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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 2, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EST

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>> i'm very, very happy to be here. and i want to thank the italian government for hosting this very important meeting today. as we discuss the responsibilities of the leadership of the anti-daesh coalition, and our italian colleagues have really been among the most
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[ technical difficulties ] >> we came here
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is is [ technical difficulties ] now, even with these critical steps forward, the members of this coalition fully recognize that this fight is a long-term
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proposition. president obama said that in the very first days. i have said it since day one, and it wasn't an exaggeration. why did we know it? because we have been through this fight with respect to the degrading of al-qaeda in afghanistan, pakistan and elsewhere. this is a longer fight for everybody than old traditionaling kind of state on state war fair. so we will keep the pressure on, squeezing daesh from every angle, stopping it from establishing networks elsewhere. exposing their lies, which is a very tarnth part of what
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[ technical difficulties ] >> government of iraq to ensure that the areas that are liberated remain liberated.
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they have police force, people who deliver services in order to guarantee that the electricity goes back on, that the water runs, and that the community can come back together.
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[ technical difficulties ] >> miles out in the desert and inaccessible. the town of madaya is 1 hour's drive from drive from s [ technical difficulties ] >> they plant mines. they erect barbed wire to keep the people who want to deliver relief from relief from
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[ technical difficulties ] >> agreed to stand on the side of international law and basic human rights and decency in demanding that the syrian regime take immediate steps to halt its indiscriminate laying siege against women and children, its indiscriminate dropping of bombs on civilians and allow humanitarian access now to the people of syria who are in desperate need. we also reiterated a very basic
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fact, that nothing can cut the [ technical difficulties ] >> not torn apart by one man, by assad, by joined together in an effort to eliminate daesh as a threat to anybody, in that region or another region elsewhere. so we have assembled a 21-member support group. it will meet
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[ technical difficulties ] >> why are they fighting assad, because assad denied his people what they were demanding. instead of with a program, he met them with thugs and then with guns and then with bullets. that's why we're here. so the negotiations are an effort to resolve that. and [ technical difficulties ] >> all of us that daesh is in fact nothing more than a mixture of killers, of kidnappers, of
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criminals, of thugs, of adventurers, of smugglers, of thieves, and they are also above all, apostates, people who have hijacked a great religion and lie about its real meaning, and lie about its purpose and deceive people in order to fight for their purposes, and we know this, because we know people who have managed to escape without being executed, who have testified to their disillusionment and to the lie that people are living as a consequence of daesh. they have no platform other than to wage war against innocent civilians, and they have no interest in constructing schools, promoting better governance, trying to create and define a real future, other than telling people to go backwards in time and live the way they tell people they have to live.
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daesh does not have any notion of how to build a future. they want to [ technical difficulties ] sdwlfrjs [ technical difficulties ] >> and restore stability and hopefully restore the future to the millions of people that have been displaced from their homes as a consequence of the intragedience of assad and his
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regime, and the rise of extremists who have taken advantage of the vacuum that has come with that. thank you. [ speaking italian ] >> translator: some questions from the "washington post." >> thanks. the [ technical difficulties ] >> for the stabilization fund you said is no necessary?
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>> so as you know, we leave here to go to london -- tomorrow i leave to go to london, and there will be a major meeting in london in which we will be contributing all of the countryings coming, some heads of government to make announcements about their contributions to the ongoing effort to rebuild syria and help support syria going forward. and that basically is the stabilization, and i believe in the very -- in a very significant way, it's up to the government tomorrow and the countries to make their announcements, but i can tell you we will be announcing an additional contribution from the united states, and other countries will announce it likewise on thursday. but in addition to that, we made additional commitments here today that were important. action that people consider
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[ inaudible ] of various kinds, depending on what any countries choose to do. some countries can do strikes and can ountries can do strikes and can [ technical difficulties ] >> for ammunition, for intelligence. there are logistics that need to be serbed in this process, and i think a number -- defining is a critical one. norway made a significant increase to defining --
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[ technical difficulties ] >> every country today [ technical difficulties ] will take place next week in brussels with the defense secretaries, the ministers of defense will be meeting those that are able to get there at least, short notice, in brussels at
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[ technical difficulties ] we will have more during the course of the week in an effort working with the u.n. envoy on libya, and working with several others. we will be meeting in order to try to advance the prospects of support for the government, which libyans themselves have now chosen, and which is coming together through a libyan effort. that, we hope, is going to occur in the short-term, and i'm not going to go into the details, but a very specific schedule was
