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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 27, 2016 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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presidential palace, some filipinos wonder why he can't do more to help restore the honor of those who survived the war. and you can find more on the website, enough is enough. one protester is dead, several others arrested as officials try to end their occupation of an oregon wildlife refuge. >> most likely, i won't be doing the debate. >> donald trump now refusing to join thursday's debate. u.s. officials now eyeing libya as the latest battleground in the fight against isil. >> there is no treatment for this virus. if you get infected we can't give you a drug to cure you. and zika continuing to
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spread as officials offer new guidelines to avoid contracting the virus. ♪ we're following breaking news out of florida this is coconut creek, florida, officials saying a possible tornado doing the damage you are seeing right now. also tossing a tractor trailer on its side. we'll have more details as they become available, but nicole mitchell earlier in our broadcast this morning was reporting that that area for florida was in for some severe weather, also saying that the rainfalls there threatening to break a record as opposed to the snowfalls that we are seeing here in the northwest. it is the rain in the northwest, snow in the northeast, and now attorneys and heavy rains in florida. this is al jazeera america like from new york city. i'm del walters. police in oregon setting up
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roadblocks around that occupied center. seven others are now said to be in police custody. all of this coming almost a month after they took over the federal building. john henry smith has the latest. >> reporter: authorities in burns, oregon have released few details about the confrontation that began with a traffic stop tuesday afternoon. the fbi and state police stopped vehicles carrying several of the protesters about 20 miles north of the wildlife center they have been occupying for almost a month. it ended with a shootout, and several members of the movement arrested, including the leader, ammon bundy. bundy's brother ryan was shot and injured. a group's spokesman was shot dead. he was a rancher who had taken on the role of speaking for the group. >> tell them to serve the warrant right here. >> reporter: he put up numerous
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videos and talked about the occupation earlier this month with our allen schauffler. >> this grievance is widespread throughout the west. rrm the protesters seized the refuge on january 2nd, demanding federal lands be turned back over to local ranchers. as word spread of the shootout and the arrest, those still in the compound came online calling for reinforcements. ammon bundy had been talking with the fbi. it's believed the men were heading for a community forum when they were arrested. john henry smith, al jazeera. and retired fbi special agent telling me on this morning that what happened was inevitable. >> any time you have a standoff like this, ultimately you want it to end peacefully, my guess
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is they were waiting for them to move away from the refuge. so they probably waited for this time to make -- to make -- to use this opportunity. >> also despite calls from inside the compound, he says he doesn't think things will escalate. he says that is not in the interest of the protesters or the government a suit against flint says the city violated the safe water act. and the major announcing an expert panel to deal with the crisis. the 17-person committee will also help the residents who have been exposed to the lead. the fbi arresting a
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milwaukee man they believe was ready to carry out an attack. officials say he was threatening to kill dozens of people at a masonic temple a milwaukee. he was recently fired from a kick boxing gym where he worked as a trainer. coworkers say he was let go after he was allegingly aggressive with clients and disparaging about america. >> he was all out about how terrible the government is that we have. >> the fbi said he wanted his attack to be, quote, known to the world, and ignite broader clashes. police in seattle trying to find those responsible for shooting at a homeless camp. at least two people are dead, and it's the latest trouble the city has had dealing with a growing problem. >> reporter: police say the victims of tuesday's night shooting lived at a camp known locally as the jungle. >> we do have at least two
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persons of interest. we believe this was a targeted incident. >> reporter: the shooting comes at a time when several cities are grappling with how to combat homelessness. while the national homelessness rate is declining, seattle's has risen sharply. they saw a 21% increase over the year before. in november they declared a state of emergency, pledging more than $7 million to address the crisis. >> we are involved in a homeless crisis, the like that we have not seen since the great depression. the executive order was not a gimmick. it was an actual plea that seattle by ourselves cannot deal with this crisis. it was an actual plea to the state and federal government to assist us. >> reporter: the mayor has been criticized by the homeless and their allies for shutting unauthorized camps without notice. but he says a lack of mental
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health care funding and a national heroin epidemic has been aggravating the problem. another fatal police shooting in this chicago, newly released 911 types showing him calling police three times before they came to his apartment. they say he begged for help, saying his life was being threatened in this a fight with his father. police arrived shooting legrier and a neighborhood. and six officers in cleveland have been fired for their involvement in a police chase that killed an unarmed couple. only one of the officers was ever criminally charged and he was later acquitted. richelle carey has more. now to the presidential race and donald trump's latest decision drawing criticism. trump planning to skip tomorrow's debate over a fight
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with fox news anchor megyn kelly. it started with the debeet last year when kelly questioned trump about his attitudes towards women. >> i'm not doing the debate. i'm going to have something else in iowa. let's see how much money fox is going to make on the debate without me. >> today trump tweeting this: ted cruz challenging trump now to a one on one debate any time before the caucuses on monday. no comment so far from the trump campaign concerning the challenge. these are the latest numbers they still give trump the edge. 37% back him in the survey. ted cruz is second, marco rubio a distant third. most of the republican candidates are in iowa today.
