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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2016 6:00am-6:31am EST

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♪ detention into police custody and uganda opposition leader is taken away as supporters plan protests. ♪ hello and welcome you are watching al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha and also on the program a tense standoff at an india university between the police and students. 21 confirmed dead after a cyclone in fiji and fears are growing of a health crisis plus after ten years in power we look at why bolivia decided enough is
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enough for the president. ♪ police officers have taken uganda main opposition leader from his home and holding him at a nearby police station and detained as he tried to leave his house and under house arrest there since saturday and disputes the result of uganda's presidential election and detained several times on-and-off in the past week and malcolm web from campala. >> reporter: he left but the drive which was blocked by police and took him away in a van and detained him and wanted to go to the electoral commission and collect paperwork for the supreme court where he may challenge the result of last thursday's presidential election which he says was rigged. police brought him here to police station 40 kilometers from the capitol campala and
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prevented arrest because they received intelligence he was trying to organize protests on the streets of the capitol and bring other people from other parts of the country and cause chaos and they said they have a responsibility to protect people and property and say this is something that cannot be allowed and should pursue his challenge through legal means and meanwhile supporters awaiting to find out what the next move will be and if he can move around and pursue his challenge of the controversial election results. >> there is a tense standoff going on between india police and students in new deli and accused of inciting people to rebel against the government are surrounded by officers at the university and jamal is at the campus with more details. >> reporter: police showed up on this campus earlier this morning after five students accused of sedition against the campus and came on last night
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and talking about execution of a man of attacking india's parliament and a student in custody since that time but the five students over there went into hiding after receiving death threats against them and families and despite being some evidence that the allegations against them can be false and allegations have sparked outrage across the country particularly among right wing and national groups who accuse the students here of being antinational and even led to some physical fighting and now the whole issue goes on the other side and say this whole thing is being blown out of proportion and simply the government cracking down on criticism against it and they say that freedom of speech in india is being threatened. now the students here have been holding a vigil since last night and are meeting with faculty and the vice chancellor on to whether police should be allowed on to the campus to make the arrest, the five students have told us they do want to surrender to face charges against them but the fellow students here saying they will
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conprotesting those charges. staying in india for the next story where protests overcast based benefits spirall spiralled into evidence and calling for greater access to communication and jobs and have retaken over the new deli supply line after protesters damaged it and blocking roads and trains to the capitol for three days. and they are the single biggest community with nearly 8 million members and protesting against a policy based on india's century old cast system and gives special status to so called lower cast to get easier access to government jobs and university places. the jobs have been traditionally classed as a higher cast but say their community has been over looked hurting them economically and want jobs on offer and now protests have turned violent and blocked rail way tracks and
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attacked ministers homes and we have this update of the cast protest from new deli. >> protesters and the community before have been granted or allowed reservations status by the government previously but the supreme court has stepped in and said that this cannot be so because of their status and because also of the numbers of people or percentage of the population who get reservation status, you only can have 50% of the community or states having reservation status giving it will make it much more than 50% as they are quite a large part of that population but going back to what is happening here we are now hearing there have been sporadic bursts of violence again, more protests where we have seen some of the biggest aggressions and that is where protesters set fire to buildings and vehicles, this is described of thousands of army and thousands of para military troops on the ground overnight
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trying to quell the violence and they said they unblocked many of the roads but we are hearing some of the blockades are coming back on, once again a very fluid situation and pockets of protesters saying they will not believe the government until they have it in written form that think will be granted reservation status. >> reporter: and staying in india one more time separatist fighters in india administered kashmir is in a standoff for security forces for a third day, on saturday they attacked a para military compound and all civilians have been successfully evacuated and military launched a fresh offensive and 7 people and military forces and one civilian have been killed so far. aid agencies warning of a health crisis in fiji after they were hit by one of the strongest storms ever recorded there and the cyclone killed 21 people and flattened villages on saturday and flooding caused by heavy
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rain is hampering the cleanup in the south pacific islands and engineers trying to restore power and electricity cables which were brought down by 300 kilometer an hour winds. >> power lines have gone down all over the country and roof and glass and live electric wires and material pose serious threats to public safety and we are working hard to make their streets and communities secure once again but that will take time. >> reporter: al jazeera's correspondent andrew thomas has been seeing the damage caused in nandy. >> reporter: you can see and probably hear how strong the wind is even know but this is nothing to what the cyclone was like at its peak and you can see what it has done, three houses there totally destroyed and the same is true of buildings across fiji and the cities of suda and nandy were not in the direct path of the cyclone and the damage is relatively line and an
