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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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>> the u.n. described the level of violence as staggers with 18,000 deaths in less than two years. also ahead, the slowest growth fueling concerns around the world. spike lee boycotts the oscars saying it is a lily white show. >> scientists say humans
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could become extinct for an asteroid were to hit earth. describing it as staggers based on first hand evidence from victims the u.n. says at least 18,000 civilians have lost their lives in the conflict, between the start of went 14 and october 2015. the report provides details showing at least 3.2 million people have been displaced, it says an estimated 3.5000 civilians are being held as slaves by isil. most of them from minority communities. al jazeera is in baghdad and has the late nest the situation there. >> a new u.n. report pointing to a staggering number of civilian lives that are lost because of the crisis in this country.
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the latest u.n. report points to approximately 19,000 civilians who lost their lives between january and october of 2015, because of the conflicts throughout this country. now in addition to that, the report points to 3.2 million internally displaced people in iraq of that number one. >> of them are children. it is a dire crisis that has only gotten worse, and because they have taken up so much territory, but also because of the conflicts going on, the clashes with isil, also because of the number of internally displaced and rising sectarian violence. now there are several reasons thinks crisis is as bad as it is. my team and i, we saw many from the community, who had left when isil took it over, they are internally encamped
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for the displayed they cannot return even though it has been cleared they cannot return there because of the devastated infrastructure, but also because in mosul, adjacent, isil still has a strong hold, then you look at other parts of the country, say for example, the province that's an area where there was rising tenses this past week, families began to flee many of them saying they are afraid to go back. it is a dire situation, and all the aid workers with have spoken with fear it will only get worse china's economic growth has dropped to a 25 year low. pause of the potential impact on china's trade partners. and there are concerns that growth in the pron duct could drop further this year. lawrence lee reports. for years china has been the world's factory, relying to
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make goods sold worldwide, more than 20 years of record breaking growth has propelled china from communism to consumerism. now the economy is stalling and the slow down is hurting many of the economies worldwide. commodity ex-porters have relied for a buyer for years are now also struggling. analysts say a slow down is inevitable, given how much the chinese economy has drown. they say high speed growth is unsustainable and a reset is needed. >> china is in need a moment of momentum transferring from old to new. so the overall economy is facing down with pressure.
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already analyst are predicting the economy to pull this year, and even government measures such as increasing spending and cutting interest rates aren't expected to help much some encouraging news emerged on spend, retail spending still drew by double digits and the automotive industry is forecast to grow. >> auto sales growth but and industry is doing all right, because they are willing to upgrade their cars. the government is already undertaking controls. to a market driven one. that will take time, for now, china and the country's that
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depend on demand will have to put up with slower chinese growth. al jazeera joins us from chicago, to what are their most worried about there? >> well, lauren, oil prices are down they have 2358en below $9 a barrel, and they are not likely to go back up any time soon. that's according to the energy association, or rather agency, which says they -- the industry may drown in oversupply, if things don't change here. now opec has talked the organization exporting countries is talked about lowering the amount of supply by as much as 400,000 barrels but the problem is that sanctions have been lifted against iran and they are planning on raising the production.
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prices are forecasted to go down before they go back up again. the average price was over 109 barrels a gotle. >> and some of the shale producers have been really suffering haven't they, with those low prices with the combination of that and the jitters about china, how concerned is the -- how worried are they in the united states about the economy there and whether it can with stand these pressures? >>those are higher price oiled that will have to compete, that will be difficult, the oil industry has been a big job adder here in the united states. so that would be a bit of a problem here.
