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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 17, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> jazz jazz welcome to the newshour. these are some of the stories we are covering in the next 60 minutes. china accused of deploying missiles to a contested island in the south china sea. hundreds of trucks packed with aid head to besieged towns in syria. >> and reports from a rebel base in myanmar, as the new government seeks to end conflict
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and the fbi break into an iphone that belongs to a killer. >> and zlatan ibrahimovic on target, as his team beats chelsea. a full round up of tuesday's matches coming up. >> china has been accused of deploying an advanced surface to airline system in the woody island in the south china sea. the allegation is supported by the u.s. thailand officials. the the u.s. says it's a fabrication. this is a satellite image with the island. the picture shows building work, including a run way. the island is part of a chain which has been under chinese controlled for 40 years, and is also owned by taiwan and invite
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axe. beijing says it owns the spratley islands and the scarborough alcohol. to the anger of philippines, malaysia and brunei. the red indicates china's claim to the territorial waters. >> translation: i think the south china sea, the region everyone pays attention to, it is a comparatively tense situation. we call on all sides to stick to the principal of resolving the dispute in a peaceful manner. >> china's foreign minister is responding to the allegations against his country. >> i hope that media everywhere, including those in western countries in australia, turn your attention to the lighthouses that we have on some of the islands in we use in the south china sea. they are very useful in ensuring
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the safety of the passing ships in the waters. >> more from al jazeera's harry fawcett, live from seoul. taiwan is not happy about it. what are the options. >> first, they have to look at what china has been saying. >> what the for instance said was not a denial that china has done that. they were saying the western media were manufacturing, not going to the truth of the report. taiwan's response, a lame duck president is serving his last few months. he's a pro-chinese president. replaced by someone who wants to cool the recently improved title between beijing and taipei. they'll be looking at the policies. there are issues of weaponry
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that is going into taiwan, which may continue at the level if there is a perception of a threat from the chinese side. it's been in the east as well. as far as the united states is concerned, president barack obama, who is hosting the azian world, the association of south-east nation's in california. before the news came out, was saying that the united states would press ahead with the policy of ensuring freedom of navigation, that the close sales by the naval vessels seemed destined to continue close to the islands in that china said are its. and the basis, extending the footprint. now it seems placing military weaponry. >> with the ongoing challenges in that part of the world, the u.s. seeing a need to make a show of strength. tell us about that. >> that's right, here on the
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korean peninsula in the united states, they have owned four stealth fighters, low over the air space and touching down at a u.s. air base in south korea. that is to a large degree, in fact, a response to the nean's actions -- north korean's actions, the nuclear reaction. the u.s. is saying it's showing its willingness to defend its ally in south korea. it was also a projection generally of the u.s. military presence in this region, and the leadership in beijing will be watching closely. >> thank you. let's condition with the director of chiba national -- china national association of international studies, and with the foreign military of foreign affairs. help us to understand what the official chinese statement was
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saying when official talks about this being the westmeadia looking for a story, is beijing denying it had a missile on the islands in. >> frankly, i don't think anyone should make a big issue out of the situation. on the chinese islands in, china has the right to do whatever it wants, including a military presence. the islands in have been manned by china, militarily. including the air force. if anywhere in the world, anywhere in the world says that china in possession of the islands in has sovereign right to build up a military presence, including anti-air missile systems, i think that person is out of mind. >> my question is what do you understand the official statement to mean. is it to confirm or deny that it
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will put missiles on the islands in? >> i read the statement from the chinese prime minister carefully. i think his objective - he said it is a recent development, secondly, he said that it include the western media, should focus objectively on the overall situation. $has been civil -- there has been civilian use. that's for sure, and this should not be ignored by international media. if china, with a military presence on the islands, and could not be surprising. china has built airplane railways, 3,000 meters long. do you think it's only for the show of the air strike or it's intended for other purposes. i think the rest of the world should be prepared if china puts in more and more of a presence over there. i think the foreign minister in
