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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  February 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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♪ a win for uganda's election as the opposition cries foul and the leader remains under house arrest. ♪ >> hello. you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up, a race to the white house. hillary clinton and bernie sanders faceoff in a nevada caucus. power, water, and communications cut after fiji is hit by its most powerful storm to date. >> robbed, beaten and vulnerable. teenage refugees stranded on the
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greek macedonian border. is ♪ uganda's president is celebrating his 5th election victory while his main opponent remains under house arrest. the 71-year-old president won 60.8% of the vote in thursday's election, allowing him to extend his 30-year rule. his main rival has been detained one time since monday. he condemned the election as a sham. european union and commonwealth observers criticized the polls. malcolm webb sent us this report. >> police surrounded the house of opposition leader as the vote count was completed and the results announced. two other keep opposition politicians were under what they called house arrest. police called it a preventative
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arrangement. at the national voting center, the result was announced. >> the commission declares the elected president after election held on 18th february, 2016. >> the chairman acknowledged some problems but said things had largely gone well. the opposition said it was fraudulent. local observers said there was rigging and there has been strong criticism from the european union and commonwealth observers. >> it was not transparent. it was badly organizing things. so, i would say it's a failure. >> the results were read. some listened on the radio. others watched football.
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police and solids deployed heavily in some neighborhoods. back at his house, his party president tried to enter but was not allowed. >> we are in a delicate situation. there is a lot of uncertainty. the president and those who were working with him. >> while supporters prepared to celebrate, oppositions were waiting to be able to make their next move. malcolm webb, uganda. it's another big day in the race for the white house. democrats are voting in a caucus in nevada, and there is a republican primary in south carolina where donald trump is hoping to repeat his success in new hampshire. is it will be a test for him and
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the other presidential candidates because of the significant percentage of black voters. the polls give trump a comfortable 13-point lead. nationally he is in front with marko rubio and ted cruz in second place. jeb bush way behind in third place. >> it was supposed to be an easy win for hillary clinton. the polls suggest hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck. the poll average gives clinton a tight 2.4 lead over sanders. but nationally, the former secretary of state seems to have edged slightly further with clinton leading sanders by more than five points. rely to las vegas for more on the democrats in just a moment. first, though, let's speak to al an fisher in south carolina on the latest on the republican primary, a hugely significant
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contest. how could this reframe the race for donald trump, ted cruz and marco rubio? >> this is going to be a tight race. we are told the turnout is approaching high levels. you don't have to be a registered republican to do that. say what you like about donald trump. he got them out to vote whether it's for him or against him. the thing to watch, first of all, will he win? the polls give him a big lead. he is expected to take first place. if it's less than 10 pounds you could see he has been damaged by the row he has, arguments between building a wall between the u.s. and mexico. the pope said anyone who considers building a wall rather than a bridge is wrong. >> i might be impacted because the majority of republican voters in south carolina identify themselves as evangelical christians or very
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religious. the key battle is going to be for second place. ted cruz has had a lock on that but we have seen the search. rubio picked up an endorsement here for the from the governor of the state, nicky hailey. she has an approval rating of 81%. some rubio supporters believe with a fair wind and a good turnout he could take second place. if he finishes third, it won't be a disaster but it will be bad news for jeb bush. he invested a lot of time, brought his brother to campaign for him. he was the last republican president, even got his mom to help him out. if he finishes fourth, it's almost certain the republican establishment will go to him and say, we need an anti-trump candidate that's not you. you have to reconsider your position. this is going to be very interesting in the next couple of hours as we get to get results who finishes where, what it means for the race going on. it could be that this race when
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it was down to three candidates in the next 48 hours or so. >> it could be a decisive moment in the overall race. thank you very much, alan fisher, live for us in south carolina. let's turn to the democrat caucus in nevada. al jazeera's michael schur joins me live from las vegas. michael, hillary clinton and bernie sanders still very much neck and neck. she is looking to end his momentum once and for all. but how close a race is this expected to be? >> reporter: very good point. it's very difficult to say how close it is. typically, nevada polling is very unreliable. many of the reasons are that 75% of the state's population lives here in clark county where the las vegas is, of course. and it's very difficult to poll those people. many of them work at night. they work shifts that are not occurred, and so polling happens at night and to spend a lot of money, bilingual is a lot of the position here as well.
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it's difficult to poll so it becomes impossible to say exactly thousand close these candidates are. we are looking at numbers. it's a caucus process, began registering at 11:00 o'clock. at noon, they start saying their preferences, a little different than what alan fisher is seeing in south carolina. it is a little more interactive, people trying to woo those who are undecided to their side. it becomes a little bit more active. it starts a little later. it's immaterial precise, but wh what. you see a lot of the hillary support sort of galvanizing. 9% recently was the margin of difference between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. overall 4% so far but only about 40% of the votes are cast there and unions are a big part of this as well. miriam, the cull inary unions which represents 57 workers in nevada. that's a lot of the voting population. 56% are hispanic.
