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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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>> good evening i'm antonio mora. this is al jazeera america. top secret e-mails, a federal investigation shows correspondence on hillary clinton's personal computer server contained the most highly classified information. also. we're doing everything you would do if you are anticipating that there is going to be an outbreak. >> preparing for a possible outbreak of zika virus in the u.s. and a growing concern for the summer olympics in brazil. plus. >> these people are policing them and it's almost like the chicken hawk watching over the chickens. >> the demand from chicago teenager's family after weigh hs
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shot by police and the lack of a voice recording. energy policy and the effect they've had on relationships in the middle east. >> we begin with what could be a damaging revelation for democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton just three days before the iowa caucuses. the federal government says it is not releasing 37 pages of e-mails from the private server she used aas secretary of state, saying the information is considered top secret. courtney kealy reports. >> the information is considered top secret now. >> i can confirm that as part of this monthly foia release, the federal government will be denying in full seven e-mail
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chains found in 22 documents representing 37 pages. >> but hillary clinton's campaign spokesman says he disagrees with the characterization sayings they should be released. republican candidates have been relentlessly critical of clinton's use of a private server during her tenure at secretary of state including last night's republican debates. >> she put american intelligence officers at risk for her convenience. she put american strategy at risk for her convenience. >> reporter: clinton has shifted her tone of defy apt and dismissing to urging the state department to releasing all of her e-mails. the state department is in the process of releasing 55,000 of them. 18 chains ever conversation between president obama and secretary clinton will also be
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withheld from the freedom of information act release. confidentiality has not been determined of those e-mails. antonio. >> thank you courtney. the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases pointed out that the current should be prepared for a potential outbreak. >> it was all over my body, on christmas eve i was scratching the whole family saw my chest and they are like would you, yod see bumps in my eyes, my ears. >> lizy morales is feeling healthy now but she contracted the zika virus from a mosquito bite. >> you have no strength no energy to do anything. all you want to did is lay down and sleep. >> reporter: since then the
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centers for disease control and prevention have confirmed 30 cases, all those people traveled abroad to affected areas. the spokesman said americans shouldn't panic. >> we're developing vaccines, better diagnostics . >> prompting the cdc to warn pregnant women against trooflg 22 countries in the region. the zika virus causes a mild illness in most people but there is growing evidence linking it to a birth defect called microcephaly, babies born with abnormally small heads and brains. on friday, brazil's president dilma rousseff said, her country
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developed protocols. >> if the mosktd h mosquito kees breeding we are losing the battle against it. >> on friday the international olympic committee assured teams traveling there that the games would be safe from the virus. but it also urged visitors to protect themselves by using mosquito repellent and wearing long sleeved shirts and pants. >> we will do everything we can to assure the health of the retainedees. >> health officials are warning residents that certain areas have higher lead levels than filters can handle. rick snyder signed a $28 bill to
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help deal with the crisis. he hopes flint's water will be safe to drink soon. concerns about water safety in the rest of the u.s. elevated lead levels were recently detected in parts of ohio and several other olympics is across thlocationacross the . ash-har quraishi reports. >> in a town meeting in the chicago suburb of elgin, the flint crisis was on the top of the agenda. >> the bottom line is, they had a problem they knew about it they didn't do anything about it. which is different from elgin and 99.9% of water systems. >> kyla jacobson assured residents that their water was
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safe. >> they are very concerned to make sure we are on top of it. we're walking into the control room. >> jacobson heads the agency responsible for treating water serving 127,000 residents. like flint elgin gets its drinking water from a nearby source, in this case the fox river. >> you have to take steps to ensure that your water is not corrosive. we know we have lead service lines in town it's a fact but it's not about having lead materials in your plumbing, it is about making your water noncorrosive. >> using water from the flint river without proper corrosion control treatment called lead to leech into flint's residential drinking water. but lead poisoning is a per vasive issue in areas not just flint. 27% or more lead poisoning tests
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come back positive as compared to 4% in flint. and most states don't even report. cost cutting has prompted people across the country to ask serious questions about testing safety and accountability. >> what we need is further transparency. to the extent that there are requirements that lead levels are made public that needs to be made public, it needs to be made public immediately online and that transparency needs to occur at every level. >> in sebring ohio local officials provided lead testing. officials for months knew that drinking waters had been contaminated with lead. but failed to tell the public. >> they chose to ig for it until the problem went away or until somebody hand he them a piece of paper with the method of how to deal with it. >> plant director falsified records should call for a criminal investigation. here in elgin the water is
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tested 24 hours a day and field samples are taken from homes once a month. lead lines could pose a health hazardous. >> city officials need to make sure that the clear message is sent. people can be woishe worried abe cost involved in replacing pipes. that's where the people need to get involved. >> increased public awareness of water safety and efforts to ensure that what happened in flint doesn't happen anywhere else. ash-har quraishi, al jazeera, elgin, illinois. an escaped inmate is back this custody. duong and two others broke out of the men's central jail in orange county last week, the
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other two may be in san jose. described as armed and dangerous. >> to bring all three inmates back into custody, we will continue with those same efforts using all available resources to capture the additional two escapees who are outstanding. >> several other people have now been arrested in connection with the jailbreak. they include several gang members and a 44-year-old english teacher at the jail. members of a group in oregon will stay in jail for now. today a federal judge ordered some of them including group leader ammon bundy to remain behind bars. several could be released once the occupation ends. four people are still holding out at the refuge in oregon.
