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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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korea, u.s. and china unite to present a draft resolution to the united nations security council. ♪ i'm lauren taylor, this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up, court arguments supporting the refusal to help unlock i-phones. hundreds of refugees set to be removed from the jungle in calley after a judge upholds an eviction order. attacking the power hungry mobile phone, the greener way of charges our devices is
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being found. the u.n. security council is poisessed to vote on what the u.s. says would be the strongest set of sanctions imposed on a country in more than two decades. five draft resolution seeks to limit banking and cargo supplies the white house says the draft follows extensive conversations between the u.s. and china. at the u.n., she joins us now, so what is new with this resolution? >> well, according to the u.s. am bass tor this is the most far reaching strictest sanctions resolution that the united states has put forward in more than two decades. it is much broader in scope than past sanctions resolutions and there have been four to date from the u.n. security council. this one really attempts to target pressure pointed in
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economy, and stop stop north korea from getting the finances the know how and the materials it needs to advance it's nuclear weapons program. specially it calls for all cargo come manager and out of the country to be inspected. mandatory option ins that something new, and unprecedented we are told in a sangs resolution. and also tightened some loopholes that were in past resolutions in terms of prohibiting all arms trade with north korea, even small conventional arms not just things related to the nuclear program. there's new individuals and entities being added to the sanctions list, banking restrictions imposed on any dealing with banks outside of the country, and so on and so on. again, samantha power, the u.s. ambassador saying that this if adopt willed be just another unprecedented
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resolution. >> these sanctions if adopted would send an unambiguous message to the regime. the world will not accept your proliferation. there will be consequences. for your actions. and we will work collectively to stop your nuclear program. >> what happens next? >> well, the united states said they want to move full speed ahead and get this resolution passed. it's been seven weeks since they did a nuclear test that started this in those weeks they also fired off a missile, so they want to send a message quickly from the international community, that said, this is the first time that other members of the security council have seen the draft they were given it in a meeting and a lot of technical details to be worked out, the russians for one say it may take longer than this weekend to work
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through all of the details in h this 22 page complex resolution but the fact that china is onboard, and the united states, china being one of north korea's closest allies have come to this agreement, suggest that things will move forward quickly now. >> live, thank you. apple has filed documents supporting it's refusal to help u.s. authorities unlock it's cell phones. they are arguing that the request is unprecedented and that it violates the first amendment rights. apple is worries the case will set a precedent. daniel lack joins us now from washington, d.c. tell us more about this latest court order. >> apple has styled the response last week.
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a court in california said that the company had to comply with the u.s. justice department and the fbi request to unlock the eye phone as you said, one of the sand person shooters and apple has all along said it won't do that, this is the legal response if you will, 355 page document, very much based oen the rights apple says it has. the right to free speech, the first amendment to the u.s. constitution and the fifth amendment to the constitution the right to not incriminate ones self-apple says getting involved in this would violate rights of users. put it is a huge document, the judge has said march 22nd n they will resume hearing what they do there will be a lot more legal activity on this even beyond that. >> and earlier today the fbi director has strong words tell us what he said? >> he was testifying aten unrelated meeting if you will
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of the house of representatives select committee on intelligence, and what he said was that having this impasse with apple is is one of the hardest things he has done in government. and he was backed in his azester of the need by other security chief whose were present, the head of the c.i.a., ahead of the defense agency and others all said that encryption of communications was causing them problems not just, of course, with law enforcement, which the fbi is primarily responsible for, but the protection of national security, so we can expect a vigorous day in court as the fbi takes this case up, and also next week returns to congress to testify in front of a committee along with representatives of apple, this is far from over. >> thank you very much. the e.u. top migration official has issued a stark warning, it says if rapid
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progress isn't made there's a royal risk the whole system will break down. commissioners said the e.u. has only ten days left to reduce significantly the flow of people arrive from turkey. he delivered the warning as they met in russell to discuss their response more on the greek macedonian border. one gets the impression that it is already imploding it is certainly becoming more and more complicated. stranded in other centers along the road, but also for the greek authorities. about 12,000 migrants are already on the territory, that is not counting those who keep on arriving on a daily basis so you can see that number increasing. mow the border is closed and has been since thursday morning and is no indication when lit open been.
