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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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>> the u.n. describes the level of violence is staggering with 18,000 deaths in less than two years. i'm lauren taylor. this is al jazeera live from london. china endures its slowest growth in 25 years. eni can't set up it's operation against al-shabab fighters and questions the number of soldiers who have been killed. diversity deficit spike lee boycotts the oscars saying it's a lily white awards show.
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>> the full scale of recent violence in iraq has been described as staggering, isil is largely responsible for the deaths of 18,000 civilians in iraq between the start of 2014 and october 2015. it says isil is also holding 3.5000 people as slaves, and 3.2 million people have been displaced over the past two years. >> a new u.n. report points to the staggering number of civilian lives lost because of the crises in this country. the latest u.n. report points to approximately 19,000 civilian who is have lost their lives between january and october of 2015 because of the conflicts throughout this country now the
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internally displaced people in iraq 1 million are children. it's a dire humanitarian crisis that has been worse. not only because of the rise of isil, because of the conflicts going on, the slashes of isil, and the number of internally displaced, and also because of rising sectarian violence. there are several reasons why this crisis is as bad as it is. take for example the north of iraq. my team and i, we were in erbil just a couple of weeks ago. we saw many from the yazidi community who have left sinjar when isil took it over last year. they're in camps for the internally displaced. they cannot return to sin center. they cannot return there because of the devastating infrastructure, and because in mosul adjacent to sinjar, isil has a stronghold. then you look at other parts of the country, in diyala province,
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an area where there was rising sectarian tensions many saying they're afraid to go back because they're afraid of shia militias. all the aid workers fear it is only going to get worse in the near term. >> libya's rifle has announced the make up of a new unity government. under that agreement, the presidential council was formed. it's currently based in tunis and has named in its government 32 ministers. >> the announcement of the government has seen a significant step forward because we're talking about a country that has been struggling to put an end to the political en pass. there have been marathon talks in morocco, which resulted in the formation of the presidential council. and now there is at national
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unity government. this is a government which is going to take over. we'll have to convince the different factions to disarm and enjoy the national army. they will have to take on isil, which has expanded in the coastal area. we're talking about libya, that has been divided since suggest and i think this national unity government needs to reach the different passions in libya to convince them to work in the spirit of consensus. we're seeing signs in libya in the east also in tripoli, of discontent over this unity government. it's been rejected by tripoli. it's been rejected, and the legitimate parliament of the recognized parliament is divided
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over this government. it's going to be a mammoth task facing this national unity government as it aims to bring--to bring peace and stability to libya. >> saudi arabia's foreign minister has again warned about the possible consequences of lifting sanctions on iran. they said that the funds and investment coming into iran could be used peacefully or harmfully. >> if they go to support the nefarious activities of the regime this would be a negative and it would generate a push back. if they go forwards improving the living standards of the iranian people then it would be something that would be welcomed. >> china's economic growth has dropped to a 25 year low. there are concerns that growth in chinese gross domestic
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product could drop further this year. >> for years china has been the world's factory relying on low manufacturing costs. more than 25 years of record-breaking growth has propelled china from communism to consumerism. now they're stalling, and the slow down has hurt many economies worldwide. the economies that have relied on china for years are now struggling. analysts say is a slow down is inevitable. they say high speed growth is unsustainable and a reset is needed. >> change ichina is changing from old to news. the traditional industries are big in size, the emerging
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industries cannot make up for the traditional industries slowdown and china's economy is facing downward pressure. >> slower growth is expected to be the new normal for china. analysts are predicting the economy to slow down, and cutting of interest rates are not expected to help: >> chinese government leaders are encouraging everyone to spend more for a more sustainable consumer-driven model. some data emerged on tuesday. consumer spending still grew by double digits and the automotive industry is forecast to grow. >> auto sales growth is lower than gdp growth but the industry as a whole is doing all right because consumers are willing to upgrade their cars. we have better cars coming on the market so the whole market is developing pretty fast. >> the government is undertak
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ing structure reforms. slowly changing from a centrally planned economy to a market-driven one. that will take time. for now china and the countries that depend on chinese exports will have to put up with slower chinese growth. >> despite the slowdown in china the latest out look said that global economic growth is expected to rise slightly. it's forecast to be 3.4%, the rise of a third of 1% from last year. advanced economies will see what imf is called the recovery and will drive global growth. the generalized slowdown in economies. >> the stressed economy can spill over to others through effects on trade, commodity prices and confidence. a down side risk is that china's economy could encounter rough
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patches where growth slows more than expected, directly affecting trade partners, distributing foreign trade and other assets worldwide. we've main today our 2016-2017 growth assessments for china in light of the robust developments in service and new economy sectors as well as fiscal demands. but the picture could change down the road. continued strong growth is dependent on its authorities, prompt decisive action. >> filmmaker spike lee and actress jada pinochet smith are leading a boycott for the awards.