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china will do that, whenever it comes along. >> the u.s. pacific commander is not feeling that way. he seems surprised. he says if missiles had been placed on the islands in, it meantime that the president broke his ward, he did not demilitarized the islands in. what do you make of that? >> militarizing the south china sea. is china or the united states. the united states is thousands of miles away from the south china sea. china has every right, tells the islands in and atolls, as the united states, which can detach aeroplanes, war planes, bombers not only to the south china sea, but within 12 miles of the territorial waters of the chinese controlled islanders. china feels a lot of pressure piled up by the united states, and china wants measures accordingly to deal with the
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threat. i think it should be put to the united states. what is the implementation of the states, looking to shelter with china, militarily over any island in the south china tale. it makes it. china is not afraid of the united states. i don't think china will back down soon, when we are faced with pressure on the south china sea. >> what is china's goal, is it to downplay the east's preps, control the shipping lane. must be to do with the construction work that's going on in the island. >> first, ever since the end of the world war ii, japan, after being militarily defeated. according to the arrangement with the allied forces, mainly
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the united states, surrender all the island and atolls in the china sea, to china, the republic of china. and the united states kansas in taking the islands in in the brent seabrook, and at the time -- in the south china sea. many of the countries are not cooperating. they want european powers in that part of the world. that is the history. china is not afraid with the international community. china's ownership for the islands see the time at the end of the world war. china needs to approve again these islands in. these are disputed. it does not many much. china will stand firm on its claims to the islands in. and sovereignty with that. that is where they want to go
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through some of these countries to innocent vice them to come into more and more of an area with china, china is prepared to deal with that. the united states really need to stand and under the consequences in the brent seabrook, and accuse china of being the culprit party in the escalation. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> a woman is being arrested after 30 hours beneath the ruins of the northern province of idlib, doctors without borders says two others were wounded but alive. rescue workers have been searching what is left of the building. it is among two schools that were bombed. russia is rejecting accusations its debts were responsible.
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turkey says whoever did it could be guilty of war crimes. it has broken international law. syria's ambassador to the u.n. says his government is evidence u.s.-led forces can be blamed. >> we have critical information that the so-called alliance led by the u.s. led alliance struck the hospital in the northern part of syria. the easiest way for him is to trigger a campaign against the syrian government with the media. or relies on the russians of doing so and being behind such criminal act against the hospital. >> elsewhere, convoys and trucks are getting ready to move into besieged areas.
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holding discussions in damascus. before we get to that stage. let's talk to our correspondent near the turkey border. we know the trucks are loaded. are they moving yet though. >> well, no. what we understand from the united nations is that these trucks are ready to enter the besieged areas, but has not entered as of yet. this is a complicated operation on the ground. the u.s. representatives telling us that a security meeting is under way. they are confident that the delivery of aid will happen. have you seen this in the past. in the operations. it is difficult do coordinate moves on the ground. aid is being sent to areas besieged by the government and areas besieged by the rebels, as well as on the ground. telling us that it is a few
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kilometres. they are government controlled towns. we are expecting this to happen. for the timebeing, it needs to reach areas at the same time. the agreement reached in damascus, and the syrian foreign minister, involves delivery aid to seven areas. undoubtedly this will ease the suffering of the people. especially in the town of madaya and rural areas where many starved to death. if you talk to people in the opposition, it is taking it to other areas, it doesn't have the upper hand. it allows aid to be delivered in areas where there's no fighting or rebels handed in their areas. >> areas, where 3,000 people
