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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 29, 2016 9:30am-10:01am EST

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classroom. al jazeera, mexico. you can read much more about that story on our website, you'll find the day's top stories, as well. it's at >> economic slowdown, the latest government physician show the economy barely grew to end 2015. >> the republican president candidates debate without donald trump. we want to do what we can to give the public as much information as possible. >> the final moments, the f.b.i. releases this video of the takedown that ended with one of the oregon occupiers dead.
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this is aljazeera america live from new york city, i'm stephanie sy. dow futures are pointing up. patricia sobga is here with the numbers and what they mean. we were discussing the markets earlier. they were baked in about g.d.p. >> everyone knew the economy was slowing down. the headline figure, the economy grew less than 1% in the last quarter of last year. consumer spending grew 2.2%. while a deceleration from the third quarter, it was slightly better than what analysts were
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looking for. it basically represents two thirds of economic growth. exports shrank, two and a half% in the fourth quarter. you can chalk that up to a slowing global economy and very strong u.s. dollar, making u.s. you goods more expensive to buy overseas. business investment down 1.8%. a big part of that is actually down to oil prices. very low oil prices making it less profitable for more expensive, relatively expensive u.s. oil shale companies to compete. these are big head winds the economy is facing this year, the strong u.s. dollar slowly global growth and low oil prices. >> today the bank of japan decided to slash interest rates to less than zero. first explain that, and what
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does that mean in light of the g.d.p. report. >> this is one of the reasons why wall street is hoping higher. it's probably the more major factor of it, because it was a complete surprise by the bank of japan to initiate this negative interest rate policy. they are now charging big banks to park their excess reserves at the bank of japan. it's now costing those banks money to do it. why is it costing the bank to do that? it causes the bank to say let's lend the money out. this is to try to get money out lending, kickstart economic activity. investors love that, because stimulus measures, cheap money, this is what they like to see. it's a big crutch for the global economy. the more central banks that do that, basically wall street likes to see that. last week, the central bank signaled it could step in with
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more stimulus measures. >> what does that mean as far as fed policy. there was that interest rate rise. what does that mean going ahead? >> the fed reserve voted to leave rates unchanged and everybody was parsing every word of their statement. there was nothing in there to signal that they were going to slowdown or cut back on what they were signaling in terms of how many times they were going to raise interest rates. >> as far as the plan they released a couple months ago. >> in december when they raised interest rates, they signaled they could hike rates for the first time since 2014. there was something in the fed statement which people did take note of. back in december, they had a line about how the risk to the domestic and global economies are valid. they dropped that risk line in their last statement, which you could either read as the omission implies that it's no longer balanced.
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they rarely seem to get an explicit message. >> when you read that statement, it hearkened back to earlier fed officials, more opaque, walking that fine line. the economy was not a major topic in the presidential debate last night. donald trump skimmed the debate. the candidates spoke with him right off the bat. he also tried to layout policy differences over immigration and military action. al jazeera's david shuster separates the facts from the fireworks. >> i kind of missed donald trump. >> jeb bush was was kidding. the serious false claims came quickly. former senator marco rubio said
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america's military is weakened. >> only with a strong military will we defeat isis. when i am president, we will rebuild our intelligence exhibits. >> the budget at over $50 billion a year is as large as it's ever been. the u.s. spends more money on intelligence than any nation in the world. rubio lashed out at the u.s. military size. >> we are on pace to have the smallest army since the end of world war ii, the smallest navy in 100 years. you cannot destroy isis with a diminished military. >> while its true the overall size is smaller, the aircraft of more lethal and bombs and missiles more precise. ted cruz defended his call for attacking isil territory with carpet bombing. >> it's what we did in the first
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persian gulf war, 1100 air attacks a day, saturation bombing that utterly destroyed the enemy. >> those were targeted attacks. carpet bombing is when you destroy an area with no reward for civilians, a policy analysts say would cause more harm than good. >> chris christie delivered a whopper. >> barack obama has made law enforcement the economy, hillary clinton has made law enforcement the economy. they are not supporting our law enforcement officers. the enemy, some police believe the administration has placed too much emphasis on civil liberties but no police department has accused the administration of not supporting law enforcement. christie tried to hit president obama over wages. >> the 45-year-old construction worker out there having a hard time making ends meet, lost $4,000 in the last seven years in his income because of this administration. >> actually, the recession began
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in the last bush administration and according to research which is non-partisan wages over the past five years of the obama administration have been rising. while donald trump was not at the debate, he did promote a false image about megyn kelly, showing her with a controversial saudi prince and her sister. le image was faked and photo shopped, part of another wild night. >> stop the washington bull and let's get things done! >> david shuster, al jazeera. >> republican congressman steve king from iowa is supporting ted cruz. earlier on your word this morning, i asked how trump keeps getting big name support from religious conservatives. >> he has a lot of resources and those include the reality show
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and the fortune and fame and opportunities down the line. there's also the fear factor of trump turning against you. he's done that and attacked everybody who's challenged him. i'm aware of pretty powerful endorsements that aren't coming forward, because they fear the retribution that can come down the line from the power of the $10 billion of donald trump. i think that he's bullying people along the way. >> let's talk about the candidate you support, ted cruz. most americans know him from spending 21 hours on the floor reading green eggs and ham leading to a shut down that year with filibuster. can he be considered an obstructionist who can be successful in the white house?
