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tv   Third Rail  Al Jazeera  February 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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there's more on our website. is our address. blogs from our correspondents, videos and everything on what we're covering. tonight candidates continue to drop out of the presidential race but i will is a former democratic governor if he plans to jump in. in our panel, should americans be publicly shamed into voting. our final thought. hey, airlines thank you for the pretzels. i'm adam may. with the primary season underway the losers are starting to pile up while the survivors are
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struggling to define themselves to an angry electorate. >> i am very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pack, who is not raising huge amounts of money from wall street >> i don't think these attacks by insinuation are worthy of you. enough is enough. if you've got something to say, say it directly joining me now is the former governor of montana. good to you have you with us here on third rail. >> good to be back let's start with this. to put it gently you've had a complicated relationship with this presidential campaign. you considered running at one point, you came out to endorse o'malley. now he is out who are you supporting? >> to start with i don't take it seriously that i said i was running. martin o'malley is out. i haven't made up my mind which
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one, but i can tell you this. the longer there is a democratic primary the better it is not only for a democrat on to win the white house but for democracy. as i watch these debates between democrats and the debates between republicans i like what i hear from the democrats. as donald trump said in the art of the deal, he said that good publicist is better than bad publicist but bad publicity is better than no publicist at all. as long as they're explaining that we're trying to help the middle-class through making education more affordable and raising the wages for people who work for a living in america. that's good for the democrats. the problem is if this primary were over in a week or ten days, then the democrats sort of go dark until september and the republicans for better or worse will have all of the news cycle
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and even bad publicity is better than none i know you call yourself a progressive now that o'malley left the race. why aren't you endorsing bernie sanders? >> give me time to grieve would you. please. these are odd times. when you hear the republicans debate one another, what they say is, "i have no experience. i am the outsider", says marco rubio who has been in government his entire professional career ted cruz says "i am the outsider". except he has been drawing a government pay check most of his career. over on the democratic side you have bernie sanders who apparently people think is the outsider, but he has been, well, elected for 25 years. he was the mayor, he was a congress man and u.s. senator.
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he has been in elected politics twice as long as hillary clinton has. these are odd times. it is as if somebody is applying for the president of general motors senator sanders is lows to you on a lot of-- close to you on many issues, breaking up the big banks staying out of the middle east. don't you see he mirrors a lot of the things that you would like to see done and move forward in this party? >> he is absolutely correct when he says we made a big step forward with the affordable care act, but many are disappointed we didn't challenge how much we pay. the biggest problem with health care is we pay twice as much as the rest of the industrialized world. while we helped low income people get health care through insurance, the problem is we didn't decrease the cost of health care. we took your taxpayer dollars and giving to insurance doctors. they're not doctors or nurses.
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that would combine the effort of medicare and medicate and veterans administration for a public option and you can either use your dollars and spend it with an insurance company or buy yourself into the public option. that makes sense. as a public option we would negotiate to buy our medicine, negotiate to buy medical devices. we have a system now that doesn't negotiate to buy that medicine isn't single pair that a promise that can't be kept? >> i don't know why. every other country has got one. we will get there. how long does it take? nearly 50% of the america has their health care coming from the government right now. we're about 50% there. what i suggested is if you want to buy private insurance, buy it. if you want to buy your way into
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the public option. do it. you know what that will do is it will force government to compete with private industry. so that when you buy yourself into the public option if they're not providing a good quality health care to you and your family, you will switch and go to the other system. that will force accountability and that's what i support clinton and sanders are talking of universal health care, but hillary clinton is the most experienced candidate given her track record, her whole concept of trying to be a realist and compromise, doesn't she have a better chance of getting things done than sanders and all of his retrospect p progressive rhetoric? >> it could be. there's a lot of rhetoric to go around. i think what we have to-- at the end of the day don't people want to see things get done and how do we get these
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things done? who can best get something done for the democrats? >> how about somebody that is not transactional. i want a president who literal stands up to the interests and say before they're elected i'm not taking your money. when i ran from governor i didn't take a penny and i did that for eight years. if you don't take money from those special interests, after you're elected when they say "remember when we were there for you, now we need a little something". you say, "excuse me, i'm responsible for taking all the people not just the corrupt cess pool of corrupted dc". i hear what they say about that, but it is transactional politics. if you're raising a lot of money from special interests, the implied consent is that they're going to have an opportunity after you're elected are you talking about the