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hadn't received aid since it's a battle in the area. because of the policy of laying sieges, to starve the people and force them into submission. >> that's the situation on the ground. and let's continue the chat into the studio. trunks are loaded. not moving yet. what does it mean for the opens to get infighting to be put in effect. >> well, i think this is the first stage, and we have to be a little cautious. it's a fragile difficult operation, trying to do it simultaneously by areas besieged by the opposition and there has been hitches in the past, where the paperwork is not there. and they want to unload the truck. >> if they get the piece done, it's a humanitarian bit of the deal down in munich: they need
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to get badly needed aid on the ground. also, for the hard part of this, which is trying to stop the cessation of hostilities, if it is under way now, is successful. that will be reviewed on thursday. it's a set up in munich. the other task force, the cessation of hostilities, a temporary ceasefire. that will be friday afternoon. that is after the 7-day deadline set for us. >> so not exactly on schedule on this one. want the other schedule. getting people back for talks in geneva, moving that forward. >> the two pieces, cessation of hostilities, it's supposed to happen before the parties go to geneva, would it be possible with the humanitarian relief
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happening to get people back, it's not clear. when you look at the cessation of hostilities, you look at the picture. russia doesn't stop bombing, there's turkey involved, saudi arabia saying that there'll be options sending special forces. so in theeteder -- theatre you have bombardment by the u.s. you look at syria. it's hard to get the lull still to come on the newshour. divided by revolution. five years since an uprising toppled muammar gaddafi. libya faces instability. >> find out why thousands of volunteers are joining a crime prevention unit ahead of elections. >> and ahead in sport, what made cristiano ronaldo head into the
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competition. a big tie at roma. details coming up. >> now, the u.n. says it's concerned about hundreds of issues stranded by fighting in the north of the country. fighters have been unable to get fresh food and drinking water. kurdish forces recaptured sinjar, 15 months after i.s.i.l. killed or captured members of the group from the area. >> for more on this. i'm joined by bokondji imama in baghdad. sunni arabs - what sort of help are they getting? >> they are not getting any help. that's the problem. there's 559 stuck in no man's
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land, between a kurdish front line and i.s.i.l. held territory to the west of where the kurds are now. the issue ute seems to be that the kurds believe, we've been told u.n. officially. that they are accused of being collaborators with i.s.i.l. i.s.i.l. has been telling them, and they issued an ultimatum is what we are hearing, that they need to move back into the territory. to give you background, when this happened in november. it was seen as the kurdish forces, taking back the territory from i.s.i.l., what happens is a number of arab families, occupation of i.s.i.l. but they could only get to the no man's land. they won't have to go any further at the time. were being told by the kurds that negotiations were under way allowing them to go into
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territory. clearly that couldn't happen, and the situation now is more dire. because of starvation, these two children, two women have died as a result of that, and these people did that. there's a real movement between the kurds and the sunni arabs. the kurds being told that they were seen as collaborators with i.s.i.l. these people deny that they were under operation, and getting to safety myanmar's parliament trying to agree ceasefires, the outgoing government signed what it called a nationwide ceasefire agreement for half of the group. diversity is at the heart of the complex. iran is one of more than 130 groups. with ethnic minorities across
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myanmar, many have armies, and dozens of groups are fighting forces. a conflict that began in 1999. now they'll concentrate in the community, excluding ethnic mini orities. korea suffered armed conflict since. tens of thousands have been killed or wounded. myanmar was one of the highest chilled casualties in the world. recent months see regular outlets of violence. wayne hays has been given access to one of the groups involved in the fighting. >> soldiers from the mean mar army stands in part of the remote ridge. their enemy has been taken deep to the jungle. people fled. gunfire started. >> a few men accused the rebels
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of loouching their homes. >> i have never seen this before. in the past, there's fighting. i haven't seen a situation like this. the enemy with the liberation army, denying wrongdoing, says it's under attack. it's a rebel group fighting for control of myanmar's northern state. >> we are not asking for precision and independence. the region is integral. >> the sights against as government, but it's increasingly against a larger neighbouring force and former ally. the tn l.a. wasn't invited to sign a ceasefire agreement with the outgoing government. it believes that crews that signed are backed by the state forces.
