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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 23, 2016 9:30am-10:01am EST

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liberties of everyone. apple's former legal argument is expected on friday. >> much more on that. the pentagon puts out its plan to move guantanamo bay detainees to the u.s. congress is saying no. donald trump looks for his third win in a row as ted cruz and mar rob a try to break his momentum. the city of flint, michigan, the officials say neither side is taking action.
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>> this is al jazeera live from new york city. i'm stephanie sy. in about an hour, president obama will make his case for closing the guantanamo bay detention center. that ho long been a promise made during his first campaign eight years ago. the plan presented to congress today will likely call for transferring some detainees to u.s. soil, sure to provoke a fight with lawmakers who oppose that move. some lawmakers are already speaking out against the plan. they did so yesterday. how difficult will it be for the administration to convince congress? >> almost impossible. the obama administration says it's going to try. they say look, congress asked for this plan, and so they're submitting it on the deadline that it's supposed to be submitted. they hope it will start a conversation about whether or not there's a way to bring some
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of the detainees at guantanamo who can't be tried and can't be transferred to other countries to the united states so that they can close guantanamo, which the obama administration continues to say is a recruiting tool for enemies of the united states, but as you said, the congressional opposition is already lined up squarely against it on two principles. one is the whole principle of just closing guantanamo. many republicans feel it should stay open and filled with new suspected terror suspects who were captured in the battle against isil. then there are those dead set opposed to any idea of transferring detainees to the united states. right now, it's against the law. congress has passed a law that not only prohibits the transfer, but doing anything to even promote the transfer, and so the obama administration will send this plan up. there's no surprises in it be it calls for the closing of
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guantanamo bay and looks for sites detainee's can be transferred but doesn't suggest any particular site, basically an invitation for congress to discuss the issue. the big unspoken threat is the possibility that if frustrated by congress, the president could result to executive action to transfer the detainees. that would be a highly provocative move and might even spark a constitutional lawsuit, so that's not something the white house is talking about. they are just saying right now our focus is on working with congress. the plan goes up today and you can pretty much bet that it will be rejected out of hand. >> my understanding as far as the pentagons role in con contacting this plan is a lot of it has to do with the costs of how much it has been costing to rub guantanamo bay. almost a half billion dollars was spent on running guantanamo
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bay prison. >> they're going to make the receivingment in this plan that it's much cheaper to house these detainee that is can't be sent elsewhere in maximum security prisons in the united states, either in the federal prison system or perhaps the military prison system. you know, the savings is in the big scheme of things, isn't that big. it's somewhere between $60 million and $80 million a year and there's some up front costs in closing guantanamo and moving the prisoners. i'm not sure how compelling that economic argument would be weighed against the argument that the republican majority in both houses who believe that guantanamo is still necessary, still a place where detainees should be held and they should not under any cbs be brought back to u.s. soil. it looks like a potential deadlock there. the president is sending upping the plan and hoping for the
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best, that he can engage no moderate republicans in talking about ways that they might actually be able to shut down guantanamo. just the logistics of doing it would preclude it happening before the president leaves office next january. >> jami, we'll see you again when we cover the president's speech live in about an hour. right now, 91 detainees remain at the prison. ten are in various stage ins their military hearings. 35 are waiting to be transferred. they've been cleared. the state department hopes to transfer them by this summer. the rest have not been charged or tried. a former guantanamo bay detainee since his release that spoken out about the abuse of gitmo detainees. i asked him if the american perception that all held are terrorists can be countered. >> it has to be done through a transparent court of law where they've been judged.