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there were calls that he was an obstructionist. my question is can you govern in the white house as somebody perceived that way, even among members of his own party. >> whoever said they believe ted cruz is an obstructionist, that's one person's opinion. when the president takes the oath of office, the party lines up, so i've seen no sign of that. this is just political competition and if they can't take on an issue, they start to attack the personality. that's pretty weak if that's the best you got. >> king also said he thought the texas senator had a strong debate performance, despite cruz's own assessment he was being attacked by his fellow candidates. >> former communications director for senator tom co burn
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joins us. who do you think was the win officer. >> i think barack obama won that debate and the reason is barack obama had a plan to divide republicans on the issue of immigration. when he issued an executive order granting millions of illegals amnesty, did he that because he wanted to see in fighting between the republican party. part of donald trump's rise is because of what barack obama did. last night showcased those decisions. >> as a viewer, it was difficult to understand where the candidates stand on immigration. several have gone from i support a path to citizenship for the some 11 million illegal immigrants in the country now to a complete reversal on that position. >> it's a challenging issue, because the issue that republicans have and there really is not a lot of daylight when you look at the policy decisions, first we need to secure the border.
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secondly, we have to if i can out a way to accommodate people who are here illegally and give them some path to legal status. there's a lot of nuance and parsing that goes on in that debate. what happens is our candidates are so afraid are talking about it and talking about it boldly that they are very defensive. that that creates space for someone like trump, a demagogue and a charlatan to come in with a message that is, you know, he says we're going to build a wall between mexico and the u.s. and make the mexicans pay for it. >> a demagogue and charlton. i assume you agree with the takedown by the national review of trump last week. how do you explain major endorsements he is starting to get? >> he is a panderer and politician and people want to associate with someone who is going to be powerful. i'm shocked by some endorsements, the fallwell
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endorsement. donald trump pandered to a religious audience. >> and said two corintheans. >> i'm not a big cruz fan, but i don't think he would be as damaging as trump. the filibuster was not a serious endeavor. >> what is cruz's issue?
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we know in obamacare, he says appeal it, immigrants, keep them out. what is he for? >> he's a free market conservative, but too often is good at critiquing and not elevating ideas and issues. he's a very gifted self appropriator, not as gifted as donald trump is. when i worked for senator co burn, senator ryan and he afford a bill called the patient's choice act before obamacare became law. that is leadership. senator co burn led the fight against obama care but had an alternative. >> jeb bush has an alternative. he is polling in single digits now. is it that people don't care about the policy issue and care more about their general feeling of not trusting washington? >> people care about policy.
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the challenge is when you have somebody in the room who is a professional celebrity, it makes it very difficult for anybody to breakthrough on policy. that is what trump has done. >> you've made clear that you're not exactly a trump fan, not a cruz supporter. did you see anyone emerge in the debate and alternative to those two front runners that could be a viable candidate? >> i think rubio is a viable candidate, jeb bush, chris christie. >> does any rise to the top yesterday? >> i don't think so. they all did well and trumps, this is really important to keep in mind, the reason trump is even talked is the relative strength of the rest of the field. trump is not supported by a super majority of republican voters, so he is viable only because we have such a strong field. >> that's why we'll see things shake out next week. thank you for joining us this morning. the f.b.i. says it believes only four people are left in an
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oregon wildlife refuge, 11 members are now in police custody. we're getting a new look what happened when a group spokesman was shot dead. we have a report from oregon. >> the f.b.i. just released new aerial video of tuesdays car pursuit and fatal shooting. there were no dash cams. no one disputes the afternoon ended with the shooting death of robert la voy seneca. >> there are various version of what happened out in the public domain, most inaccurate, some inflammatory. to that end, we want to do what we can to and in as transparent a manner as we can to give the public as much information possible as to what happened that day. >> the planes follow the feds down a forested canyon road
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pursuing two cars carrying leaders of the occupation en route to a meeting in a neighboring town. a white vehicle leads, a dark jeep follows. officers pull over the second vehicle as the white car carries on. it's hard to see through the trees, but from the dark jeep, bundy and three others get out and are arrested peacefully. when the white vehicle is stopped, just one of its passengers get out and is taken into custody. then for nearly four minutes, the white car and remaining occupants just sits. >> throughout this time, agents and troopers are providing verbal commands to surrender. the car suddenly races off at high speed only to hit a road block. he series off the road, nearly hitting an f.b.i. officer. >> he leaves the truck and steps through the snow that on that on at least two occasions, he reaches his right hand toward a pocket on the left inside
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portion of his jacket. he did have a loaded nine-millimeter semiautomatic handgun in the pocket. at this time, the f.b.i. officer shot him. >> law enforcement showed great restraint. >> we did everything we could to bring this situation to a peaceful resolution. >> we learned from the f.b.i. lately thursday that they had narrowed their coinment area around the wildlife refuge moving their road blocks to a closer range so locals could get around on the main highways connecting this area. the refuge remains closed with people in it. f.b.i. gettingers are working around the clock to get them out. al jazeera, burns, oregon. >> this morning, investigators in california hope they are close tore finding three escaped inmates. they believe the men are in a white stolen van and have not left the country.