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immigration becomes a big issue in this state. hillary clinton likes to think that is an issue that favors her candidacy. >> thank you very much. now officials in fiji are assessing the damage after it was battered by one of the strongest storms ever recorded in the southern hemisphere. tropical cyclone winston was packing wins of 290 kilometers per hour as it made its way across the pacific. that's the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane. caroline malone has more. >> reporter: racing to get out of the way of sigh colon winston, the strongest storm on record to hit fiji with high winds and heavy ranges. the nationwide curfew was imposed at 6:00 p.m. local time. many opted to stay at home rather than go to government shelters but many buildings are
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flimsy and may not withstand such powerful winds. >> the international of the confederation and red cross societies have been constantly in contact with the communities where the anticipation of the highly likely basis of the cyclone might be and the communities are we will prepared. >> rough seas are endangering boats andships. fiji has more than 300 low-lying islands, prone to sea surges and flash flooding. this massive storm is likely to dump lots of rain. water was crashing over the sea wall in the capitol earlier in the day. numberer along the coast, spain's mark rugby 7s team helped their resort to limit damage. in the third largest city, they
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have prepared as best thing. >> most of the shops are closed. there is only so much islanders can do to prepare for such a massive storm bringing its full force to some of the most populated parts of fiji overnight. caroline malone, al jazeera. >> bashar al assad said he is ready for cease fire. syria's opposition agreed to temporarily halt fighting if russia stops the air campaign in support of assad. more on the turkish border with syria. >> reporter: >> reporter: the opposition is saying they are going to agree to a two to three-week truce that could be renewable but they are attaching conditions. russian will stop its air bombing campaign, aid to be delivered to the besieged area. the siege should be lifted as well as vulnerable prisoners released but the opposition is
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also demanding that the al-qaeda-linked er nusra front is included in this cessation of hostilities deal because they believe the fact that it is excluded from this deal gives russia an excuse, a pre-texas to target other rebel forces on the ground. this is why they rejected the initially proposal that was agreed in munich because at the end of the day, it operates on the ground where the moderate rebels operate and they feel russia could target the moderate rebels and blame and say that they are targeting nusra instead. these are their conditions. we have no reaction from the russians but the u.s. and the russians have been holding intensive discussions over the past few days. the u.s. secretary of state john kerry saying they have been c constructive but he is saying key issues still need to be resolved because this is a very
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xlekts operation two separate raids were carried out. a second attack targeted a mosque during friday prayers. in other developments, turkish prime minister said security will be increased across turkey after wednesday's suicide bombing in arrangeara. he dismissed claims a particular kurdish armed group was behind that attack. >> the freedom falcons tak said they were behind the attack. we have to question that statement. previously, tak claimed responsibility immediately. why did they wait for three days in this case? they are not a different organization anyway. it is an extension of the pkk. the ypg is an extension of the pkk. so their claim does not make the ypg non-existence. >> news from afghanistan. authorities are saying full electric power should be
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restored to kabul in the next five days. power cables bringing electricity from uzbekistan were brought down by heavy fighting between the government and the taliban. it left the city with two hours of power a day, but the army says it secured the region and the pylons are being repaired. more to come for you. protests by india's for agricultural community turned deadly. we will have that story bringing you all of the latest as political ten tions are returning high ahead of sunday's e legs.
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welcome back. let's remind you of our top stories now. uganda's president has won the presidential election, extending his 30-year rule, but eu observers have criticized the poll marched by -- marred by allegations of vote rigging. >> hillary clinton is neck and neck with bernie sanders at the nevada caucus. voting is underway in south carolina where danielsed trump is seek to go extend his lead over marco rubio and ted cruz. >> fiji is assessing the damage after it was battered by one of the strongest storms ever reported in the southern hemisphere. in other stories, we are following the indian state of hayana. 5 people are dead after an escalation in the ongoing protests. the upper class agricultural
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community is demanding the same quotas in jobs and education offered to lower crafts. they are not backing down. a shoot-to-kill order has been imposed. the group had to be air dropped as the protesters burnt down railway stations. in the town of rosak, the heart of the protest, buses, pat trol pumps and community halls and the residence of the finance minister were set ablaze. protesters ignored pleas for calm. they want a quote a in state education instittuksz. local politicians tried to apiece the community by saying if it were up to them, they would grant it the government
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said it remains by the jack community to meet their demands. >> if this government, we will ensure the government is over thrown. >> the community makes up 30% of the voting population traditionally farmers with a strong political representation and not seen as being under privileges. it's an issue of numbers according to india's supreme court. 50% of the state's population could get reservation status giving in to them would tip that over. at the border we will block
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roads and disrupt railways. >> many people cross odd foot for fear protesters would carry out their threats to attack and flash the --/the tires of vehicles. age stators have ford a committee that prepared a list of commands which they want the government to fulfill. if not, they want more disruption in is a issue simmering since the 1990s. the jack community has been promised reservation status in various election campaigns. the concern now is that the unrest may not be limited to the state but could spread to other parts of the country. >> more than 7 million people are expected to vote in nigeer's election. the president is standing for a second term. there is allegations of corruption after a string of
