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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EST

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i'm michael oku. iran's supreme leader casts his ballot in the country's first election since international sanctions were lifted. welcome to al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. also ahead we report on the war weary syrians who remain sceptical about a halt in fightings. sanctions against north korea
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are signed. can they save the beautiful game, five men competing to be elected head of the world's governing football body. voting has begun in iran's first election since the lifting of international sanctions following the nuclear deal. iran's supreme leader has already cast his vote. people will be electing members of parliament and those of the assembly of experts. >> reporter: iran is used to elections, but this is a poll that will take the islamic revolution into a new era. this woman believes change is coming. back in 1979 she was a voice of
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resistance, aged 19, spokes woman for iranian student who held 552 hostages. she is serving a third term as vice president. she believes the conservatives majority in parliament will be overturned. >> i think that the people believe that they can change the course of the events. if people had not elected the president, if they had not come to the polls two and a half years ago, we would have not been successful in, for example the nuclear deal and lifting the sanctions. >> reporter: there are powerful institutions standing against moderates and reformists. the guardian council made up of conservatives and hard liners
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cut the numbers standing for the apartmentry elections by half. it had an effect on the assembly of experts cutting those stands by three dwar terrace. >> the way it is actually done, i think that is open to a lot of criticism >> reporter: what is your view of it? >> we should be more open in terms of allowing people, particularly those who are coming, for example, with strong political credentials in the past or people who are coming for the first time and they don't have that much experience in the political arena, i think that they should be given a chance. >> reporter: even if conservatives did lose control of the government, the supreme
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leader would still hold absolute power with control of the military, judiciary and a wide range of islamic institutions andrew simmons joins us live. the turn out is key in this election, isn't it. bring us up to speed with how that's going. >> reporter: very hectic indeed, this is the most busy polling station in the entire country here in the center of the city. crowded with vouters and crowded out with media, not least of all the iranian tv stations which is making it into a vast studio. there seems to be a brisk turn out. there are hopes that this could match the 72% record turn out in the presidential elections two and a half years ago when the president became president and the litmus test is going on into his record as to how this approach of lifting sanctions
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will work. you have to look at the complexity. these are ballot papers, one the parliamentary vote. they have to look at all of these entries here. there are 30 seats. they can vote for each one of them. not only that there are 16 votes throughout tehran on the assembly of experts, that body which will elect the next supreme leader. so you have a total of - you've got 30 and 16, you've got 46 votes for each voter here. colossal in a count which will be manual. it could take two to three days for the result. this woel business is colossal for iran. it is not just an ordinary election but the influence of the president, his more moderate policies, the reformist policies that he wants to bring through against the conserve activist
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and-- conservatives and they're saying the right votes were taken and they have honest polls and their warning of infiltration from the rest with the investment of foreign investment in the economy when we talk about reformists versus conservetists, how much of a generational split is there? >> reporter: it is quite considerable. if you look at the population of 78 million. out of that 60% are that population is aged under 30. the demographics are going towards an intelligent youth, well educated through universities and very much aware that there's a colossal economy at stake here. 420 billion economy untapped for the past 10 years. there could be many more jobs, massive investment in so many areas, not just oil, but other mineral resources as well.
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manufacturing industry, car industry, so many aspects to the economy here which could bring it out of recession quite quickly if the banking sector was reformed, bailed out f there was really a confidence for foreign investors to come here. what has been happening is the conservatives have got harder and harder in their approach to the situation because they're saying that with streams of foreign investors coming into the country inquiring about how they can get a slice of this economy, they're warning that influence could over turn the whole spirit of the islamic revolution here. most want to see change and quick change and there is a resistance applied through the internet using all sorts of channels and chat devices with vpns or telephone graph which is
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an alternative to facebook and other chat sites that are banned from here. you have youth who are yerpg for more jobs and consumers goods and a better future the u.s. president has urged the syrian government in russia to do their part to end syria's civil war. a proposed conditional ceasefire is due to start on saturday. obama has accused russia of stepping up its air strikes and making it more difficult to deliver aid. the fight against i.s.i.l. will continue he says. >> the only way to deal with i.s.i.l. in a what that defeats them in a lasting way is to end the chaos and the civil war that has engulfed syria. that is how i.s.i.l. was able to thrive in the first place.