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i've heard people say they are war criminals, prisoners of war and so forth. the terminology is completely confused. obama, though he's expressed several times he wants to close that place, which is a notable thing, he as a former constitutional lawyer could have said the one word, that they are innocent in the sight of the law. >> not all the men are innocent to be fair. some of them have been actually convicted. those 46 of them are in some degree of legal limbo, but there have been some convictions, although you do point out that hundreds of people that had been held at gitmo, yourself included have been released, never charged and really held for years. >> yes. well, i mean the fact is that there are over 780 prisoners. you have to take the large number and use that as the rule, not use the exception as the rule. even those convicted, the handful literally you can count them on your hand, the pros they were convicted under would not
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be recognized anywhere else, not even on u.s. soil. the problem the americans are having now, they have folks they say are responsible for 9/11, like the high value prisoners, but because they were tortured and there have been invites on torture, the moment they are taken to u.s. soil, their cases will be thrown out of court and they know this. >> it sounds like you're making the argument for the republicans to not close guantanamo bay, because some of them were tortured to get information, that that wouldn't be admissible in federal court, and therefore they should stay in gitmo. >> no, what should happen is that if there's no charges against somebody, after 14 years of interrogation by the world's most powerful law enforcement and security agencies, then really, you've got to put this to an end. the taliban ministers, osama bin laden's bodyguards, drivers, close con if i canes and others have been released. what you've got left in guantanamo is really a handful
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of people, the majority of whom are not being released not because of any crime they've committed but because we can't find countries to send them back to, because they are lebanese and libyans and places to are volatile. that's not their fault. that's not their crime. they are not held for that reason. we were told they were the world's most dangerous men and the majority are not, like myself, so they should be freed. >> only eight men have been convicted by military commissions at guantanamo bay. the pentagon's plan is not expected to name the locations deantainees could be transferred. al jazeera's jim who wilily paid the super max a visit. >> as we approach this prison, called the super max, you realize how remote this is. we're 100 miles south of denver in fremont county. it's really isolated here with just a few small towns and
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cities nearby. >> in october, pentagon officials came here to tour super max. they wanted to see if it would be a suitable home for low level guantanamo detainees. it offers some of the tightest security in the country. the 400 prisoners spend 23 ours alone each day in their cells. they may go years without ever touching another human being. their cells are extremely small, just 87 square feet. that's a box about this size. the prison was built to house the worst of the worst. it's home to some of the most infamous prisoners, including several convicted terrorists, boston marathon bomber, unibomber, and timothy mcveigh was here, too. >> the obama administration is considering removing the men who
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would come to the mainland to this site. they have not been tried nor charged with any crime. denver attorney has represented five of the men held at gitmo. >> the question isn't where they're relocate, the question is are we going to actually charge people with crimes if went they've done something wrong and if they're convicted, they should be imprisoned. if they're not, they need to be released. >> many in colorado feel differently. opposition to the relocation has been strong and coming from different sides. more than 40 of the colorado county sheriffs have written an open letter to the president raising security questions. they've been led by the local sheriff of fremont county. they wrote we believe it would be dangerously naive to believe combatants located in our state would provide a target for anyone wishing to free them or make a political statement. >> i believe that the sheriff's
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current response is nothing other than straight up fear mongering. >> besides super max, two other sites are being considered, one in cans and one in south carolina, but no matter what site is selected, the obama administration is certain to face a major battle in congress. colorado's entire delegation has said it will fight any possible relocation to super max with everything they have. >> stay with us. we'll bring you president obama's statement on the began plan. he's expect to speak around 10:30 eastern. >> the president's plan to close guantanamo could become a topic on the campaign trail today. many who want his job are crisscrossing nevada this morning. most polls show donald trump as the front runner. we have live in las vegas outside what will be the gop caucus headquarters. trump is the heavy favorite in nevada. what is helping him there?
