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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  February 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. describes north korea's long range rocket launch as a direct threat. you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up a growing humanitarian crisis along syria's border with turkey. thousands of refugees have gathered. ankara says it will not abandon them. an agreement is reached on a provisional government in haiti but not everyone is satisfied. plus. we're in rio where even the zika
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virus can't put a dampener on carnival first to the u.n. where the security council has strongly condemned pyongyang's long range rocket launch. north korea state tv said a rocket carrying an earth observation satellite had been put successfully into orbit. it has brought condemnation from many countries, including south korea, japan, u.s. and russia a. the security council said they had violated four separate u.n. resolutions. it is described as a direct threat. there is rallying in the council to take an aggressive response. >> pyongyang claims it launched what it called a peaceful earth observation satellite but nobody is fooled. so-called space launch vehicles are the same technology as
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ballistic missiles which are expressly prohibited by multiple security resolutions. we're looking forward to expeditiously consulting with our colleagues in the coming days and we will be looking to outline council members to unite around a swift and aggressive response to the dprk's repeated violations that constitute this very direct threat to global peace and security our correspondent is at the united nations for us and sent this report. >> reporter: ambassadors and diplomats rushing into the security council chamber for an emergency meeting. >> weakness is simply not an option. >> reporter: after the closed door meeting the security council offered strong condemnation and promised a new resolution. sam an that power, the u.s. ambassador to the u.n., said it was more than just a provocation, but also a direct threat that advanced north
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korea's nuclear ambitions >> pyongyang claims it launched what it called a peaceful earth observation satellite. but nobody is fooled. so-called space launch vehicles are the same technology as ballistic missiles which are express prohibited by multiple security council resolutions. we're looking forward to expeditiously consulting with our colleagues in the coming days and we will be looking to all council members to unite around a swift and aggressive response to the dpc's repeated violations that kon city substitute this-- constitute this threat to peace and security. >> reporter: it says they wanted to fire a rocket, and they didn't wait long. it lifted off. now the west is hoping for an equally quick response. the u.s. and china were still at work on a resolution in response
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to north korea's nuclear test last month, but progress was slow. now the question for the u.s. and its allies is whether china, north korea's strongest backer, will agree to stiff new sanctions. >> a new resolution that will do the work of reducing tension, of working towards nuclearisation, encouraging a solution. >> reporter: the rocket launch violated four different u.n. security council resolutions. now with another resolution being worked on and pyongyang threatening more rocket launches, the pressure is on diplomats here to figure out what, if anything, will finally convince north korea to stop because up until now all threats have fallen on deaf ears now to the latest on the
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deteriorating humanitarian situation in syria where government forces backed by russian air power has been intensifying their campaign against i.s.i.l. in aleppo. it is not clear just how many people are at the border crossings. estimates vary between 10 to 35,000. aid trucks from turkey have been delivering supplies to the syrian side but for now ankara are not letting them in. there are 350,000 people living around aleppo itself and there are grave fears for their safety. doctor without borders said a food and water crisis is looming. >> reporter: the border may be closed for people, but we've seen an instead line of trucks coming in and out all day. what we've also seen is steel structures on the back of trucks
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which appear to be scaffolding material to continue building the tents inside. we spoke to turkey's disaster management agency. they tell us they believe around 10,000 people are on the other side of that border. he says they're registering them because there is a security concern as well. they want to manage the situation, but they say they're perfectly well prepared to deal with them there as they are here when it comes to deal with supplies, relief and blankets, but it is very cold at night. there are no plans to open this border but we did hear from the turkish president today that he expected a potential of 70,000 people to come over the next few days or weeks if this offensive continues. that is showing no signs of letting up. if need be turkey will open their borders in the province of aleppo, it is entering the third week. the army has taken rebel territory and disrupt supply lines and they're advancing towards the turkish border.