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soon after the agreement was signed. they say government troops try to take the position from them. coming up at 4 o'clock in the morning. they killed meanwhile. they are looking for the government of aung san suy kyi. >> it's blocking our country. >> if we don't solve the problem, we cannot develop the countries. >> it has a distrust of the myanmar army and they believe peace is a long way off. >> we are worried that the leader might make it difficult for the country. >> alliances have been tested in
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this divided area. where in the event of a ceasefire, soldiers are preparing for a major fight. from stable politics to unstable weather. there has been stormy weather in new zealand. >> it's raging at the moment. if we look at the satellite picture we see the cloud drifting. that is a stormy condition, and brought us 200mm of wet weather. that is a lot of rain. easily enough to give us flooding and accounted by strong winds, reporting 90km gusts. stormy currently. that will continue for a few hours yet. it's beginning to calm down, but when it starts to calm down, it will be wet and miserable as it heads through the next three days. thursday there'll be plenty of
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wet weather, and once more there'll be more in the way of localized flooding. to the north there has been severe weather here. a huge massive cloud on the satellite picture, but here you have to keep an eye on, this is our tropical cyclone. and it's the section that just won't quit. recently it's working towards the north-east, but now it will head towards tonga, as it does so. it will drag the showers so the whole region is a period of prolonged heaviness. campaigns finish in uganda. the main opposition leader - the vote is neither free nor fair, mounting a challenge against the president. malcolm webb reports over fears
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the government is using intimidation. >>le sarah's one of thousands unemployed ugandans joining the police force or crime prevention union. the government says it's part of a programme. in reality, it's a measure of the ruling mrm party. here at the home in cap articlea, the identity is hidden. when she joined the training, and was issued the tired, she has to keep quiet about it. >> some crime preventers have to attend supporters of the ruling in the party. they support the opposition. since they have to follow orders, it's worth them being there. >> police say they paid the crew to talk patriotism and martial arts. some position politicians say
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crime prevents part of a ruling plan to keep it in power. incumbent president is seeking to extend his 30 year rule by another term. >> they don't know what to do, and then they work on - they don't want strength, they want to weaken it. the campaign that has been largely people, held the most, nearly 300 of them. many in rural areas. where the support base is stronger. >> the opposition have a lot of supporters here in the capital. many worry that a disputed election result could amount to violence. there were demonstrations following the last elections, prompting a crackdown by
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security forces and authorities have been strict with anyone organising demonstrations. they have documented human rights abuse, the government has been responsible for abuses in successive elections. >> the question of intimidation seems to be a practice perpetrated by groups against the opposition. and that is something we must fight. >> they opposition says the ruling party were cheated. many in the city are advocating for change, others hope the election will pat without more violence. still ahead - putting the breaks on rage. china is trying to educate motorists. plus...
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[ ♪ ] ..preserving america's musical art - top awards for the golden records. in sport, how this formula 1 could lose the title sponsor, details.
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welcome back. let's recap the headlines. china appears to have deployed missiles in the disputed islands in. taiwan says beijing placed surface to air missiles with the islands in in the parasoles.
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trucks are getting ready to move into besieged areas. it follows discussions in damascus, with the u.n. stefan envoy. >> the u.n. says it's concerned about hundreds of iraqi civilians, stranded in the north. kurdish forces recaptured the down, 50 months after they were killed or members of the yazidi religious minority were enslaved let's return to the top story. missiles from the south china sea. regional tensions were at the top of the summit. we have this report from california. >> there were a few formalities of president obama's meeting with asian meetings. the laid back atmosphere stimulated conversations. which in the end brought about
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cooperation on a range of topics. >> freedom of navigation must be upheld. commerce should not be competed. i say the united states will sail and operate whenever international law allows, and we'll support all countries to do the same. >> asian had difficulties agreeing on any statement to do with the agreement. they are embroiled in territorial disputes, a facts highlighted on wednesday by reports that the regional superpower had staged surface to air missiles on demuted woody island. china wields an influence for the region militarily. a few of the states did not want to go against their neighbour. >> asian is nearly 50 years old.
