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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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thousands of syrians flee aleppo as they pledge more than $3 billion to help displaced civilians. hello there, you are watching al jazeera live from london, also coming up, italy summons the egyptian ambassador after a missing student turned up dead. showing signs of torture. sweden says a u.n. panel has decided that wikileaks founder is unlawfully detained in a london embassy.
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scuffles as greek pile on with a nationwide walk out over cuts. >> saudi arabia says it is ready to send ground troops to syria to take part in any operation by the u.s. led coalition military spokes man says the kingdom is willing to provide support on the ground in syria, alongside coalition air strikes which have been targeting for the past seven teen months. they did not say how many troops would be sent. >> . >> from the beginning of the operation in september 2014, the saudi kingdom was also committed to the international coalition and we stays the court despite our operations today the kingdom announced it's redness to participate with ground troops in syria. within the u.s. led coalition against isil, because we now
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have the experience in yemen, and so do our allies in iraq. we all know air strikes alone can't be enough, we need to combine both in order to achieve better results on the ground. >> let's get more from our correspondent who joins us from washington, d.c. this is directly aimed at the u.s., and the u.s. led coalition. perhaps trying to spur them into reaction, what action has there been to this? >> well, the reaction has been very general, both coming from here at the state department, as well as apparently from the defense secretary ash carter. he is on a visit to the west coast of the u.s., to meet with troops out there, but he did say that he is seen these reports barbara, and that certainly the saudi proposal will be discussed when defense ministers gather in brucellas week from thursday, to discuss the on going war against isil. here at the state department,
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the news from brigadier general came out during the daily press briefing and i asked the spokesperson for the department's reaction and while he couldn't address the details of this proposal from the saudi military, kirby did say that the u.s. welcomes any and all forms of participation, from the saudi government as well as from the other members of the 66 member coalition. however, this is something that has to be looked at more closely because apart from the fact that there are 50 or so u.s. special forces operators going in and out of syria periodically, to assist opposition fighter whose are going after isil, there aren't any ground troops from any other countries from the coalition inside syria so this would be a very significant change in the way that the coalition has been going after targets. but again, it is something that has to be discussed and that certainly is something
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which the brigadier general alluded to during his comments earlier on thursday. >> yeah, and of course saudi arabia is saying these troops would be part of the fight against isil, but the situation many syria is certainly tied up with many other conflicts as well. and we have seen in the past few week as balance of power, shifting in syria in favor of pro asaad forces. how worried is the u.s. about that? how likely are they to say yes to them? >> well the criticism hasn't been so much about the asaad government gaining an advantage, over opposition forces in that 70 war, but it's been about the support which the asaad government has been getting from the russian military. we have been hearing a lot of criticism from the state department, from the white house, from the pentagon, about how much russia says that it wants to do more to go after isil fighters, blue in the obama administration
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estimation, nearly all of the war heads that have been fired on targets inside syria have been against those opposed to the asaad government. essentially making it possible for the government to get songer and that's something which the obama administration is very much against. we heard again today on thursday, more appeals from john kirby on behalf of the u.s. state department, urging the russians to do the right thing, and to focus their guns as it were on isil targets because they have said that they consider russia a fundamental security threat basically the message is you need to put your actions are your words are because you are not doing what is going to be done and trying to end the civil war in syria, using weapons to do that, is not going to be the way to restore peace to the country. >> two comp flicks
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overlapping but it does make for a complicated security situation there. >> roz, thank you. >> meanwhile tens of thousands are fleeing aleppo's northern country side. after a three day offensive by the syrian government, which turkey's prime minister says was backed by around 350 russian air strikes. rebels are now surrounded from the north, south, and east, following advances by the forces on their allies. more now from the turkish city on the syrian border. >> hundreds of families have been forced from their homes displaced as a result of the on going offensive in the northern country side of aleppo. dramatic pictures of people heading towards the border in search for safety, what we understand is that some people headed to the western country side of aleppo, thousands of others took
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shelter in the kurdish enclave which is in northern syria, and thousands of others headed to the turkish border crossing what is known. we don't have exact numbers but according to the syrian observatory, up to 40,000 people have been displaced in the past few days. and their situation is dire. people are talking about heavy russian aerial bombardment, there have been civilian casualties over the past few days, people are scared and they are appearing to turkey to open the border. it does have an open door policy, but over the last year, there have been stricter restrictions, imposed for security, and the fact that they carry a heavy burden. that border has been opened for emergency cases but like i said, there have been stricter restrictions. so these people are appealing so they can cross the boarder and at the same time passive displacement, this offensive
