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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 27, 2016 9:30am-10:01am EST

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citizens hope they stay alive to enjoy it. gerald tan, al jazeera. you can read more about us from your bath, anywhere in your home by logging on to our website at >> oregon arrests, the leader of the armed pro test at a wildlife center is now in police custody. one member is dead. i won't be dog the debate. >> donald trump pulls ouch final faceoff before the iowa caucuses. the reason he won't take part. stopping the virus, president obama calls for action as zika is found in another u.s. state.
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this is al jazeera live from new york city. i'm stephanie sy. this morning the armed protestors occupying a wildlife center in oregon pledge they will not back down. last night their leader was arrested and another member of the movement shot dead. ammon bundy is among those in custody. it comes nearly a month after followers took over that federal site. john henry smith has the latest. >> authorities have released few details about the con frontation that began with a traffic stop suicide afternoon. the f.b.i. and state police stopped vehicles carrying several protestors about 20 miles north of the wildlife center they've been occupying for almost a month. it ended with a shootout and several members of the movement arrested, including leader ammon bundy. bundy's brother ryan was shot and injured. family members say group spokesman was shot dead.
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he was a rancher who had taken on the role of speaking for the group. >> tell them to come and serve the warrant right here. >> he put up numerous votes on is you tube page and found the occupation earlier this month with al jazeera. >> this grievance that they're dealing with here is widespread throughout the west. this is not going away. >> the armed protestors seized the wildlife refuge january 2 demanding federal lands be turned back over to local ranchers, at word spread of the arrests, those still in the compound went on line, calling for reinforcements. >> we need all patriots to get here as soon as possible. >> ammon bundy had been talking with the f.b.i. it's not clear where those negotiations stood. it's believed the men were heading for a community forum when they were arrested. john henry smith, al jazeera. >> retired f.b.i. special agent john lanza said what happened was inevitable. >> anytime you have a standoff,
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you want it to end peacefully. my guess is they were waiting for them to make a move away from the refuge where they could get a better opportunity to make the arrest without putting anyone in danger, including agents that might be going into that area, so they probably waited for this time to make -- to use this opportunity. >> despise calls from inside the compound for an armed defense, lanza doesn't think things will escalate. he said that's not in the interest of the protestors or the government. to the presidential race, at least one of his fellow candidates is criticizing donald trump's latest decision to skip tomorrow's debate over a fight with fox news anchor megyn kelly. >> we'll do some in iowa raise raising money for the veterans and wounded warriors. let's see how much money fox is going to make on the debate without me.
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>> the fox employed rater questioned trump about his comments about women. fox chief says he stands behind kelly and republican rival ted cruz is enough challenging trump to do a one-on-one debuilt with him before the caucuses on monday. no comment from trump on that challenge. the latest poll numbers give trump the edge with voters, 37 back him in the survey. ted cruz is second and marco rubio a distant third. most of the republican candidacy are in iowa trying to convince those all important undecideds to support them. al jazeera correspondent michael shure has the story. >> it's basic common sense, live within your means. >> ted cruz is making his final
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pitch before the state's caucuses monday. on the republican side, iowa has been a virtual two-man race between cruz and donald trump with the two jostling over the past week for key endorsements. tuesday, the texas senator picked up support from a favorite target of trump. >> there is not a candidate that is asking for your support that reflects it any better, anymore powerfully, nor anymore consistently than the next president of the united states, senator ted cruz. >> backing up perry were pro cruz super pac ads that day abused in iowa tuesday. the ads slam trump and try to soften backlash cruz suffered over his new york values remarks during the last debate. >> i mean hey, i lived in new york city, manhattan all my life, so my views are a little different than if i lived in iowa. >> the ad seems aimed at winning back evangelical support. >> when president trump banned partial birth abortion. >> he is so nervous, such a mess, his polls have gone down
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like i've never seen polls gone down. people realize he probably can't even run for president, he was born in canada. >> any headway cruz hopes to make especially after palin's support of trump may have been thwarted. falwell support comes revealing a surprising admission by cruz with iowa pastors. >> if donald wins iowa, he right now has a substantial lead in new hampshire. if he went on to win new hampshire, he could be unstoppable and be our nominee. >> as for the rest of the crowded republican field, they gather in the hawkeye state one last time to make their case thursday. with donald trump announcing he would not participate in the debate, it's looking like
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three man show, dr. ben carson and florida senator marco rubio. jeb bush, chris christie and john kasich have virtually pulled out of iowa to concentrate on the new hampshire primary. michael shure, al jazeera, des moines, iowa. bernie sanders is getting off the campaign trail heading to the white house meeting with president obama in the oval office. there is no formal agenda for the meeting which was planned before the holidays. on tuesday, sanders blocked the president's latest appointment to the f.d.a. and before heading east tried to rally support from voters. >> to my mind, we will win here in iowa if the voter turnout is high. >> hillary clinton also has been courting voters in iowa. today she holds a get out the vote event. police in seattle are trying to find those responsible for a shooting at a homeless camp. two were killed.
