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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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police briefly arrest uganda's main opposition candidate. over claims of voter fraud. >> hello. you are watching al jazeera live from london, also coming up, syria's main armed group denied can you recollectty's accusation that it was behind a bombing that kills 28 people. prime minister david cameron is in brussells with britain's future in the e.u. many the bat lance. and punished at the pump, why veal someday la's government
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has increased petrol prices by 6000%. >> the u.s. state department is condemned the detention saying it called into question the government's commitment to holding a free poll. he has now been released but earlier he was detained by police after making allegations of vote rigging. the arrest was witnessed by our correspondent, who has more details. >> members of the opposition party called us to take us to a house in a residential area, that they said illegal vote rigging operation was being carried out. when we reached the property, the supporters knocked on the gate, people jumped over the back fence, and the support was apprehended up the road.
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they were carrying handguns and supporters disarmed them. there was a police vehicle outside the house, when we got that, they say this billing was a facility of crime investigation intelligence facility supporters say there was a vote rigging operation inside, more armed officers came, there was a stand off and supporters demanded entry inside to see what was going on, eventually he was detained and taken away to his home where he was released, meanwhile in other parts of the city, and country, voting went smoothly, but in many parts people arrived at polling places very lace in voting in some stations happened at all so now 15 polling stations and other parts of the country, the street willing be carries out tomorrow instead. >> in the last hour we spoke to joseph who is a uganda
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contributor he told us that the current government fears that the opposition is gaining strength across the can't. >> what happened the last 12 months there is no doubt that the vast majority is very very tired. these guys are fighting and they were claiming rigged elections in 1980. and powerful 30 years and see what happened is just political, even the nearest polling station calling material, delays by three hours how do you explain that. >> a section of of the population is no intimidated and so perhaps particularly areas to the north and east, have been made to help so they can get away with it. in others the population most
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essential and western where people support areas but people are sufficiently aware and prepared. how it happens will depend on what happens overnight. but really what is happening the last 24 hours is not too good. >> its hasn't been able to deliver by road, because it is all surrounded by isil controlled territory. food and medicine has made it to five areas where 85,000 are stranded. >> but so far, we are quite
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pleased about the effect that this was able to reach 82,000 people, so it did work now correspondent we should go beyond that. to be able to reach everyone in syria. who is either besieged or in need of being assisted. that's why the idea of air drops has become a very concrete proposal, which we want to work on. >> turkey is blaming kurdish rebels for wednesday's car bomb attack at least 28 people are now confirmed dead.
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>> the syrian based group, though it denies any involvement in the explosion. they say the ypg in syria is an offshoot of the p.k.k., a separatist group drawn mainly from turkish curds that has been fighting the government for decades. >> the investigation into the attack continues. so far, nine people linked to the bombing have been taken into custody. and others have been identified. they will be other arrests in due course. and that's all the information i can give right now. >> security has become more and more of a concern, in recent months. in october, twin bomb attack
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attacks. >> this attack obviously will help our allies to understand. we have been saying this and sooner or later our allies will understand. one day these organizations and those that support them will be judged. early on thursday, war planes bomb targets and says belong to the p.k.k. in northern iraq. he wants to send in ground troops to create a buffer zone. that option appears to be off the table.
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>> looks like they remain a problem. al jazeera. >> 16 people have been sentenced to death in iraq for as ma car carried out by isil in 2014. 40 people have been convicted so far. as many as 1700 iraqi soldiers were killed. after the former u.s. military base was overrun by isil fighters. enran can has more from baghdad. >> it took a judge a little over an hour and a half to deliver his guilty verdict, and he passed the sentence on 16 of the men accused of the
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camps massacre, and handed down death sentences. he also dismissed the case against seven of the men for lack of evidence, and evidence is really the key thing that has caused a lot of controversy in iraq. quite simply they haven't been able to see what evidence is against these men and why they have been convicted of this massacre, it was hugely controversial, isil released pictures of this, and it was hugely brutal and very controversial at the type. and now you speak to a lot of the people from the militias, from the iraqi army, and they will tell you one reason why they are fighting against isil is because of this
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massacre, and for that reason this trial has been highly politically charged. now this has been going on for a year and a half, it's been adjourned, delayed, we have never been given a reason why it is adjourned and delayed. we did see 24 people also convicted of the massacre but thought sentences haven't been carried out, but it is very controversial. and it's been a very politically charged trial. >> cameron want today return with a err form package on the e.u. membership that could be held as soon as june. he faces resistence to some of his key demands. joining us live now, and how much push back is he getting from his e.u. colleague, and how are those talks going
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well, they are slow. it is after 11:00, and the talks are on going. of course they started a long time ago, seven or eight hours ago, and we are hearing that david cameron is facing quite a deal of resistence. it is much tougher for him than i am sure he and his negotiators would have hoped for earlier, when they arrived they are all making very sympathetic noises towards david cameron and the u.k. saying they were keep for the u.k. to stay in. david cameron though, himself, said he was prepared to put in a good fight for britain to get a good deal. >> we have some important work to do today, i will not take a deal that doesn't meet what we need, i think it is much more important to get this right than so do anything in a rush, but with goodwill, hard work, we can get a better deal. >> he is under a great deal
