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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  February 14, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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this is al jazeera. hello. this is the newshour live from london. coming up in the next sixty minutes: turkey shells kurdish fighters in syria as they take grounds from other opposition groups. the poll did have closed in a presidential return-off election seen as vital to central african republic's hope for peace. why the death of a u.s. supreme court judge maz led to political disagreement over his replacement pope francis
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celebrates mass. a likely push to win the english premier league has suffered a setback. they have been beating 2-1 by rivals arsenal who are two points off the top. the stand-off between turkey and kurdish fighters in northern syria is intensifying as the turkish army continues to shell positions occupied by kurdish fighters for the second day running. turkey wants syrian kurdish ypg fighters to withdraw from areas they have captured from other groups in northern aleppo province. the ypg who have the support of the u.s. refuse to give up gains and say they have taken another town. the syrian government has now called on the u.n. security council to intervene and stop turkey's shelling in northern syria. zeina hodr reports from the
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area. >> the battle for the northern corridor, opposition groups are still holding out government's ground forces are just a few kilometers away and the kurdib armed group, the ypg, is approaching from the east. turkey stepped in for a second day. itshelled positions of the ypg and allies causing casualties. artillery bombardment is not just a message to a group turkey calls a terrorist organization. close to the border. >> the ypg will immediately withdraw from azez and the surrounding area and will not go close to it again. it will nots attempt to shut their corridor ever again. it will not have delusions of using base to attack the opposition. >> over receipt days, the ypg and its alleys cap tufrd ground from syrian armed groups backed
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by ankara the syrian's government pushed backed up by russian jets against those same opposition groups across alleppo. province, the u.s. in the fight against isil has called on the kurds to stop taking ground. the group says it doesn't plan to retreat. >> we recently captured the air base and are close to capturing the next area. we want to fight this terrorist group. turkey wants us to return. this won't happen. we are advancing. we won't retreat. >> the advances by both the government and the ypg are putting pressure on the opposition. many observers believe the ypg drawn from syrian kurds is linked to the pkk, the kurdistan worker's party in turkey. syrian opposition fighters know that alliances could be shifting. >> we are being stabbed in the back in the northern countryside where the pkk and it's ally, they took advantage of the fact we were fighting on two fronts
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against the regime and isil. >> a new front opened in a complicated war. >> the policy has been clear from the beginning. it wants regime change in syria and to prevent a kurd ish state from being created along its border. it wants a safe zone along the syrian side of the border to serve as a buffer to protect its interests. so far, the international community has not accepted that demand. turkey's latest actions serve as a message that it will stand by its red line. >> for the government, one of those lines is azez, a rebel controlled town a few kilometers from the border. turkish officials have promised to protect the area. for now, apart from shelling ypg positions, ankara has few positions because russia controls the skies al jazeera, southern turkey. >> let's go live to a former military officer and security monitor. he joins us from estialbul.
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thank you very much for speaking to us. how far is turkey -- >> thank you for having me. >> taking military intervention in northern syria? >> first, i have to start with this: for almost two weeks, the unfolding on the ground in syria has been in a sort of rapid fashion. all syrian act orders and those, you know, having stakes in syria, they have been trying to strengthen their positions just before the expected cease-fire call by the united states security council. let me say this: after the downing of the russian war plane in november, ankara lost all standing as an effective playmaker on the ground and in the area of syria. with the shelling, ankara wants to give the message. i want to come back or go back
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to the gate. the thinking is this. ankara afternoon alleppo as the last chance for turkey to make a comeback as an effective actor in syria. ankara fears that if it fails to use it to use the national interest, they will be sidelined in the syrian game. that's why ankara with the shelling wants to give that clear message to all of those actors having stakes in syria that i want to come back to the game. >> reports in the last few minutes say that the prime minister has had a conversation with the german chancellor. he has told her that turkey plans to continue with their shelling in northern syria, but i mean you say they want to send a powerful message. at what point does shelling become something more
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substantial? >> i think with this shelling, ankara wants to put the agency on the ypg: i mean the armed wing of the defactor political controlling northern syria of the kurdish entity. you know the ypg has two or strategic partners, russia and the united states at the moment. so, i think ankara wants to put extra pressure on united states to choose it's each side, to support ypg on the ground or to be with the turkey in the future design of syria. but i also have to emphasize this: pyg might soon have to swallow a pill. i mean pyg has to choose between the united
