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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 25, 2016 9:00am-9:31am EST

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>> join us tomorrow starting at 7:00. see you then. seeking safety in europe, the flow of refugees continues as talks to end nearly five years of war in syria are delayed. welcome to al jazeera from doha. seeking safety in europe, the flow of refugees continues as talks to end nearly five years of war in syria. we will have that story. back to, a warm welcome for iran as president rouhani starts out on his european tour.
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>> i'm near the epicenter of april's earthquake where survivors now face a very cold winter often with snowstorms. >> proposed talks on the war in syria have been delayed. the indirect negotiations between the syrian government and opposition were due to start monday, but there's still no agreement on who will take part. u.s. secretary of state john kerry said that issue will be resolved in a day or two. a member of the syrian opposition is unhappy with the way the lead up to the talks is being handled. >> there is pressure on us to give up the rights of the syrian people. these representatives are pushing our delegation to head to the talks without clear
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agenda, plus giving up the good will measures, mainly addressing the humanitarian situation which has nothing to do with politics. therefore, we cannot tell our people that delegated us that we gave up your rights and headed to geneva without stopping air raids or lifting the siege or releasing the prisoners for sending aid. >> near the syrian border, waiting for special envoy to speak due to come up any moment. the big question we are awaiting to hear the answer to is whether talks are going to take place. >> that's right. it would appear that if they do take place, it will be some days away, wednesday, at the early evident, stefan has really a
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colossal task. john kerry has said to try to stop the warring sides from posturing, he's said that the posturing going on right now has to stop. of course, what the opposition is worried about is the situation they're going into without any form of preconditions, without any forms of moves of good will from the syrian regime or anything in the way of any piece gestures with that far from it, the contrary in fact, because the russian airstrikes have increased by the day since september 30 when rush joined in the fight and the situation on the ground has got much more difficult for the opposition fighting against
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bashar al assad. furthermore, turkey is hell bent on not being involved in any peace talks that involve the syrian kurds. that's the p.y.d., which is the political party and the y.p.g., which turkey describes as simply being like the p.k.k., which is outlawed in turkey. in syria, of course, they are allies of the u.s., the u.s. is happy to see them armed at the moment, and resisting islamic state. so that's another complication. there is also a situation whereby the opposition, syrian opposition want to see the russian air force stopping its attacks on civilian areas. they want to see the sieges of opposition areas lifted, and they also want to see detainees freed. now syria's mate quite clear it's not going to entertain those issues.
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really the situation i guess that these are the sort of things that you'd expect to have happen in the perimeter talks in geneva, which would open the sessions up. these issues will be on the table. these issues being discussed with shuttle diplomacy going on between the different groupings this is what they wants to, but getting them there is the big key. what the south carolina, the u.s. secretary of state john kerry has said is that you can lead a horse to water, but you can't force him to drink. in this situation, it's getting the horses there that's the big issue. >> ok, we are just seeing people gathering in geneva ahead of that press conference from the u.n. special envoy for syria. we will return to it in a minute if he does turn up. thanks very much.
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at least 29 people have been killed in a suicide attack on a market in cameroon. it happened in the town in the far north region. previous attacks there have been linked to boko haram. cameroon troops are part of a regional force created to defeat the armed group fighting for a separate state in northeastern nigeria. south sudan said the agreement to form a unity government hit a deadlock. under the agreement, he was set to retake his old position at vice president. >> the peace agreement says 10 states, and even the transitional constitution of south sudan says 10 states. but now, the government is insisting that it should be 28
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states. >> a senior researcher at the peace research institute in oslo said he is maneuvering to create his hold over south sudan before the opposition joins the government. >> ultimately, it is about the distribution of power and the reason for hurrying this through at this early stage, meanwhile, the implementation was being implemented is that when as soon as the opposition had come into government, they will have to have participate in this decision, so the president's government wanted to make these changes before the opposition came into this joint power sharing agreement. it gives the opportunity for the government and the president then to distribute these
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positions as they see fit. which will give -- will consolidate the current regime's grip on power in south sudan. egyptian security forces are reported to have used tear gas to disperse protestors near alexandria. elsewhere, large groups of demonstrators have taken to the streets. it's been five years since the start of protests that eventually ousted president mubarak. people are seen marching through the streets of a neighborhood in central cairo. >> the revolution in 2011 was driven by egypt's young people. five years on, many feel betrayed by the outcome. we have this report. >> it was supposed to be a new dawn, as millions of egyptians came together. people from all faiths backgrounds and ages united in
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the call for change. nearly 50% of egypt's population is less than 24 years old. the youth were the driving force of the revolution. even opposing football fans joined the protests. it started with a tech savvy generation that galvanized crowds through social media and mobile phones. >> the youth were the leaders of what was happening. also, we were not into politics so they don't care or know much you about politics, who's right wing or leftwing. that we just knew this was wrong and we should speak up to that. that's exactly what happened. >> it was a period of demanding political freedom, even walls became canvass. it was much later that organized groups and political forces joined the protestors, all calling for an end to decades of tyranny and injustice. in the 18 days it took to force
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hosni member rick to step down, hundreds were killed. new stricter laws prevent protest. many are in jail, some team the outrage which fueled the revolution also deflated it. >> the same o'toole that ignite us to topping dictators eventually tore us apart. >> people like nobel peace prize winner are living outside the country. a prominent blogger and pro democracy activist has been jailed for five years for violating protest laws. >> he almost hit me, just missed by an inch. >> most remember the crackdown at tahrir square and its aftermath. despite feeling betrayed, he has a sense of accomplishment. we all blame the previous administration to not move up to what's going on.
