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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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the first after america african-american president. stay tune, the news continues live from london next. >> the u.s. and russia saying hostilities in syria should stop in four days time but will the warring side agree? >> you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up in this program. 21 people die and cyclones deliver winds 320 kilometers an hour hits fiji.
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and in step with the president. the 106-year-old who has a dance with the president at the white house. >> you breaking news in the last hour we hear a draft deal has been reached between the united states and russia. they both agree on the date of cessation of hostilities in syria. our diplomatic editor james bays is at the united nations in new york. >> he detailed timeline which will be announced from high levels in the coming hours but the u.s. secretary of state john kerry, we assume that sergei lavrov will also be talking about it. midday, that includes the syrian government. it includes all the other armed
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groups that are fighting there, but it does not include jabhat al nusra, but all other groups must be ready to say they'll take part of the cease-fire and then 12 hours later will begin the cessation of fighting. >> the syrian government is fighting on two fronts in the countryside around aleppo. these pictures show government planes dropping barrel bombs on north of aleppo. the russian airstrikes have targeted rebels in the rural parts of the city. tens of thousands of people are still fleeing. thousands have been displaced in the last few weeks alone as the offensive by government troops
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intensifies. >> afghan forces has left the taliban in control of helmand. helmand has seen some of the fiercest battle since the u.s.-led invasion 2001. >> you we have decided to pull our troops out from their defensive role and get them ready for an offensive. this new move is part of a new strategy. those troops who have been pulled from the districts are still on the ground. they have not gone somewhere else. we're providing them with new training and equipping them in order to get ready for a string of offensive.
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>> afghan troops including soldiers and police officers have pulled out of a critical district of nozad in a very important district of helmand in afghanistan. this means within the past three days two districts in helmand province have seen afghan troops pull out, which would seem to suggest that the taliban is gaining momentum we should point out that they conformed this the troops pulled out. however, the defense ministry has a different version of the events. telling al jazeera that the troops did pull out, but it was part of a planned reorganization in preparation for an offensive
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against the taliban in the days and weeks ahead. this development before the government, pakistan, afghanistan, china are set to does the framework however, this troop pull outs aid more uncertainty. >> in fiji the nation cleans up after one of the strongest storms ever to hit. cyclone winston kill 21 people, destroyed villages and wiped out crops. an do you thomas has been assessing the damage. >> the word being used in fiji in response to this aerial photographry is flattened. these are villages on remote islands. on fiji's main island the damage is bad enough, but no news has come from some of the islands
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it's not known yet how many were injured or if people died. >> the damage has been widespread. homes have been destroyed, many low-lying areas have flooded and many people have been left stunned and confused about what to do. >> the cities of suva escaped the full force of the cyclone, but still an hour north of the forist area there is wide destruction. >> it is still pretty windy, but this is nothing like when the cyclone was at its peak. you can see this home, the roof is gone, the debris filling the
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swimming pool. and there a guesthouse totally destroyed. >> nearby houses have been strewn down the hillside. some houses did survive but just. this woman and her friends are cleaning up, grateful to be alive. >> it was terror. we heard about the hurricanes and all that, and we've been through so many of them. but this one was--just terrible. just terrible. >> in this part of fiji already crews are at work restoring fallen power lines and clamoring up to repair mobile phone masts. but there are many mobile masts damaged and down. the fear is what news will be heard once communication is back up from the rest of fiji.
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>> police have arrested a man who is accused of leading a large group of dissent. an independent e.u. observer commission said that the vote was conducted under intimidation and the united states has expressed its concerns. we go to the capital of kampala. >> they say that the election results were rigged. the election commission denies it. they say he'll be charged. and his supporters want to challenge the election result in
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the supreme court. they want to go to the commission to try to get some of the paperwork necessary to do that. they said it would turn into a procession and cause unrest for the electoral commission. >> we spoke to the former president of nigeria whose chairman of the observer group have been overseeing these elections in uganda, and they say that he was guilty of gross incompetence. >> first of all we have the preliminary decision two days before the election we pointed out the number of anomalies, or if you like minuses in the process leading to the election.