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states and russia and which one will be the pyg strategic ally on the ground. i know my local sources inform me that a russian aircraft providing support, close air support to the pyg troops on the ground. so, i think -- >> president /* pyg's decision to go with russia or -- >> that's the decision facing but if we look at military action in that area in northern syria at the moment, particularly around alleppo, it's the russians particularly active. if turkey continues down this route -- and we know that the saudis are preparing to perhaps increase their engagement by sending f 16 fighter jets to the air base, if they continue down that route, do the turks risk perhaps some sort of direct confrontation with russia? >> that's likely. i mean i don't think that a ground
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operation is likely. but as you said before, a confrontation on the skies of syria will be likely option because as we know, right now, the soviet aircrafts at the moment, some from qatar, they are also right now, we don't know yet which sort of operational missions will be -- will they be used, but i can say that i think turkey has been trying to create a sort of viable air power, sunni in nature in the fight against isis and to be a sort of independent actor over the skies of syria. >> thank you very much. it was interesting to get your analysis on this. a former military officer and a columnist for our monitor. thank you very much. >> thank you very much, ma'am. >> well, this latest fighting in
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syria comes just days after world leaders agree to work towards a cessation of hostilities in syria. now, an aid convoy carrying medical supplies has entered the besieged syrian city of duma. the area east of damascus has been a defendant rebel strong hold since 2013. the aid consists of medicines and milk for children. according to u.n. figures, nearly half a million people in syria are living in areas besieged by either government or rebel forces. elsewhere, iraqi armed groups are involved until renewed fighting outside tikrit. iraqi groups declared victory but now they say they are coming under daily attacks with fighting concentrated on the oil fields on the outskirts of tikrit. imran khan has been monitoring developments for us from baghdad. >> in april, through much fanfare, shia militia announced they had retaken tikrit.
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today, outside that city, this is the scene. is i felt l which still controls the countryside mounted attacks on the oil fields there. the battle over tikrit is crucial for iraqi forces in their ad vance toward mosul, the second largest city controlled by isil. tikrit is an important hub because it's on the main highway leading to baghdad. oil fields can produce 25,000 barrels a day. >> revenue is crucial. isil hasn't managed to take control of the oil fields but is proving to be a difficult foe for the iraqis. >> every day, we have an attack by isil. you can see them over there. they are using suicide car bombers and motorcycles. yesterday, we had a suicide motorcycle across the canyon but we managed to rep he will the attack. >> further irnorth, isil is in control of the town. some residents have managed to flee, but others remain trapped.
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the escape for those who got out wasn't easy. >> we left in a hurry with total fear. we had to walk through farms to avoid discovery by isil. we managed to escape from them and thank god, we left. >> the civilians who fled a village just outside of tikrit but with isil mounting attacks, how long they will be safe there is not clear. >> no doubt isil fighters are taking advantage of the fact that the iraqi army is stretched and fighting on multiple fronts. the iraqi army says these remnants of fighters mounting attacks in the countryside are simply isil's last stand and they will be dealt with soon. imran khan, al jazeera, baghdad. >> voters in central african republic are choosing between two former prime ministers in a presidential run-off vote election is being held after two years of fighting between muslim and christian communities. bernard smith reports. >> there was frustration with
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delays and long lines of voters in the presidential run-off election in central african republic where polling stations did open on time, they were busy. in the first round, in december, turnout had been strong with nearly 80%. >> was scene as a rejection by voters of the violence that split the country on religious grounds. sunday's vote was also a rerun of the parliamentary election in december. its results were annulled due to irregularities. >> i hope we will finish with these problems once and for all and have a good laugh in the end. >> in 2013, france sentence troops to try to restore order to car after mainly muss let me celica fighters toppled francois bazeze. thousands people have been killed. one in 5 has fled. two christians are facing off as candidates in the run-off
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ballot. first, to tackle corruption, the other says he will bring an investment both the foare forme prime ministers. whoever wins will have the challenge of extending state authority beyond the capitol. fighters control the northeast of the fighter while christians hold sway in the southwest. weapons are easy to get ahold of. according to human rights watch, in the capitol, a grenade is cheaper than a can of coke. bernard smith, al jazeera. >> more to come on the newshour, haiti has a new leader. he has only one 20 days to form a new government and take the troubled country to fresh elections. all eyes are on the red carpet as awards get underway in london. in sport, find out if the defending world champion can beat the weather and his rival at the sweden rally.
