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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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>> only on al jazeera america. continue to land amidoees warnings that the migration system can be days from total break down. ♪ also coming up, russian jets pound northwest syria, as forces seek to take more ground, ahead of saturday's halt in fighting. iran prepares to go to the polls for the first election, since agreeing to a nuclear treaty. ahead the scottsman sets off
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on the first outing after a major refit. >> hello, the e.u. top migration official has issued a stark warning, he says that the rapid progress isn't made to send the refugees into europe, there's a risk the whole system will break down. more boat and ding gis packed full of refugees arrived, commissioner says the e.u. has only ten days left to reduce significantly the flow of people arriving from turkey. he delivered the warning as the e.u. interior and justice ministers met to discuss their response to the crisis. the french interior minister has defended plans to yew refugees. the government has never considered the brutal evacuation of the south zone with bulldozers by uprooting migrants and spreading them
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across the country. this is not our policy. our policy is to care, and support, to humanitarian help. but tomorrow, it will pursue the strategy of a company in each migrant towards a humanitarian solution, that is up to the standards of the values of our country. on the greek border. >> the situation is already gradually exploding. certainly it is becoming more and more complicated. not only for the refugees that are stranded here at the border, and stranded in other centers along the road, but also for the greek authorities. about 12,000 refugees and migrants are already on the territory, that is not counting those who keep on arriving on a daily basis, so you can see that number increasing. mow the boarder is closed and has been closed since thursday. morning and there is no indication when it will open again.
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the afghan has discovered that they will not be able to go through any more, so either they go back to afghan and try to find another solution, or they will be using smugglers routs. people did tell us that they will try to continue their journey, because at this point, they have lost everything in their lives they don't have money any more, they don't vern a house to return to. some said that they sold that property to be able to make this journey, now, on the other hand, the border is being fortified. the serbian government has just announced that it will also send troops to patrol this border here there are two now, it seems very difficult to go through, but people will continue to try. for the syrians and the iraqi as lot of uncertainty. what will happen next, they don't know. will they have the right paperwork to start the process. and that registration process is what will allow them to go
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through the region, and reach western europe, and they simply don't know. you do now have now a lot of people despite the effort, to keep them in h the centers, this huge part of next year, the border you do have people -- and walk all the way here, some 70-kilometers and much more on that, simply because they are following the news, they are hearing that the borders mite close, permanently, for everybody on march 1st. and many just take their luggage, and their families and just walk. they want to be here, in case therd boor opens and they make it through. the french court has ordered to partially demolish. to evict hundreds of my grants from from the shanity town.
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winter thousand or more has already expired. they say they will use force to relocate the remaining refugees to nearby centers. nadine barber is in calley with more. >> what the announcement means is that gradually, the local authorities are planning to clear this part of the jungle camp. the southern part, local charities working on the ground say there are 3.5000 people living in this part alone. the political authorities are stressing they are not going to use force. they are saying that at least for three weeks police won't be moving in. they are going to continue working with the governmental organizations here to try to persuade the refugees to move into into new accommodation centers. a very short distance, which is made of shipping containers. we have a looked inside, and it is fairly luxurious compared to some of the tents
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that the people are sleeping in in this part of the jungle. but it is also almost full up right now. the government is stressing that the refugees are also being offered places that reception centers around france, where they will be told how they can apply for asylum. but for many people, they are not interested in trying to put roots down here in france. because their aim is still to join friends and family in great britain, so some people have told us that they are going to continue staying in this area, wherever that may be, with the hope of one day reaching great britain. the syrian observatory says government forces have taken back the town from isil fighters. because it is their only access to rebel held aleppo, rebel fighters currently