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>> it's in some ways not a big surprise. this is las vegas and a flashy rich man is not necessarily viewed as a negative for a lot of people here. at the monday evening rally, here's what trump supporters had to say about him. >> i think he gives us what we need. we need financial stability. we need a strong military. we need to feel secure on an airplane when we go out to vegas or everywhere. >> this is the first time in my life i am happy with the person running. he speaks our language, the average joe blow's language and he's going to do what he says he's going to do. a politician promise you the world and give you nothing. >> when you think about donald trump, it's very hard to put him in a box politically and nevada is a unique state politically. you havevasion, reno, these are big tourist sites where there's gambling, alcohol, marijuana is
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expected to be leads in a couple of years. in certain parts of the state, there's prostitution. there's a huge reliance on all those elements in the nevada economy. when you leave, it becomes a very rural and conservative state. you have republicans relying on the super at the same time industry here. when you look at trump, he's not a classic republican, either. in many ways, neither people of nevada nor trump fit in a box and it worked out very well. >> he make that not be flashy, but marco rubio spent part of his childhood in nevada. is that going to be an advantage for him at all? >> i think in most states it would be an advantage, but in nevada it's quite a peculiar state. you get transient people in terms of moving into the state for a few years and moving on. in las vegas, especially in the service industry, people come for a few years and decide to leave. in more recent years because of the financial crisis and
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foreclosures, you have a lot of people leave and then a new group of people coming, so the fact that rubio had spent sometime in nevada doesn't resonate as strongly necessarily to people of nevada here. >> what about ted cruz? how is he going to do that in state? >> we attended a monday afternoon rally for ted cruz, a lot of people supporting him precisely because they find him a good alternative to donald trump. one thing cruz said to supporters right before that event is that he did ask fortress i go nation of his communications director. that's the latest line from the cruz campaign and that was because taylor posted something or tyler posted something on twitter that called into question mark rob a's face. it was a video questions marco rubio's face. that didn't seem to impact his
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supporters, though. as for the democrats, they are preparing for saturday's primary in south carolina. the election will come down to dell bets. the latest count has hillary clinton on top. clinton has now been awarded her delegates from her nevada caucus win last weekend. she tops better than sand there by one. that does not include super delegates including members of congress who don't vote based on primary results. clinton leads 451-19. there are 59 total delegates up for grabs in south carolina for the democrats. there are four days left until that primary. clinton that a substantial lead there, 20 percentage points. both campaigns are campaigning hard. >> the people of the united states need to know the difference between hastily adopted campaign rhetoric and
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the real record and long held ideas of the candidates. >> historically, more than 50% of democratic voters in south carolina have been african-american. clinton got 76% of the black vote in nevada's primary. >> coming up, the murder spree in michigan, the suspected gunman behind the murder spree has his day in court. fixing flint's water crisis, why a power struggle is leaving the residents in limbo.
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this morning the man accused of a shooting spree in kalamazoo michigan is in jail facing murder charges. police are trying to figure out a motive as the community remembers the six people killed. we have this report. >> are you jason bribe dalton? >> yes. >> it's the first we've heard from an alleged mass shooter in kalamazoo, facing six counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder. >> is there anything you wish to tell the court at this time concerning your connection with the community? >> i would prefer to just remain silent. >> 45-year-old jason dalton spent seven minutes in court where he was denied bail. investigators still wonder what led to the rampage saturday night when eight people were gunned down.