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>> this year's build up to the academy awards is tinged with controversy. spike lee has called for a boycott of what he described as a lily white ceremony. actress jada pinkett-smith said its time to disorder the academy awards. >> begging for acknowledgment, even asking diminishes dignity, and diminishes power. and we are a dignified people. >> that message appears to be gaining traction on social media, #oscars still white has been resurrected with users calling this a sequel to last year's saga. here is every actser nominated in four major film awards. the oscars, golden globes, critics choice, and screen actors gild.
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there are 35 in total. just take a look. only two of them are black. will smith and idris alba. while some argue that black actor simply did not play prominent roles on screen this year, others say the problem goes deeper. >> the motion picture industries like so many other institutions is slow to change. not a diverse institution. you have essentially white males are dominating the industry. >> oscar nominees and winners are determined by the roughly 6,000 members of the academy of motion picture arts and sciences. the academy president has issued
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a statement saying its time for big changes. we will conduct a review of our membership recruitment in order to bring about much-needed diversity. that diversity is long time coming. some in the industry commented it is easier for a black person to become president of the united states than head of hollywood movie studio. gerald tan, al jazeera. >> ahead of al jazeera, the colombian government and farc rebels agreed to ask the u.n. to monitor any cease-fire program. and the life of an artist is being celebrated in london.
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>> a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. the u.n. he is mates isil is largely responsible for the deaths of 18,000 civilians in iraq between the start of 2014 and october 2015. isil is also holding 3.5000 people as slaves. libya's rifle political factions announce the make up of a new unity government after signing a u.n.-backed deal last month. the colombian government and farc rebels will ask the u.n. council to monitor a peace deal. the leader of the rebel group has hailed it as a significant step in ending the conflict which has lasted more than 50 years. >> we've entered a final phase
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where 60 years of confrontation can end to everyone's happiness in 2016. this is the only peace process that is showing encouraging results. >> well, let's get more in bogota. how significant is this move to allow the u.n. to monitor the deal? >> well, lauren, as we just heard from the farc negotiator, both sides really here believe that this is a crucial announcement, and the fact that they were able to make this announcement now means that they feel they're very close to a final deal that the negotiations are moving forward at a good pace. what they're asking here for the u.n. to do is to come to columbia and set up a monitoring system and show that the agreements are being implemented once a final deal is assigned. the u.n. will work together with
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observers coming from the regional bloc of latin america and crib i can't state. this is something that the farc insisted on because they wanted someone who felt was closer to them, an alternative to the organization of the american state, which they feel is too closely influenced by the u.s. by the united states. so what we're seeing here is that there is an agreement on how the international monitoring will work, and it also means that they might be very close on a full bilateral cease-fire. and on the mechanism for the disarm of the farc. >> how quickly can all this be put in place? >> well, on sunday al jazeera reported work is already under way at the u.n. they were expecting this announcement on the preparations that are necessary for this mission. in coming days we'll most likely
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see the colombian government send a former request to the u.n. security council to vote on this mission. that should be able to be done quite quickly, and nobody expects any opposition at the u.n. on this. also the president of colombian, manuel santos, would like the final deal to be signed by the end of march. as everything falls into place the u.n. could be here at some point in the month of march. >> alessandro live in bogota, thank you. >> kenyan troops have been carrying out ground and arrow operations in southern somalia's region. in response to friday's attack by al-shabab fighters on a kenyan military base. the kenyan government has been criticized for providing few details on the number of soldiers who have been killed. we have more from nairobi. >> the remains of soldiers killed by al-shabab fighters
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are brought back home. the fighters were over run of a military base on friday killing many soldiers and on duct--abducting several others. this soldier had only been there for a fort night following deportation. two other equally deadly attacks happened last year during similar rotations. >> this is brought by an about acal tan company by al-shabab. this tactical error happened because there is a transition from the previous battalion that was opening the area into the new one. >> the attack appears well timed to take advantage of the troop rotation when fresh troops arrive. military commanders are not giving details of the attack.
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we still don't know how many soldiers were killed, abducted or still may be missing. families are saying that they're not receiving much information. and the continued troops in somalia is once again the focus of debate. a cartoonist who once worked for amazon in somalia draws a sketch of the military. it's a current debate on an exit strategy. >> we depend others, to set up a buffer zone, to depend our borders. that's the reason we cross. to depend the industry. by that measure, it was a failure.