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bout the socially cultural countries is seen as too priceless. the u.s. giving asian this much attention, sending a message that they must work together more effectively to faced shared changes. >> there are more than 600 million people living in asian. despite differences, they'd been immigrated into a single community. the block is central to the united states rebalance to asia pacific. >> getting us to collect the reintegration is all in the united states interest. >> bringing asian world has been seen by many in the united states reasserting a role. president obama hopes getting the world to agree to a so-called declaration, is a step in the right direction
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it's exactly five years since libya rose up against authoritarian leader in 2011. when muammar gaddafi was overthrown. the political process fell apart, two governments were formed. they aimed to end the rift with the former unity government. >> libya's world are under pressure to end the infighting and form a unified government that many hope will end the political divide. libya has two governments. one in the west, and the other in the east. the general national congress controls west libya, and the influence that stretches from tripoli and all the way west to sultan, while the rivals, the
5:35 am
backed government is an area that stretches from the coastal town. it's controlling huge areas in benghazi, libya's second-largest city. there are groups tt call for the implementation of islamic law. i.s.i.l. made major territorial gains, and controls an area stretching to bahrain, including the city of cert. >> not all communities are looking into ways to stem the rise of i.s.i.l. europe has been struggling with growing numbers of refugees that have travelled through libya. countries, warring factions agreed to form a national unity government.
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awe curable step many home will put an end to fighting and stop militias. a final deal awaits a decision on the role of the general. he's a top military government. insisting on the departure joining us in the studio is a former opposition fighter from the supreme council. it's a painful few last years, do you feel it's a revolution that has failed? >> absolutely not. >> despite all this? >> why not. it's part of the transition. it's like a long-lasting culture
5:37 am
by muammar gaddafi over libyans. it's nod easy to take it away overnight. you need some years for people to adopt the change to freedom. it's not really a unique situation. like in france, through this, all the countries trying to go from dictatorship into a democratic process, it takes time for that to happen. you see it as a healthy things. if things were smooth, there might be big holes. i think the healing. we are moving slowly but surely. the anti-revolution in libya
5:38 am
didn't bring that need in anything. >> the counterrevolutionaries you mean. >> yes, the counterrevolutionaries. with the aid of countries, the regional and international. again, libya is still the - can stand tall and high. you can see how it goes to libya, in all spheres, and the cities in libya, the day of the revolution, the day of breaking out on the tiransy, and we from the dictatorship, and we will start to breathe. >> do you think a solution is coming together with the government. >> i would - i don't think so. i don't see it as a light at the end of the tunnel. i see it - it's a step ahead, even if it was really not successful. but we learn. >> why do you say that it's not going to be successful. do you have your doubts.
5:39 am
the cabinet is not strong, there's not an agreement on all the names, there's a lot of abuse in the cabinet. the memories is flying the flag that they are not going to endorse the government. and that's why the prime minister, the so-called prime minister is not really giving the seal of approval. he refuse to go to the parliament to hand in his cabinet. he sends the list of the cabinet to be approved. he feels for his life to be there. >> let's broaden it out. the international focus in libya seems to be preoccupied with i.s.i.l. and fighting i.s.i.l., is that helpful for a hindrance to the processes. >> unfortunately. i.s.i.l. and libya has the
5:40 am
advantage. >> who? >> the members of the peace regime, those in asia, and asia and the united arab emirates are the ones financing the existence of i.s.i.l. in syria. i.s.i.l. could be weak. freedom fighters now. they gained the upper hand there, and they pushed them. >> the first countries that fight and contain groups like i.s.i.l. >> i mean, if it was used, it is slow to fight these, while trying to implement the agenda around the country. >> i think if asia and united - they don't have it here. i think weir moving ahead. -- we are moving ahead. libyans are coming into change.