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>> hundreds of palestinians have traveled to the gaza border with egypt which is open for the first time this year for just three days. morning 25,000 people hope to use the crossing. some require urgent medical care, but only a fraction of that number have been given permission to cross. a report. >> they have been waiting for days, and some en for years to get out of gaza. now, some palestinians have been able to leave the gaza strip that many more are still waiting and hoping. he script rarely opens its border crossing with gaza. it was sealed after the egyptian military to control in 2013. >> we have over 25 registered humanitarian cases in the gaza strip. our best estimate is that 1,000 will get to travel during these two days which means there will be 24,000 people in need of help still suffering.
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>> this teenager is in need of medical attention. he lost both legs during the conflict in gaza in 2014. more than 2,200 were killed. thousands more were injured. >> he needs surgeries and therapy. we have been trying to get help for more than a year. we have been applying for permits and renewing them. >> nearly half ofgansns are been employed. had they rely on humanitarian help to get by. for some, their only hope is to leave . >> i am a student and today my visa ends. i used to have a residency permit in turkey about it had expired so i renewed my visa. all of this because of the rafa crossing closing. what can i do? >> gaza has been under an economic blockade by egypt and israel since 2007. that's when hamas took control of the strip from the rival faction, fatah. he script and israel regard
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hamas as a terrorist organization. tennessee of thousands are caught in the middle of the political wrangling. >> i have been trying to travel since last year, for eight months. i live in saudi arabia and i almost lost my job because i haven't been able to go back. >> those who don't get out of gaza this time have to face the harsh reality that their freedom movement is decided by others. dorsa jabara, al jazeera. >> palestinian woman has been shot and critically wounded in the occupied west bank city of hebron. israeli police said she tried to attack an officer with a knife. it is the third such incidents in the past 24 hours. earlier, a 17-year-old was killed at a checkpoint near bethlehem. israel says he tried to stab a security guard. two 15-year-old boys were shot in janine after a little bitly opening fire attisitioni soldiers. a spike of violence since october has seen 176
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palestinians killed. 27 israelis have died. hundreds of bahrainy use have taken to the street to mark the 5th anniversary of the 2011 protest. they shouted anti-government slogans mitt by police. a heavy police presence on the anniversary of protests which called for the political change in the island kingdom. shops have closed for a general strike. airstrikes by the saudi-led coalition in yemen have left a number of people dead the a warehouse and a nearby factory in the capitol were hit overnight. the coalition is fighting to restore the government of yemen which was over thrown by houthi rebels. the houthi did say 11 civilians were killed while other reports put the death toll at 2. the request of who will nominate the next justice to the supreme court is occupying democrats and republicans after the death of anton inscalia.