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control the main highway to the city. the government is said to have had help to recapture the area. >> meanwhile, dozens of people have been killed in russian air strikes. the main opposition says moscow has increased the attacks ahead of a planned due to start on saturday. the russians defense ministry says it has reduced strikes over the past two days. jamal has more from the turkish town which is close to the border. as the final count down begins leading up to this cessation in hostilities there was no let up in terms of the violence on the ground inside syria. two major events that took place on thursday. russian air strikes in the damascus suburbs in the country side. and in the surrounding area, video from there showed the construction to the civilian areas. there was video soundbites of children, pleading to god to put an end to the air strikes to put an end to what they
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cried as the aggression against them. there was no reports of an isil presence in that area the over development was the recapture of armed forces of the hamas town which is south of aleppo, significant because it is on the main supply rout. but also because it lies oen the rout towards another government strong hold. that town was previously controlled by isil fighters albeit for a few days. now, as we lead up to this cessation of honest tillties there is pessimism as to whether it will hold or not, because the text of it clearly allowed for all sides to use violence if it is under the pretext of self-defense. which is is a very lose term, which is why there isn't much optimism as to how this will hold. probably the main hope that people have is that maybe in cessation of honest tillties will provide for a window to
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allow for aid to reach. we already saw the u.n. fried to deliver this aid drop from the sky, that was unsuccessful, and even if it was 21-tons is a very minimal amount to drop in the ocean in terms of what is needed. it is barely a truckload worth of aid. possibly, while people are hoping for is the cessation will provide a window for allow for aid to be delivered on the ground to the areas where we have seen videos that showing starving people. where there hasn't been food, medication, delivered for a long time, in what has been a pittedder winter. >> the u.n. says 21 tons of food mitts and other supplies have been lost in the town. the aid was air dropped on wednesday, but failed to etch radioit's target. the u.n. is unable to get supplies in by road because the city is surrounded by isil. >> pilots were drifting in with their parachutes. so that some missed targets and others of the pallets the
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parachutes did not open. and the food was destroyed. >> in a few hours time iranians will start voting in their first election. the votes will be cast in two elections one for the parliament and one for the assembly of experts. 12,000 applied, butten fewer than 5,000 were cleared to compete for the 290 seats. >> the success the reformists. in the elections for the assembly of experts 88 members will be chosen. they monoto the work of the most powerful person the supreme leader and choose a successor. >> the guardian council clears just 100. the female applicants. the republic.
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>> it can take the country down a more moderate political path. but the retomorrow cities moderates believe they can make gains in parliament at the expense of hardliners. the central issue has been the recession, and how a longer recovery can take this sanctions now lifted. but this family gathered like so many others around the country, there's a discussion about voting. 21-year-old mohammad is a student who will be voting for the first time. his parents are worried he will end up like his sister unable to find a job after graduating. >> his mother age 52 is avidly using the most popular messaging app called telegram. which unlike facebook and twitter isn't blocked. she has decided after discuss ms. the family chat group and hunting through websites that she will vote reformist. her husband, a carpet sales man feels the same.
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>> the only way that iran can get out of it's recession, is foreign investment, so that jobs are created. the most serious problem is youth unemployment. >> many iranians want to see faster progress following the nuclear deal. this millionaire investment banker says the scope is massive. but held back by politics and the need for banking reform and bail outs. >> well educated people, natural resources, very large market for consuming. besides that, our market untapped for around ten years. >> people want to know if there are going to be more jobs if there are manufactures industries are modernized and if they want to know if the standard of living will rise enabling to engang in the vast retail sector. with the sames now lived there's a mood of impatience among many people who want to see a better standard of
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living. moderates and retomorrowist believe they have done enough to convince people that moderation works. but have they? it could be too soon for some to be con vined. retomorrowists and moderates may gain more influence, but it is probably farfetched to expect a landslide win many the parliamentary elections. andrew simmons, al jazeera, teheran. >> still ahead. tensions run high as the u.s. seeks to impose tougher sanctions on north korea. plus the egyptian president was up for sale on ebay.
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the e.u. migration here. commissioner has warned that the e.u. has ten days to reduce the number of refugees coming to europe before the whole migration system can break down. with dozens kill misdemeanor the country side. and iranians are just hours away from voting in the first election since signing a historic nuclear deal. the u.n. security council is meeting to discuss a proposed tightening of sanctions, the white house says the draft resolution follows extensive conversations between the u.s. and china. she joins us now, it seems that the u.s. and china are onboard with this, what about the rest of the security council?