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i believe it will be better than that. >> let's hope so. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. afghanistan suffers from widespread corruption despite promises to carry out reform. we have more on a crisis where afghanistan's survival is at stake. this is 2013, the e-c.e.o. of kabul, impacted for his role in ceasing 900],000 -- 900 thous, here he is seemingly a free man signing a real estate dat. >> it was shocking. >> they sign the money deal. how does that many. >> the tail appears in a new
5:42 am
report by transparency international as a glaring tale of corruption. this despite promises to fix the system, and hundreds of millions of international aid invested no reform. global to the national partner, integrity one afghanistan, the country is set by rampant bribery in the police department. a justice system and unqualified employees hired based on who we knew knew. >> how do you do that. by corruption, it's the government itself that's corrupt. >> the report called for an intended body to fight corruption, and to appoint judges and with a record of fighting corruption. the government response to the
5:43 am
report, another promise. >> we were overhauling the whole system of fighting. >> reporter: it's a change that afghan president ashraf ghani is in a delicate position. he's not serious about fighting corruption. he risks losing credibility and trust. he risks going toe to toe with some of the afghanistan's powerful people. people are backed by powerful people. >> it was the battery of powerful politicians that helped convicted embezzler to sign a deal. it was only when afghans were outraged that the agreement was boycotted. perhaps a glimmer of hope in a crisis that has cost the country billions in public trust and impossible to measure.
5:44 am
>> now, the technology giant apple is refusing to access an iphone, belong to a mass shooter. syed farook and his wife were killed. they killed 14 in the californian city of san bernardino. the fbi is investigating links one or both had with i.s.i.l., and have been trying to investigate crypted data on syed farook's phone. >> it was said: china is the number one car market and more vehicles led to road rage. china's correspondence tells us about a campaign to calm driver adds tempers. >> 25 years ago bicycles out numbered cars on the roads. today the city's traffic jams are among the worse in the
5:45 am
world. this is the consequence, road rage. police vetted 17 million cases last year. many cars are filled with dashboard cam rates capturing in startling detail what was once unthinkable. prime minister. >> this person is on a drive to change that. inspired by his experience, setting up to teach etiquette. it's very good. >> so far he signed up #00
5:46 am
volunteers. this is the latest recruited. now dedicated, like the others. to helping build a better society. >> i think it's happened. because in china we have so many people. some had a problem. that's true. china's economy may be in the slow lane, but the numbers of cars on the road accelerates. it shows that it's 2015, ownership soared by 20% to 110 million cars nationwide. >> to check the good driver logo is displayed on the volunteer's cars. these good samaritans do not interfere. they are trained in first aid and rescue gear to help drivers in distress. >> while change will be gradual.
5:47 am
they are still hopeful that the volunteer group sets an example ta will be taken of nationwide still ahead in sport. political tension between turkey and russia make their way on to the football fit. details coming up. up.
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welcome back. now, the grammy awards show case is the best of new music globally, and this year is no
5:49 am
exception. singer taylor swift to be the first woman to twice win album of the year. top of the charts, the event has the contribution of those that attempt to preserve music from nearly a century ago. >> reporter: sounds of this year's grammy rocks on, alex onlieder sheikh... [ ♪ ] can hear echos of blue's legend. the 1920s blue's performer, with paramount record - won a grammy for best box set. music cherished by the smithsonian center. >> a mission to present main strains of music to an audience.