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hour north here and this is where the damage really begins and gets worse as you drive around the main island in fiji and the concern is the outlying islands because communication has not been restores to those islands and fear where the houses are flimsy can be just as much damage as this if not more and could be loss of life, precious little thankfully loss of life on the islands as things stand at the moment, as the government says but the concern of the outlying islands and once news come in of those then we will get a clear idea how devastating in terms of human life the cyclone has been. internationally recognized government i in tobruk and coul pave the way for i.s.i.l. to build a stronger platform in north africa and here is victoria. >> reporter: after two days of
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heated debate it seems the tobruk is no closer to backing the government and libya is no closer to political stability. it appears there are still many points of disagreement including who makes up the 18-member cabinet. >> translator: the chairman of the presidential council said that reconciliation will not involve exclusion or marginazation but the name of ministers proposed is and example of exclusion and marginazation because more than a third of libya's population are not represented. >> reporter: libya has been in turmoil with dozens of militias each fighting for control since the over throw of moammar gadhafi in 2011 and since 2014 libya had to competing governments the u.n. parliament in the eastern city of tobruk and congress based in the capitol tripoli and each has militia and foreign backers and retired general has been leading forces backing the government in
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tobruk and the chaos is worse by groups claiming agree agains with i.s.i.l. stepping into an already crowded battlefield and unity talks sponsored by morocco led to a council being formed last mother and factions formed a unity government which still has to be endorsed by both sides and as the talks continue so does the fighting and forces made gains against i.s.i.l. fighters in parts of benghazi and eastern libya and support is now under the control of the libya national army and it had been used to ship weapons to i.s.i.l. fighters and the forces have also taken control of 150 kilometers south of benghazi but i.s.i.l. is a major threat and u.n. envoy is in tobruk supporting the government and not just to end the suffering of bolovia people but to fill the power vacuum and prevent i.s.i.l. fighters from gaining any more ground and victoria
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with al jazeera. syrian government are fighting on two fronts in the aleppo countryside and this activist footage claims to show government planes dropping barrel bombs to the north of aleppo and russian air strikes targeted syrian air strikes to help the ypg and syrian democratic forces retake the area from opposition fighters. al jazeera has uncovered a illegal trade-in indonesia and they sold their kidneys for around $5,000 and we report where three members of an sindicate arrested and doctors at a government hospital have been questioned by the police. >> reporter: this is a poor village in west java and 30 people live here isn't the nearby community have one kidney and police say they sold the other kidney to middlemen for $5,000 each. >> translator: i was in really bad situation with huge debt and
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didn't have a house. i couldn't pay my rent for four months already. >> reporter: organ traders is lil eggel in indonesia and people can donate to friends and relatives and he can sell his kid in and had to pretend he new the recipient well and changed his age to 25 years old to increase the chances of being accepted and had no problem passing the screening at the public hospital. >> translator: they gave me a lot of money for my kidney so i could open my own business and someone else can do heavy work for me. >> reporter: police say they have so far questioned six doctors for possible colusion with organized criminals. >> translator: if we find the sindicate work together with the hospital of course the doctors will be prosecuted. >> reporter: the government hospital denies any involvement but the director says the screening process is designed to weed out any cases of trade and
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organs. >> translator: this is part of the process that needs to be refined and we need to look at it from case to case and this needs to be further investigated, if there are possible mistakes which could be the case then this should be part of the investigation, i agree with that. >> reporter: according to the health ministry 150 now indonesia kidney patients need a transplant and has been waiting for the operation for more than a year. >> translator: we all know about the brokers. they have been around kidney patients for a long time and society up the committee of kidney patients and received me mail of people who want to sell their kidney. >> reporter: but he can't afford to pay a middleman up to $25,000 for a kidney. it's a story not many here in this village are willing to share. they are ashamed that poverty forced them to sell their own kidney, a deal that many now here regret but that police say will unlikely deter other poor villagers who are targeted by
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kidney trade sindicates and he sold his kidney when he was 17 years old and like others we interviewed he only received $5,000 of the $25,000 paid for his kidney. he said his health has deteriorated since the operation. >> translator: i feel betrayed but what can i do, i don't know the law, where can i go to to file a case? i have nothing. i can only suffer in silence. >> reporter: in an effort to stop the trading kidneys parliament members urged the government to establish a donor bank where organ donation will be regulated and donors properly screened. al jazeera, west java. still to come on al jazeera in venezuela and more people are tushing to their gardens to feed their families plus the 106-year-old woman to turned a
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visit into the white house into a little dance party. ♪
