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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 27, 2016 6:00am-6:31am EST

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confusion and controversy, 48 hours before the syrian talks, debates about the in clugs of a group i'm here with the world news on al jazeera, one person is killed and one injured as u.s. police arrest the leader of an armed group in oregon. some time to move past a painful war-time memory. a japanese emperor visits the
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philippines. and danish laws to seize refugees valuable. >> so, two days away from proposed talks on the syria crisis, and there is uch confusion and dghts over who should take apart. an influential kurdish group is not attending. turkey says they are linked to
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terrorism. >> translation: representation in the talks with the kurds is a necessity. we are not against the presence of the kurd, but we are vehemently against the pod and others who oppress the kurds. it's unacceptable to let the terrorist organization join the patients. they can't sit together with honourable groups fighting against the regime. they should be on the table. the regime can't representatives the struggle of the syrian pilot. . >> it's been driven in part by soured relations with turkey. >> i think russia think to achieve both goals. on the one hand they want very much to punish the turks for downing the russian jet. and the influgs of the pyd actually does antagonize the turks. and make them absolutely wild about it. as you know, turkey consider the pyd as the syrian wing of the p.k.k., considered by turkey as a terrorist organization and a separatist organization. on the ordinary hand the russians trying to include the pyd within the syrian opposition
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delegation. they control the negotiation within syria opposition team. here, because the pyd agenda, and agenda e are completely -- agenda are different issues. it doesn't call for them to step down. >> syria's pain opposition groups have been invited, but have not officially accepted. they say they are seeking clarification from the u.n. on a few points. >> translation: there are new things discussed you discussed all the time. we are not in riyadh to do nothing. we came to assess the issues despite the negative decision. this doesn't mean there's a tendency to go to a positive decision. discussions are ongoing, there's no disagreement with the old invitation which we consider to be negative, there are vague and mysterious points. discusses are ongoing. we shouldn't be quick to take a
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decision the u.s. special representative for india is insisting on a peaceful transfer of power in the country. since 2004 libya had two competing parliament. last month the warring sides signed an agreement to form a national unity government. on monday, the internationally recognise the tobruk parliament voted to reject the plan. >> the first principal, i encouraged all interlock tours to continue to act and accept the political agreement as the basis of the political process. there should be a peaceful transfer of power, to use violent. 25 iraqi forces have been killed north of ramadi. i.s.i.l. carried out the attack of the headquarters of the 10th division. iraqi army in the united states five people including the leader of
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an armed group occupying property has been arrested. shots were fired during the operation in the state of oregon. one person was killed and they are injured. local reports suggest the fbi is sending in reinforcements to a wildlife refuge that some are occupying. the group has been at the site since second january. the take over of the property began na support of two farmers ordered to go to gaol for setting fire to government land. the occupation became about land ownership. the government was accused of illegally seizing land, and demanded that it be returned to local control. al jazeera's goned has been -- gabriel elizonda has been monitoring developments. >> it appears that a garvan of militia members left and were on the way to a community meeting. details are unclear on a rural
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highway outside of the refuge is when the fbi and local law enforcement confronted the militia members. that's when a gunfighten sued. five were -- gunfight ensued. five were arrested. amen bundy, the leader, was arrested the the person killed. lavoie finny can, he was killed, he was the number two in command, a spokesperson for the militia group. what is going on at the refuge now, there continues to be other militia members there, hunkered down there. they have put out calls on social media and elsewhere calling for other members around the country to join them, make a last stand there. it's unclear if federal raw enforcement officials planned the raid or to negotiate. it could be complicated, as
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there could be women and children inside as well the philippines has given a red carpet welcome to the emperor of japan, 60 years after diplomatic relations were restored. many filipinos have painful memories of the occupation. not everyone is happy about the emperor's visit. >> trying to make peace with the past. the emperor of japan welcomed by the philippine president. a reaffirmition aft strikes between the two countries since the 1940s, when japan occupied the philippines. the period under the father was one of the darkest history. >> since then japan has bam a close friend, a large aid donor and among the biggest foreign vestors. they are deepening ties.
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with concerns, japan and the philippines started to conduct enterses. there'll be an exchange of identification and a transfer of hardware from japan to the philippines, also in the works on agreement allowing for the return of troops. >> the return of john niece soldiers is horrifying. especially the women. they worked as sex slaves by the army. they are still waiting for justice. >> this girl was 14 when thee was taken from home and made a sex splaif. >> what happened to us during the war would happen again. we electronically ops the return of soldiers. into many are concornered over loves to deeper security ties. >> we view it with apprehension.