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a report from southern turkey. >> reporter: the air strikes are intense. the aim of the syrian government is to weaken the offences. it is on the only route in and out of rebel held districts inside the divided city. >> translation: the regime already cut off in the northern countryside. for now the only life line for the will rebels is the other crossing. if the regime takes it there will be no way to send reinforcements. >> reporter: it is one of two crossings the opposition controls along the turkish border. it is not far from the south-western countryside of aleppo where the government and its allies have been on the offensive. the syrian government an russia have made clear that they will not accept any ceasefire until the turkish border is sealed. in fact, they are trying to make that happen. the offensive in aleppo is not just about laying siege to the
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opposition controlled districts in the city. it is about recapturing syria's border with turkey. >> reporter: the only dor der crossing under the control is close to the sea. it is in latakia where there has been a major government offensive for weeks to seize the rest of the province's borders. the government and its allies are not the only forces on the ground fighting for the border. >> reporter: the kurdish party have pushed from their enclave in aleppo. they have captured two towns from the opposition. the regime also wants to enter the crossing itself. >> reporter: it is now a place of refuge for the thousands who have escaped from the offensive. it is just a few clms from the crossing. government troops are not far. neither are the y.p.g. kurdish fighters. it is not clear if they are actively cooperating, but what
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is clear both sides are battling for control of the border the united arab emirits is ready to send ground troops to syria to fight i.s.i.l. they're already part of the bombing campaign against i.s.i.l. in syria and iraq. the government is damascus says it will regard any attempt to send troops as a hostile act. moving to haiti where president martelly is due to step down on sunday after a last minute deal to install a new government. there are fears of violence. haiti's run off election is scheduled for april 24. more from the capital. >> reporter: this was supposed to be a celebratory day here in haiti. the president was supposed to hand over power to another
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elected president. there was a carnival celebration planned for tonight. instead the president is ending his five-year term with a lot of uncertainy and anger and the carnival celebration for sunday night has been cancelled due to concerns over safety. this is what is happening so far in terms of the way forward. the president and the parliament have reached an agreement. the parliament will elect an interim president and then on april 24 there is slated to be another presidential run off and election and the winner of that election will become the president to take power in mid-may. the opposition is against this agreement. they believe that the efforts to bring the president into power is fraudulent. they're asking for an independent investigation to be conducted. the big question now is what happens next. will there be more protests. there have been weeks of protests in the country. some of them violent.
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the concern that there will be more in the coming days. there was supposed to be a carnival celebration on sunday evening and that has been cancelled a mother and child has been killed in an air strike in the city of derna in eastern libya. two fighters were also killed. it is understood that air forces loyal to the general launched the attack destroying several homes and a local hospital. a second autopsy on the body of an italian student killed in egypt found he suffered inhumane animal like violence. he was discovered after nine days after reported missing. the victim's body showed signs of a brutal beating and torture. a second autopsy was performed in rome. spanish police have arrested seven people suspected of sending money and bomb making
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material to fighters in syria and iraq. five of the suspects were syrian i can't, jordanian and moroccan descent. there's more to come for you on the program this hatch our. a push to retake yemeni capital from houthi rebels. we will tell you about the widening crack in europe. there is the hungarian government is undermining the presence of the media and the courts. courts.
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welcome back. your watching al jazeera. the u.n. security council has strongly condemned north korea's long range rocket launch. it is described as a direct threat. turkey says it might open its gates to the thousands of syrians stranded on the border but only in the event of an extraordinary crisis. haiti's government greece on an interim leader just hours before the president is due to step down. moving to taiwan now where rescue workers are continuing to pull survivors from the rubble of a collapsed build in tainan. an earthquake on saturday brought a number of buildings to the ground. 32 people have so far been known
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to have been killed >> reporter: conditions for the rescue team are getting harder. hang in there, a rescuer shouts, we will soon get you out. >> translation: people are trapped in very small spaces and we can't use big machinery down there. we mostly dig with our hands. >> reporter: around edges of the site, relatives of the missing have been waiting anxiously for the news since the earthquake on saturday morning that caused this complex to crumple in seconds. this man believes they're looking in the wrong place and urges them to look again. this woman is looking for her three month old baby who was being cared for by her sister. she still can't understand what happened. >> translation: it's the construction company's fault. other buildings didn't collapse like this one. >> reporter: many are now saying
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the complex was poorly designed and poorly built. in the local lapping it is called a tofu building. it has no structure and when it shook it simply toppled over. now exposed in the ruins these are tin cans that had been used in place of concrete on at least several floors. local media have also been focusing on how the building resulted with the ground floor turned into commercial space that may have weakened it further. a concern is how the authorities in this area didn't prevent such alterations. >> translation: the local prosecutor's office are doing a full investigation and they have come here to collect evidence. >> reporter: as that investigation ramps up, so the search of the building continues with the likelihood of finding more bodies than survivors
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now to the second of our four-part city about the widening cracks in the european union. the difficulties are not just refugees, but also russia's involvement in other countries. >> reporter: in the studios here they are never quite sure whether the next broadcast may be their last. openly critical of the government, the station has lost most of its advertising and had its frequencies reduced. >> i have the fear that these guys and especially our prime minister believe that first of all they can do what they want, they're so full of hatred, they hate their so-called enemies. they believe that everybody who
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does not think the same way as they do are the enemies. >> reporter: in parts of central and eastern europe among fully fledged members of the european union, the politics have been taking route. >> he confessed that his models are putin, erdogan and other successful leaders. the biggest danger of this model is getting attractive for others. why not to use it? >> reporter: poland does appear to be doing just that. restricting judicial and media freedoms and with others complete the so-called group, all four countries pushed back last year against the e.u.'s
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planned refugee quota system. last summer the highways and railway stations were packed with refugees most making their way to germany. now they are nowhere to be seen. they have been cleansed with the balkan sealed by razor wire. the country's small resident community has noted a rise in hate crimes and death crimes. >> translation: the government communicated the immigration equals the arrival of islamic terrorism into the country. they even justified it with the paris attacks. if you repeat something, often enough people will believe it. >> reporter: i put those concerns to the government's chief spokesman. >> it is most definitely is not anti religious. integration of muslim people in
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earn europe is unsuccessful. this is the case in most countries for the past decades, then you're talking about reality. >> reporter: what the government calls reality others might call islamaphobia and it is a growing problem across much of europe. jonah hull you can watch part three of our series on european disunity on monday. the report on how britain could soon vote to leave the e.u. and the rise of the parties who view the refugee crisis as' a threat to the continent. mass done i can't is-- macedonia is building a new fence spreading 35 kilometers. they're insisting that refugees from syria, sdpan and iraq be interviewed before being allowed to enter the country -
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afghanistan. moving to yemen where pro-government forces have made territorial gains in the capital. government loyalists back by a saudi-led coalition say they're sending more reinforcement to capture a city. our correspondent has more. >> reporter: special forces retake coastal areas in this province and advance towards the port city which is a shia houthi rebel stronghold. it is also home to yemen's biggest oil refinery and its sea port is crucial for all exports. the houthis and their ally still have troops stationed in the area. losing the city and its sea port is likely to undermine their chances of getting supplies of weapons from abroad.