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$675,000 that hillary clinton got from a speech? she wasn't in office at the time. what was wrong with her taking the money? >> no. that's not right. i didn't say anything about gold man sachs or that amount of money. i am talking about super packs, money that comes from lobyists. when president obama ran he said that he is not taking money from lobyists and they're not going to have a role in his administration. while he tried his level best it wasn't long before they sort of the sewer seeped into the white house like it had in previous administrations. it is much better than it has been, but we have to keep our defenses up. there is one% of america that controls our left and right. we need people following the
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people that they elect you look at the bernie sanders campaign and this seems to be the year that idea illists. why aren't you running? >> here is what i like about bernie. if you don't shoot for the middle of the target you're not going to hit it. that's what bernie is saying. this is where we want to get to. when the media and other people out there say, well, is that realistic? i don't know. was president kenfedy realistic when he said we're going to the moon. was he being realistic? no-one had an idea. he wasn't alegislative when we landed on the-- alive when we landed on the moon. we need leaders who challenge us to be greater and bigger and do more. no to say i can make a deal. i can do that at the hardware
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store it sounds you're alluding to clinton. if this was coming down to clinton against trump, would jump in? >> not at all. i'm going to vote for a democrat because i understand how important the job is and it has more to do with appointments that you make. i want to make sure that we have the right people that are running in interior, agriculture and defense of the i want to make sure that we have a department that takes care of all. a supreme court justice that will represent the interests of the lower class. i will support whoever the nominee is. i like that we will have a long enough process that that the values of the democrats against those, or the lack of the
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republicans does he have momentum behind him and could he make it to the white house? >> dang tooten. whoever wins this has a 50% or better chance. the odds of one party holding on for 12 years ask not that great. you have to take everybody very serious. if you're a republican and you're voting for donald trump or whoever, you might be voting for the next prime minister of the u.s. you have to remember that before your vote thank you for your time >> good visiting the third rail panel is coming up next. >> you're coming to school drunk you're in a lot of trouble why not use a breath lieser to try to figure out what is happening >> this is awful. >> we do not want to make our kids scared to go to school.
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welcome back to third rail. ted cruz won the iowa caucus but some are questioning his tactics, including a controversial mailer. >> secretary of state of iowa sent out a mailer >> it shows people with failing voters records >> voter violation. you have an f. it is so dishonesty >> their action shaming people. >> trying to put fear on voters a great panel this week. the executive director of the perception institute which uses cutting edge research to reduce discrimination. a comedian and professor and the
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editor in chief of reason magazine. let's look at the real big picture here and put the controversy aside on these mailers. we're talking about 54% of the voting aged americans cast a ballot. don't they deserve to be shamed? >> inherent in the right to vote is the right not to vote. if you look at the field and you decide not to participate, that's an exercise of your democratic right. this is probably why sanders is having such support. when you look at the system and it doesn't work for you, your option is to look for a candidate that voices those or not vote at all. i have friends that don't vote. i believe it is right, even if you write in an fictional name
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talking about using pure pressure in this scenario, you're telling your neighbors what you're doing, is this big brotherish? >> no. not at all. the science that he tried to use for this campaign actually suggested that when you say you should be keeping up with the joneses, even in terms of voting, you are demoralising people. the political science equivocal indicates-- equivocates whether it is effective. the mail ears may be one thing but the shame plus getting people to term people out to vote is important what about this information as public record. it wasn't through any illegal means. is it right to use it? >> i think it will provoke this to stop being public report. the state democratic party used this in the november 2014 elections saying we know you're going to vote and we're watching
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you. it is public record which is good to investigate donald trump's past voting record which is quite colorful but there is something inherently creepy about doing that and why should, whether i voted or not, be public record. not voting is part of our god given rights. don't vote it only encourages them, there's something to be said about that. what we do in that booth should be a totally private exercise if we only have low voter turn out, what you see is the most motivated people turning out to vote and sometimes moderate voices. should we look at incentives for people to come out and vote. what about paying people to vote? a gift card? >> move obstacles to vote. something like 5 million people in florida who have served their
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terms can't vote. remove that barrier to vote. that's more important >> in many countries voting days are holidays. we vote for the president of the u.s. basically from 5 prime minister to 8 prime minister. people get off work. you don't get the day off which affects poor people and people of color. you have all these laws that they're trying to pass around the country. voting is not as easy as we think it is. so people who are poor, who need to work a couple of jobs, they might not be able to vote. there are other countries that have a week for voting. the system is already set up to have less people out at the polls and only people who are more able financially at the poll. >> we're talking about candidates using some very targeted methods around shaming to actually get people out there. >> ted cruz is using science. i thought he didn't believe in science he believes in electoral science.