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michael shure has our story. >> reporter: texas senator ted cruz is making his final pitch to iowians before the state's caucus us on monday. on the republican side iowa has been the virtual two-man race between cruz and donald trump with the two jostling over the past week for key endorsements. tuesday the texas senator picked up support from a favorite target of trump. >> there is not a candidate that is asking for your support that reflects it better, any more powerfully, nor anymore consistently than the next president of the united states, senator ted cruz. backing up parry were ads that debuted on tuesday. the ads slam trump and try to soften any backlash cruz may have suffered over his new york comments.
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>> i lived in new york city and manhattan all of my life, so my views are a little bit different than if i lived in iowa. >> would president trump ban partial abortion -- >> i am pro-choice in every respect. >> reporter: for trump cruz's strategy has all of the hallmarks of desperation. >> he is so nervous. he is such a mess. people realize he probably can't even run for president. he was born in canada. >> reporter: but any headway cruz hopes to make with evangelicals, especially with zaher are palin's recent endorsement may have been thwarted tuesday. fallwell's support of trump emerged. if donald wins iowa he right now
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has a substantial lead in new hampshire. if he went on to win new hampshire as well, there is a very good chance he could be unstoppable. >> reporter: as for the rest of the field, they gather in the hawk eye state one last time to make their case during a fox news debate on thursday. but with donald trump announcing he would not participate in the debate, it is looking more like a three-man show now between cruz, rubio, and ben carson. others have virtually pulled out of iowa to concentrate on the new hampshire caucus. bernie sanders leaving the campaign trail today to meet with president obama. josh earnest saying there is no formal agenda for the meeting that was planned just before the holiday. but on tuesday sanders did block the latest appointment to the fda. >> in my mind, we will win here
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in iowa if the voter turn out is high. >> reporter: hillary clinton also courting voters in iowa, she holds a get out the vote event today. senate democrats in washington again demanding something be done about the puerto rico debt crisis. a letter was sent on the eve of meetings to discuss restructuring $70 million in debt. puerto rico missing about $37 million of debt payments back in january. and we'll be hearing from the fed today. it has been six weeks since it raised interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade. nothing is expected to change after the meeting even with those record drops in this oil and stock prices. the dow falling more than 7% so far this year. up next, the white house stepping into the fight against
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the zika virus.
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chinese activist and artist closing an exhibit in denmark to protest a new law there. the danish parliament passing the law on tuesday. it forces migrants to hand over their valuables when they arrive to offset the cost of food and shelter, and could separate families for five years. and denmark saying the only way to stop the migrant crisis is to
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end the syrian civil war with peace talks scheduled to begin friday in geneva are now in jeopardy. al jazeera's bernie sanders has more on another rebel group complicating the negotiation process. >> reporter: the turkish authorities have long let it be known that they are opposed to the pyd being involved in these talks in syria. however, on the ground in syria, the ypg is the most effective fighting force. the u.s., the united states, particularly has been working with them for a long time, supplying them with small arms, supplying them with logistical assistance to help fight isil, so the ypg was expecting and wanting some sort of representation at these talks. russian foreign minister has already said we cannot achieve the results we want, a definitive political resolution in syria if the pyd is excluded,
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so the russians have made their views clear as well. and the leader of the pyd has also said, you know, we expected to be on the table. we expect to be invited. he hasn't received an invite yet, and they represent a large section of syrian society. there are a lot of syrian kurds living in the country, and he says he should be represented around these tables, and if we're not these geneva 3 talks could file he suspects like the geneva 2 talks that failed, because he says not every aspect of syrian society was represented around the table. the united nations not yet revealing the full list of those who will attend those talks. the french justice minister quitting over a new measure aimed of stripping people convicted of terrorism of their citizenship.