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>> he says what happened cannot be shrouded in secrecy, and the current debate on the exit strategy should focus on why the troops were sent there in the first place. we may never know precisely how many soldiers died or what exactly happened. but the president has vowed that they'll revenge their death, and the forces in somalia will not withdraw, at least not yet. catherine soy, al jazeera, nairobi. >> amnesty international says children as young as search are working in mines in the democratic republic of congo. the cobalt is used in lithium batteries and cell phone brands, the group is suspected of processing the mines and have been alerted to the practice.
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>> burkina faso is slowly coming to terms with the attack last weekend in the capital. one of the poorest countries in the world, burkina faso just emerged from a political crisis. it hopes to improve the country's economy. the new government is in crisis mode. >> the people of burkina faso have a history of struggle. we force against colonialism and dictatorship. this won't break us. >> many died in the assault on a hotel and a coffee shop popular
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with foreigners and aid workers. this imedical workers say that it's attack on this relatively small country. the burial date for the burkinas that have been killed have begun. they have held talks with their friends and relatives. this man was injured in the attack that also claimed the lives of some of his colleagues. >> people have different demands and asks to make of the government. but it was finally agreed that discussions for now become confined to when and how to bury the dead. >> later a french photographer died on tuesday after being seriously injured in the attack. tension is high in the suburb home to most of the city's
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muslim population. burkina faso's muslim and christian communities have lived together in harmony. people here fear that that might change. >> i can say that there is no country where the muslim and christian population are as integrated as we are here. we live together as brothers and sisters. those attackers do not represent us or our faith. >> that is the message many muslims here have been conveying to their christian neighbors al jazeera, burkina faso. >> european council president is warning that the schengen agreement could collapse in the next few months. they say that it has failed to deliver on limits of migrants moving through the countries. the passport free zone has been suspended in denmark, germany
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and sweden, which have introduced controls at their borders. in germany investigating whether three former members of the disbanded group red army faction are behind the attempted robbery of an armored car. dna matching three suspects was found in the get away vehicle after a failed attempt to get inside the armored car in june. the three carried out a bomb attack on a prison in 1993. the red army faction wa carried out dozens of assassinations, bombings and ribs between 1970 and 1998. the mayor of an u.s. city has struggled to deal with contaminated water supply and has asked for help. the water was poisoned by lead when it the city tried to save money by taking money from a local river.
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we have the latest from flint. >> well, every single day thousands of cages of bottled water are going out to residents of this city of 100,000 people of flint in the last week or so. over 36,000 cases of bottled water have gone out thanks to the michigan state police and the red cross and the national guard. just this morning we saw another convoy of trucks leave on their mission. now part of the goal here is to get every single household in flint at least one clean water filter. so at least one spigot in each household is going ou to have clean water. no one knows when the water will start to operate normally many. many blame michigan's governor. he has apologized many times already, but that's not
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satisfying the critics. some say the petition drive asking that he be criminally charged with all this. we'll find out later on tonight. back to you. >> republican presidential hopeful donald trump has received an endorsement from former alaskan governor sarah palin. trump is neck and neck with texan senator ted cruz. palin was john mccain's running mate in the presidential election and has been one of the most outspoken in the republican party. now for the first time juan miro's art.
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>> the studio, even the floors have been copied. copying the studio on the spanish island of mallorca where he worked for 30 years. at the center of the studio is miro's famous rocking chair. >> i have so many great members of those days. >> the artist's grandson now looks after his legacy. >> all of this reconstruction of the study in mallorca tells you about the reconstruction of the dream. reconstruction emotions, sensations and feelings of the social and political turmoil that he was so able to experience throughout his life. >> also on show priceless works of art carefully shipped to london. one of his paintings recently sold for a record $37 million.
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>> miro said he wanted to assassinate painting. his work should not be seen as representation of reality but reality into abstraction into fields of color. my pork should be a poem set to music by a painter, he said. [ music ] >> in turn his creations went on to inspire more great art. from jazz to the american artist jackson pollock. miro worked through years of political chaos, civil and world wars, and general francisco franco's totalitarian regime. he worked through ideas, ideas that resonate today as many in catalonia survive for independence from spain. miro described his studio as a vegetable garden. artichokes over there. potatoes over here. i work like a gardener, he said. after london the studio will travel to new york.
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miro's garden is on the move. neav barker, al jazeera, london. >> and a quick reminder that you can always catch up with all the stories we're covering and of course the sport, checking out our website that's updated 24 hours a day. ballet world so that they will have an easier path. >> in the last year, we've spoken to best-selling authors and global leaders. you've heard from actors, composers& ♪ i am a man who will fight for your honor ♪ >> &and musicians including one of the most recognizable singers of a generation& ♪ hey mr. si