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the chicago police officer charged with murder for the killing of la kwan mcdonald was back in court today. his appearance came as we learned about possible deliberate acts by officers that could make his prosecution more difficult. diane eastabrook is in chicago to explain. >> antonio, it turns out the dash cam video that recorded jason van dyke shooting la kwan mcdonald did not have audio. 16 shots into 17-year-old la kwan mcdonald a year and a half ago, resulted in a first degree murder charge from van dyke. noticeably absent from the recording, sound, even though it's supposed to have it. on friday van dyke's attorney vehemently denied hiss client tampered with the audioo audio s
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vehicle. >> more important, audio in this case would be beneficial to us. >> the mcdonald video isn't the only chicago police video, missing audio. police shooting flint farmer in 2011 are also silent, neither of the sisters involved in those shootings were charged. the chicago police department admits it has a big problem with malfurnishingsing dash cam equipment. it recently said about 10% of video cameras have audio problems and 20% don't record audio properly. a log from one squad car said karmics were not synchronized from the system or were intentionally defeated. plairts intentionally failed to
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sync mics. la kwan's family demanded a federal investigation. >> these people are policing themselves. and it's almost like the chicken hawk watching over the chickens. >> chicago's interim police chief says he's holding officers responsible for properly functioning dash cams and is already reprimanded 22 officers some suspended without pay and chicago police are also required to inspect those dash cams and make sure they're understanding ifing before they start their shifts, antonio. >> diane eastabrook in chicago. documents leaked by edward snowden shows the u.s. and britain have been spying on israel for years. drone video what it shows about relations among the allies. and a facebook policy shift, the social media giant is
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banning gun sales on the site.
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>> the online public works the e intercept, said american and british intelligence agencies
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tapped into israeli drone technology including missile carrying attack drones. this is all revealed in a new article called spies in the skies. i'm joined by cora courier. >> thanks for having me. >> somehow americans and brits were able to hack into these needs from the drones and from the cockpit of an f-16 fighter jet white they were out there flying and it wasn't that difficult to do, how does that happen? >> the gchq, the british intelligence agency working with the nsa were listening from a listening post in cypress, from a spot in the mediterranean having a pretty close range of israel and they were doing it with -- by picking up what's called the down link so the
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drone communicates to its ground communication by a satellite, sending signals by a satellite. and the anarchist station, it was code named anarchist on cypress would pick up those signals and in some cases they were encrypted, they would have to decode the video feed. >> that raises all kinds of questions why the israelis were not better protected. >> this has been something out in the public for a long time that this is a vulnerability of drones. the u.s. ran into this in iraq, in 2009 they discovered that insurgents had been tapping into their unencrypted predator needs, and israel had also had this experience back in 1997. >> so there were plenty of warnings out there this is possible so you wonder why the
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israelis didn't deal with it and i know the israeli military didn't want to comment on this. do you think technology has improved since then to stop this from happening? >> it's possible you know, in the last -- the documents that we looked at and in 2012, so in 2012, the u.s. was still -- they said collecting regularly on heron tps one of israel's large drones. it's possible they have encrypted drones since then, but we worked on this with an israeli paper and they did find this a problem, that they were vulnerable to decryption. >> you know another problem with israelis they have not even acknowledged they have this program, even though they are exporting them to india and are extremely sophisticated. these are the first images of them, public images. >> very, very rare evidence that