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something that should not have happened but happened on the day of the election itself we saw that this amount to incompetence. gross incompetence on the part of the electoral commission. we are assured that they were fully prepared, but when it came to the crunch they were not prepared at all. we said this was inexcusable what had a happened. there was no reason for it to have happened. >> in libya, the internationally recognized parliament based in tibruk will decide whether or not to make tart in an unity
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government. libya tries to build a stronger platform in northamption africa. >> after two days of heated debate it seems that the tibruk parliament is no closer to backing the parliament and libya is no closer to political stability. it appears there are many points to this agreement in including who makes up this 18-member cabinet more than a third of libya's population is not represented. >> dozens of militias fighting for control since the overthrow of muammar qaddafi in 2011. libya has had two competing
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governments. one in tibruk and another based in the ta capital of tripoli. general haftar has been leading military operations in tibruk. unity talks led to a presidential council being formed last month. last wreak they formed an unity government that still has to be endorsed by both sides. as the talks continue, so does the fighting hafta forces have taken control about 150 kilometers south of ben good di benghazi, but isil continues
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to be a major threat. not only. >> a moment here on al jazeera, protests in macedonia where. afghan refugees are stranded. >> here we have found 30 people have sold theirs kidneys in the kidney syndicate. social change. >> i feel like i'm suppose to do something, >> breaking down barriers. >> sometimes i have to speak when other people say be quiet. >> shaping our future. >> i actually am committed to a different, better, stronger, healthier america. >> i lived that character.
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>> we will be able to see change.
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>> the only live national news show at 11:00 eastern. >> we start with breaking news. >> let's take a closer look.
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>> we go to the global headlines at this hour. massive clean up in fiji after a cyclone left 21 people dead and flattened a number of villages. uganda's opposition group deny that it's members plan to court violence at the election commission. and the top story, a draft deal has been reached between united states and russia. john kerry has announced the agreement in the next few hours. what will it take to make this come about? >> it seems that they've gone over the maps of where everyone is, and the syrian territory,
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and i think that know some areas are going to be more blurred, if you will. there is political will now on the part of the russians and the americans to move forward on this. i think that the americans are quite fed up, and they really want something already a couple of weeks ago. they said they want it within a week. the russians said no, not until the end of the month, and i think the russians got their way. moscow is running out of targets in syria, and it knows it cannot continue with the same old game that started on september 30th without results. it seems to me that all the ducks are lined up, whether it works or not on the ground come
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the end of the month remains to be seen. but certainly there is a will now to get something like that going. >> what kind of pressure can russia and the united states put on the groups effectively under their groups on the ground. forces loyal to bishop bishop and would live to what russia has to say and forces that who listen to the united states. what kind of arm-bending can these two groups do on the ground? >> clearly the parties are already agreed with the geneva process, in terms of the opposition outside of al nusra and daesh, i think there is an
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agreement already. as far as the syrian regime and his militias. the russian ambassador of the united nations has basically warned him to shut up. in so many ways russia has invested so much in defending the assad regime it knows that it basically owns it. >> we'll be back pretty sudden. back to you a little bit later. that's our senior political analysts. thousands stranded in greece. hundreds of afghan refugees deciding to lock entry after macedon in a stopped letting the through.--letting them
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through. >> you know, i was here yesterday, and there was absolutely nobody here. there was just a few people inside you can see people setting up their tents. what happened is that the border have been closing down, not only the borders between greece and macedonia, but between macedonia and serbia. we were in macedonia earlier in the day. and officials saying that we're just reacting to what serie a did. this caused panic with all refugees. everyone left this reception center which is 20 kilometers away from here. we walked all the way here. now the they're making sure that no one goes through. >> demonstration by the jats cut
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water supplies to millions, blocked roads to the capital of new delhi. now it they'll tell us that some demonstrators are still angry. >> their anger and determination could not be swayed to appease them. the protesters want reservation status, and they want it now. the young generation of the jat community is in danger of losing out. the government should grand us reservation status. >> 18 million members live across northern india. traditionally from farming backgrounds they claim of missing out on jobs and opportunities. they're not part of the government's affirmative action which gives deprived groups quotas in places in universities and government jobs. the protesters say it's not
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enough. at the heart of the matter there is trust. they say many times before, and this time they want written confirmation. until then they will carry on with blockades like this. >> the impact has been felt across the state and further. many say they're u--many drivers say they're not being paid and can stay no longer. >> i cannot go and get food. they're robbing vehicles. >> many in the blockade have had their tires slashed. many shots near the blockade have had to shut down. factsrys have also closed. the economic losses are close to $3 billion. mohammed wants his famil runs
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his family's tire shop but he has not had a customer in days. >> how am i supposed to pay my employees and my suppliers. my debt is growing. now government leaders are concerned that neighboring states will also fight for it. if a. >> well, there has been a stand off in new delhi between indian police and students. students accused of inciting people to rebel against the government. and they're surrounded now by police officers at the university. well, a three-day stand off between security forces in india-administered kashmir is now over.