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of pressure, of course back home, here in europe he is facing a great deal of opposition, of course from the eastern block countries over his plans to try to curb benefits for migrants. who arrive in the u.k., home when he suggests having this referendum, it was something of a political gamble he needs to go back to the u.k. with a good deal, he needs to stay in the e.u., and sell that idea to the british people. we know that parts of the u.k. and some of them are very much sitting on the fence. and they are relying on him to come back with the information to try to sell the deal to stay in the e.u., if that's what they want to do. but at the moment, we are still perhapsing looking at a referendum into june the twenty-third. >> it is going to be a long
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night, and you will be watching it for us. more to come the for you on al jazeera. and makes some barbed comments about donald trump. moscow authorities pull doze dozens of shops and the owners were never told. >>
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>> the only live national news show at 11:00 eastern. >> we start with breaking news. >> let's take a closer look. watching al jazeera, the main opposition contender in the
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uganda's parliamentary elections was detained by police for a few hours after claims to have uncovered evidence of vote rigging. turkey says rebels are behind the bomb attack that left at least 28 people dead. but the group known as the y.p.g. denies that claim. and u.k. prime minister says he is battled for britain as he hopes to negotiate a reform package that could determine the membership of the e.u. in other stories venezuela has increased some domestic prices by 6000%. the first time in 20 years the prices have increased. part of emergency measures that has the highest inflation rate in the world. according to the sate run oil company, fuel sources can cost the country as much as $15 billion a year. the president said that at the current prices the state
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was paying to fill up people's tanks. >> this national fund will receive extra resource needed generated by the new system of gasoline prices. it is going to cost one and gasoline 95 will cost per litter. >> the magnitude of this price increase in a country that sees cheep petrol as a natural right, could be such that they didn't even wait for him to finish his speech before rushing to petrol stations to fill up one last tank. most feel the increase was long overdue. >> i think it come tuesday late, and it should have been done slowly, no so suddenly. >> the move comes as he faces increasing pressure from the strengthens political opposition only two months
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ago his ruling party suffer add major defeat in parliamentary elections. due to anger over the crisis but raising the price isn't easy. in 1989 a similar price in food and gasoline prices sent thousands to the streets to protest so dramatic were the events that fears of a repeat have kept prizes frozen for close to 20 years. battling food shortages and now power cuts, venn lanes fear that an increase will naturally lead to an increase in the cost of transport, food, and basic services. economists say the measures could fall short in the country, that even at the new price, still has the world's cheapest petrol. >> barack obama is become the first u.s. president to set foot in cuba, in nearly nine
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decades. he is planning to visit in march, making a further thaws of relations. but the trip has been criticized by some, who believe that obama shouldn't visit while the family remains in power. natasha has more from havana. >> this is a historic milestone in the relationship between the u.s. and cuba, president obama visit in march is the first by a sitting president in 90 years. the government held a news conference to announce the visit, officials say that obama will get to appreciation cuban hospitality, and the reality of life here. to achieve the normalization between the two countries the blockade has to be lifted and the territory occupied by the naval base has to be returned. in the 15 months since he aunderstand nod he will begin
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normized relations barrier after barrier has dropped. the u.s. reopened it's embassy, an agreement was reached that will allow commercial flights between and two countries. and now, president raul castro will host program and the first lady once he gets here he will know what it is like. i suppose what he mows is what he has seen or heard in the news, but once he is here he will know the rule. >> cubans are spending a lot of money, and everything is very expensive. >> they say that the u.s. is making too much recession without significant reform, specifically with regard to human rights and access to information. president obama says he will address the issue of human rights and also meet with a wild crowd section of society. a cuban officials says the government is open to
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speaking about human rights in both countries al jazeera, havana cuba. >> let's get more on this with al jazeera patty coal haines, she joins us live, there must be pretty strong opinions on this trip where you are. how important is this? >> well, this is what presidents do on their last year in office, they try to cement what they see as their key foreign positionsy legacies, the at ministration believes this will go down in history if it stands a as monumental move keep this in mind, 1920 ate, the last time a cuban president set foot on cuban soil, so they are hoping what they said is they want to cement this progress. because they know kit be change by the next president now on the issue of haw moon rights, look at the numbers
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and they have been gathering up the numbers and they say there has been an increase in the number of arrests since the u.s. thaw in relations with the government, the administration spokesman and a key policy advisor, was asked about that, and he said that he acknowledges that there's still a huge problem with human rights and that they really haven't done as much as washington expected. but he defended it saying that you are never going to see change if you don't engang so and president addressing directly they hope they will be able to see the progress that they haven't seen by now. there will be no meeting they say between president obama and fidel castro. >> so still criticism towards the shift in the relationship between the u.s. and cuba, but they didn't get everything they wanted from this. >> no, there's still an embargo, and only the congress can lift that.