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but in the short term, at least, for consumers they are buying petro at about $2 a gallon or less. that's about half the price it was like a year ago or so, home heating oil, which many people here use, you can say hundreds of dollars a year, with the prices being where they are. so in the short term, it is not necessarily a bad thing, but if these oil prices rock it here and the starts to reverberate then you can have problems with the global economy being set back indeed, thank you very much indeed. >> warning the passport free agreement could collapse in the next few months e.u. governments havei. has slowed
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the flow of my grants and certainly not stopped it, agrees reported 100,000 new arrivals in december alone. further north, now courting sub freezing temperatures. barnabie phillips reports. >> many people thought they would stop coming once winter arrives but they haven't. the steady flow of refugees make their way across the border. into southern serbia. snow and ice has not stopped them, some say they have suffered tragedies along the way. >> i have lost my father, and also my young sister in the mediterranean sea. >> there are some 1,500
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people in this camp, it is funded by the e.u., put aid groups say governments are most concerned with deterring people from coming. >> unilateral actions and member states to suddenly close border have pushed people toward modern recruits that is something we are seeing today, more and more people are starting to smuggling routs and the services of smugglers to cross through. and trending people through without any assistance. >> they say they want to go to germany, and they are in a hurry because they feel more borders will soon be closed to them. the leaders must know if people are still coming under these conditions it is likely that this year will be every bit as momentum as the one
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that just passed. >> police are investigating where three former members are behind the attempted robbery of an armored car. dna matching were expanded a get away vehicle after failed attempt last june. the trio carried out a bomb attack in 1993. the faction is also known as the group and carried out dozens of assassinations between 1970 and 1998. film maker spike lee are leading a boycott of next week's academy awards. all went oscar nominees are white.
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no black actor has received a nomination, actress jada pinkett-smith says it ises time of people of color to disregard the academy awards. >> begs for acknowledgement, or even asking diminished dignity. and diminishes power. and we are a dignified people. >> that message appears to be gaining traction on social media the # oscar so white, has been quickly resurrected with users calling this a sequel to last year'sing so gaining traction. here is every actor nominated this year, in four major film awards the oscars golden globes critics choice and screen actors guild.
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gist two of them are black, for supporting role in beast of know nation, both of these faces disappear along with several others when it comes to the oscars. the academy awards traditionally guarded as the most protegee yous has an all white roster for the second year in a row. others say the problem goes deeper. >> the motion picture industry like so many other institutions is very slow to change. you have a situation where white males are dominating the industry. >> oscar nominees and winners are determined by the roughly 6,000 members of the academy of motion picture arts and sciences. the president has issue add statement saying it is time
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for big changes. that diversity is long time coming some in the industry comment that it is easier for a black person to become president of the united states than head of hollywood movie studio. al jazeera still to come, a unity government is formed for libya, but questions remain on whether it can govern. and hooks on heroin, helping addicts living in afghanistan, the biggest supplier of the drug.
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♪ . >> libya's rival factions have announced the make up of a new unity government, after signing a u.n. backed deal last month. and film maker spike lee are leading a boycott of next month's academy awards because all are white. the two sides sign add deal last month, under that agreement, the presidential council was formed. currently based and is named
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a government of 30 go ministers. we are talking about a country that has been struggling to put an end to the impasse, there have been marathon talks which resulted in the formation of the presidential council and now mrs. a national unity government. ins a government which is going to take over they would have to convince the factions to join the national army they will have to take on isil which has expandedner worried they can use that platform to launch attacks against europe. but they have been divided
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since 2011 and i think the government needs to reach out to different factions to convince them to work in the spirit of consensus. we are seeing some signs in libya, in the east also in tripoli, of discontent over this government it's been rejected and the parliament in is divided over this government. >> it can be a mammoth tack facing this government, as it aims to bring peace and stability to libya. >> the palestinian union says israel hasn't issued a new
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quarry since 1994. quarrying stone in the occupied west bank. no one wants to talk to us on camera here, the israeli quarry owner his workers they all said the issue is too complicated. he says he pays his workers well, and he has a lot of buyers thaw all seem to agree, however they told us that israeli companies definitely get preferential treatment. >> the haw moon rights group uses quarries as one example of how settlement businesses benefit from policies that discriminate, these are not new findings but the report comes at a time of growing pressure. >> the e.u. wants to
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distinguish between israel and the occupies territory. israel is having spats with brazil, and the administration is tense. the government denies pressure is growing. so when we look, and we see very good relations with many countries and this is a way it will keep on being. i think there is a negative spin which is being inspired by the few, and it does not co respond. >> he resigned five years ago because he didn't agree with the policies. >> the name of the fame is benefit of the doubt, israel claimed to be adhering to a peace process. to the two state solution, to the creation of the state of palestine alongside israel. people believed israel.