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. ♪ welcome back you are watching al jazeera from doha, top stories uganda main opposition leader being held by the police after trying to leave his home where he had been under house arrest for several days and speaks the result of a presidential election last thursday. there is a tense standoff at a university in the india capitol between police and students, five students accused of sedition are inside the university campus with the police gathered outside. at least 21 people have been
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killed during the strongest storm system ever recorded in fiji and warning of a widespread health crisis in low lying areas where people live in tin shacks. reporting chinese banks frozen accounts belonging to north koreans and we take you live to beijing and our correspondent adrian brown and get us up to date on this and south korean media what are they saying? >> well, this report has come from the dong i daily in circulation in south korea but we have to be careful because this particular outlet media peter is quoting unnamed sources and base their report on a conversation they had with an official at the industrial commercial bank of china that is the biggest bank here in china, he is based in the city of dadong on the border with north korea where north korea and
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chinese businessmen come to do trade. he says since december a number of north korean bank accounts have been frozen, that is important because that is before north korea carried out its hydrogen bomb test or what it says was hydrogen bomb test and later launched in february so if this action was supposed to try to deter north korea it certainly appears to have failed but if it's true then it seems that finally china may well be taking action against its old ally and remember china at the moment is about the only friend, the only ally that north korea has and the united states government, the governments of south korea and japan have been urging china to do more to reign in the neighbor but as i say impossible to verify at the moment, a spokesman for the foreign ministry here said a briefing a short time ago they
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mad no information on the matter and that may mean they have no information on the matter at the moment, more could become clear, possibly in the coming days but who knows. if it is true adrian is it a new tactic on the part of the chinese government? >> reporter: well, i think if it was true and it's a big if i think it would be beijing sending a direct measured response, this is action that would not hurt ordinary north korean people but instead officials those close to the regime who have money sorted away this china and china at the moment is just about the only place where the north koreans could place money because it was shot down to them a number of years ago and china acted to try to freeze the funds and it could, could start to hurt the regime. >> health warnings clearly important on this one but for the meantime thanks very much.
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battle for the control of city of ramp the claimed more lives and 16 iraqi soldiers killed fighting i.s.i.l. and earlier this month the government claimed to recapture the i.s.i.l. stronghold in and bar providence and i.s.i.l. controls big areas of iraq and fallujah and mosul and iraqi army is having a big offensive. getting extra time to vote in parliamentary elections after sunday and the president is hoping to secure a second nooif-year term and up against 14 rivals and mohamed now from the capitol. >> reporter: in a classroom without electricity the future was decided by the ballot box, with the counting extending through the night on sunday people were sand shues for the results and it had been a long and windy day and it began with sitting president mohamed celebrating the democratic process as he cast his vote and
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tipped for a clear victory in the first round something that has not happened in the previous elections. to be accepted it needs to be regarded as fair and people need to be happy with the outcome. >> translator: so far no case of fraud has been brought to my attention and i had cause regarding logistical issues with equipment and as we are talking those in charge took necessary disposition to solve the problems. >> reporter: the process was smooth and there were no complaints. but in others there were long delays before voting started, some ran out of ballot papers and had to stop polling for several hours. it's a long and hot day here in the capitol but as you can see the crowd is only getting bigger and bigger as the day progresses and that is because people tell us here this election is before anything else about the future and stability of this nation. as the day progresses the crowds
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swelled and patients wayned. >> translator: the lines have not moved since the morning and i don't understand what is happening, our wait because i took the decision to vote and i will vote, even if i have to wait until 6:00 a.m. i will be here, i am determined. >> translator: maybe the people who are put in charge were chosen deliberately so they cannot let us move and we think it was done on purpose because people know that here there are supporters of the opposition. >> reporter: the opposition has issued a statement accusing the government of deliberately blocking the electoral process, no significant violence has been reported but the utmost fear is tense and uncertain, mohamed with al jazeera. the relatives of some of those killed in the attacks in december in san bernardino in california plan to file a legal brief opposing apple on its iphone encryption policy and
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angry apple is challenging an order to help the authorities rewrite the software so they can get access to the phone of one of the shooting suspects. in bolivia results show that the president morales lost a vote to change the constitution and could in theory run for a fourth term and official results not expected for a week and daniel is here now. >> it's difficult for many bolovians to remember a time when morales was not president but it seems as though they decided enough is enough and he won't be able to run again in 2019. he remains however a popular president. >> translator: even morales has been an excellent leader and transformed bolivia politics. >> reporter: a few weeks ago the si or yes campaign was ahead in the opinion polls but strong opposition campaign alleging corruption in the governing party caused it serious damage.