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he was 79 and sat on the most powerful bench in law making in america for 30 years. he pushed in favor of the death penalty and the individual right to bear arms. justice scalia's death was one of the talking points during a particularly recallus debate between presidential hopefuls, alan fisher was at the debate greenville, south carolina, and sent us this report. a moment's silence to mark the death of a supreme court justice announced just before the republican debate and the question of a replacement for anton inscalia dominated early exchanges. the question: could president obama appoint a replacement? >> i think he is going to do with it. i think it's up to mitch mcconnell to stop it. it's called delay, delay, delay. >> i think we ought to let the next president of the united states decide who is going to run that supreme court with a vote by the people of the u.s. of america. >> ted cruz highlighted the political significance 69
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supreme court which decides a important constitutional questions. >> the senate needs to stand strong and say, we are not going to give up the u.s. supreme court for a generation by allowing barack obama to make one more liberal appointee. >> there was a bitter exchange under all of the role the last president played in the role in iraq. jeb bush did he have fended his brother. >> jeb is wrong. he is so wrong. >> a guy who gets his foreign policy from the shows, thinks hillary clinton was a great negotiator in iran. >> this is a man who insults his way to the nomination. >> marco rubio had an awful debate in new hampshire but seemed to get back in the groove launching this attack on ted cruz. >> this is a disturbing pattern now because for a number of weeks now, ted cruz has been telling lies, lied about ben carson in iowa, about parent
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hood, about marriage. he is lying about all sorts of things. now, he makes things up. >> this was a bad night for donald trump. he came under attack for almost everyone. the reality is in south carolina he lives the polls by more than 20 points south carolina senator lindsay gram says it makes the supreme court a huge election issue. >> if you don't win the election, you can't appoint a supreme court justice, so i hope conservatives will look at this as an opportunity to make sure that we nominate somebody that can actually win the white house. >> this was by far the loudest, angriest debate, a sign of how this is tightening. how stakes for the man who want to be president are getting higher. al jazeera, at the cran debate greenville, south carolina. >> john hendren joins us live from washington, d.c. so how fire will the battle to find a replacement for justice
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scalia be? >> well it's started to be a fierce battle. you heard those comments in allen's story this morning. all of the candidates took to the morning talk shows and began spouting their views. the republicans all saying they don't believe barack obama has the right to name a no, ma'mine since he is in the last year of his second term. and, of course, democrats, bernie sanders and hillary clinton said they believe the president is still the president. the constitution says the president nominates the senate connell firms. >> leaves us at something of an impasse. thcampaign has begun. this is a mailer from the democratic party. i got it in my e-mail urging people to write to the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell and ask him to approve or to immediately bring to a vote president obama's nomination. >> nomination hasn't even happened. so we don't know whether it's going to be a liberal or whether president obama is going to try to thread the needle by offering out some kind of consensus candidate but with the republican party moving further
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right, and the democratic party moving further left, that's a wide bridge to gap. it would be difficult for president obama to do that. the senate majority leader and others are saying, they are not going to bring it to a vote anyway. >> as you say, u.s. supreme court justices have to be confirmed by the u.s. senate. tell us about the proceafter ba obama nominates a successor to justice scalia which he has made clear he intends to do. >> normally what would happen is that vote would go to the senate judiciary committee. they would consider it, bring it to a vote before the full senate. in this case, the senate majority leader could just decide not to bring it to a vote or the senate could reject the president president's nominee. this happened to president reagan twice in 1987. his third nominee came out. that was anthony kennedy in november of '87 and was con virmd on february 3rd, 1988.
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that was in his last term. so that's not entirely unprecedented. what president obama is talking about doing even if the republicans say so. thanks very much. john hendren live for us in washington, d.c. pope francis has been addressing thousands of people during a mass in mexico. a sunday service is in a suburb near the capital city which is known as a particularly violent district. on saturday, the pontiff told secular and religious leaders alike they had to stand up to drug trafficking gangs. adam rainey joins me from there in mexico, and how has the mass been going? what have we been hearing from the pope, adam? >> we heard a pretty strong not so veiled message just moments ago in the mass, he warned of mexicans to resist the devil and temptation for wealth and corruption. >> was part of this ongoing message he is delivering trying to tell higher ups in the church, trying to tell his flock
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here in mexico which numbers in the tennessee millions and tell politicians that they must rid themselves of corruption and rid themselves of this playing of criminal violence of this ongoing drug war. so, the mass is we will underway at this clear that the message two days running now is resist temptation to easy money, resist temptation to a life of crime. and perhaps all working together that is the church that will is the state and the millions of people who want a safer mexico. perhaps everyone working together might resolve this crisis for this country. >> perhaps that message resonates that much more in this particular neighborhood. how significant is the location of this mass? and really, one of the most violent towns in the country. >> it is very significant. it has a very high level of homicides. the targeting of women, many
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women have been disappeared in this area and, also, the wider state of mexico that surrounds mexico is it i. there is also these gangs of corrupt police who prey on people, kidnapping people for short-term, taking their vehicle, taking their money, perhaps beating them up. perhaps asking for ransom. so this community of some 1.7 million people is mainly full of hard working, working class people action many of whom commute to mexico city for low-paying jobs and many of whom just want a better life but they are held back by the crime and corruption that is so present here as it is in many communities across country. >> thank you very much, adam rainey live for us there where pope francis continues his mass with a message of really trying to throw his weight behind the fight against corruption and drug trafficking in the country. you can see mistaken thousands have turned out to hear what the post has to say. still to come for you on
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al jazeera, anger in india over the arrest of a students leader. protesters accuse the government of cracking down on dissentence. >> i am jonah hull with the soldiers of odin patrolling the streets of northern finland protecting, they say, the citizens here from refugees. >> in sport, find out if england's rugby player could continue their winning start in six nations's championship.