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hasn't even begun, yes, they have broken the siege but the army is eyeing wider territorial gains. they want to encircle the district and what we also understand is that their aim is to reach the border because this is a way we can put only six, reach the border which has been their lifeline for so many years. >> that's the latest on the ground, billions of dollars have been pledged to help syrians in need of aid both inside and outside the war torn country. at a conference in the british capitol 60 committed to give well over $10 billion for life saving aid, but also better access to education and jobs for syrians. 4.6 million syrians now living in neighboring countries like turkey, lebanon, iraq, the theory is that it will stop the refugees wanting to travel on to your, syrians accounted for 43% of the more than 1 million who arrived in
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europe in the past year, barnabie phillips has more now from that conference in london. >> the u.n. called it the worst humanitarian crisis since the world war. apparently mall nourished and the body of a woman, a man is heard saying down with the u.n., and the talk of human rights. well, here in london, there was much talk, but also the promise of action, in the form of an enormous aid package, and the british pine minister struck a upbeat note at the end. >> today has been and is a day of hope, a day about saving lives, a day about building futures a day about giving people the chance of a future, the chance of a life. >> there is the depressing assumption that the crisis be with us for some time to come, and therefore, donors
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need to look at long term assistance, education, and employment for millions of syrians in the long years before they can return home. >> from turkey, remember monoand jordan, stark warnings they cannot carry on looking after millions of syrians without more assistant. >> looking into the eyes of my people, and seeing the hardship their kayry. i must tell you. -- the people of jordan their well being and safety are my first priority our country will continue to do what we can to help those in need but kit not be at the expense of our own people's welfare. >> so there's something of a grand bargain, donors give more aid to the neighbors and in return, they open up labor markets and ensure more
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syrian children go to school as the norwegian prime minister told me about one of the participant ms. the war, the real solution is peace. >> we need to be have confidence building measures. that means that the fighting has to decrease, russia has to take the responsibility to make sure that there's a possibility for this negotiation, and it should be in their interest to -- i don't think russia would like to stay on forever. with afternoon expensive war in syria. >> but european countries in particular, have their own reasons to give generously here why making life tolerable in the region they are perhaps less likely to seek asylum in europe, this may alleviate thing any, it is hard to believe that it will bring a lasting solution any closer. al jazeera, in central london. >> the u.s. ambassador to the united nations says defended
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the united states effort to end the syrian conflict during an interview with al jazeera. we absolutely have a responsibility again, to get food to those people, we have publicly and privately called out russia, and the syrian regime for doing what it is doing. what we have not done which appears to be what you are asking for is gone to war with the regime. and you have heard the president speak to that over a long period of time. he does not have confidence that particularly after the war in iraq, and the way that turns out, that going to war in syria will bring about the political solution that we all seek. we have used every tool in the tool box short of getting involved militarily and bombing the regime to try to bring this conflict to an end. >> at least 28 iraqi soldiers
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have been killed in anbar province, it is the third major attack in as many days that's where fighting has continued for months despite the claims that it controlled 95% of the city. the second attack was in falujjah and also target add government base falujjah is under siege, the people that live there could be facing a human crisis as basic supplies are running out. >> these pictures from august. back then, heavy shelling from government forces in the isil held town hit civilians that buries their dead, now the situation is even worse. security fors have completely cut off the town, and supplies of food and other basics are running out. by phone, we spoke to a resident trapped inside the
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city, he has taken a great risk speaking to us as isil has banned all communications with the media. >> now days we don't have the basic necessities for life. imagine a sack of 50-kilo would cost nearly 900 u.s. dollars and sometimes it is not available at all, some have to sell their cars just to buy wheat for their families. there is no u.s. for new castle. med ran out, last month ten peoples dies. >> the government has little choice over than to lay siege to the town. >> there are no at terntive plans, either to break in and cause huge casualties or shelling it by mortars or air strikes and that would cough catastrophic results by losing bayic infrastructure. >> not all agree, due to the on going fighting the governor has made a plea for
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supplies to be air dropped in but he seems to be a lone voice. >> so far eight agencies haven't commented also the government aren't allows journalists to visit the town, what is very clear is the situation is desperate and if it continues it will become a humanitarian disaster. al jazeera, baghdad. >> a student found dead in cairo was writing for it under a pseudonym. he disappeared the fifth anniversary of the revolution, that ousted the president. nine days later his body was found dumped on a road with signs of torture. >> there's called the coordination, the egyptian coordination for rights and freedoms that provided four different lists for 2015 alone, claiming that more than 1,000 people have been forcibly disappeared.