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agreed to, with respect to how we can advance the efforts of the libyan government to move forward. thirdly, we requested additional financial contributions with respect to the effort in iraq right now, where there are some specific needs and as the government -- as the government in libyan begins to take action on the ground, there's specific set of requests, and as the government of iraq continues to take actions, there are a specific set of requests. an example of that is the mosul dam. the mosul dam is a major challenge. well, we have been talking with the prime minister as have the italians for some period of time. now in the last hours, last day or so, as we come here, there is an agreement -- i'll let pal low talk about it more, but to move forward with
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[ technical difficulties ] >> john kerry the us u.s. secretary of state speaking there after meeting of the
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so-called [ technical difficulties ]
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>> to be followed in the coming days, and to continue the fight isis in syria, iraq, and libya. saying they will saying they will [ technical difficulties ] >> to enable the local population to return, and to ensure that this is back on track, kerry has been insisting that this is going to be a long way to go, and that in places like syria, for example, for the target to be achieved to defeat isil, there needs to be an end to the conflict in syria. and he has been very critical of the syrian government, saying it has been denying access of aid to the thousands of people that have been
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[ technical difficulties ] >> government forces and their allies are taking town after town in aleppo province, supported lot more effort to get
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the opposition here than it did the syrian regime, but finally yesterday you had that meeting happening in the evening when the hnc and staffan de mistura. de mistura seeming much more optimistic after that meeting. today it seems whatever momentum may have been achieved really has vanished. of course there are always going to be difficulties in talks like this. i really don't think that anybody here at the u.n. thought that today would -- would
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proceed the way it has, and the fact that we haven't really heard from the u.n. throughout the day, that we didn't hear from mr. de mistura after that meeting, and we didn't hear from him with regard to the opposition, i think that speaks volumes of how confusing the situation is, and how nobody can know how much longer these talks will go on. >> thank you for that. more now on the s sir -- offensive in libya. zana hoda explains. >> reporter: this battle can change the balance of power in a strategic corner of syria. the syrian army and its allies are taking town by town. this province has long been an opposition strong hold, but that may change. with the help of russian air
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power the government is advancing. civilians are caught in the cross fire, and the heavy bombardment is forcing many families to leave. >> translator: look at the situation. all of the roads are closed. we're surrounded by the regime and isil. where should people go? >> reporter: this cornell explained the objective. the army, he says is pushing north to loyalist towns. those towns are predominantly shiite and they are on a highway that runs between the turkish border and rebel-controlled districts in the divided city of aleap poe. >> translator: it won't be a good situation for us. they are in effect military bases. there are fighters and weapons there. >> reporter: rebels are fighting back hard. if they lose ground, their
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strong hold within aleppo city will be cut off from the rest of the province. >> reporter: there has been no easing in the attempt to reduce the violence. northern areas of syria are strategic for opposition-armed groups because the turkish border has been their lifeline. >> reporter: russia's intervention has changed the dynamics on the ground. the air campaign has targeted rebel supply lines from turkey, as well as the so-called moderate groups that operate under the fsa flag. >> translator: russians, and the regime, as well as the u.s. want to eliminate the free syrian army. the choice will be between the regime or the terrorists. >> reporter: the battle for aleppo has reached a crucial stage, and an opposition defeat here would be a major strategic loss and symbolic blow to the
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opposition. zana hoda, al jazeera, southern turkey. we heard some distressing detail from john kerry speaking a short while ago in rome. he described what it is apparently like right now in besieged towns. >> cities and communities all across syria are besieged and they are specifically purposefully prevented by the assad regime from receiving the supplies and the support that they need in order to survive. that is against the law of war. such as laws of war can be. and with respect to those areas not receiving food, we're not talking about areas that are remote, miles out in the desert, and in accessible.
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the town of madaya is 1 hour's drive from damascus. one hour. and yet in recent months its people have been reduced to eating grass and leaves or animals of one kind [ technical difficulties ] >> we heard a very passionate john kerry there as always, and during that press conference in rome we heard [ technical difficulties ] made, you know, in this --
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[ technical difficulties ] >> these are between opposition that is being bombarded every day, and a regime that is responsible for the disaster that
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[ technical difficulties ] >> because when the weak anying orb apts with the strong, it's the [ technical difficulties ] >> but that needs to be by more than words. it needs to be done by action. mr. kerry meets lavrov non-stop. really, until today russia is a sponsor of these geneva talks, and it continues to be an active party in syria bombarding the
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syrian opposition. that's an
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[ technical difficulties ] >> reporter: from the ministry of health, and what that says about the country's health systems. alth systems.
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[ technical difficulties ] >> [ technical difficulties ] >> a year ago. >> a year ago.