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>> people loved him. teachers loved him. >> we were walking the river looking for him.
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i knew something was really really wrong. >> all hell broke lose. >> people were saying that we were terrorists. >> how are you providing a cover for your brother to do this? >> we saw the evil side of the social media take off. ♪ welcome back. you are watching the news hour. let's take you through the stop stories. tieshelled kurdish fighters for a second day. the turkish government wants fighters to withdraw polls have closed following a presidential run o'fallon-off. after more than two years of fighting between muslim and christian communities. hundreds of palestinians have traveled to the gaza border with egypt which is open for the first time this year for just
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three days. now, finland's government has announced it will gort around 20,000 refugees, an economic down turn coupled with a small population means finland has struggled to deal with the volume of asylum seekers. for those making the journey to the frozen regions prospects are looking grim. jonah hull reports from northern finland. the influx is causing unease among angel some locals. >> named after a norris god of war, the soldiers of odin take their self appointed mission pretty seriously patrolling the streets of a number of finish towns keeping women and children safe from refugees: about 80% of the refugees armen of fighting age. to me t doesn't look like they need help. >> back in their clubhouse in the woods, they insist they are just concerned citizens, though the nazi-time paraphernalia
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suggests otherwise. >> we only use violence to defend ourselves. if somebody attacks, of course a person has the right to defend himself. if we see a crime taking place, we intervene. >> finland is in economic trouble and the soup kitchens are busy. a cautious welcome in the summer has turned frosty. it's now far more likely than not that asylum seekers will be turned down. >> the main thing is to make good picture for rove ujees. we are good, helping and we are good people. >> helping hundreds of refugees who crowded into this concert hall before formal reception centsers were established. he regrets the change in mood. >> i have heard hundreds stories of why they come, some are true. some are lies. but who has the right to decide?
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that makes me sad especially as a christian. we should help all people. >> well, as the public mood seems to be hardening here in finland towards the refugees t seems that the prime minister, himself, has been forced in to his own about-turn having said that refugees were welcome to come and stay here in his country house in the north of the country, he has now said they can't. ostensibly for security reasons. >> the house is said to be too public. at a refugee center, the tightening controls are sinking in. >> so good people, refugees, there are good people. >> will you respect if it comes to it, a decision to send you home? >> if they send us back, i will respect that, but, you know, we will face death there. yeah. >> you have to wonder why they
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would want to live in the freezing cold anyway. such is the desire for safety. jonah hull, al jazeera, finland. >>matemate haiti haiti's new leader will be sworn in on sunday. lawmakers chose him to fill the power vacuum left by former michelle marcelli who stood down with no successor after botched elections. the major tackle is to organize sfresh elections for april 24th. he will serve for 120 days. more on this now in port au prison. what more do we know about haiti haiti's new leader? >> we are here at haiti's national palace where the former swearing in ceremony is supposed to happen in the coming hours. it's been weeks filled with protests and tension in this country, this volatile country that suffers enormous levels of poverty with people recovering
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from the earthquake that happened in 2010. a person with support among many parties and the community. this is one of the strongest parties in the country, the party of former president john bertrand, widespread sporpt. as you just said the biggest challenge will be to bring stability to this country and, also, to be able to call for elections so that this country has free and fair election which is what people have been demanding on the streets for weeks. >> you say that broad-base political support. what do people say on the streets about him? are they confident this is the man to get it together before the end of april when fresh elections are supposed to take place? >> it depends who you talk to. if you talk to people that support the party, then they are happy. people have been celebrating,
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demanding thing prefer their man, that he is the man who could guide the country toward new elections. when you start talking to people outside of political circumstances, suffering from poverty rovening from the earthquake, haiti is suffering one of the worst security crisis in years around 3 million people so when you talk to them, many have lost hope in haitian politicians. they don't believe anything will change at all much that's the question right now is whether will be able to call for e alikes, that will bring a precedent to this country that will improve people's lives. >> what about the challenges facing the next leader? you are going to have elections on the april 24th. it doesn't give much time to, you know, prepare the country for another election. but, of course, one of the