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the cessation of hostilities that is scheduled to take effect at bid night tomorrow is a potential step in bringing about an end to the chaos a report from our correspondent. >> reporter: in north-western syria not far from the border with turkey a new wave of refugees reaches the town. these hundreds of mainly women and children escaped the government's offensive in aleppo province in recent days. for many here the idea of a truce or ceasefire is meaningless. >> translation: this truce is an open game. the world is conspiring against us. this a deal between the americans and russians. >> translation: since when have seals fires worked. these people went back and got hit who is responsible. we are going to stay here e we
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are not going back >> reporter: the complexitys of the war is are over shadowing the pause in fighting. they have mistrust of the plan while other feel that it won't work. >> translation: the fact that al-nusra is not included in this agreement allows russia and the bashar al-assad forces to target the opposition under the pretense that they were ataking areas controlled by al-nusra front. >> reporter: life inside syria goes on. people and this marketplace in the city are different. five years of heavy bombardment and air raids have hardened them. >> translation: russia is a war criminal so is bashar al-assad. we don't trust the international community. aleppo is being destroyed and innocent civilians are being killed while the russian air raids continue. >> reporter: there is little
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hope that the cessation of hostilities will bring peace. the main syrian opposition has willing to accept a two weeks truce. it says russia is a direct party to the conflict. while turkey warns the plan is not binding if its own security is threatened a large really in baghdad where thousands have turned out to hear a speech against government corruption and cabinet reshuffle. he is angry over the deteriorating situation due to the armed group i.s.i.l. the u.s. and china are joining forces against north korea. they have agreed on a draft resolution that would expand sanctions the toughest in two decades. measures include restrictions on
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access to international ports and banks and a total ban on all weapon sales to the country. >> reporter: the idea of mandatory inspections of all cargo going in and out of north korea and ban on arms, including small arms, and banning aviation fuel of the rocket which was launched earlier this month containing a satellite, north korea called it a satellite launch. south korea and others call it a ballistic missile test. it was fuelled by liquid rocket fuel and that could potentially impede north korea's process in that rather than. the problem has been enforcing such sanctions. in 2013 when north korea carried out a previous nuclear test, again at that stage there was what was called an unprecedented tough round of sanctions. nonetheless, north korea has gone ahead with another round the nuclear test and rocket launch seemingly unimpeded.
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the question will be whether china does enforce whatever is agreed at the u.n. to the degree that is required. in the past that has been questionable. this time china does seem to have signed up to this resolution. at the moment it does seem to be already impeding some north korean exports according to reports on the ground in northern china, but, again, china does not want to see north korea collapse. so there is a calculation it has to make on just how tough it can get in the long-term still ahead. >> reporter: i'm in l.a. home to the film industry, but it is not just the big studios making the big films these days. it seems diy is in at the moment. plus apple is challenging a court order to unlock a mobile phone. phone.
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up to speed with the headlines here. iran supreme leader has cast his vote in the countries's first elections since the lifting of international sanctions. polls have just opened and people will be electing members of parliament and those of the assembly of experts. u.s. president obama is urging the syrian government in russia to do their part to end syria's civil war and propose conditional ceasefire is due to start on saturday. the u.s. in china have agreed on a draft resolution to expand u.n. sanctions on north korea. it follows pyongyang's weapons test and rocket launch early
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last month. republican u.s. presidential hopefuls have taken part in heated exchangess in the last televised debate before a crucial series of elections. 12 states appeared a territory will hold primaries and caucus votes next week in what's known as super tuesday. >> reporter: this was a key debate. >> we are going to secure the border. >> reporter: marco rubio went on the attack from the first moment. donald trump the target. in a boarder state the first topic >> you have been fined for hiring people to work on your projects illegally >> i'm the only one to have hired people on this stage >> reporter: donald trump was taunted by ted cruz who said he couldn't win a presidential election >> we can't risk another four years of the failed obama policies by nominating someone
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who loses to hillary clinton in november. marco rubio went after donald trump from the first moment of the debate. he knows he has to try to stop his momentum if he has a chance of winning the nomination. donald trump still holds the lead in most of the states that will vote on tuesday and remains the favorite to sdur the republican-- secure the republican nomination. there was discussion on the battle in the middle east >> but this was a debate where few will remember details and policy but will remember the anger. after the debate donald trump said he wasn't surprised to be the target of so many attacks >> i think he had no choice but to be degrees because they're both losing. >> reporter: donald trump has come under attack in previous debates and it has done nothing to hurt him in the polls.
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everyone has been waiting for his campaign to fall apart but it hasn't happened and no-one knows how to beat him four people are dead and up to 30 people have been wounded in a shooting in kansas. a gunman opened fire at a lawnmower company where he was employed. he was shot dead by police at the scene. he has been identified by cedric ford south sudan's leaders are urged to establish a transition gol quickly. ban ki-moon told them to put peace above politics. he announced 21 million dollars in eight to help displaced people living in camps. 18 people died last week in an attack. >> the people of this land
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suffered decades of civil war. yet over the last two years the nightmare has returned with a vengeance. killings, rape, children forced into becoming soldiers, massive human rights violations and epic corruption. over two million people have been forced from their homes, some 200,000 people are being protected in our camps f.i.f.a. delegates have begun arriving in switzerland to prepare for voting these are the five men running the front runner in the eyes of many is the royal who is the current president of the asian football confederation.