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there's been another arrest in connection with their escape. >> at this point, there's no confirmation that she brought tools into the jail. she denies having brought the tools. we know that she provided google maps, those type of things to prepare for the escape. >> nearly a dozen people have now been arrested in connection with the jail break late last week, including five gaining members that they believed helped the three escape. this morning, health officials are making plans for an international meeting over the zika virus, planning that meeting for monday. the virus is said to be spreading explosively and 4 million people should be infected by the end of the year. the teachers union hits the detroit school district with a lawsuit over what it calls deplorable conditions.
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emails released questions about the state response to the water crisis in flint. they show the state of -- the water coolers were provided to give workers a choice, teachers in detroit are taking a drastic new step to resolve a crisis there, suing the district can be demanding broken down buildings
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be fixed and the manager be removed. john henry smith has the story. >> the teachers union lawsuit follows weeks of sickouts that all but shut down the district. >> educators have been snubbed, ignored, disrespected, and punished when they in form the school district of specific safety and health problems and pleaded to them to be repaired. >> the teachers released images in recent weeks, showing schools with leaky, moldy ceilings, toilets with no seats, severely damaged floors and even one image showing mushrooms growing out of the wall. thursday's lawsuit against the district calls for a new plan to make needed repairs. >> i don't go to work and deal with those conditions, my kids shouldn't have to go to school and deal with those conditions. >> it's illegal for the teachers to strike, so they turned to sickout that is kept 47,000 students in detroit out of
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school. despite that, some parents are siding with the teachers. >> last year, my kids were out of school for 11 days because of believe problems. >> the teachers blame state leaders and district's emergency manager darnell early. part of the suit calls for early to be removed. he once ran the city of flint, and facilitated the switch that led to that city's contaminated water crisis. >> the blood is on the hands of the emergency manager and governor snyder. >> the district has a $107 million deficit and may run out of money by april. john henry smith, al jazeera. spying in southern california, police accused of watching millions of tourists at disneyland every year.
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america's biggest police union says the f.b.i. is now investigating a hack on its servers. private files belonging to the f.o.p. were posted on line, including names and addresses of officers, as well as posts critical of president obama. it's unclear who is behind the attack. 330,000 law enforcement are represented by the f.o.p. across the united states. police in anaheim used aerial surveillance to track cell phone advertisement where people visit disneyland every
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year. >> the cell phone privacy of millions of disneyland visitors and residents of orange county california could have been compromised by anaheim surveillance program, according to the aclu. >> it's alarming when law enforcement is purchasing tools in secret that take advantage of these device that is we rely on for private communications. >> the aclu obtained documents showing over a span of 10 years, anaheim police built an inventory of surveillance tools including sting race which mimic cell towers to gather cell phone data and dirt box intercepting cell phone traffic. >> normally, your mobile phone would connect to a cell phone tower, now with a plane flying overhead, this will talk to the mobile phone and the be in the middle and intercept all communications, texting, he
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miles, all voice and data. >> a grabbed was requested to fund the dirt box purchase, saying every city in the area was helped by the device. >> there's been an expansion of dollars available to law enforcement to purchase surveillance equipment. it's made it easy for police to buy these without looping in the public. >> police have been tight lind. anaheim couldn't comment because of an ongoing lawsuit. the justice department limits use of devices like dirt boxes unless they obtain a search warrant, but up until january this year, local authorities in california didn't need a warrant. thanks for watching, the news continues live next from doha. have a great day.
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