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tv   Third Rail  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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sources pointed out the actions undertaken in egypt, in united emirates and other regions to fight terrorist ideology and we think it is an important sphere area for cooperation within the framework of the group of strategic vision, russia, islamic world, which was set up in cooperation with the organization of islamic cooperation.
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we can say that specific crisis and conflict is in the region, but we did the on the basis of the joint principles which situate the recognition of the people still to find their destiny, the destiny of the countries and they need to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all the states in the region.
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under this vision we consider the efforts of the international community in which also russia takes part and the countries of arab world to help regulate the crisis in syria, yemen and libya, to normalize the position in iraq, somalia and other countries of the region. all the three participants of the conference are the members of the nation group to support syria and we today confirm the adherence to the disagreements which were reached within the
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framework of the so-called vienna group within the framework of the security council of u.n. and we confirm the support of the russian american initiative on the cessation of standihostilities m tomorrow. with all of the importance and the acuteness of the conflict of syria and yemen and libya and other countries of the region, and the central part in our statement is the task of the
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settlement of the conflict. i also confirmed the favor of the optimisation of the efforts of the quartet of international participants in russia, once again stressing that it is very important to start cooperation within this quartet of countries and the arab states.
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it is necessary because the arab peace initiative, without the resolution of u.n. security council creates a very clear unambiguous basis for the long-term stable comprehensive settlement of the israeli and in the wider scale of the arab israeli conflict. initiative should be the basis of the resumption of palestinian unity. russia actively conspires to contribute to the reaching of
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corresponding agreements between fatah and hamas and we undertake at many states as egypt was involved and undertakes efforts in this respect. we agreed to cooperate also in this direction. russia also confirmed its adherence to all the decisions of international community which are aimed to create in the zone
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of the free office mass destructive weapons and will continue to impose without the interested parties to promote the task of the start of the corresponding process. today we also confirm the readiness to continue our line aimed at the offering assistance to our arab friends in the knowledge of relations between them and the islamic republic of
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iran. we consider it an important task which is the solution of which will contribute to the promotion and crisis in the region including the syrian, yemeni and some other. our known situation on the
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initiatives will continue that the necessary political mass will be form to start the peaceful dialogue in all these issues. thank you. i would like to give the thought to. the foreign minister. >> translation: thank you, mr lavrov, and the foreign minister of russia for this very important introduction explaining the framework of this meetin
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meeting: it is with pleasure also that i extend all appreciation and thanks to russia represented in our group. mr lavrov for the warm reception and generous hospitality, namely, the efforts exerted in reinforcing and cementing the arab russian relations. the presence and attendance of this large number of my fellow foreign ministers in this meeting is an indication that arab countries are keen on
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preserving and developing their bilateral relations with russia. this meeting creates a suitable environment for discussing and also developing the relation taking this relation to a higher lev level. not only in terms of political issues, security or military issues, but also in other economical social, cultural and also sports issues. this meeting sends out a very
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clear and important message on how the arab governments are keen on preserving this relation and placing it as a top priority. despite the fact that we are not always in agreement with russia with respect to certain issues, we share the same view and stance that order, stability and security must prevail in the middle east region, and here i should commend russia's stance
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on supporting the palestinian people and the efforts aiming at putting an end to their plight and suffering as represented in their support to the arab peace initiative. we also commence russia's role and that of the united states in their endeavour to put an end to the tragic situation and the exacerbating crisis in syria. cessation of hostilities is a very crucial step in this direction.
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there is no doubt that all our countries suffer from the danger of terrorists. we are all under the obligation to diffuse and uproot terrorism and eradicate all the roots of terrorism. topped, as i mentioned, and as mentioned by my fellow foreign minister, we had an opportunity to discuss and examine many of the region's issues, including syria, libya, yemen, somalia and also iraq and including the deteriorating conditions as a result of the exacerbating
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crisis of syria, which are spilling over to other neighboring countries, including lebanon and jordan. today also we exhausted a great amount of time reiterating that arab countries are keen and also concerned about iran's intervention and the domestic affairs are the regions and the arab countries.