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>> translation: we are making major gains in the province. the army is tightening the grip on the coastal province and they will make sure they won't receive weapons from iranians. >> reporter: as fighting in the coastal areas continues, pro-government troops are on the move. they are now in control of an area a few kilometers from the capital sanaa. this is where the future of this city may be decided. special forces loyal to the president have led siege on a military base on the city's outskirt. the push by government loyalists is a significant development since the houthis took over sanaa in september 2014. backed by a saudi-led coalition, these fighters say they are determined to continue the fight until their rivals surrender or
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face defeat. the coalition has intensified its air strikes hoping to force the houthis into retreat. the shia rebels and former president remain defiant. they say they are determined to fight to defend the areas that they control algeria's parliament has passed a new constitution that aims to revamp the military system. analysts have cast doubt whether it will end the grip on power. more than a third of adults in the u.s. say they're neither republican nor democrat. they have told they want a third political party. >> reporter: anyone born in the u.s. has the right to run for
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the president. this health food restauranteur is one of 1500 elected for election in 2016 >> it's the american dream. the challenge is for the people, they want a regular citizen governing our country. we have to change the system. if a hardworking american can't become president, that makes up 99% of the cub. >> reporter: study after study has shown that the promise in the american dream disappeared. election after election has shown that only a few can eviablely run for the country's highest office. >> we need a new way forward that is not brought and paid for by predatory banks and war profiteers. >> reporter: she was the 201 candidate and hopes to be in
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2016. she was on the ballot. even if a third party navigates 50 sets of electoral rules to get on each state's ballot. tv station are hostile. green parties are alleging in court that the presidential debate commission is rigged to ensure only two parties are heard. third parties hope that social media which has proved effective in bringing issues like race inequality will make a difference amid growing discontent with the republicans and democrats. >> we dont know the berlin was going to come down and it did. things do eventually change. >> reporter: for the greens it is notable because bernie sanders's platform is similar to theirs. it will ensure he is not the nominee, but even if he is it
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would be one man against machinery opposed to his goals >> it's like helping a friend break up with an abusive relationship. how long will you keep making excuses for a political party that is pushing you over the cliff. >> reporter: bloomberg the billionai billionaire said he wants to run. they say a break through it possible >> that is perfecto brazil is facing its worst recession in decades and one of its largest public health emergencies in recent memory. even fears about the epidemic about the zika virus are not stopping brazilians going to the streets for carnival >> reporter: a crowd of an estimated 100,000 jumps and
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sings to the intoks indicating-- intoxicating music. it is carnival, the largest, loudest and longest street party in the world. nothing can stop it. not brazil's economic recession and not even an epidemic of the zika virus. >> translation: it is part of the braz yilian-- brazilian soul. >> reporter: during carnival the country comes to a standstill except for people's feet to the rhythm of samba. >> reporter: it is not just here in the city, all over the country. people are trying to put aside their troubles and party for an entire week as though there were no tomorrow. in north-eastern brazil where
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the zika virus hit hardest and thought to be linked to thousands of death, carnival is providing much needed cheer. it is a tradition cultivated from cradle to tomb. >> we have to continue singing and dancing. >> reporter: nothing seems to be too wild. this woman came as her idol. >> we have to forget the problems that we have and enjoy >> reporter: that's what's worrying health officials. the zika virus has been found in saliva, so they are cautioning people to refrain from the tradition of kissing total strangers, but it is a recommendation many are forgetting during this week when everything except having fun seems to have been forgotten
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there's more on our website. is our address. blogs from our correspondents, videos and everything on what we're covering. tonight candidates continue to drop out of the presidential race but i will is a former democratic governor if he plans to jump in. in our panel, should americans be publicly shamed into voting. our final thought. hey, airlines thank you for the pretzels. i'm adam may. with the primary season underway the losers are starting to pile


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