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they never talked about the corruption of the mubarak regime. >> i think there will be a revolution happening within the next maybe five years. that will happen. >> five years on, a blood stained chapter in egypt's history continues to overshadow what many egyptians saw as the people's revolution. al jazeera. ran 18 president rouhani arrived in italy on his first visit to europe since international sanctions were lifted recently. he is do to sign a number of lucrative business deals. rouhani will be visiting france where iran is in talks to buy more than 100 planes from airbus. we have more from rome. >> this visit is largely about money, what iran stands to gain and what italy, france and other european nations stand to gain.
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now with the formal lifting of sanctions against iran, the country can free up to $1 billion in frozen assets, free to spend on western technology to upgrade oil and energy sector and also to upgrade its aging commercial airline fleet. great business opportunities there for european countries operating in those sectors, also in consumer goods, electronics, luxury good that is consumer markets, very sophisticated markets in iran hungry for getting their hands on those products. yes, sanctions have been lifted, but there is mechanism so-called snap back, which means if at any stage international monitors say ran is not complies with every aspect of the nuclear deal, those sanctions could snap back into place which accounted impact any western nations which
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syrian government forces
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recaptured what they say is the last rebel strong hold coming as diplomats try to iron out the details of piece talking about in geneva. the dispute over who should attend should be resolved soon. south sudan's former vice president said a deal to form a unity government hit a deadlock because the president wants to divide the country into 28 states instead of 10. ran 18 president rumani arrived in italy on his first trip to europe sips the lifting of anxious on iran this month. he is traveling to france and he is expected to sign a number of lucrative deals. the amsterdam, the current refugee crisis is being discussed. greece's immigration minister lashed out at the e.u., saying member states stayed to send enough ships and is not living up to pledges to help relocate
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people. we take you to geneva where u.s. envoy to syria is speaking in geneva. >> into the meat of the matter. i'd like to first some housekeeping, let you know that we do have simultaneous interpretation, arabic and french and the channels for those of you who are guests here with these ear pieces you can hear the original floor on channel 1, english on channel 2, french on channel 3, and arabic an channel 7. the special envoy will have a few remarks to make at the outset of this press conference on syria, and then we will open the floor to questions, i would urge you please and i'm so glad to see such a large turnout to
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give everybody a chance, no double barreled questions, please, one question and one follow upper person. we will recognize you in the order that we see your hands up. the special envoy will also introduce my colleagues to his left, and without further ado, i would have it you to make your opening remarks. the floor is yours, sir. >> thank you, thank you very much. first of all, thank you, and my apologies again for a few minutes of delay, but until the last moment i was on the phone with various capitals in order to make sure another group, in order to make sure that i have the latest update. as usual, things move very fast at the end. let me introduce my director in
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damascus but has also very special background in communication, the director of communication in eye row. she will be the official spokesperson of the geneva intra syrian talks on my behalf. jesse will be remaining very much my main focal point for the media, interviews or any type of comments or background and at the same time collecting the information i need to have, so that is the team that you should be getting familiar with. now, let me get to the point. you any of the know and know very well, being a different, very different opinions and positions rewarding the list of invitations, that has been and
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you know it, very well, the issue so far. discussions have been taking place in various capitals. they've been contact between the secretary of state kerry, the foreign minister lavrov, foreign minister of the region, visits to ankara and they are still on going. i've been very much aware of the danger of what happened in geneva two, so that's why i've been and am particular careful about the issue about invitations, because they do have an impact on making sure that we don't have a repetition of geneva two, the syrians don't deserve it, geneva doesn't deserve it and the secretary general is feeling very strongly about it. that's why we have been careful and extremely how would i say,
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sorrow in wanting to make sure that when and if we start, we start at least on the right foot. it will be uphill anyway. well, discussions still on going. let me remind you of some points and give you where we are. security council 254 is very clear in assigning to me special enjoy of the secretary general, the task to finalize the effort of the list of syrian participants taking note of the meetings in moscow can be cairo and in particular the youthful meeting in riyadh on the ninth of december. that's basic live the mandate that i've been assigned to by this security council. security council is also 2254 urging me to bring the broadest possible spectrum of the