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hermela aregawi reports it's the latest trouble as the city tries to deal with the growing problem. >> police say the victims of tuesday night's shooting lived at a camp known locally as the jungle. >> we do have at least two persons of interest. we believe this was a targeted incident. >> the shooting comes at a time when several cities including seattle, new york and washington, d.c. are grappling with how to combat homelessness. seattle's has risen sharply. in 2015 king county saw a 21% increase in homeless population over the year before. executives declared a state of emergency, pledging more than $7 million to address the crisis. >> we are involved in a homeless crisis, the like we have not seen since the great depression. the executive order was not a gimmick. it was an actual plea that seattle by ourselves cannot deal with this crisis.
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it was an actual plea to the state and federal government to assist us. >> the mayor has been criticized by the homeless and their allies for shutting down unauthorized camps without notice despite the lack of shelter beds. he said the lack of mental health care funding and a national heroin epidemic has aggravated the problem. >> for the past year, the mayor and business leaders in the city have been lobbying for an increase in mental health care funding. according to the national alliance on mental illness, washington state spends 40% below the national average. >> what is the city going to do next? >> the city hasn't had control of this area that includes this camp known as the jungle for two decades. in the next 48 hours, police and investigators will assess the area along the i-five in seattle to figure out how to prevent something like this happening. the reward in california has
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been upped for three escaped prisoners that broke out from the men's central jail in santa ana. the reward is now $200,000. the men are considered extremely dangerous. new details in a fatal chicago police shooting. newly released 911 tapes show a man calling police three times before they came to his apartment december 26. he begged for help saying his life was being threatened in a fight with his father. arriving police shot and killed him and a neighbor. police called the shooting an accident. the shooting righty after christmas is the latest to draw pension to the chicago p.d. two other fatal shootings at the hands of one officer received very little publicity. the officer was chad charged in either case. the parents of the victims sat down with al jazeera's andy to share their story.
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>> this is police dash cam video showing chicago police officer shooting flint farmer dead in 2011. he was a suspect in a domestic disturbance. >> he walks behind him, then puts the three kill shots in the back of his head and neck. >> was farmer armed? >> he was armed with a cell phone. >> lorenzo davis, a former lead police investigator with the city agreed with farmer's family that this was a case of murder. davis' bosses and the city's independent police review authority overruled him and the state's attorney declined to prosecute, saying even though the officer made a mistake, his actions were not criminal. sierra had also shot and killed darius pinex, another unarmed man six months earlier in an unrelated case of mistaken identity. the officer said at the time he stopped the man because his car was wanted in a shooting. sierra was never charged in either case and eventually left the force. >> no justice, no peace. >> the families of the two men
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have continued demanding justice for the victims, and now following november's release of the laquan macdonald police shooting video a new spotlight is being shined on these cases. >> it's like i told you so, you know, i've been saying it all along, they be lying. so these other mothers out here, hear what they said, don't let nobody tell you nothing about your child. >> it hasn't come to a climax yet. it is a lot of relief knowing something is starting to be done. >> the family of flint farmer settled with the city for $1.4 million. the family of pinex sued for excessive force last year and lost. this month, a federal judge ruled that two attorneys with the city withheld evidence in that case, and ordered a new trial. now, those two city attorneys are out along with the police superintendent at the time, and the head of the city police investigative unit, who clashed with investigator lorenzo davis.
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>> it makes me feel better that i got people to resign is what i did, all these crooked people. i did that. >> whether the pinex family moves ahead or accepts settlement, the attorney for a family in another police involved shooting says this is no way for a city to operate. >> it doesn't do any good to keep releasing videos of teenagers getting shot and killed in the streets and the city of chicago just paying people. >> the attorney for former officer sierra tells us he was just as wronged by the city attorneys who withheld evidence as the pinex family was. sierra could face criminal charges and a federal civil rights charge, because after the mcdonald video was released, the city asked federal investigators to look into all of the city's police involved killings, just as the families always wanted. >> black people don't have litters. we have children. people that care about them, you know?
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>> al jazeera, chicago. six police officers in cleaved are out of a job for a role in a police chase in 2012 that ended in a hail of bullets with an unarmed couple dead. it led into a federal investigation to the police department. only one officer was charged and he was later acquitted. president obama is among those calling for more research of the zika virus. brazil is taking steps to contain the virus.
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no details in the death of a former nfl player who had an advanced form of c.t.e. he overdozed on pain medication. c.t.e. has been found in numerous former nfl players. family members say he struggled with confusion and memory loss before he died. the envelope is investigating one of this year's superbowl quarterbacks. the league is doing ago comprehensive review of whether broncos quarterback peyton manning used human growth hormone. last month, al jazeera spoke with a source who said banned performance enhancing substances had been shipped to his home. manning denied using h.g.h. major league baseball is asking for help in its probe do
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doping allegations raised by that investigation. the league wants help looking into whether any pro baseball players took h.g.h. a former medical clinic employee said he provided the banned stub stances to current and former mlb players. he now denies those statements. president obama is joining the caught for a bigger public health response to fight the zika virus. many doctors fear it is now heading to the u.v. the zika virus is relatively new spread through moss skeet bites. it first appeared in the americas in 2014 and since spread to 20 countries.