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>> translator: they have shown morales that is not all powerful and replaceable and above all beatable and shown him to be a normal human being capable of making mistakes. >> reporter: the country's first indigenous leader he came to power in 2006 promising radical change and he nationalized it and gave a voice to women who has been long marginalized and the enemies will say he has a huge impact on bolivia and the country will not be the same again and nobody is screaming si, si that power corrupts or simply a healthy democracy needs frequent change and they lost east of the country, that was no surprise but it was also defeated in regions where previously morales enjoyed massive support, a sign
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say analysts it lost touch with the very people who brought him to power. >> translator: there is no equality and justice in the government, we have to change the government. >> translator: a lot of young people have seen how things are in other countries and influenced their thinking. >> reporter: he gambled with referendum and will remain in power until elections in 2019 when the unchanged constitution rules he will have to step down and take a rest, al jazeera, bolivia. food shortages in venezuela are so severe that the president now keeps dozens of hens to lay eggs and nicholas has joined an urban gardening campaign urging everyone to produce their own food and plunge in the price of oil sent the economy further to collapse as we explain. >> reporter: amid the concrete jungle oasis of vegetables where
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venezuela people loyal to the government gather to learn how to grow their own food. and she is hoping to replicate what she learns here in her struggling community. >> translator: the price of the basic food items have risen out of control because of speculator and smugglers so heed the call of the president to grow, to contract the situation. >> reporter: it's an idea the government is taking seriously with widespread shortages and out of control inflation so seriously that the president miduro has a ministry of urban farming saying he is out to set a good example. >> translator: the first lady and i have chosen what we eat. >> reporter: outside of the capitol in once rich agricultural land many believe the president should focus on the flight of traditional farmers. >> translator: urban gardening interesting but not a way to solve sufficient a big issue.
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>> reporter: engineers show us plots of land left idle and blames lack of seeds to force farmers to sell their produce at a loss. >> translator: we import 80% of all food items and the little we produce here is simply not enough to satisfy national demand and we used to be self sufficient in items like rice but that is gone. >> reporter: bevenezuela could grow because of expend shun of fertile land but through the years most of the agricultural has been abandon and other farms like this one have been ex appropriated by the government and collapsed and joined a cooperative of farmers a decade ago on land in government hands and it was at the start and in time they have been left without resources and the little they grow now is usually stolen by hungry neighbors. >> translator: there is nothing
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we can do to farm more and not asking for me but all of this and owe it to president chavez and what would he say with the level of abandonment? >> reporter: food production and the risks turning into a full blown humanitarian crisis, al jazeera, victoria. living until 106 is already a pretty impressive feit but watch this. that little lady is virginia and after a lean think campaign she got her wish to meet america's first black president, keep moving she said is the secret to long life.
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more news and dancing on al website including latest from uganda. - addicted in america. how a safe place to shoot up can help people connected on heroin america's heroin epidemic is taking a huge toll in human life in communities across the nation. heroin and pain medication like oxycontin caused 60% of the record 47,000 deaths from drug overdoses in 2014.


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