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they are seeing the pressure coming in. >> the human rights watch is the latest criticism from various bodies. their patience appears to be running out stephanie decker al jazeera in the occupied west bank. >> the mayor of a u.s. city is struggling to deal with water supplies. a federal emergency has been declared in flint michigan. such plied were poisons with led the national card is been called in to help handout drinking water and water testing kits. every single day, thousands are going out to the residents in the city of 100,000 people of flint thanks to michigan state police and the red cross and the national guard just this
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morning we saw another convey of trucks leave, now part of the goal here is to get every single household at least one clean water fitter, so that at least one spick is dolling out clean water. but nobody knows when the pipes there will be clean enough to allow the water to start operating normally, a lot of people of course, blame the governor, tonight he is delivering by coincidence his state of the state address where he will certainly we expect him to apologize again, for this water mess, he has apologized already, but that is not satisfy it is critics for demanding that he resign. we will find out later on tonight. >> ten people have been killed and at least 20 injuries in a suicide bomb blast, taliban fighters are suspected of carrying out the attack as a police check point. near the afghan border.
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ens bees say the explosives were attacked to a motor bike. >>ty spite efforts to bridge the growing divide between the two countries. met the king in saudi on tuesday, where he expresses deep concern over the escalating tensions. the kingdom cut ties after protestors set fire to the embassy in teheran. the demonstrations were in response to a prominent shia cleric. afghanistan is the biggest supplier of heroin to users around the world. large numbers need help to try to kick the habit, as reports from kabul. >> now it is the largest treatment center for drug addicts in afghanistan. most of these men are homeless. they received three meals a
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day, use training suits and a hair cut. around 600 men are living here. >> i have been using drugs for 22 years. i am tired of this i want to start a new one. >> i compared my previous life with the current one, i feel inhuman. >> many here praise the treatment center, but some complain about the qualmty of food, and lack of proper medical services. outside the addicts get fresh air, and a chance to exercise. keeping fit and busy is important for their recovery. they are not allowed to leave, visitors come twice a week. government leaders have yet to approve a budget of approximately $4 million a year, this is one step on a long road, doctors here say the program starts with 45 days detoxification, and
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rehabilitation process. >> we will learn, physical routines. for example, they are learning -- learn painting and works. now it is six months a long period of time, so after that we teach them the career and of course the government has decided to just send in to other ministries for the jobs. afghan van is the world's biggest producer of fuel, last year it produced 3,300 tons. opium are turned into heroin which is sold worldwide. illegal drugs are cheep and available. in kabul, these men remain vulnerable. unemployment is high and addicts can easily return to old habits. >> the number of drug addicts is quite alarming. the moisture industry says there are about 2.4 million
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adult drug users and the problem is there are only 123 treatment centers across the country. in this center a moment of joy for the at tickets temporarily forgetting their battle which they could win or lose, al jazeera, kabul. >> the first major snow fall has blankets much of northern japan, some people in the north are sheltering in libraries and city halls. causing long delays in the capitol. scientists in the u.s. and europe are are working on plan to save planet earth from asteroid collisions. the asteroid redirect program is one of a kind that will attempt to push the extra test i will objects off course. cain relying has more. >> with that in mind, these
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two scientists are putting their considerable brains together, and the mission to save the planet from the a potentially catastrophic direct hit that could wipe us out. has it's sites another not one but two asteroids the larger one a smaller asteroid moon called kitdy moon. neither is expected to hit earth, but they will be used as target practice nonetheless. >> nasa's craft aims to crash into didi moon like a giant game of cosmic snooker pushing in another direction. >> we hit wit a spacecraft,
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we only make a tiny change, but over time that's the difference between hitting the earth and not. a separate spacecraft will collect the data building the know how to rep he kate the mission. >> a meteor this size would cause the same amount of damage of dozens of bombs, but currently scientists don't see this headed our way for another couple of centuries. so what is the rush? >> we want to have the capability to do this as soon as possible. because we know these things are out there, but to find these things that are a potential threat is a very big goal, but now this particular mission is to go to the next step which is something very important, what are you going to do about it if something has your name on it. >> for now the project is still in the theoretical fazes with the approval still
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waiting to get the green light al jazeera, new york. >> plenty more for you, the address for that is, yo can watch us live by clicking on the watch noway con at >> but deep inside this market begins a trail of tears. endangered animals, bought and sold for big bucks. >> get it, get it lockett, get it! >> what can be done to stop this illegal trade? >> he'd actually built a secret compartment within his prosthetic leg and that is where he concealed the baby iguanas.