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the c.d.c. urged pregnant women or women who may become pregnant not to travel to 24 destinations. it released guidelines on when to test newborns for the virus and when to do ultra sounds for pregnant women. >> laboratory confirms you only have a handful of cases but the huge increase of zika especially in northeastern brazil and the rise of zika cases gives a lot of reason for concern, and now that the big task is to try to establish the link here. >> the world health organization suspects there is a link between the zika virus in brazil and microcephaly, children born with abnormally small heads and brains, so far, the evidence is circumstance. other countries that have had outbreaks have not reported these cases. in brazil, workers fumigated rio de janeiro where the upcoming
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carnival parades will be held as part of an effort to contain the virus. >> during carnival, there will be people from the world and brazil which will help the virus get in and with the carriers flying around, you could have the start of an epidemic. >> 18 new cases of the virus were confirmed in addition to one known earlier, the majority of the cases are in the southeast of the island and the victims mostly elderly. united airlines and latin america's largest airlines will waive cancellation or flight change fees for people who want to change trips to countries where the zika virus is present. as more travelers come back to the u.s. with the virus, there could be more cases. >> i think we'll probably have small splurges or clusters, but beyond that, i'm really pretty confident that we will not have
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widespread zika virus. >> it's hard to spot and just one in five infected develop symptoms. >> there is no treatment for this virus. if you get infected, we can't give you a drug to cure you and there's no vaccine yet, so the whole trick is to stay away from infected mosquitoes. >> which may become more difficult. health officials expect the virus to spread to every country in north and south america except canada and chile. >> health officials say it won't spread to canada and chile because a specific mosquito is not found there. >> during skinner with harvard medical school earlier explained how zika is spread. >> with the zika virus, a mass keith, there are two types here in the u.s. we know can transmit this virus. it has to bite a person with active infection and then it has to go bite another person and transmit the infection that way.
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first of all, the mosquito has to bite a person with an active infection of the virus to transmit to the pepper that doesn't have the virus. >> the c.d.c. is warning pregnant women or those planning to become pregnant not to travel to 20 countries. in south america, women are told don't have to baby. what have you thought of the response so far? >> this is important when it comes to public health messages. when you develop a public health message, you have to think about what is the message i want to tell my family, what do i want to tell my wife and children. in this situation, we've seen the country like el salvador which has recommended just this week that women should not get pregnant for the next two years until 2018, but this is a country that doesn't have the means to do that, so while you can make a public health recommendation, you've got to look at the reality, calibrate your confidence and look at your limitations.
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birth control in a country like el salvador doesn't exist. what is the how, the how to make that recommendation happen. we've got to be very careful on what public health authorities actually do recommend. latin america's largest air iron is allowing cancellations for we go plant women with flights to affected countries. uber goes high tech to monitor drivers all because of customer complaints.
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>> uber is testing a new way to make sure drivers of so i have on the road. critics say the tracking devices may do more harm than good. this you tube video pokes fun at a make believe uber driver, but the ride sharing company's latest announcement is no joke. uber is now running a pilot program using gyro meters, measuring small movements on a driver's phone, trying to see if they are speeding and braking too fast. the company's chief security officer says if a rider complains that a driver traveled too fast, we can use that data. we hope to improve safety proactively. the company cites 10,000 deaths related to speeding in 2012 in the u.s. the measure could generate complaints from drivers themselves, worried over being
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tracked, but uber has the right to monitor those working for the service. >> they're not going to hand out tickets and not take them to court or throw them in jail, but they can decide whether somebody who is providing a service under their name to their customers is adhering to the law. >> critics say the technology could be an added stress for drivers. >> it's yet another distraction where you have to think about how fast you're going and how hard you're braking when you should really be thinking about what's in front of you and keeping everyone safe. >> many transportation companies already track their employee movements including u.p.s. it's not clear if any use g.p.s. to evaluate safety on the road. al jazeera. fans are remembering 8vigoda. the actor was a fixture for decades. he leaves behind quite a legacy.
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>> he had a face for the ages, lovable, durable and instantly recognizable. for decades, he made looking old look easy. >> he wants to arrange a meeting. >> that's him at 50, playing the mobster tessio in the godfather. >> tom, can you get me off the hook for old time's sake? >> can't do it, sal. >> he said getting rubbed out was the best career move he ever made. >> you can't stoop over in this neighborhood. >> the brooklyn born son of jewish immigrants from russia found his greatest fame with the t.v. sitcom barney miller. he played detective phil fish, a cranky cop full of an old man's aches and pains and one liners. >> come on, criminal person. >> a short lived sitcom
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spinoff followed. it was the stage where he began, from shakespeare to a revival arsenic and old ace. a punk rock band is named after him. he poked fun at himself in this snickers commercial with betty white. "i've always been content just to be working and making a modest living for my wife and child," he once said. he did just that and much more. >> john siegenthaler, al jazeera. thank for watching, the news continues next live from doha. have a great day.
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