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the afghan have discovered that they would not be able to go through any more, so either they go back to afghan and rye to find another solution, or they will be using smuggler routs. people did tell us they will try to continue their journey, because at this point, they have lost everything in their lives and don't have money any more. they don't even have a house to return to. some say they sold that property to be able to make the journey. now, on the other hand, the border is being fortified. the government has just announced that it will also send troops to patrol this border here there are few tensions now, it is very difficult to go through, but people will keep trying. a lot of insurgency, what will happen next, they don't know. do they have the right paperwork to start a whole new registration process in the macedonia, that registration process is what
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will allow them to go through the rout, and reach western europe. they simply don't know. you do have now a lot of people despite the efforts bly the greek authorities to keep them in reception centers. not to create this huge bottleneck, you have people that lead those centers and walk all the way here, some for 20-kilometers and some much more than that simply because they are following the news. they are confused and hearing that the borders mite close permanently for everybody on march 1st, and many just take their lug gar, and just walk, they want to be here, in case the boarder opens and they make it through. >> ross' interior minister is meeting aid organizations to discuss the future of the so called jungle camp. it is home to thousands of refugees but local authorities are now set to demolish part of it nadine barber has this report in
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northern france. >> abdul the refugee from iraq has been in the jungle camp for nearly a month helping out at this food tent means he stayed warm and busy. but local authorities have been given the green liability to clear people out. they say they won't use force swell places of worship will be left in place, but he says he has had enough, and had decided to apply for asylum in france. >> i can't keep changing my home all the time. i am going to register for asylum on friday. i would like to bring my wife and four children, so we can live in peace. and my children can serve france. >> many other heres say the plan eviction as just another hurdle, they are determined to reach brings tape where they have friends or family. >> i am waiting here. i want to go but now.
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i don't know where. i don't know. >> there are places for refugees in france, and germany, but people have strong reasons to going. they have family there, and they don't want to stay here. >> the government insists it has a better solution to offer them. >> i can confirm with the help of organizations, as we have been doing previously on an area about four hectares we will be able to offer a decent shelters for migrants. and most importantly, we will be able to get them out of the hands of traffickers. behind the trees is the southern part of the jungle camp. ever now authorities would like everyone living over there to move into a new accommodation center, not far away made up of heated containers, they say it is safer and cleaner there, but the many even though it is a small move, psychologically
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it is a great leap. >> aid organizations say there's far more people here that can stay in the centers. >> grabs is telling the migrants they can live in a container or in a temporary shelter. it is going to prompt people to give up small camps all over, just like fen years ago. they were not be enough space for them in the shelter provided by the government. >> charities say the french government should do much more to help the many children and tea parties here in particular quickly they clear this part of the jungle the lasting solutions spill seemed out of reach. nadine barber, al jazeera, somalia's president says at least 120 troops were killed by at sha babb fighters last month. the president says the death toll might be as high as 200. kenya has declined to issue an official number. they are part of a force fighting the armed group.
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four people have been killed in a mortar attack in the smalley capitol. al-shabaab has claimed responsibility another eight people were injured and witnesses say some of those hurt were children. >> . >> drawing his support to a deal that has yet to end two years of fighting, ban ki-moon is meeting south sudan's president, that civil war in december 2013, a peace deal signed in august, has repeatedly broken down. now the u.s. has threatened syringe sanctions if peace isn't delivered. coming up, iran for the first election since it led to a nuclear treaty. >> this report makes sorry leading for the b.b.c. >> several chances to stop
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sexual abuse by presencer.((ú9
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>> a reminder of the stop stories, the u.n. security council is poised to vote on sanctions against north korea. tech giant apple has filed court documents sup effort popularitying it's refusal to unlock it's i-phones.
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a french judge has uphold an order to kick out some refugees known as the jungle. iranianiranians are just hoursy from the first two elections lifting international sanctions and paving the way for increased economic growth they will cast their bat roll in two poles. that will choose the next supreme leader, the parliament is currently backed by conservatives that can change given success on the deal. the contention of number of hopes bans from running about 12,000 people wanted to run for a seat in the 290 seat parliament. by just 5,000 have been cleared. >> iran is used to elections but this is billed as a poll that will take the revolution into an new era. she became the first womanng.
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vice president between 1997, and 2005. abled 19, spokes woman for iranian students who held 52 americans hostage for 444 days in the u.s. embassy crisis. she is now serve add third term as vice president this time and she believes this conservatives majority in parliament will be overturned. i think the people believe they can change the course of events. if people lad not elected him, if they had not come to the polls, two natural years ago, we would have not successful in the nuclear deal, and lifting the sangs. >> but there are powerful
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insatiety'ses standing against them. the guardian council made up of mainly conservatives and hardliners which protects canaled dates cut the number standing behalf. it also mad an effect on the assembly of experts cutting the numbers standing for that body by more than three-quarters. most of those disqualified were reform itself or moderate. >> the way that it is done. i this think that's open to a lot of credit civil. >> what is your view of senate. >> we should be more open in terms of allowing people particularly those who are coming for example, this strong political credentials in the past, or people who are coming for the first time, and they don't have that much experience in the political arena. i think that they should be
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given a chance. even if conservatives did lose control, the supreme court leader ayatollah would still hold absolutely power with control of military, judiciary, and the wide range of islamic institutions. >> people in ireland will go to the polls on friday, to vote in the general election, the economy has made a significant recovery since the international bail out but instable may be in control with word of a hung parliament. >> restrictions are now in place, ahead of friday's vote, the polls open at seven gmt on friday, and will continue until 10:00 p.m. in the evening and 40 different constituencies across the country. >> this is where the 158 newly elected irish deputies will take their seats.
