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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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have been working all week with partners in reaching out to the other parties on the ground have outlined the terms of the cessation of hostilities and announced on the 22nd member in a joint press release for the russian federation and the united states. the two cochairs noted that the principle syrian parties have, indeed, announced their willingness to participate in the cessation of hostilities beginning 00 damascus time. which is basically less than an hour from now. they have announced their commitment to one fully implement resolution 2254, and participates. i repeat, participate in the negotiations this time we want them to stay there and not move
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at least through the first phase of it. second, these attacks with any weapons including rockets, mortars and anti-tank guided missiles against the syrian armed and any other shaded forces. three, refrain from acquiring or seeking to acquire territory from other parties to the agreement. four, allow humanitarian access. five, use pr use pro portion nat force on the other hand the syrian arms associated forces have committed and said to abide in exactly the same points. this means ceasing attacks with any weapons including aerial bombardments by the syrian air force and the against the armed
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opposition groups and parties to the cessation of hostilities. the cease-fire task force will oversee the cessation of hostilities and primary functions will be including one the delineation of the territory held by daesh, al nusra and other terror organization designated by the security council, which are not part--which are not part of the cessation of hostilities. promote compliance and december canalation of the tensions. and c, assessment of the nature and credibility of incoming non-compliance report to determine response measures. d, determining and addressing patterns or persistence,
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persistent non-compliance before referring the matter to senior officials or higher levels. the u.n. will support these efforts in the secondary capacity which we'll be fielding and disseminating in the wider issg we are in turn not expected with the u.n. to assess or deconflict information received. a function that will remain with the cochairs which is the russian federation cochairs and the other iss members. this agreement preceded by lengthy and detailed discussions in geneva and in the capitals, and the outcome of
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intense consultations and negotiations at the highest levels, it is a shared task force members today in this room agreed to reach out to respective contact among syrian parties to complain the functioning of the task force and in sure confidentiality of the discussions and refrain from making recommends non-compliance reports from being reviewed.
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we will issue briefings on the assesstation of hostilities. the current resolution with clear reporting requirements. other parts of the u.n. system obviously will retain their own ability to comment on the situation in syria within their own representative man days, but this will be done here. mr. president, council members, the initial indication of consent by the parties to the conflict is, indeed, encouraging. but what we need is for the parties to abide by the terms of the agreement. much work now lies ahead to ensure its implementation the parties must remain steadfast in our own resolve. today's resolution which we hope will be coming further is further we hope manifestation of the commitment to deliver the
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parties of this agreement. saturday will be critical tomorrow. in fact, from midnight. no doubt there will be no shortage of attempts to undermine this process. we're ready for it. we should not be impressed. we should not be overly concerned. we should address it and realize that this is part of any cease-fire cessation of hostil hostilities. >> we've just been listening to u.n. special envoy addressing the u.n. security council which is just getting ready to pass a resolution endorsing the u.s.-russia-brokered plan to pause fighting in syria. the council will vote on that resolution very shortly, which is due to begin in less than one our from now. and diplomatic editor james bays is at the united nations in new york. given what he has described an
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unorthodox briefing, james, he was talking about whether or not the parties who have signed up to this deal will now abide by this deal. >> also talking about how the international community will monitor the deal. there is actually very close to where he's speaking a coordination remember where we see all the reports coming in. he says he'll be making periodic statements about the state of that cessation of hostilities due to come into force in about an hour's time. the purpose of the security council meet something to endorse all of this, and give an extra portion and give it the legitimacy of the u.n. security council, which is effectively the highest court in international law.
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i think it's worth telling you that behind the scenes there has been a little bit of a dispute going on here at the united nations security council. remember, it was the u.s. and russia who came up with this draft resolution that we're going to be seeing voted on in the near future. they did it all the negotiations themselves, and presented it to the rest of the security council 24 hours ago and gave them very little room to negotiate. what has happened in the last couple of hours, and the reason the security council meeting was delayed for 45 minutes is that at the last minute we're told that the u.s. produced another new version of the draft resolution, which they hadn't shown to the rest of the security town and it had significant changes including deleting the reference to the high negotiations committee. that's the main opposition block. they are now not mentioned in the version of the resolution
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that is going to be put at the security council. i can tell you some of the western diplomats were surprised and not particularly happy that the resolution telephone call was switched in the last minute. in the scheme of things in the end this will be a footnote. i can tell you that there is some anger behind the scenes behind the scenes over what has happened in the last minute here. and i'm sure it's something that the opposition who are won't be happy about either. they've been removed. the reference to them is the main opposition block has been removed from this resolution as has referenced to the meetings in riyadh, which obviously brought the hnc together. that's also been deleted. it's not clear why that happened, but clearly it happened in negotiations between the u.s. and the russians.