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challenges he faces, it's going to be that much more difficult for whoever follows him. >> there are many challenges in a country like haiti whereas i said before, 80% of the population still lives in poverty. if something has proven this whole political crisis is how weak institutions still are. he said his main priority right now is to reform the electoral couns council. he said it will be the council who will set the day for the elections. the tentative date is frill 24th. it has you don't know been confirmed elections are going to happen at the time. some experts have telling us preparing elections in a 3-month time is a big challenge for haiti, that this country needs at least six -- nine months so that free and fair elections can happen here. let's remember that word, free and fair elections which has been the dpeem demands on the
1:38 pm
street. >> thank you very much joining us live from port au prince where the new interim leader is expected to be sworn in a bit later on in the coming hours. >> now, skooub has returned a missing missile to the united states after it was mistakenly shipped there in june, 2014. the hell fire air to ground missile was sentence to spain for a training exercise two years ago. it was then taken to germany and on to paris where it was supposed to be flown back to florida. but instead, it was loaded onto a commercial air france flight to havana. cuba said the missile was discovered by customs inspectors and wasn't lifted on the cargo man -- listed on the cargo manifest. they restored relation in july after more than 50 years. steven wilkinson editor of the international study of human studies joins me on skype. how bizarre is this for a hell fire missile to ends up in the
1:39 pm
wrong place? how does something like this happen? >> we don't know. we understand that it was a mistake by baggage handling in paris. anyone who has traveled through paris with air france will know they are notoriously bad. but the truth of the matter is we don't really know why or how this happened. >> why did it take so long to get the missile back? >> well, the missile was held by cuba from july, 2014. the announcement to rye store diplomatic relations and to normal relations or the intention to do so was december, 2014, skooub had the missile for six months about the that you in the relations was announced. presumably talks about the missile have been going on for some time i think it's probably part of the overall strategy of normalizing relations.
1:40 pm
it does mean that the relation between cuba and the united states is improving. >> the fact they were able to resolve this is a sign of improving ties, but it is not often that a hell fire missile goes missing. i know you say they can be notorious for i know efficient baggage handling, but -- air france but nevertheless, this, you know, we are talking about a 5' foot" missile here how much concern would this have caused for officials in the united states? what was the worst-case scenario that could have materialized from something like this? >> there is talk about the cubans being able to glean information from having it in their possession. but as far as we understand, it was a training it missile that was inert, didn't contain explosi explosive. only had a partial guidance system so how security -- securitywise, how embarrassing or dangerous this would be is
1:41 pm
fairly limited, i would suggest. it does appear to be a rather innocuous object. it is slightly embarrassing in that it's a military piece of hardware that seemed to have gone astray. but what is promising is that the two countries managed to resolve this without any problems a all. thank you very much. editor of the international judge of cuban studies, thank you. >> thank you. >> thousands of protesters have taken to the streets ofk capita following the arrest of a student leader. they says part of a clamp down on decent. the government says it is cragging down on what it calls anti national elements. more from new delhi. >> this is one of the most liberal and social lee diverse universities in the country. students are anyone for voicing opinions and being able to to vocalize their thoughts in any forum but they say they are
1:42 pm
worried about speaking their minds after one of their student leaders was arrested on sedition charges. they say there is a serious clampdown on speech. >> every day, we go back to our hostel. maybe a raid. there is a kind of fear and it ends up precisely what the state is wanting to do everything breaks down. >> the general public have joined students and teachers to form this human chain. it's not just this university that's concerned. the whole country is watching these protests very closely. they say these arrests are just the latest example of a growing intolerance under this governme government. >> united nations report says more than 11,000 civilians were killed or injured in afghanistan in 2015. an increase on the year before. moist deaths were caused by groups opposed to the government including the taliban.
