend with temperatures reaching 40 degrees the first race -- stage of the race, took over 130-kilometers to the valley. australia's worked his way to the front, and won the stage,
1:55 pm
he will wear the race leaders jersey into wednesday's second stage, that's around the city. that's all the sport for now, more later. >> thank you. >> scientists in the u.s. and europe are working on a plan to save planet earth from asteroid collisions just in case. the redirect program is one of a kind mission that will attempt to push the extra test i will objects off course. here is gabriel with more from new york. >> terrifying residents and reminds the rest of us one could be coming our way. with that in mind, these two are putting their considerable brains together. their humble mission so tave the planet from a potentially
1:56 pm
catastrophic direct hit that could wipe us out. and a smaller moon called didi moon, beneathser expected to hit earth, but they will be used as target practice nonetheless. nasa's craft aimed to crash into ditty moon, and like a giant game of cosmic pushing in another direction. >> the asteroid is very large, it is almost the size of a mountain, and we hit wit a spacecraft, we only make a tiny change, but over time that's the difference between hitting the earth and not. >> a separate european spacecraft will collect the data building the know how to replicate the mission when it is needed for real.
1:57 pm
currently scientists don't see any such asteroids headed our way. so what is the rush to knock it off path? >> we want to have the cape tonight do this as soon as possible, because we know these things are out there, but to find the things that are potential threats is a very big goal but now this mrs. mission is to go the next step, which is something very very important. which is what are you going to do about it if something is actually got your name on it? >> for now the project is still in the theoretical fazes with approval for the launch still waiting to get the green light to prevent us from going the rout of the dinosaurs. that's it for me, and the rest of the news hour, stay with us lauren taylor will have more of the days news in just a few minutes. thank you for watching
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>> coming up tonight, we'll have the latest... >> does the government give you refugee status?
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>> they've marched to the border. >> thousands have taken to the streets here in protest. >> this is where gangs bury their members. >> they're tracking climate change. >> on hard earned, inspiring new beginnings... >> these workers got the fight in them, they just don't know it. >> facing up to old demons... >> i am really, really nervous... >> lives hanging in the balance... >> it's make or break... i got past the class... >> hard earned pride... hard earned respect... hard earned future... a real look at the american dream hard earned only on al jazeera america >> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is.
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>> the u.n. described the level of violence as staggers with 18,000 deaths in less than two years. also ahead, the slowest growth fueling concerns around the world. spike lee boycotts the oscars saying it is a lily white show. >> scientists say humans