5:50 am
sounds from the black civil rights movement. bilingual. records that have a world-wide clientele and keep the independent label afloat. others have gone under. >> the total value of music has becleaned. luckily, they would be able to obtain and grow collections and the revenue required to support the nonprofit. >> the smithsonian keeps a vigilant over the past of the u.s. and more than 80 other countries. it helped the 22 albums collected by mosul. it was acquired by the smithsonian. along with 10 other labels, growing the collection to 32 under albums. now it is the most optimum time to preserve it. >> threatened by the ravages of
5:51 am
time. dave walker's job is to save them. soviet protest songs records half a century ago. the priority is to go back in time and preserve it, basted on fragility, and content. part of what we do as an archive is ensuring that this material is not only preserved for immediate use but future generations. the smithsonian say they aim to do the same for other nation, to keep it for prosperity. >> all right. time to find out why chelsea is holding on to hope. the team has a 50/50 chance of reaching the champion's league quarterfinals. despite losing a player in the
5:52 am
first leg of their tie on tuesday. zlatan ibrahimovic owned the scoring in paris with a deflected kick. the shot flying in. they scored the equalizer before half-time. and the first goal conceded at home in the champion's league season. after the break the winner grabbed. they are in london on march 9th. >> translation: we won. it's true that 2-1 is not great. in terms of football what the team produced is satisfying. there were two different types of play. i think it will be the case in two weeks. neither team will change their philosophy. >> we were a little bit... ..we were not killing it. i think we would have gone a little further than that. but, of course, we were still in the race. >> from the current chelsea
5:53 am
tour, zenit st. petersburg team went down 1-0 in the first leg of their tie. also, he used to coach benfica's big rival. it was almost a happy home coming for the portuguese when benfica's midfield many headed into the middle. they'll do it again on march the 9th. >> we have an advantage on the scoreboard. we believe if we score in st. petersburg where we'll have a difficult match, play the round until the last minute in a determined and convincing way. >> the team deserved to be better reworded with a zero -- rewarded with a zero, zero result. the difference of one throw is small, it will playdifferently in an assistance if way, creating more count sis to score. something we were not able to
5:54 am
do. belgium's side hosts of the bundesliga, both in the champion's league, for the first time in their history. cup winners real madrid going. former finalists roma, cristiano ronaldo kicking to sport in an away time. for the first time in five matches. a fetching performance in the pre-match press conference. >> translation: one player who scored more goals than me in matches since i arrived in spain, name one. there's none and with that he was off. cristiano ronaldo top scorer with 11 goals controversy at the europa league tie. political tension between russia and turkey dominated. and at the final whistle they pulled off the shirt to reveal a picture much vladimir putin.
5:55 am
complete with a logo. they detained three people after bottles were thrown at loko motives, on the way to the stadium. >> now this man sepp blatter and michel plantini are expected to find whether those from all football activities were returned. they return on tuesday to attend an appeal hearing lasting several hours. michel platini was found guilty of offering for accepting gifts now, returning to africa, this time as the new head coach of morocco. the 47-year-old frenchman signing a 3-year deal. they won the african cup of nations with the ivory coast, and is not targetting a third
5:56 am
title. >> translation: there has been several national teams. it seems that, i hope i am not wrong that the moral is ambitious, and very much achievable in the immediate terms. we can obtain results. >> rafael nadal refused to commit himself to the rio olympics. the spaniard won gold in beijing in 2008, but missed the london olympics because of injury. he says he'll try his best to make it to the game in the brazilian city in six month's time. at the moment he is playing at the rio open and made it into the second round with a 6-1, 6-4 win. formula 1 winter testing gets under way in the city of harass
5:57 am
on the 22nd of this month. ahead of that. f1 team is facing changes. the main sponsors are the indian conglomerate is looking to share its share. sahara paid $100 million from its 42.5% stake in 2011. on the track the team enjoyed a successful season. finishing fifth in the constructors championship. >> luxembourg on the opening stage of cycling's tour of oman. caused problems for a few competitors. the rider stayed in control. topping 100 kilometres in the dissent to the finish, taking the world red jersey. >> that is the sport for now. more later. >> thanks, stay with us in al jazeera. we have a full bulletin of news
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china accused of deploying missiles to a contested island in the south china sea hello. also on the show - 100 trucks packed with aid head to besieged towns in syria. >> and an exclusive report from a rebel base as the government ends decades of conflict. preserving america's musical pass. top


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