1:43 pm
a report from kabul. more civilians were killed or injured in fighting in afghanistan last year than at any time since u.s. and international forces invaded in 2001. the bleak stadistic released in the u.n.'s latest report on civilian casualties in afghanistan. according to the report, more than 11,000 civilians were killed or injured in 2015. among those casualties, more than 3,500 died. the u.n. report blamed the taliban and other anti-government forces for 62% of the casualties. seventeen% of the deaths and injuries were caused by afghan and international forces. nicholas haysom, the head of the assistance mission in afghanistan told a news conference he wants all parties to the fighting to make an effort not to harm civilians. >> until we have a piece agreement, we must call on all
1:44 pm
of those parties engaged in the conflict who have it within their power to reduce the number of civilian casualties to commit to taking every step that will avoid harm and injury to civilians the report comes as the afghan government is pushing to negotiate withtable faxes who want peace while promising to fight those who don't. but the record number of civilians casualties that could insides with an increase in afghan troop casualties injects another element of uncertainty as to afghan security forces' capacity to fight off the insurgency. al jazeera, kabul. >> former u.n. chief kofi anan says africa has an urgent challenge to tackle unemployment. speaking in munich, he said combatting unemployment would help to present young men in africa from joining rebel groups or migrating from the continent.
1:45 pm
groups like boko haram and al shabaab continue to work as destabilizing forces. >> we can not ignore the flag of jihad is being raised. more than a dozen sub s aharan current trees are concerned. tens of thousands have already died. boka haram actually killed more people last year than the islamic state. attacks in many places are a daily or a weekly occurrence. local extremist groups are now linking up with each other across borders and even going global by signing up to franchises of al-qaeda or the islamic state precisely because of these affiliations, they are generally scene through the
1:46 pm
prism of the global war onterro this neg neglects what they have in common with other insurgencies on the continent which has nothing to do with islam. >> dozens of aftershocks continue to shake christ church in knew zealand after a strong earthquake struck on sunday. the magnitude 5.7 quake caused cliftsz to collapse into the sea but no major damage. it came eight days before the anniversary of a 2011quake that devastated christ church and killed 185 people. there is more still to come for you on al jazeera. in london on the red carpet, british film's big knight. >> another early tournament exhibit for rafael nadal.
1:47 pm
1:48 pm
♪ welcome back. stars such as kate blanchet and leonardo di caprio arrived for television awards. joining us live, what are you hearing? who is tipped to win? >> reporter: it's become a bit a cliche. we say this is a tight race. nobody knows who is going to win. this is the first year i can remember where i have spoken to critics about the awards and they have been reluctant to give
1:49 pm
me one nape. maybe two or three options because the competition here tonight really is tight. there are loads of awards up for grabs. some are really getting people's attention. the first is best director there are some names here ridley scott. directing royalty. he is here for the "martian" up against steven spielberg for "bridge of spies." that film is up for a ton of awards. if you would push me, i would say you are probably going to hand out to win that for the revenant. he walked this red carpet hoping to take best intersectp director for "birdman." he got consolation in the academy award for best director. et cetera hoping the revenant will get him best director. it has been spoken about when it talks about leonardo di caprio. steve jobs. slight competition.