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because we appear to be going back to a situation of militarization. we go into this agreement our situation peace is this message. he is here to honour the war dead. on the streets outside the palace, some wonder if you can't do more to restore the honour of those that survive the war vietnam's communist party central committee re-elected the general secretary. he has remained in the powerful top position following a vote by the committee made up of 180 members. delegates have been meeting behind closed doors. scott heidler is there with the latest. >> hyeon chung will be the general secretary for a five
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year term. it's a term by the communist party. it will be announced at the national congress. and will take part on thursday. wednesday, the important and powerful 19 member pull it busho body was selected. they will continue on for another five years. down the line over the next couple of months, there'll be a selection for prime minister, president and then the chairman for the national assembly will be collected again. that will not come until may. those holding the positions will maintain in their jobs until that announcement. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry is urging china to take more of a stand against north korea. he's been meeting his counterport and the programme has been described as a
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challenge to global community, and the actions as reckless and dangerous. >> whether or not he achieved the explosion of hydrogen weapon is not what makes the difference, is that he is trying, wants to do that and made the attempt. against all of the international sanctions and resolutions passed by the global community to prohibit that behaviour malaysia's anticorruption agency is to appeal the general's decision to clear the prime minister of criminal charges over a corruption scandal. more than 680 million was transferred to his private act in 2013. the attorney-general says it was a parishional donation from the saudi royal family. more than $60 million is
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welcome back. a recap of the top stories on al jazeera. 14 hours before proposed talks on the syria crisis, and
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confusion and disagreement remains over who should take part. russia says it wants the influential kurdish group included. turkey says the group is linked to terrorism. vietnam's ruling communist party reelected the general secretary. delegates have been holding an 8-gay meeting behind -- 8-day meeting behind closed doors. >> in the united states, five people, including the leader of an armed militia have been arrested. shots were fired and one person killed during the arrests in the state of oregon italy and iran have signed billions of dollars worth of business deals as part of the iranian president hassan rouhani's first visit to europe since international actions were lifted. it's aimed at rebuilding ties with the rest. jacky rowland has more from rome. >> the iranian leader spoke for an hour, covering a wide range
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of topics, including freedom of speech that could not be used as a pretext for insulting people's religious sensibilities. he spoke at length about trade, and the the recent sanctions led to a lose, lose situation, and said primarily european countries suffered because others continued to do business with iran, and he evoked the possibility of u.s. companies taking advantage of new business opportunities, and the key lay in washington. the longest and most strong statements though that hassan rouhani made were on the albeit of saudi arabia, he was very critical, in particular about the recent beheading of a number of people, including the prominent smeea cleric, saying
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this was unjustified and people in iran had been angry, with reason. he went on to list is number of allegations and complaints, and accused the saudis of meddling in the internal affairs of a number of countries, in particular yemen, and accused the saudi military of being responsible for the deaths of many civilians there, and, in particular, he spoke about the saudi mismanagement of the pilgrimage which had, in recent years, led to the deaths of hundreds of pilgrims, possibly thousands in accidents to do with sam peeds, crushes or in the most recent case a crane collapsing. despite complaints and angry allegations the president said in principle he was interested in de-escalating tensions with saudi arabia, and ultimately trying to improve relations between the two countries, which
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he described as brotherly muslim nations. >> in france, justice minister has resigned. she expressed concerns about controversial measures to strip people convicted of terrorism. a loss of nationality plan was to be written into the constitution next month, for a role in introducing france's same-sex marriage law in 2013. >> denmark has passed controversial legislation, allowing the confiscation of valuables from refugees, the law allowing police to seize assets of 1,500 dollars. matheson has the details. >> reporter: the mood was subsued. the 3-hour debate poll out. it shocked man. danish politicians said police can seize valuables worth more than 1,500 usd from refugees.
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the cash will be used to cover housing and food costs while they await asylum claims to be heard. those behind the bill are determined that it is fair. the argument that denmark doesn't do its bit. we do our bit when it comes to refugees in europe. it's not a secret when we stand here today it is because we wish to take a smaller share. >> denmark took in a record 20,000 refugees last year, it's not the only country to make them pay for living expenses. switzerland fakes valuables worth more than 984. parts of germany has a similar policy. critics and supporters say it has more to do with deterring refugees from crossing the border. >> reporter: denmark was known as a small humanitarian country which was at the forefront and found diplomatic solutions. we are known for an inhumane
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policy in relation to immigrants and asylum seekers. the united nations is concerned. >> the decision to give danish police the authority to search and confiscate valuables from asylum seekers, sends damaging messages and runs the risk of fuelling sentiments of fear and discrimination, rather than promoting solidarity with people in need of protection. the danish say the legislation is in line with rules for danes themselves, who have to sell assets words more than 1500 declaration before they can receive social benefits. refugees will be allowed to keep its of sentimental value, like medals and rings. but they may have to hand over watches, computers, and mobile phones. sometimes their only link to family and friends they may have left behind israel's prime minister has accused the u.n.