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he is getting huge credit among political science. when you look at the people who are not turning out to vote, it is that youth vote, is the technology we're using to cast ballots in this country which is antiquated. why not figure out a smart way to put this in your cell phone. >> it's not a bad idea, but let's be honest with. when you were 23, yeah, i'm going to vote. i actually did when i could, but young people are unreliable. that's what they are like. >> they might not have voted for ted cruz or as much, but they are this time around. a lot are going to bernie sanders. they tend to be more for the democratic party >> they went for rand paul. >> sure. >> young people have increased their participation over the ten or 15 years. even before obama they were actually driving out. >> they will be voting for the
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democratic party in large numbers. young people not voting shouldn't be that much of a supplies look at the topic of young people and talk about a high school in upstate new york. they're considering using breath lieser tests. is it an overreach? >> tests for students suspected of being drunk. >> based on slurred speech, inability to follow instructions or watery eyes. >> i can see people will be offended by it if students show up to school shouldn't they be disciplined and why not use a breathaliser. >> where is this information going to go? i prefer to see treatment as opposed to punishment the horrible thing about this is that it's hardly the
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worst of the current practices right now. you can't constitutionally conduct random drug test in any student who engages in extracurricular activities. that means chess club, having a parking space. there was a school where they say welcome back to sdool. 85% of the student population was eligible for random drug testing, just by going to a public school. this is a total invasion of privacy the supreme court has upheld it. one in five students are being randomly drug tests. two times the supreme court has upheld that >> it is constitutional. that is horrifying. it is constitutional and wrong. i don't think there will be a challenge because it has been there two times. it is wrong from a moral standpoint. if you're looking at if functionally. who is going to pass the drug test. it is the person on the volley ball team. who is not is the slacker who is
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not joining any of your extracurricular activities. you can't do it to the creepy shut in who doesn't do it. only someone who is involved in extracurricular activity. so high school is analogous to prison or going through a check point let's talk about the dangers of alcohol. it is real and why not use every tool to get students to not drink. >> if teachers are doing their job, they don't need a breathaliser. when you start turning schools into police, not only do you run into problems legally, but also morally. we want to raise our kids to be afraid to going to school when they think they will get arrested? this is a big problem we're facing. it might cause more kids to drop out and more apathy in schooled.
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we're one of the countries that are lessed indicated in the world-- less educated in the world. to make more obstacles for kids to learn and graduate from school, i don't understand it from a moral perspective the law is you have to be 21 to drink. >> it's a bad law. i'm old enough to die and i can't drink. a ronald reagan era high school students off to military students. that's slippery slope. >> the law is that you can't drink until you're 21. that is a dumb law 16-year-olds shouldn't be drinking but that's not the point to me. if they want to drink, they will find places to drink.
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once we start policing them in the school, make them afraid to come to school, you will create a whole generation of kids, if this catches on, that don't want to go to school and drop out. do you want to go through a generation like that? >> if you're coming to school drunk, you're already in a lot of trouble and you have challenges, you're not there to learn, you're having other problems. if we're talking about-- >> well let's treat them, not arrest them >> i think the school should have resources to call someone in are you okay with the breathaliser in the school used as a tool? >> i am okay in certain instances where they know children will be driving, where they know there could be a conflict that could endanger someone's life, if they're tailing gating, at proms. >> i don't want to see breathalisers anywhere.
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it's creepy. random drug testing is a horror and it should be annulled bolished. >> i think once you enter to this idea where schools are acting as the police you have a problem >> zero tolerance policy. what they will do with that data thank you all for being with us. straight ahead, profits for airlines are soaring, but don't expect lower fairs or even more leg room. instead the airlines are bringing back yummy pretzels. my thought next.
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before we go i want to share the final thought. it has been a great time to be a top executive with one of the four major u.s. airlines but not so great if you fly coach. the executives have real reason to crow as all reported record profits. 6.3 billion dollars. that's the most earned by any airline ever. in the low end south west still raked in a hefty 2.4 billion. you might be wondering how does it trickle down to the passengers in coach. after more than a decade of mergers, they're finally going
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to get something. no, not those extra if you inches of leg room, not an end to the surcharges for luggage. the peshawarings coming back to-- perks coming back. it's free snacks again. come april passengers will get free pretzels. not to sound cynical, but they make you trirsty-- thirsty enough to make you have to have a drink. you might remember the names u.s. air, continental, north-west, airtran. i spoke to an airline analyst who predicted exactly what we're seeing right now, less competition, equal high prices and less service. a fair deal for airline
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passengers, perks bigger than a bag of pretzels. that would be really third rail. announcer: this is al jazeera. hello, welcome to the newshour, i'm in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. >> each of the illegal actions requires a robust response the u.n. security council prepares for new sanctions against north korea after its illegal long-range rocket launch. syrian government forces scale up their assault to recapture alpo


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