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since the 1990's, no single party has form add majority. the process of coalition building will begin. in the last five years, the government has been made up of a coalition of the irish labor party. this time around, hoping it lies on improvement to the irish economy. the republicans who decimated an elections in 2011, are hoping to accommodation make ground, matter parties and the socialist party may end up playing a crucial hole as king makers. when people go to the polls the economy will be high on their minds six years after the country. they also brought prosperity and pain, there have been deep cuts, education, housing and healthcare to name a few, when some vote, they may be
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voting for a different path. police say at least 12 people have been killed in the capitol of bag cad. the attack took place at a shia mosque in a predominately shia neighborhood. >> eight iraq soldiers have been killed in an isil ambush. just southeast of the controlled city of falujjah. >> the u.k. national public broadcast tear b.b.c. has been severely criticized by an investigation into his tore call sex abuse. one of those abusers was the former presenter. he raped and assaulted dozens he met. he missed several chances to stop the abuse. >> for more than 30 years he was one of the most famous faces on b.b.c. television. and britain's national broad
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coster turned a blind eye to the dark truth about his nature. he fronted numerous popular and long running programs. but his star status gave him unchanneled access to sexually abused scores of underage victims. >> they have been through the mill, and they have given evidence which was extremely harrowing for them, and they really do want to move on now. they don't want to see his face all over the television any more, they want to move on. and today was the final chapter, and that's why it was so important that they got to the real truth. >> the inquiry examed the culture during the years that he was there. her findings are scathing. >> celebrities were treated with kid gloves and were virtually untouchable. one witness told me, that the talent were more valuable to the b.b.c. than their own values. the report said they had
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numerous opportunities to stop him, dating back to 1969. but complaints were always brushed away. the report says that the bb c appears to have been much more concerned about it's reputation, many the media than in focusing in the need to protect vulnerable young audience members. when one junior employee complains to her supervisor about saturdayle she was told keep your mouth shut, he is a v.i. p. widespread rue north koreas were dismissed or ignores. there was a failure to coordinate investigation of complaints. he died in 2011 before he could be prosecuted. >> what happened was profoundly wrong. it should never have started. it should certainly have been stopped. >> whatever the circumstances and background to it, and clearly these reports explain this in some considerable detail.
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sexual abuse is sexual abuse. it can never be excused. >> but the report says the atmosphere of fear which gave impunity stale exists at the bbc today. and says that the power of celebrity and the trust we still accord it makes detecting such abusers even more difficult paul brennen, al jazeera, london. >> the five remaining republican candidates hoping to become the next u.s. president will square off in a televised debate. the timing is particularly important as it is just ahead of super tuesday. that's when a number of primaries will be held in one go. donald trump is riding high after taking three states in a row p p marco rubio and ted cruz will hoping to slow his momentum. half the world's population, now have mobile phones, and
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each device needs to be charged, but the environmental cost of using mobile phones is huge. technology editor is at the world mobile congress in barcelona. >> power hungry. mobile phones and the networks that support them consume vast amounts of electricity. that comes at a cost in terms of many unand the environment. both are important factors especially in remote and often poor parts of the world. >> there are a lot of communities. may actually have access to power their home as little bit and then also deliver solutions by leverages power and improves. >> many parts of the world don't have access to electricity, that's why generators like this one are used. this one uses about 60
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litters of diesel each day, and globally the telecommunications industry produces between two and 4% of human generated carbon emissions. now, however, there's a push to smarter technology. >> operates almost 120,000 mobile masts. covering 3 million square kilometers of the country. they have made simple changes like using solar panels and moving some components outside so they are cooled naturally. this is removed the need for energy hungry air conditioners, and immediately reduced power consumption by up to 30% and the first thing we started to do is retire the air conditioning. almost retired 30,000 air conditioners in one go, and started to make these a lot more, energy efficient so to say by using the conduction
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itself. >> new technology like this drone like battery is also being used in some towers. during the day it is charged using solar panels and then it can power the tower all night and it is designs to work in temperatures above 40 . companies are also developing networks of sensors and smart grid technology but with billions more people expected to start using mobile technology in the years ahead, more energy efficient funds are key to a greener and more sustainable future. al jazeera, the mobile world congress in barcelona. u.s. astronaut hopes his mission in the international space station can be a steppingstone towards the first manned journey to mars he has been speaking to mission control, he has been in space for almost a year, the longest since by any nonrussian.
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i am hopeful and i think we will learn a lot about longer duration space polite, and how that will take us to mars some day, i would like to think this is another of many steppingstones many the world's most famous steam locomotives is back on the rails after a decade long restoration. set off the kings cross station in london, the 300-kilometer journey north. the train was built in 1923, and is recognized as the first locomotive to exceed speeds of 100 purpose. ten year restoration has cost almost $6 million. candidating hoping to become president of fifa are doing their final campaigning. the president of the football confederation is ever canning the front runner.
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he is up against prince ali hoose sane of jordan, as well as europe's johnny infan tino. plenty more if you any time on our website, the address for that is al jazeera come, and you can also wash us live >> we have lost a generation and we're losing more. and it's-- kind of a moral crisis. can we really afford to just throw people away on the basis of their color. >> smith has been using theatre to examine race relations for decades. her works draw from hundreds of real-life interviews. she then interprets her subjects' words - playing many


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