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opposition. now, due to the intense agreements, frankly and different opinions on who should be on the list, the actual beginning of the talks which was meant to be today, 25 january, have been delayed. today, therefore, instead of announcing the beginning of the talks, i am in a position of still announcing to you the date in which in my opinion we will be in a position to send invitations tomorrow. the date which we will aiming at having the beginning of the i want tray syrian talks, 29 of january. the invitation will be should based on the criteria of
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inclusiveness, substantive weight. the agenda will be the one set by the 2254, the invitations will clearly want to be also addressed to women and civil society. i made a point and the secretary has been extremely clear on that, whatever list of various delegations want to come, we will make sure that there is a substantial presence of women to advise me and make sure that we are in the right position rewarding the future of syria of which they are 51% at least of them in syria. the agenda will be already set up is the governance, 2250 or resolution, about a new governance, a no constitution and new elections. however, here comes a major point that i think you should be aware of. the first priority will be the
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focus of the talks of what most syrians, if not all want to hear. the possibility of a broad ceasefire, and the possibility of stopping the threat of isil, and therefore thanks to the broader ceasefire, an increase of humanitarian aid. you will hear tomorrow, you will have official press conference which we have been supporting very much, of my colleagues from the humanitarian side, in order to be able to explain to you, how urgent, how important and what needs to be done in order to make sure that they are getting hear at a talk about the future of syria. every day lost is a day lost for a ceasefire and for humanitarian aid. there will be no opening
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ceremony. i regret from the common point of view, i know from the photo point of view, you will not have the type of feeling of a large group of people sitting and probably arguing publicly among them. that will not be what you will be seeing. we are going to aim at proximity talks starting on the 29th and on going for six months on a staggered chronological proximity approach. that will be the way we try to make it different from the past. this is not geneva three. this is leading to what we hope will be a geneva success story if we are able to push it forward. there are political risks, and you will hear them as soon as you will hear the fact that i'm announcing that we intend to do them on the 29th and that i will be issuing invitations
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tomorrow, but those political risks, intentions, and positions and prepositions should be also taking into account that our line is and the security council has been clear, no preconditions, at least to start the talks and while the talks start. the rest is open, is going to be uphill. they are not in an agreement yet but we are all feeling that has has been happening in the past and what are the region and main stake holder feel, the time has come to at least try hard to produce an outcome. imagine if we did have a ceasefire discussion, siriusly starting and then following the rest, all political risk of starting a conference in fact of intra syrian talks without having a total clarity what direction they will all go is
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worth it. that's where we are at the moment. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> you have to speak either louder or you can use this -- give you the floor, thank you. >> thank you very much. i'm from the national television of china. i have many questions of course, but i think i would just start with the geneva communique that we have not talked about for a long time. will the geneva communique be a central let's say base for the negotiations that will be unfolding in the next days? thank you. >> the answer is yes. no question, everything is starting with the geneva communique, which is still considered the umbrella for everything we are going to do.
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it has been approved by everyone and no one has put it in doubt especially now. that doesn't mean that the -- what we have on 2254, which lays down very clearly three areas, governance, no constitution and new elections under u.n. supervision is a further refinement and more precise, what could be the umbrella of the geneva communique. thank you. >> permit me to ask about the scenario of the investigation, if i can say. you were talking before about four working groups in the negotiations. are we going to start like this or going to contact each party in separate and afterward you will go to the working groups?
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thank you. >> thank you. it is a good opportunity of clarifying this. remember, when we didn't have yet the vienna, when we didn't have the vienna, the process starting, when we didn't have the refugee crisis, when we didn't have the russian military intervention, when we didn't have the feel that isil was moving further and forward, there was an attempt by us to still have a framework of what could be a discussion preparing to what we are doing now. things have moved forward. now we have a vienna clear message about starting the three arguments, the three issues, therefore, the working groups don't exist anymore. they are the past. now we have annual one intra syrian talk about governance, about constitutional review, and
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about future elections. hopefully starting with discussing first what is the most urgency for the syrian people who have heard already constitution. they want to hear about ceasefire and about humanitarian aid. that doesn't mean that we will not at any occasion of this proximity talks, not establish spatial working groups in order to address specific scientifically specific areas. for instance, the type of monitoring of ceasefire that is a special working group with specialists. yes. katrina.