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it was was put forward in the wake of the november attacks that killed 130 people there. secretary of state john kerry is in china today earlier meeting with the chinese foreign minister in beijing. he says they talked about anti-extremism, climate change, and iran's nuclear programs, but china's activities in the south china sea, and north korea's nuclear tests were the main subject. >> china has a special role in its connections to north korea, an ability to be able to help us significantly to resolve this challenge. >> china is north korea's main ally but has condemned the nuclear test. the chinese foreign minister suggesting that china would not support any sanctions against pyongyang. the u.n. envoy to libya warning that the political process is taking too long, and
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allowing for further expansion of isil. jamie mcintyre is live at the pentagon. and jamie what are military officials in washington saying about any operation in libya? >> reporter: the u.s. has been hinting for a while that it feels its needs to expand its operations against isil in libya, as isil has been expanding its influence in that country. it was something the defense secretary mentioned in congressional testimony, and the joint chiefs traveling in the region, mentioned that within weeks, the u.s. would be considering some options for expanding operations. and what they are talking about, basically is the same kind of thing they are doing in iraq and syria, and that is more targeted air strikes against isil positions in libya, and the addition of possible commando raids, taking u.s. troops into
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libyan territory to capture or kill isil leaders. there has been no decision made, just a general consensus that the u.s. needs to do more. >> and jamie what are they doing now, and how would this differ from any operations we're already seeing on the ground in libya. >> reporter: the u.s. has already taken military action in libya. they used a targeted strike to take out an isil leader. they also bombed isil fuel trucks and facilities in libya as they continue to try to put a strangle hold on isil's financial lifeline. so the kinds of actions we're talking about are the same sort of things they are doing now, but on a much bigger and more coordinated scale, and also coordinated with the u.s. allies many of whom are also participating in the operations against isil in iraq and syria. >> troops on the ground, boots on the ground, would this involve deploying anymore
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soldiers to that region. >> reporter: it's not clear. ash carter has said that the fight against isil will require boots on the ground, the question is always which boots and what ground. and the u.s. has troops on the ground in iraq. those troops could do those sort of in and out commando raids that they are talking about into libya as well as syria from that base in iraq, or the deployment of additional troops. these are the options that will be laid out in the coming weeks. >> jamie mcintyre for us at the pentagon in washington. mr. macintyre thank you very much. president obama calling for a larger public health response to fight the zika virus. talking about fast tracking research for a vaccine. the virus is now spreading across central and south america. over the past two years dozens of people in the states and
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puerto rico testing positive for zika. health specials say zika won't travel to canada or chile because the mosquito that transfers the virus isn't found there. >> with the zika virus, a mosquito, and there's -- there are two types of mosquitos here in the u.s. that we know can transmit this virus. it has to bite a person with active infection, and then bites another person and transmits the infection that way. so first of all the mosquito has to bite the person with an active infection of the virus to transfer to people that don't have the virus. latin america's largest airline waving its cancellation and flight change fees for pregnant women who thought about going to any of those countries. the nfl now announcing plans
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to investigate whether peyton manning took human growth hormones. and uber putting the breaks on drives who speed.
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it looks like drones are now the it toy in america. nearly 300,000 people signing up to register their drones. anyone operating drones before then can register before february 19th to keep flying legally. the faa says they hope the
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process will cut down on knew sense drones. toyota now the top-selling auto maker in the world. saying it sold more than 10 million cars last year. vw was second even though it is dealing with that emissions scandal. gm coming in third. uber is testing a new app to make sure drivers on the road are safe. ines ferre has more. >> reporter: this youtube video pokes fun at a make believe uber driver, but the ride-sharing company's latest announcement is no joke. uber is now running a program using gyro meters. the chief security officer says:
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the company sites 10,000 deaths related to speeding in 2012 in the u.s. the measure could generate complaints from drivers themselves. but uber likely has the right to monitor those working for the service. >> and they are not going to hand out tickets or take them to court or throw them in jail, but they can determine whether somebody providing a service to their customers is adhering to the law. >> it's yet another distraction where you have to think about how fast you are going, and how -- how hard you are breaking, which you should really be thinking about what is in front of you, and -- and keeping everyone safe. >> reporter: many transportation companies already track their employees movements, including delivery firms like ups.
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ines ferre, al jazeera. there are new details about the death of a former nfl football players. the former giant safety had an advanced form of cta when he overdosed on pain meds. cta is related to head trauma. one of this year's super bowl quarterbacks is being investigated by the nfl. last month, al jazeera talked to a source who said banned performance-enhancing substancing had been shipped to mannings home. he denies ever using hgh. and major league baseball now asking for help to investigate doping allegations raised in that same documentary.
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the league wants the anti-doping industry to help it. the documentary quoting a former medic clinic employee saying he provided those banned substances to current and former mlb players. and oprah's investment in weight watchers paying off. she tweeted she lost 26 pounds since she joined the program. she also now sits on the board of directors. shares of weight watchers jumping more than 20% after she revealed how much weight she managed to lose. thanks for joining us. i'm del walters. the news continues next live from london, and you can check us out 24 hours a day by going to our website,, where the news never stops. stay with us. ♪
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syrian factions arrive in switzerland, ahead of talks scheduled for friday, but serious divisions over who should take part threaten the whole process. ♪ hello there, i'm barbara sarah. you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up on the program, after fatal shootout, the fbi sends reinforcements to confront members of an armed militia in oregon. and afghanistas