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his biggest rival is expected to be a 45 year old swiss secretary general of uefa. prince ali is a former vice president of f.i.f.a. outside candidates include french man who spent 11 years working under sepp blatter and south african who was prisoned for 30 years. take us first through the process. what happens today? it is rather complicated isn't it. >> reporter: it is. they're going to need patience and stamina nor this. the 207 voting from around the world have turned up up.
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we won't get to the presidency issue until later. the reform process that they've been trying to put into place to solve this crisis will be first. a vote will foe through as they try to solve the terms internally. that vote happens first. in five hours they will start to vote for the president. someone could be elected president if they got two-thirds in the first round. i don't think that will happen. i think we will need to start eliminating candidates and someone will need a straight majority of over 50% later in the day. it will take up to 13 hours from now do we still have a favorite now? >> reporter: yes.
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i'm not in any doubt of that the sheikh remains a favorite. there has been talk over the last week because of progress made by hours. the secretary general of uefa has stepped in. you can see he feels he could be the president. in africa in terms of the african delegates that are here, they are making it clear that they're going to be voting for the sheikh. he is the president of the confederation in asia. to get africa as well, even with all the support the others will have, it will be difficult for him to make up ground. therefore, i expect sheikh to be the man thanks for now. apple is seeking a reversal of the u.s. court ruling which
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ordered it to help f.b.i. investigators unlock of the in phone of a terrorist. >> reporter: it is a legal battle between giants, apple the world's largest technology company says they're being as d asked-- what they're being asked is unconstitutional. the company said its right to free speech. the phone belonged to one attackers in california where last year 14 people were killed when two people opened fire at an office party at a government building. it is locked by a pass code. if the f.b.i. tries unsuccessfully more than ten times to unlock it, all data it will be erased.
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>> the only way we know would be to write a piece of software that we view as the software equivalent of cancer. we think it is bad news to write, we would never write it we have never written it. that is what is at stake here. >> reporter: u.s. government rhetoric is no less powerful: at a joint meeting all agreed that digital encryption was an fleeing threat comey says the phone case was the hardest thing he had faced in government. apple's refusal had global effects >> that affects all of our work. you've seen it. the committee knows about it. i.s.i.l. is reaching into the u.s. trying to motivate people to come to the so-called caliphate osh kill in the u.s. apple supporters have joined in with demonstrations.
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other technology companies have backed their sometime rival including facebook, google and microsoft. testimony takes place next week. apple is fighting back against the u.s. government's demand for access to this iphone. the hearing resumes on march 22. whatever the result expect appeals. this is one of the most important legal cases to come in years involving technology, law enforcement and privacy brazil's economy is showing little signs of recovery. unemployment is up and wages are down. >> reporter: the largest economy in latin america continues to struggle. the latest figures shows that unemployment in its urban centers has gone up to 7.6%. that's the worst it has been in seven years for that month.
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aside from that, wages are down 7.4% compared to the previous year. now that means that the average person who does have a job is earning only 560 dollars a month. brazil is in the midst of the worst recession it has seen in decades and analysts are saying it could be worse before it even begins to get better. rio has been slightly less affected by that. the olympic games are going to be held here, but after the games some 35,000 jobs will be lost fan films used to be low technical and amateurish. now thanks to cheaper technology they're getting more polished. >> reporter: fans love to make films. take one favorite movie add your
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own twist. cheap and cheerful. not any more. the captain on the bridge here, director of a star trek fan film. this is called pre-luke to axenor. he started making a fuel length see equal with cash from fans, a set and sound stage. this has come out of warp speed because of a legal battle with star treks owners. >> it has been given fans the able to fill a hole. i think people are amazed at the quality of most fan films these days. i've seen fan films that are five manipulate long that look as good as any tv or movie out there. >> reporter: they're all out in the universe. lukas films holds awards every year for fan films
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>> getting a fan film out there is easy. you have to go through three steps of the funding, you have social media and crowd funding. you get the cash and the sky is ument the limit. then equipment. broadcast quality gear is readily available these days. even smart phones are filming in not just hd but in 4k2. get from smendz there is a crew. distribution cinema. you've got the inter het immediate transmission and immediate feedback. >> because people have the tools doesn't mean they will use them >> reporter: this man had directed many fan films. his adult take on power rangers has had more than 17 million views so far. for him it's all about making a statement >> what i try to do when i make fan films is try to infuse some
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sort of idea into it, big idea. >> reporter: for most fans it is all just a bit of fun. they say they keep the spirit of the films alive long after they leave the box office. whether hollywood agrees is another story. spike lee. >> oh snap! >> we gonna make sure these fools put down these guns. >> lee's new film "chi-raq" tacklesgang warfare in chicago - and the idea that a "sex strike" could help quell it. while it's a satire based in one inner city, gun violence is an epidemic. >> how long will be...


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