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israel is flying droabs. there idrones. israel is very good at keeping a lid on this technology. >> another important aspect of this is the questions it raises between the relationship between the u.s. and israel. the relationship at least on an intelligence level is uneasy at best. >> one of the things that one of the reasons given in the documents for this program was that they wanted to look at -- track israeli drones to be on the lookout for a potential strike against iran either retaliatory or preemptive. they specifically mentioned unrest in gaza is another thing they would want to watch for. >> could this cause problems in
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the relationship between the u.s., u.k, israel and cypress, for that matter where they had a listening station that focuses on the middle east, i've not heard of this. >> it's been out there for a while that, the pointing to the fact that the u.s. and israel are kind of in intelligence standoff. the wall street journal just reported last month that the u.s. carved out an exemption from its reforms to stop spying on foreign leaders, they carved out an exemption for israel. >> final question. it's coming out now because the snowden document dump is so massive that it takes a long time to get through all of it. but this also then raises the questions again about whether what snowden did is harmful to the united states. >> you don't just throw documents up on the internet. we spend a lot of time reporting and putting context into them
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and that's why this story took a while. we also felt this story had clear interest about getting more information out there of the u.s. drone program. gotten quite a scrutiny, and israel comparatively less and it's one of a handful of countries using armed drones. >> is more coming? >> from the snowden archives? certainly we are working on them all the time. >> cora currier thank you for coming. >> thanks so much. facebook had been under pressure from president barack obama and gun safety organizations to stop gun sales. the ban does not apply to posts from licenses gu license its gu. >> rising oil prices may not be enough, to change relations with
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oil rich countries around the world. and and why olympian michael phelps stripped down to his speedo.
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>> the obama administration announced steps today to narrow the gender wage gap. right now the median salary for a woman in the workplace is a
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little less than $40,000 a year comparing to $50,000 for men. employers with more than 100 employees to provide are payment information. economic output gdp slowed sharply to 0.7%. analysts say the problems overseas are now weighing down on the u.s. economy but despite the news stocks on wall street soared. u.s. oil production has surged in recent years, helping to drive down dpeb dependence on foreign oil. but as tom ackerman reports. >> 70 years ago this was king saud's first trip out of his country to forge an alliance with franklin roosevelt.
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>> understanding each other's problems brings east and west together for a better world. >> i think we signed a faustian bargain. that has continue to this day. >> but when opec imposean embar go the u.s. launched what president ruched nixo richard nd independence. increased its reliance on foreign oil. to perhaps 60%. but the production of american crude production has cut that dependence to nearly 30%. coming from friendly neighbors canada and mexico, meanwhile, the u.s. confidence in energy security, lifting a 40 year ban
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on exporting american oil, preparing to sell off nearly 1/10 of the nation's strategic petroleum reserve. and president obama put an ax to the keystone xl oil pipeline project. and military assets will be rebalanced away from europe and the middle east and towards asia and the pacific. but perhaps not just yet. >> i think the priive pivot tos not quite as important as when we made it. >> charles evenger will cause the u.s. to protect its old interests. >> i don't think we have any good options in the middle east now, and we add iran back into the equation, if they come out of lifting of sanctions they've always been a player one against
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our interest. >> so even if the u.s. does enjoy a greater sense of energy security than it has in decades the geostrategic ties that have bound it to the middle east are not soon likely to fray. tom ackerman, al jazeera, washington. a landslide and sinkhole has shut down u.s. 101 in oregon. the landslide occurred about 50 feet away from the sinkhole after a storm dumped an inch and a half of rain in the area. repairs are suspected to take about a week. finally, a very unexpected guest. to explain, when a player is about to run a free throw, last night it was michael phelps,
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winning his gold medals and hid speedo. it worked. add another talent to michael phelps resume. ray suarez is up next with "inside story." have a great weekend.