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arrests. final moments of the election campaign thousands of the ruling party supporters turned out for a final vollat the stadium. jubilation over what they expect to be a clear victory on sunday. >> optimism is shelved by the sitting president. >> it is a democratic country, one of the most democratic nations in this africa. we have improved free press, news corruption and put the country on a track to where strong and stable democratic institutions are being built. >> the president is running for a second term but faces a determined opposition. one of his challengers says the collision includes the
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controversial head of the national assembly. he is now biehind bars ingredients of fraud are there. we will utilize the means we have. we will make sure all of those who have the right to vote are allowed to do so. the kind of means we will use depends upon the problem at hand. >> the first democratic election was in 1993 it has been plagued by military coups. security is at the heart of this election. the area is involved in a war with boko haram to the east. unemployment, education and health are the most pressing
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demands. almost half of the population live in poverty. mohammed dow. >> news to bring you now. hillary clinton has won the nevada caucuses she has beaten bernie sanders. live pictures coming to us live from las vegas as it is confirmed she has won the democratic caucuses in nevada. so she has a bit of a boost there for her campaign for the presidential race. this, after a second-place finish to bernie sanders in new hampshire. they have really been running neck and neck in the polls. it was expected to be a very close race. bernie sanders, extremely popular with younger voters and women as well. hillary clinton has been trying to end his momentum. this was a crucial race hillary
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clinton appears to have beaten bernie sanders in the caucuses in nevada. so we will continue to stay across that for you and bring you more details as they come in to our center. that's what we are hearing at the moment. >> britain will vote on the membership of the eu in a referendum set for june 23rdrd. prime minister david cameron agreed a new deal with european leaders late on friday which included a special status if it stays a member. the majority of the of the cabinet have agreed to urge members to stay in the block. it has caused additions in his party. six ministers are campaign to go leave. cameron says britain will be stronger and safer if it remains in the eu. >> our plan gives us the best of both worlds. it underline did our special status through which families across britain get the benefits of being in the european union
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including more jobs, greater prices and more security but our special status means we are out of those parts of europe that do not work for us we will never join the euro, never be part of euro zone bail-outs, never be part of the passport free no borders area or a european army or an eu super state. another issue discussed at the eu summit in brussels was the refugee crisis. major of those arriving in greece are unaccompanied children. the european law enforcement agency estimates up to 10,000 have now disappeared. speaking to teenagers on the greek macedonian border about the risks they face during their journey. >> reporter: they set up from their home lands with their teenage dreams of a better life a harsh reality sets in.
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>> i went to macedonia five times, reached serbia once but each time, i was sentence back to greece. afghans are allowed to maintain their journey. europe regards others as economic migrants, not refugees. these boys are stranded on the greek side of the border, vulnerable to criminal gangs and smuggler gangs. telling us their stories but not their names. >> there were four of us. we were trying to cross. we found guys in front of us. we ran. my friend is 15, the youngest among us. they took us into a house like this one. they were three. they raped him. i saw it with my own eyes. we threw stones at them buzz we escaped and left him behind. >> those land okay greek shores,
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1 third are children. no one knows exactly how many are traveling alone. >> they declare they are adults or relatives from other members and they were traveling or alone or with unknown people and minors from 12 to 14 years old who were alone. >> the story of a yaziti boy hoping to reach his family in germany he was lucky enough to end up in a shelter here in greece. >> it's very scary. you never know what someone will do to you. they can take you to the forest and rob, rape, or kill you. it happens. it happened and will continue. my friends worked hard to get money were ropbbed and beaten, and now they have disappeared. >> a 16-year-old nigerian said
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he lost contact with his travel companion. they have gone silent on social media. it's a story many told us. still, despite the risks, young travelers will keep trying to sneak across borders, walking undercover of darkness and hoping that by daybreak, they will be safe and one step closer to their destination. al jazeera on the greek macedonia border. >> a german police chief has admitted his officers struggled to retain control when an angry mob surrounded a bus carrying refugees to a village. 100 protesters tried to stop the refugees leading police to escort them through the angry crowd. video of one officer dragging a scared boy off of the bus sparked outrage online.
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>> when we arrived, there were two policemen. they came on to the bus and took a girl like this into the house. i saw that and held myself on a poll in the bus. then they took me like this. >> they had taken the refugees by their hands to escort them out but the people started yelling like main yakz. the refugees were so scared they refused to get out. >> a film about the refugee crisis has bond the golden bear at this year's berlin film festival. >> january fankarosi, a documentary focusing a young boy. the director spent six months filming the island which was the first point of arrival for many refugees arriving in europe. live pictures from las vegas as results come in from the
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caucuses in nevada. hillary clinton has won over bernie sanders, a significant victory for her, though important to mention that it is a narrow victory. sanders will taken couragement. he has continued to do well with young voters. most popular party drugs. forget what you've heard about "molly", "x" or "mdma". >> it makes you feel euphoric, happiness, love. >> what you're about to see is the intersection of therapy and science and a journey to find


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