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secretary-general of encouraging terrorism. the comments followed ban ki-moon's condemnation of settlement. the construction projects are an act violating international law. >> these provocative acts are about to increase the growth of central populations for the heightened tensions and undermine any prospects for a political road ahead. some may say the current volatility across the region makes it too risky to keep the peace. i say the greater peril is not seeking a solution to the palestinian question. . >> the words of the general only bolster terrorism. there's no justification for terrorism the the palestinian murderers do not want to build a state, they want to destroy a
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state. the u.n. lost neutrality and moral powers. these words do demonstrate improve the situation. >> in south africa hundreds take to the streets of johannesburg to protest. the march is led by the main opposition party and says close to 2 million south africans are out of work. they want the president to step down due to bad governance. >> reporter: this is the south african main party, democratic alliance. nearly 2 million people lost their jobs and the number is too high and something must be done. all attempts to do the job, they have a national development plan that tries to cut the level of
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unemployment from 25 to 6%. within the next 15 years. people are disillusioned. not far from there you see long lines of people waiting for security jobs. some say people should protest. some wonder whether it's a gimmick or have effect for the poor people on the ground. >> staying in africa and police in northern sierra leone fired tear gas at protesters angry at the closure of a market. parts of the district of cam bia are in lock down after the woman died. >> new cases have been reported. >> the u.s. president is urging the rapid development of a vaccine for the zika virus as it
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spreads across the americas. brazil is the worst effected. >> rob reynolds reports. >> reporter: there's a sombre mood at the rio de janeiro drone. seats and fencing are drenched with insecticide. in two weeks it will be packed with thousands celebrating the carnival and be a key venue when brazil hosts the 2016 olympic games. both brisking the spread of the zika virus. >> a crowded place is considered a strategic place to combat mosquitos. we have a different treatment over the year for those places. the summer dome is a strategic point. especially this season. >> brazilian laboratories are trying to confirm if there's a link between the virus and birth
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direct in hundreds of babies, now the u.s. says it, too, is beginning research to find a vaccine. president obama has been briefed on how the virus might spread and the possible economic impact. cases of zika virus have been reported in the u.s. states of virginia and arkansas. u.s. airlines offer refunds to passengers worried about flying to areas affected by the virus. >> here in california, so far there's one confirmed case of zika virus infection in a teenage girl that travelled to saefl last year, he, -- el salvador last year. she made a recovering. warnings about zika are not getting through. >> when i arrived in the city, i did not see any information about anything. we knew about it in the television, but here in the city i have not seen or heard about
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it. >> 25 countries now have the zika virus. and scientists estimate that more than 60% of the u.s. population live in areas where the virus might spread during warm months u.s. president obama is banning solitary confinement for juveniles in federal prisons. president obama arrived the justice department to look at the use of solitary department as part of the review of the criminal justice system. >> to venezuela where the capital has been named the most dangerous city on earth. according to a report, caracas had 4,000 murders last year. lopez has been to find out what drives some youngsters into violent crimes. >> reporter: these men have jobs. but all rob and kill to fund their way of life. in venezuela, during the last
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decade crime ballooned. despite on oil boom that ke creased equality and unemployment. i have my job, but if the opportunity arises, i steal. >> according to security experts, impunity is partly to blame. so is the prevalence of weapons. >> we have a violent society with a lot of weapons circulating in the hands of people that shouldn't have access to them. >> some say prisons serve like a breeding ground for criminals than a place of reform. it's a view supported by images like these. showing prisoners with war grade weapons, he was killed by a rival gang while on peru. opposition figures denounce that criminals could only have access to weapons of this type which belong to venezualan internal complicity. the ministry of defense is yet to issue a response.
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people in the streets of caracas seem to know. >> it's the mafia. it's the people high up. >> according to a local n.g.o., the country with the highest degree of oil has the highest murder rate and inflation. now, going to a public bathhouse has been a part of life in the syrian city of aleppo. five years of war brought many things to a halt. a businessman is trying to revive the tradition, despite the fighting all around. gerald tan has the story. >> reporter: at this public bath in aleppo, this man recalls happier times. he sings the tunes of centuries past to welcome new customers and returning familiar pieces. >> this was my profession before the revolution, i was in the path house during the revolution and will die here.
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aleppo is where my heart and soul wants to be. if someone is to die, it should be at home or in a bathhouse. >> before the war this man operated four bathhouses and shut them down as aleppo turned into the battle ground it is today. he decided to reopen one, and says it's his way of carrying on despite the daily bombardment. threatened with death he's trying to live. others share the sentiment. >> translation: i swear we are happy. we have not seen a bathhouse in liberated areas for the past five years. this is a heritage of aleppo. to have hot water in a crisis is great. >> festivities mark the social ceremony for a man on the eve of his weddings. such gatherings have been the feature of life in aleppo.
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it all but disappeared as fighting intensified. now he is keeping an ancient tradition alive in an old city and the citizens hope to stay alive to enjoy it plenty more on the website i'm david shuster in for ali threat. a natural gas leak lead to a nationality disaster such as the oil spill, and so far there's no way to stop it. a water crisis in flint michigan sparked outrage and focused attention on ignoring ageing infrastructure. in flint's case it was old lead pipes allowing corrosive water from the flint river to leach