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also we are concerned with iran's support to terrorist organizations also the spread of radical and sectarian actions and the lack of respect to state sovereignty. during the meeting also we had a very precious opportunity to explore horizons of cooperation; namely, in cultural and scientific aspects and on the table there was a very practical proposal which we agreed upon. it is to export the possibility of establishing a scientific cultural council, arab council,
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in moscow which we believe a center like this will nurture and develop the russian arab relatio relations. >> translation: thank you. i hand over the floor to the secretary of -- secretary who will continue to support efforts. thank you more lavrov, i have been listening attentively to the points mentioned by both mr lavrov and the u.a.e. foreign
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minister. i will focus on certain issues without representing what has been said so far. the starting point of the day's meeting is the deep-rooted relation and support between russia and the arab countries. the arab russian cooperation represent a cornerstone for all the arab countries. and as we have listened, and as you will find out in the communique to be handed out, the
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stance taken by the arab countries in russia and most, if not all, the crisis and issues and they're identical and converging. allow me to start with the palestinian code, which is the core issue, the focal one. as we speak there are no genuine efforts as international arena to have the relevant united nation resolutions with respect to the palestinian stance to put them into agreement. there are certain resolutions handed out by the security council addressing and offering
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solutions to palestinian issues. the last of which was by the united states and it ended at the end of april 2014. what is required now from russia as a super power, a permanent member of the security council, a state that plays an important roam on the international arena, it is required to join forces with us to move forward and take a step forward on the basis of which the palestinian conflict can be resolved.
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russia is also a member of the quartet, openly and frankly speaking where there is the quartet heading to? simply because there is a huge difference between putting an end to at the time conflict and continuing the process. the process i mean to manage the crisis and this is in favor and to the benefit of israel. on a daily basis they are creating new relates and status quo-- realities and state
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status quo handed down by the quartet. that's why the palestinian authority aims at timing with the united nations on the illegal israeli group. i agree with what mr lavrov said on the importance of helping fences among the conflicting palestinian factions as mentioned by him and this must realise fully and successfully. with respect to the russian crisis. that the international community has come to a halt and efforts have been frozen following the final geneva communique on 30
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june 2012 where both mr lavrov and i were part. another attempt was made during the 2014 yet it was unsuccessful. in light of the fact that the syrian crisis is spilling over and having domino effects on other geneva meetings were convened. it ended with the resolution 2254 being handed down by the u.n. security council, and on 911th-- 911 of-- the 11th of
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this month, the agreement was reached that we all welcome as the deal reached between the united states and russia where the hostilities will cease tomorrow midnight and we hope it will be observed and honored and will be realistic on the ground under the supervision of the united nations. with respect to the issue of terrorism, it is of importance and it is considering all the world countries and it was agreed as of last year's international conference that the international community should join forces to fight and
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combat terrorism. not only milliitary but also otr aspects, a comprehensive confrontation with terrorism you've been listening to a conference underlying the common ground between russia and some of the arab countries. we have our correspondent listening in to what lavrov said earlier before the secretary general of the arab league spoke. rory, a big question. talking about convergence, what does that mean beyond a
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ceasefire in syria. do the arabs and russians agree on what happens next? >> reporter: it's interesting. these diplomats we're talking about are a good many things, issues around the region. there was a lot of diplomatic speak there couched in messages of cooperation appeared converge entity views. really i think for russia the problem at the moment is that as its influence in the middle east increases because of its role in the syrian conflict, it is losing some friends amongst sunni arab states. really what russia needs to do, if it's going to try and salvage those relationships, is try and build a kind of bigger umbrella of views and values and things like that. so we were hearing there from the u.a.e. foreign minister basically saying that stability
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and security and values like that are things that russia and all of these countries can agree on. lavrov was talking about tackling terrorism as something all these countries can agree on. trying to put away some of the differences about syria and concentrate on things that unified all of these different diplomats. there was some chiding there from the secretary general of the arab league that russia should really be doing more as he called a super power sorry, we've got to jump in here. we will talk about this more. we're back at the top of the hour. just a couple of minutes with a full bulletin. we will talk more about that live press conference, the position of russia and the arab world on syria. stay with us. stay with us. from the left side. >> reporter: can you give us
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[ unclear audio ] >> could you hold the mike >> reporter: could you elaborate
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