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well, lawrence, the security council is meeting right now as we speak, and for many this is the first time they are seeing the draft that has been worked out between china and the united states. tough negotiations have been going on since north korea conduct add nuclear test since then the united states, south korea, have been very interested in ratcheting up seances to send a message this that this kind of activity won't be tolerated. china has to be convinced to come onboard. they were looking for a softer aproven. but there was another missle launch that took place, so now what we are seeing is the fruits of chinese, and u.s. negotiations coming before the council, now remember, the security council has passed sanctions on north korea in the past. there have been four rounds of them all together. financial sanctions on arms embargo, limits to what kind
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of trade can take place with the regime in terms of nuclear ballistic missile technology, that is all forbidden so the question now is what more can they do, and we have been hearing that the united states wants to limit access to ports around the world by north korean ships. possibly tighten up loopholes in the seances. we don't know, this has all been kept very close to the vest, but we should have a reading after this meeting gets over with, about where things stand, and whether or not those other countries are onboard. we did hear presidential palace the french ambassador on the way in, he says that france is very eager to see north korea come under more seances no less than the security council credibility and the nuclear regime are at stake, in his opinion. samantha power called the resolution groundbreaking, very tough sanes she is saying. whether or not all the council members are onboard as i say, that remains to be seen, but guiltying china and the united states to agree was the first major hurdle,
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and the french ambassador predicted there would be growns for consensus moving forward. >> thank you very much up deed. a u.n. secretary general has urged south sudan's leaders to choose peace over politics. to have add his support to a deal that is yet to end two years of fighting. ban ki-moon is meeting the president, whose dispute with the deputy led to civil war in december 2013. a peace deal has repeatedly broken down. no uh the u.s. has threatened individual sanctions if peace isn't delivered. ban ki-moon visit. co as week after 19 people were killed when they thought even under the u.n.'s protection. >> this move from 20,000 burning homes people who were already displaced from their homes to a camp where are again made homeless. this time they found little more than a dusty roadside between the u.n. base and their former homes. people moved here because they believed that the u.n.
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would keep them safe. the attacks by government forces revealed how vulnerable they still are. >> the defenses are all open. we have to close the answer thes, now look at this, the people's health is deteriorating. their health is fragile. look at what they eat and drink. look at where they sleep. >> almost 200,000 people live in u.n. protection sites. the u.n. mission to south sudan has a mandate to use force to protect people when needed. however, this is the third time people have been slaughtered while apparently under the protection. >> we have a real presence. be again, we don't know what we are doing exactly. and the u.n. is that. and then why are they giving these civilians -- south
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sudan. >> witnesses say it took the u.n. soldiers many hours to engang with attackers to defend the people. after three massacres on u.n. bases people are starting to ask is this u.n. mission simply unwilling to use force to protect civilians. al jazeera, cuba south sudan. >> the heads of the u.s. intelligence organization, the c.i.a. and fbi have appeared before the house intelligent committee. the fbi was quizzed about the on going dispute with apple over unlocking the phones of people involved in the san bernideno shooting. another talking point was the growing threat of the levant. daniel mac joins us now from washington, d.c. sounds like they are really raising the temperature there? >> quite a bit. i think it couldn't be plain tear the fbi is determines it is going to get it's hands if it can on whatever is in that phone that one of the shooters was apparently using. this was in front of the
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house intelligence committee, and you had an array of chiefs the national security agency deputy chief, the office of the director of national intelligence and most of them said they were behind this fight. to get what data is on that phone. and james said it was about far more than just law enforcement, he said it is about national security itself. let's listen. >> we can see increasingly in our national security, work, and the bureau has significant criminal responsibilities in our criminal investigative work, increasing situations where we cannot with lawful court orders read the communications of terrorists, pedophiles, all different kinds of bad people. and with unlawful court orders and search warrants increasingly unable to make that search warrant effective. and whether -- and enter a device with the court's permission that effects all
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of our work. you have seen it this committee know as lot about it, which is reaching into the united states, trying to motivate people to either come to their so called or kill in the united states. >> now, of course, no flies on apple either, they c.e.o. said earlier this week, that he was going to stand against the order, not only that if they had to rewrite any software to get into the phone, he said that would be equivalence of introducing a cancer into what authorities expect. this is something where he is getting a lot of support from the tech community. google has said it is behind him, and microsoft former c.e.o. says there needs to be a debate. next week will there be testimony, both by apple and by the fbi chief. we will hear more about it. making the reports.