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they killed three fighters who were held up in offices in the disputed region. citizen people died when police entered a training facility on saturday. al jazeera has uncovered evidence of an illegal organ trafficking in indonesia. three suspects have been arrested and doctors, too, are being questioned. we have spoken with some of the villagers who have told their kidneys. >> at least 30 people have just one kidney. the police say they have sold their other kidneys to middle man. >> i was in bad situation. i had huge debt and i didn't have a house. i wouldn't today my rent for four months already. >> organ trade is illegal in indonesia. but people can donate their
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organs to friends and relatives. this man had to pretend that he knew the recipient as well. >> they havthey promised a lot of money for my kidney so i could open my own business. >> the police so far have questioned six doctors with possible collusion with organized criminals. >> we're trying, of course the doctors will be prosecuted. >> the hospital denies any involvement, but it's director said that the screening process is designed to weed out any cases of trade of organs. >> this is part of the process that needs to be refined. we need to look at the case. this needs to be further investigated. if there are possible mistakes which could be the case, then
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this should be part of the investigation. i agree with that. >> according to the health ministry, 150,000 indonesia patients need a transplant. >> we all know about the brokers. they have helped kidney patients for a long time. but he says that he cannot afford to pay up to $25,000 for a kidney. >> it's a story that many in this village are not willing to share. they're ashame thad poverty has forced them to sell their kidney. a deal that many regret. but the police say that will not keep others who are tarted by the kidney trade syndicate. >> this man sold his kidney when he was 17 years old. he only received $5,000 of the $25,000 paid for his kidney.
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he said his health has deteriorated since the operation. >> i feel betrayed but what can i do? i don't know the law. where can i go to file a case? i can only suffer in silence. >> reports have emerged that some come banks are freezing accounts of those who belong to nort north korea. the bank workers have been saying that the freezing appears to be connected to strained relations between the two
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nations. adrian brown has more from beijing. >> this report has come from a south korea up in quoting a number of unnamed sources. so we have to be careful. apparently one of those sources was an official with the bank of china based on the border with north korea. now, according to this official, a number of bank accounts were frozen. now according to this official other north korean bank accounts have been frozen in other parts of china. china is the only place where north koreans can put their money after macao was shut down to them a number of years ago. if china has finally taken action against north korea, as the government of the united states, korea, japan, have been urging it to, then this action is probably direct and measured
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because it will not be hurting ordinary koreans. rather it will be hurting those officials, those close to the regime who have money sorted away here in china. but a spokesman said that they have no knowledge of this particular matter. >> what a better way to turn 106. if you're turning 106 what better way than to share a dance with the president and the first lady at the white house. >> unabashed, unimpair harassed. she said the secret to a long and happy life is to keep on moving.
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>> very happy to have you here. he she would be happy to be anywhere, at my age. >> the breaking news this hour. u.s. officials say russia has agreed to a truce in syria. >> when a random individual decides to be evil, i don't know how you stop that. >> the uber driver accused of going on a killing spree in kalamazoo goes before a judge. campaign crunch republicans prepare for tomorrow