1:50 pm
here last year for "the three everything" the danish fiment is not get as much attention the feeling this is his year for the awards. two stand out. bring larsen and kate blanchet for "carol" that's a strong performance for her. no stranger. she was hear few years ago. expected to take potentially best actress. it could be bridge of spies. having said that spotlight is another film seen as understated spotlight could very well take up. >> that's the story of the group of journalists within the catholic church. there are no guarantees although there is one, maybe slight guarantee, the revenant is bound
1:51 pm
to win something i would be surprised if the revenant goes home empty landed tonight. >> lots to account for. should be good one. thanks. all of the latest from the red carpet. here inlondon. >> let's get yourspot now with sanaa. thank you very much. suffering a setback as they have been beating 2-1 by title r i have a will s. arsenal. a penalty at i am rant's stadium down to 10 men after the break sent off in the 95th minute, called the winner, arsenal now just two points behind lester. >> eight points behind laughter at halftime. i must say you could see today
1:52 pm
lester is in this position. that's not a coincidence, not quality, defending very well, coming out quickly and but i think in the second half, just our -- we have arrived at a level and we never came acrossed halfway. >> i don't know what kind of mentality in the mind of my players. but look, i think a lot of you are dreaming because for you is guinn the title. we don't think about the title we think about our government we know we are in the best team in the premier league because there are so many big teams in premier league. arsenal is one of these. >> when the last, a big move in t the manchester city 2-1. >> puts them second in the table with a goal on goal difference
1:53 pm
while bottom side, astonville a were thrashed 6-nil by liverpool this is the first time villa conceded six at home in a league game for more than 30 years. >> very, very disappointing. disappointed. sorry. i feel like when you concede 6 goals at home without scoring. then this is very painful. >> messim suares expected to run for barcelona and their league game later on sunday. the three forwards were rested for the semifinal. they went through 8-1 on aggregate. have the beb beatnen 29 games lost their laughed two league meetings with zelta.
1:54 pm
>> they are the only rival who beat us first. it means they are dangerous and attractive rival. they are one est most atractive they know how to put pressure >> madrid have the chants to move level on points with barca at the top of the table could 1-nil holding on to to top spot in the -- league as the top scorer scoring his 17th goal of the season 10-3 nil. keeps them one.clear. england's rugby players have continued their winning and the new coach eddie jones, a hat
1:55 pm
trick of tries from johnathan joseph helped england to convincing 40 points to 9 victory over italy in rome with two games played. england top of the 6 nations championship. former tennis world number 1 has slipped to a surprise semifinal at the argentina open. the current world number 5 lost to a team in three sets. nadal who has been struggling since the start of the season heads to brazil next week for the real open. >> it was a complicated game. i did not have the opportunity to win. i congratulated the winner. he played well. it is important to try, and i have to just keep working and believing, which is what i have done. it's a shame. i needed just one more point to reach the final. it's okay. we have to carry on. >> slovak player has claimed the biggest win of his career. the 26-year-old beat in the
1:56 pm
final of the world indoor tournament. had to survive eight match points during the event and won this final until three sets. robertor has won with a straight sets win. last year's u.s. open finalists he has -- she said she will be retiring at the end of this season. >> toronto hosting on sunday, the first time it's been played outside of the united states kolby bryant will make one last all-star game 57ance. the 37-year-old who helped the lakers win five championships will be retiring at the end of the season. >>ism looking around seeing guys i am playing with that are tearing the league up that were like 4, you know. it's true. how many players can say they played 20 years and actually
1:57 pm
have seen the game go through three, four generations? you know what i mean? it's not sad at all. i mean i am really happy and honored to be here and see this. >> well, the rival champion looking good in his efforts to win a fourth straight title. the frenchman has won the rally of sweden after leading from start to finish. driving conditions were stretch rouse throughout. he stayed on course to make it two wins from two races this season. >> it for me. back to mariam. >> thank you very much. you can find more on everything we are covering. all of your news and sport right here. is the address. that's it for me and this newshour. but my colleague will be with you in a few moments' time with a full bullet of news. so stay with us.
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1:59 pm
>> the violence and the threat of violence is ever present. >> i deal with this every day of my life! >> i don't like to see people get killed. >> al jazeera america's hard-hitting. >> today, they will be arrested. >> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> emmy award-winning investigative series. >> singer / songwriter natalie merchant. >> i became fully human when i became a mother. >> devoted community activist. >> people become victimized by their circumstances. >> revelations about her new solo album. >> i was just trying to make music that transferred what was in my heart to other people. >> i lived that character. >> we will be able to see change.
2:00 pm
♪ international tension on syria's northern border, turkey tells germany it will continue to strike back at kurdish fighters who were backed by the u.s. hello there. i am felicity barr. you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up: polls close in a presidential run-off seen as vital to the central african republic's hopes for peace. >> the pope celebrates mass in one of the most crime-ridden parts of mexico. the death of the longest serving supreme court judge triggers


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