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if you look at the polls they say it is time to lift the embargo, but it won't happen in congress, and here is why there is a lobby, and it is very powerful, that often determines presidential elections and so there's no move within the parties to try to change that. so what the president has done is he has issued all these actions. question are talking about agriculture, and food, more people can travel but he is going to be limited like i said, that embargo will stay, buzz here is the issue and this is why they want to make this foot, and see more brock in building the relationship. he says if some of the remembers presidential candidates get into office, they said one of the first things they will do is tear up the sod and go to how things were, so it will be hard tore turn back. >> thank you very much. patty live for us in washington, d.c.
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>> can use artificial contraception. he made the comments on a flight back to rome after his tour of mexico. the pontiff was also asked about his feel but the pope said anyone that wants to build a war is not christian. at the end of the day, they are a political animal, but at least i am a human being. well, maybe. and a person who only thinks about making again and again. doshal trump is not a nice person. >> donald trump is a very nice person, and i am a very nice person.
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he is questioning my faith, i was very surprised but i am a christian, and proud of it. for a religious leader, to question a person's faith, is ridiculous. i am proud to be a christian and as president, i will not allow christianity to be consistly attacks and weakened unlike what is happening now with our current president. to palestinians have been shot after stabbing two israelis near jerusalem. one of the israelis has died of his injuries. they entered in the occupied west bank, armed with fives. they said to attack two before being shot by an unidentified bystander. >> the u.n. middle east police envoy has criticized the construction of israeli settlements in the occupied west bank. nikolai told the u.n. security council that the destruction of palestinian
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homes is severely hampering peace efforts. >> demolished on structures including 79 which were not funded. reference in the 1930's is being used to describe the bull coding of dozen of buildings. the office says the structures were legal, but the owners insist they have the right to be there, rory has the story. >> a memorial wreath layed on thursday for small business
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this is russia. moscow's mayor has flouted the uncan's constitution, and dealt a serious blow to entrepreneurs here. according to this pop six. >> tomorrow they welcome the businessman that come to ordinary citizens, until you get out. early one morning last week, bulldozers moved around 100 buildings across the capitol. small shopping centers, kiosks, stores all pulverized without a court order. according to city authorities these premises were ugly, and didn't have the right documents. but owners say they proved time and time again, they had the legal right to be there. >> the constitution is the main law of the russian federation. now any official wipes the boots on the constitution, any official without a legal court decision called up it is very wrong when someone
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can slander anyone, and based on that take property away from you, it is scary when this happens. >> the mayor's office has been trying to tidy up for several years. piece by piece, the civic legacy of the chaotic and law less 1990's, has been erased. opponents say this is as much about corruption and kick backs as it is about urban regeneration. but the city insists it is doing everything by the book. >> the decision was made according to law. squares for people to watch and relax. we are fixing safety issues we are allowing free access in case of emergency. there's been little word from the authorities on the wisdom of destroying small businesses in a time of economic crisis, and the owners are unlikely to see
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any compensation. >> no one is really arguing that the buildings which stood inside like this were particularly attractive and maybe the city will actually be better with them gone. but that's not really the point, the point is whether russia is a country with support and encouraging small businesses, and whether any owner can really feel safe, that a bulldozer won't come smashing through the shop window, as any moment. an australian town has been overrun with tumble weed. it has congregated and plugged up around towns. the situation got worse with tumble weed covering garages causing frustration for local residents. >> we have a table and eight chairs.
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cleaning up. and this is what i have today. do head to our website on more on everything we are covering at >> this week on talk to al jazeera--lawyer and executive director of the equal justice initiative, bryan stevenson. >> we have to stop telling the lies that we tell about who we are. we celebrate our history of slavery. we celebrate our era of terrorism. >> stevenson has spent his career fighting racism in the criminal justice system--the legacy of slavery and times of "racial terror" continue to impact the lives of african americans today. >> what we did to african americans between the end of reconstr


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