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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 8, 2016 2:00am-2:31am EST

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37 people have been killed. the mayor says that number is likely to rise. it has been a grim start to the chinese new year. rob mcbride reports.
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>> reporter: on new year's day, people take off work. this temple is probably the busker than most. it is a focal point for many of the charities and volunteer groups that have come along to lend their support to this rescue effort. also ordinary people coming here to make their offerings. in some ways this chinese lunar new years has a shadow cast over it. people have been stirred into action to come to this communal effort to give whatever effort they can while there is still a chance for people to be recovered. >> translation: i pray for alall the people trapped. >> translation: i pray to god there will be more survivors. >> reporter: rescuers are wrestling with the decision of whether to bring in heavy lifting gear to get to some of
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the upper parts. they have resisted because it may cause a further collapse losing the very people that they're trying to save. we're coming to a critical point now. it is into day 3. if people are trapped, they can't survive for longer than three days without food and water if there are people burden e eat down soldiers have been killed on a suicide attack on an army bus. 18 military staff have been wounded. it was a target of soldiers near their military base. taliban has claimed responsibility. tougher sanctions against north korea in the wake of the rocket launch. there has been tension between the south korea and north korea. a patrol boat moved south of the boundary in the sea.
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a north korea pa frol boat came south of the de facto maritime border. at about 6.55am local time. the defense ministry here saying that five warning shots were fired by vessels of the south korean navy and that that boat retreated north of the line. in about 20 minutes the incident was over. a heightened alert status is maintained. there is no schedule for park geun-hye. across asia a big holiday here as well. it south korea says it will
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expand it's loud speaker broadcast in response to the rocket launch. a lot of the focus now as in our countries is concerned on the u.n. security council after that emergency meeting on sunday. a lot of pressure trying to be brought to bear on china to support much tougher new sanctions against nok in response to the january 6 nuclear test and sunday's rocket launch in syria where government forces backed by russian air strikes had intensifying in a campaign to recapture the city of aleppo. they have seized territory as they tried to cut rebel supply lines. the rebel controlled part of aleppo is emptying surrounded and troops are pushing to control the area towards the turkish border. the air strikes are intense. the aim of the syrian government is to weaken the defenses of the opposition before ground forces moved in.
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it is at the north-eastern entrance of aleppo. it is the only route inside the divided city. >> translation: the regime cut off the roads on the northern side. this is the only area for the crossing. there will be no way to send reinforcements is that is blocked out. >> reporter: it is one of the two crossing controlled. it is not far from aleppo where the government and its allies have been on the offensive. >> reporter: the syrian government and its backer russia have made it clear that they will not accept any ceasefire until the turkish border is sealed. they're trying to make that happen. the offensive in the province of aleppo is not just about laying siege to the opposition controlled districts in the city. it is about recapturing syria's bofr der with turkey. the only border crossing close
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to the sea where there has been a major government defensive for weeks to seize the rest of the province's borders. the government and its allies are not the only forces on the ground fighting for the border on high alert for any further what they call provocations from north korea. the defense ministry is [technical difficulties]
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>> even though we're in here, we're still human. >> how harsh conditions affect people on both sides of the bars. >> why did scott take his own life? >> the jail. >> some people might be scared to speak out but i'm not. i'm telling the truth.
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>> reporter: law makers have had an investigation in egypt. may have been tortured. inhuman animal-like violence. the interior minister is determined to find the truth. >> translation: a remain convinced that it is in interests the asisi to get to the truth angela merkel and francois
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hollande have met to discuss refugee issues. there is a strained relation between member states. macedonia started building a new fence to prevent refugees from entering. razor wire fences intended to boost security. more than a million people made the journey into last year with over 800,000 coming in through greece. to the second part of a four-part series on the widening cracks in the european union. the differences are not only about how to deal with millions of new refugees. there are concerns about russia's increasing influence in places like hungary. jonah hull with this report.