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between august and november they said that people disappeared at an average rate of three a day this' another organization that follows the cases of many that are arrested that counted 165 forced disappearances in only three months so the situation is really tragic in egypt right now when it comes to force disappearances. >> you are watching al jazeera, german police are out in force as carnival gets underway. two israeli teenagers are jailed for murdering a 16-year-old palestinian.
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>> the only live national news show at 11:00 eastern. >> we start with breaking news. >> let's take a closer look.
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welcome back, tens of thousands of syrians flee aleppo after days of air strikes by russian planes. in london an international donor conference has raised more than $10 billion to help displaced syrians. and the italian communist newspaper say as 28-year-old student found dead with signs of torture was writing for the publication under a pseudonym. sweden says a u.n. legal panel will rule on friday. the wikileaks founder has been in the embassy for more than three years after being granted asylum there. lee barker reports. >> it is the lifeline they had hoped for after 3 1/2 years holed up inside the embassy. >> as wikileaks is under threat.
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>> filed a complaint to the u.n.s arbitrary group in 2014 claiming that his stay was a detention, because if he tries the leave he faces media rest. >> the u.n. group based here is now almost certain to rule in their favor, and presents the official finds on friday one of the lawings is now calling for his immediate release. >> the u.n. reports that he has been detained for 3 1/2 years and i see no other way out of this for sweden and the prosecutor but to cans the decision to detain him. and so close the case. >> the swedish government already says the disagrees with the ruling so too does the u.k. as unclear what influence if any the u.n. findings are likely to have on the british government, who say this isn't an unlawful detention or an arbitrary detention,
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but is instead a voluntary decision to evade arrest by staying on here at the ecuadorian embassy. they are obliged to extradite him because of serious allegations of rape in sweden. >> he believes he will be handed over to washington, and has agreed to face questioning but only from within the embassy, and only by central london qaadirian prosecutors. wikileaks organization posted thousands of secret american government files on the internet, exposing classified and often embarrassing details about world governments he has always said he would leave the embassy if he lost his appeal, he now expected to demand the right to travel to ecuador, where he has been granted asylum. but whereas the ruling isn't binding they will say they will make every effort to arrest him. lee barker, al jazeera, the embassy, london. >> more than 1 million people
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are expected to visit colon for carnival week. they are anxious after allegations of sexual assaults there dominic cane reports. but this year, the festivity is tempered with concern over public safety. the allegations of mass sexual and physical assault linger on. why some people have altered their outlook others have not. >> no my friends drink was spiked she had to go to the camp and now we are on our way home, we will be happy once we are home. >> to some degree i would say there's been out of stress, there's a lot of police
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around, so that is okay. >> i would say it is never been so empty on carnival, but we had fun anyway, and keep on going in the hopes that nothing will happen. >> following the events the authorities here drew heavy criticism. but it developed even cost the local police chief his job. so now, this carnival is an opportunity to police believe to demonstrate that they can safeguard their city, and all the rev hers here for carnival. >> to that end, they have drafted in 2.5000 offices deployed in and around the city center. and extensive c.c.t.v. network, allowed them to monitor many different sites. but they are very much aware that the eyes have been drawn to their city. we are doing everything to re-establish colonias a wonderful city, with openness, tolerance and multiculturism, many people
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of different nationalities are celebrating together, this is our tradition, to sing songs during our carnival. people can come here, we are doing all in our power as a safe city. >> officials estimate that carnival week will bring way more than 1 million revelers to the streets. weather the police can re-establish this city's safe reputation. will soon be clear. dominic cane, al jazeera, colon. >> there's been violence in greece during a nationwide strike, against economic reforms. some protestors threw stones at police and then set fire to cars from athens john has more details. >> this is a parade of broken promises, everybody here has a story to tell, this small group represents private day care centers, they were