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[ technical difficulties ] ted
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>> he wanted to four year period during which they would not earn those benefits. he sort of got that, those
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benefits will be shushed, provided there is cooperation with other e.u. countries. there were other concessions as well, that the head of the european commission, the head of the european commission made, for example that if a european union law was unwanted by a specific member state, obviously in this case britain, provided a majority of parliaments across the 28e.u. member con glam makes agreed, then one member can opt out of those laws. all of this sounds incredibly dry and detailed when i speak about it in these terms, but make no mistake, the referendum debate in this country could be askewness the summer makes extremely emotional and the stake for this country and the european union are very, very big indeed. >> what happens next then, barnaby? >> what happens next is we go to
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brussels i think on february 18, february 19. that's a two day european union heads of state summit meeting and that is where this deal that was hammered out between mr. cameron and mr. tusk will be put to the 27 other member states, other member leaders. my gut instinct is that they will live with this agreement hammered out, that the cop sessions made to britain are not too onerous from their point of view. there they move on to the scheduling of the referendum in britain itself. as i suggested, mr. david cameron would like that referendum sooner than later. he's promised to hold it by the end of the 2017. the noises are that it could be in late june. there is important reason for that. remember what we saw in europe last summer, extraordinary
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numbers of refugees rising in numbers as the summer increased. those kind of pictures the commission feels will string then the anti e.u. camp, so the sooner he can hold that referendum, the better from his point of view. >> barnaby, thank you so much for that, barnaby phillips for us live in london. apple is no longer the world's most valuable company, it is now alba bet which owns google. alphabet topped the list after a fourth quarter earnings report. >> a market analyst explains how alphabet managed to surpass apple. >> i think one of the things that, you know, google has mailed most of its money from is essentially what we know of google, google maps, google search, you tube, but what it
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did a few months ago was it split out its research and development business, its other parts which looks at things like drivable cars, google glass in order to give investors more transparency about where an awful lot of its r&d money is going. it's this new transparency that's given investors more confidence in how google is spending its money. now it has posted much better revenues for the fourth quarter and profits of -- overall and i think it's that transparency that has encouraged investors that it is heading in the right direction and continuing to innovate volunteer time for all the sports now. >> in the last few second, brazilian footballer namar appeared in a spanish court over
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allegations of tax fraud surrounding his transfer to barcelona three years ago. barcelona and top officials are accused of failing to pay the correct amount of tax on the transactions. namar's legal troubles began when he moved to barcelona in 2013. at the time, barca claimed that have paid $24 million for the striker, but investigations in spain later showed that that figure to be more like $90 million. that would mean barcelona paid less tax than it should have on the transaction, $12.5 million less is what a spanish court claims. bars lobe in a, the club president and his predecessor appeared in court yesterday, all being investigated. if found guilty, they could face millions in fines and even jail name. names father is also appearing in court. tax inspectors in brazil are
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also investigating the player's finances be a claiming that tax havens were used to avoid payments to the government in his home country. meanwhile, he is were you ever many players link todman chester city right now following the news that pet margioli will take over. two weeks ago, the brazilian captain admitted he was a former fan of the famous barca coach. >> he's a guy i admire a lot. i would like to work with him. it's hards to filled like to play in other countries. nobody knows what will happen
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tomorrow. peyton manning acknowledged charges of human growth hormone being sent to his home. >> i can't speak for anybody else. i addressed this before. i welcome this nfl investigation, because i know the rules of the nfl and i respect the rules and they're important to me, and so what this report alleges that i did is simply not true, it's fabricated, it's junk, it's garbage. i could give you a long list of other words for it, and i can guarantee you this investigation, what it will find is absolutely a big fat nothing. that's how i feel about it. >> the other 19 world cup isn't normally a bed of controversy but tuesday, the west indies side were accused of behaving disgracefully after a runout to beat zimbabwe in the quarter
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finals. needing three runs to win in the final over. west indies then ran through the bowling crease, broke the stunts, running out the batsman as he backed up. now the move is legal, but it's considered very unsportsman like. the decision has to be upheld by the umpires and gave the indies a two-run win. he ran out an australian batsman back in 1947. chris froome said he warned cycling authorities about the possible use of motors inside bicycling. one was found saturday. chris froome called for an increase in bike testing to root out what some are calling
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mechanical biking. this fan from afghanistan will now get the chance to meet the football legend, possibly. the 5-year-old went viral last month when pictured wearing a threw and white bag, emulating the captain in a jersey. his family has been contacted over a possible meeting between the two in barcelona. >> he became a fan by watching television. he asked me to find a shirt for him with his name on it, but i couldn't find him the jersey, because we live in a remote village far from the bizarre. his brother made a plastic jersey for him and posted it on facebook. >> he might be wearing a barcelona shirt for real if he carries on. >> that's it for this news hour in doha. thank you very much for watching. laura taylor is live from london next.
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stay with us.
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syrian troops booked by russian airstrikes closed in to aleppo. >> this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up, cruz is the front runner at the presidential race. david cameron with a deal ahead of the referendum on britain's membership. with the zika virus now officially a global emergency, why these