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>> reporter: in the stupid yoes here they're never quite sure whether the next broadcast will be their last. the station has lost most of its advertising and had its frequencies reduced >> i have the fear that these guys and especially our prime minister believe that they first they can do what they want. they are so full of hatred. they hate their so-called enemies. they believe that everybody who does not think the same way as they do are the enemies. in parts of central and eastern europe among fully pledged members of the european union the politics of nationalism is taking root. here in hundred garry-- hungary is towed to take his cue from putin. as former foreign minister claims. >> he confessed that his models
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are put in erdogan from turkey and other successful leaders. the biggest danger of this model is getting attractive for others. why not use it. >> reporter: poland doesn't appear to be doing that. restricted judicial and media freedom and with slovakia and cschek republic in the group, they pushed back. last year this was full of refugees but now nowhere to be seen. a country cleansed its southern border with serbia border sealed with razor wire. hungary's prime minister says he is defending the values against
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the mainly muslim refugees. the small muslim community has noted a rise in hate crimes and death threats as a result. >> translation: the government communicated the immigration equals the arrival of islamic terrorism in the country. if you repeat something often enough, people will believe it. >> reporter: i put those concerns to the government's chief spokesman >> it's not anti religious. integration of muslim people in western europe is unsuccessful. parallel societies when you talk attention to the fact. you have reality. >> reporter: what the h hunungarian calls reality is our
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islamaphobia arrests were made in the eastern provinces of spain. suspects were believed to be helping i.s.i.l. recruit women and provide logistical support. hundreds of bosnian protesters have met in relation to a ban on wearing the hijab in institutions. it outlaws watering catholic or orthodox crosses. independent voters who are not dedicated to republicans or democrats could have a big say in who wins. there are a huge number of voters to be swayed. >> reporter: it is a state that prides itself on a pioneer state. they pride themselves in vetting
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p.m.ed candidates. the first election deciding who goes on from here and who doesn't make the cut. >> reporter: that is the candidates chasing the independent vote. they have to convince the party faithful that they're true to their beliefs while recruiting others into the voting booth. it is estimated 40% of the amount of voters describe themselves as independence. when it comes to the primary they can choose which party to support, republican or democrat and which candidate gets their vote. this is a former republican. she judges candidates on where they stand. >> most parties are predictable because they follow party lines and stay in the line. independent voters are swayed by so many things that candidates have to be on their game in order to sway voters. party line won't do it. >> reporter: there's a growing sense of frustration and
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disappointment in parties. one analyst believes many rarely switch allegiance but like the idea of calling themselves independent >> a lot of research has found that most people who say they're independence are consistent for voters of one party or another. they still like to think of themselves as independents saying i'm an independent but i have just voted republican in the last seven elections. the belief beyond that matters to a lot to these voters. >> reporter: you can't just bank on the party's base to be carried to victory. they don't always win their party's nomination. it remains an important stop on the road to the white house in sport the denver broncos have won center bowl 50 on
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sunday. that's the third n.f.l. champion ship. lan delicatessen lak was there. >> reporter: there you have it super bowl 50 with the denver broncos beat the panthers. a supplies result. carolina was favored to win, but they couldn't take the game. it has been a rather successful event this year, the 50th, n.f.l. pulled out all the stops. there were plenty festivities around the area. san francisco was the co-host, a big fan zone on the water front that had music and cheering, cheer leaders, of course. there was a good security presence as well, not because of any specific information that might go wrong but being kraushs. this is a grand national party
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here and in the end that's what mattered the most to people. it wasn't the xooif of games, defense ich football never is, but in the end the parties took place, the fireworks went off, the fans were happy, the losing fans, well, they've got another year to look forward to plenty more news on line kwhvr you want. it's at tonight candidates continue to drop out of the presidential race but i will is a former democratic governor if he plans to jump in. in our panel, should americans be publicly shamed into voting. our final thought. hey, airlines thank you for the pretzels. i'm adam may. with the primary season underway the losers are starting to pile up while the survivors are