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promised government money if they took in children whose parents couldn't pay so promise free benefits to members of society, families and entrepreneurs that cannot be met is one more lie in this orchestrating massive deceit. pensioners have already seen their benefits cut. >> when we apply for our pensions we do so under certain legislation, so we are entitled to receive the money. >> caesar came to power a year ago to end austerity, now it is the enforcer of austerity, it says it's $93 billion loan will be greece's last bail out. but the proposed overall of social security which is a key condition for that loan, was the spark for this unrest. >> this general strike has broad support for the middle class and the country side, particularly self-employed professionals and farmers it is they who comprise the taxpayers who would be called
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upon to pay 27% of their income for health coverage and pension contributions effectively doubling their taxation. >> the head of the athens bar association says a lawyer earning $22,000 now spends 54% of that income on taxes and social security. >> under the proposed law, it would rise to 69% all these demands won't be met, the result will be a very large number of professionals will simply leave the economy. and won't pay taxes and social security, because we won't see any choice. the whole system will collapse, because if it is not realistic it doesn't take into account the ability to pay. >> widespread tax evasion would underpine the purpose of the law. so caesar might end up following a well traveled path, squeezing more money from a smaller economy al
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jazeera, athens. >> israel has suspended the detention of a palestinian journalist who has been on hunger strike for more than two months. mohammad has starved himself in protest against the law that allowed israel to hold suspects without trial. meanwhile, two israeli teenagers found guilty have been sentenced, 16-year-old mohammad was kidnapped beaten and burned to death, one of the convicted teens received a life sentence. oil around the world, oil producing countries and companies are reeling from the record plunge in the price of oil. al jazeera reports from nigeria where the crash has hit the economy hard. >> brings for his country's main export, oil, have fallen. and the impact has being felt
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in nearly all parts of the economy. our shortage of foreign exchange and subsequent falling of the value of the local currency, has driven inflation up. the daily producers sees an open, the products are competitive. >> this is forces an opportunity, because the competitors into our country. and they have an important exchange, and we are locally -- local currency, before now we could not compete be a farmer. in our own environment. >> the government is looking to entrepreneurs like him to boast the economy. >> this is 3,000 litters of milk a kay into a variety of dairy products, nigerian imports $1.3 billion worth of daily product each year so the government is setting aside millions of dollars to
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produce more, hoping they can help produce the imports and conserve the fewer dollars now being earned by government in all revenues because of low prices. the process here sell out quickly. the government says business is like this will save the day but others have worned that a golden opportunity to diverse fighter the economy has been missed they have asked us to surpass many other countries. and compete and advance, but we missed that opportunity. but hope is not lost. >> for now his be business is going, he is in talk with two potential investors and the supply of raw materials is no longer limited to his range. that's what the government is hope canning be replicated all over. but with poor infrastructure, everyone here knows the odds
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are stacked against businesses for now. al jazeera, kabul nigeria. >> much more on our website, the address on your screen right now, >> this week on "talk to al jazeera", singer / songwriter and artist nona hendryx. >> taking risks, sometimes it's, you know, doing that, i find something that didn't exist for me. or i can create something that nobody else will. >> she's best know for being one third of the famed group labelle. lady marmalade was their biggest hit. but it was just one of many that topped the charts. she grew up in new jersey,