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>> egypt's president has offered an unusual solution to his country's economic problems. in a speak on wednesday, he said if it would. he would sell himself. >> let me say something quite difficult. it is difficult to say that, but let me be clear. my god almighty, if i could sell myself to benefit this nation, i would have done it. we are a nation of 90 million, just think about it, if only 10 million of us wake up every day, and donate one jinx pound, just one for the sake of this homeland, that's 10 million-pound as day. egypt is a great country. it can do anything, if you truly love egypt i am telling you all egyptians that are listening to me, listen to myrd workers only. only mine i say. >> on ebay user propertily put that statement to the test. more than 100 people played a bid.
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at 1 point he was selling for $100,000. to bail out egyptian economy, so you don't have to. it was taken down later on wednesday. the country is accused of bombing civilians but they made equipment. severe criticism over the continues arms trade, supplying expert licenses close to $4 billion. france, germany, and spain have also been criticized fir their arms trade. >> . >> people in ireland will go to the polls to vote in the yep election. the economy has made a significant recovery after meeting an international bail out in 2010. but instable maybe be in store with predicting a hung parliament. campaigning is over and media restrictions are now in place, polls opened at seven
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g.m.t., and will continue until ten in the earning and how different constituencies across the country. >> this is where the 158 newly elected irish deputies will take their seats. the irish parliament, since the 1990 es, no single party has been able to form a political majority. meaning that when the first exit polls are released on saturday, the process of coalition building will begin. in the last five years, the government has been made up of a coalition of the gael party and the irish labor party. this type around, they are hoping to capitalize on improvements to the irish economy. the republicans, who had decimated an elections in 2011, are hoping to also make ground. but when it comes to coalition building smaller parties and the socialist party may end up playing a crucial role as makers. >> when the irish people go to the polls the economy will be high on their minds.
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eight years after the global finance thible crisis, six years after the country went cap in hand at international lenders to avoided financial melt down. but the last few years have also brought prosperity and pain, there have been deep cuts to education, housing and health care to name a few. and when some vote they may be voting for a different path, for ireland. >> wall street and european markers have largely shrugs off losses shares in china fell 6%. they are under pressure to allay fears over the slow down in china and plummeting oil prices a series of tornadoes has been wreaking havoc across the south eastern united states. three people were killed in virginia when their mobile home was destroyed. a day after three others were killed in tornadoes along the gulf coast. a state of emergency has been declared where thousands are without power.
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the world's most iconic steam same has returned to the tracks. it has had a ten year refurbishment. it set off on a nonstop journey in the new york. 300-kilometers away. emma hayward was onboard. >> this is the symbol of a by goner rah, when rail was king. and almost 100 years after the flying scottsman made it's debut it's back on the track. with thousands of people turning out as it made it's long journey from london to new york. >> this is an incredible deal appeal. it is very element stall. fire and water, and it's really something deal within our d.n.a. >> in the it's hay day this locomote was a record breaker. the firstner many the world to hit speeds of 100 miles or 160-kilometers an hour.
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it's modern name sanction can now travel nearly twice as fast on the same line. >> what this lacks in speed it makes up for in charm and character, and it is wrapped up in nostalgia for the past. >> ron kennedy started off cleaning the engine before becoming a flying driver pack in the 1950's. >> i like to be called an engineer. you can nurse an engine, you can get it along. and it was all different. >> the flying scottsman has had a checkered history. it has gone out of service, been sold, and gone on tour overseas. before spending ten year ms. the workshop. >> it's been difficult, it's been one of the most thorough examples of this kind of historic locomotive. so we strips it right back, and put the thing back tot, so it is just as good as it was when it was back in the 1920's originally. >> this cultural icon represents a time when
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british invasion changed rail travel around the world. nearly a century on, the flying scottsman leads the pack for different reasons. emma hayward, al jazeera, in york. >> any time on our website, the address so ha is program goliath battle is playing out. in one corner - factory workers who say their former employer exposed them to dangerous cancer-causing chemicals. in the other, an electronics company with deep pockets. 101 east joins the workers hoping to change taiwan's labours.


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