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>> we don't know why he did this yet. he's been non-emotional at context that i'm aware of. >> prosecutors say he shot a woman in an apartment complex on saturday night, but she survived and was able to give police a description of the gunman and his car. before they could find him, police day he randomly gunned down teenager tyler leer smith and his dad checking out cars at an auto dealer. surveillance tape showed him sneaking up behind the two before opening fire. then it was on to a restaurant parking lot where dalton walked up to the vehicles where four women were sitting and killed them all and critically hurt a 14-year-old girl with them. the husband of one victim, 62-year-old mary lou nye talked about his loss. >> there's nothing i can do to change it. i just have to live with it and
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deal with it. >> in between the shootings, police say dalton was still picking up fares as an uber driver. >> was driving through meddens, through the lawn, speeding along and finally once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. it was a pretty scary ordeal, especially being so closely involved with it, but just happy i'm safe. >> seven hours after of the first shooting, police pulled over his car early sunday morning and made a peaceful arrest. police told a judge on sunday that dalton admitted in police custody that he "took people's lives." the victims were wrecked in a catholic mass monday and at the high school where tyler smith was a student, classmates tried to make sense of it all. >> there's an underlying feeling of fear and there's kids who don't want to go outside and are just fearful because it was just
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so unexpected and there's no reasoning or logic and it was a random thing and are they next and this happened in our town. >> his neighbors describe him, his wife and children as quiet but friendly. protests are planned today at 40 apple stores across the country, demonstrators plan support for apple in its fight with the f.b.i. be a pell will not comply with a court order to help crack an encrypted iphone. most americans disagree with protestors. a study finds 51% say apple should help the f.b.i. unlock the phone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. micro founder about him gates is siding to law enforcement. he said this is a particular case where apple should help. >> you shouldn't call access some special thing. it's no different than somebody telling the phone company to get
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bank records. >> facebook's c.e.o. mark zuckerberg taking the opposite stance from gates saying: a new battle is brewing in flint, michigan over how to fix the city's water crisis. the mayor said thousands of pipes need to be replaced but the governor doesn't agree with those numbers. >> while the city of flint is no longer getting its water from the polluted flint river, flint's mayor and michigan's governor agreed monday that the next step towards clean water for the city is replacing its lead pipes. >> people won't buy homes or even feel comfortable in our restaurants until every lead service line is removed. >> get those out of the ground and then move forward to lead pipe replacement. >> the agreement ends there when it comes to the pros of removing those pipes. flint mayor karen weaver
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announced a research team from the university of michigan flint laid out the scope of the problem. >> our research supports the estimate of at least 8,000 homes and businesses in the city of flint being fed with lead pipes. >> my goal is for all of them to be removed. i was glad to have somebody validate this information that we've been looking for. >> she wants $25 million from the state to pay for replacing those pipes, but while mayor weaver was making her announcement, michigan governor rick snyder was 65 miles away, touring the state's new emergency operation headquarters and the governor said he's doing his own study. >> we've got the infrastructure study going on to determine where the lead pipes are. we're focused on a pros to identify the high risk ones. >> the governor signed a no bid half million dollars contract with a company called row professional services for his study. state records show row was involved in the city's switch to the contaminated flint river.
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it helped design the water treatment process, but calls its role peripheral. the governor is keeping his focus on getting plies so flint residents. >> working hard to make sure they get water, cartridge filters, what they need. >> folks say that's not enough. >> get the pipes fixed and resolve this water problem. making mortgages affordable. a new option for cash strapped homebuyers.
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al jazeera america. issues there may be new hope for homebuyers who don't of enough money for a down payment. one bank has a program it says will help but is sparking fears of reckless lending again. >> bank of america's loan program only requires 3% down and no mortgage insurance, and it also gets around the federal housing administration or f.h.a. the agency which usually backs those low down payment loans. the f.h.a. has penalized banks for making errors object big loans. >> there's hard feelings from the big banks against f.h.a. they'd like to dial it back as much as they can and clearly this is an attempt to come up with an alternative, an alternative that is actually more affordable to borrowers
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than f.h.a. >> they will sell mortgages to self help, which will then sell them to freddie mac. freddie mac and danny may have been offered similar loans for a year now but they are little used by homebuyers, because they require a high credit score and strict underwriting. >> you still have to verify assets. you still have to verify your income. importantly, there's counseling involved by the self help group in terms of getting the mortgage and if you run into problems, so those are features that we never really saw during the sub prime boom. >> for now, b. of a. plants to issue no more than $500 million of these loans, a fraction of the $1.36 billion in f.h.a. loans made by bank of america last year. al jazeera. thanks for watching. more news next from doha.
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we'll have obama live at 10:30. >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello and welcome to the news hour. i'm in doha, here is what is coming up in the next 60 minutes. a crisis with no end in sight. more than 100,000 refugees and migrants have arrived in europe this year alone. desperate scenes at the border as afghan refugees demand a way through to northern europe. with no let up in the fighting, there are serious


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