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>> that's something that is interesting that preceded this vote. we know that the russians and the americans need to work together to establish the territory where you do have the groups that sign up to the deal, and of course, those groups that are not party to this truce. that's where it could get messy. >> that's where it gets extremely messy. they talk about delineation of the various groups who are not part of this deal, who everyone can continue to bomb and remember how much international actors are now involved in syria. the groups that are not covered by the cessation of hostilities are isil and jabhat al nusra. isil in many ways is the easier of the two with regards to this cessation of hostilities deal because i think most people agree where they are on the map. i don't think there is a major disagreement between the russians, the u.s. or other key players about where isil are based. jabhat al nusra are not based in
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one place, and they're spread out in several parts of syria. and in in fact, they're in many of the places that other opposition groups are also in. they fight in some places some would say along side some of the opposition groups. so it is possible that there may be bombings on jabhat al nusra, which could continue those oh other opposition groups operating nearby. i think that is one of the potential problems with this deal. the other potential problem is in the cessation of hostilities you are if you're one of the groups on the ground you're allowed to exercise self defense if you're attacked. that's another potential problem with this deal. it is worth pointing out that the room that they're talking from now is where the task force, which sets up the cessation of hostilities, has met just three hours ago. but that's worth anointing,
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that'anoint--noting. they've met many times and came up with the agreement for the cessation of hostilities, but they did it without the other 15 members of the task force. they're behind the scenes in the international community there is some anger that the u.s. and russia are doing this all on their own. and not really consulting many of their allies on either side. so that's some of the tension, i think, behind the scenes among diplomats as we head towards the vote of the u.n. security council, which we expect to see very soon. >> yes, it's been a complex process just to get up to this moment. and we're less than an hour just less than 50 minutes away from where that halt in fighting is supposed to begin. let's go in and listen to a little more.
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>> our position remains clear. all seizures must end. humanitarian partners must have access and civilians must be allowed freedom of movement. the ongoing support remain critical. as for the cessation of hostilities we hope respected it will not only create conditions conducive for meaningful negotiations, but there will also above all send a long awaited signal of hope to the
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syrian people that after five years of conflict there may be an end and hope to the ending of their suffering. these are all sentiments brought forth by issg members in today's meeting just endorsed, i hope, by your own security council. although--on all those aspects the u.n. is ready to support. the secretary general has confirmed it, and i do it again. all should do their share. we will do ours. critical fault lines have been addressed now. carefully and cautiously, being in which the group participates in the cessation of hostilities or which areas are accessed and how and which priority bases. this will remain a complicated, pain-staking process, but we should not give up going forward
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we continue to count on the issg to resolve any possible negotiations relating to the talks and we'll keep you fully informed on progress as we've done before. resolution 2254 is a ray of hope, a moment that still continues of hope. it expressed unanimously to the international community grave concern of the continued suffering of the syrians, the consistent violence and the terrorism and violence and extreme ideology. we're now at the crossroads, and we have the possibility to turn the pag page in the syrian conflict in six years of one of the bloodiest conflicts in recent years. it is potentially a historic junction to bring an end to the
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faction and start a new life and new hope for the syrians. thank you very much. >> i thank him for his briefing, and i also thank him for his work. the council is ready to proceed to the vote on the draft resolution before it. the rest of the council has before him document 1-2016-185 the text for the draft resolution. i shall put the draft resolution to the vote now. all those in favor of the draft resolution contain in document
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1-2016-185, please raise their hands. >> the results in the voting is as follows. the draft resolution received 15 votes in favor and has been adapted unanimously, so the resolution 22/28/2016. now to those members of the council who wish to make statements after the vote. we go to the floor and to the ambassador of the united states of america. you have the floor, madam. >> thank you, mr. president. thank you for your briefing
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we're gathered here at critical moment. the resolution which we just adapted in which the security council endorsed the hostilities in syria offers a genuine opportunity to pause at least in part the fighting in one of the most brutal conflicts the world has seen in a generation. a conflict in the past five years that this council and the international community have been unable to stop. this resolution endorses a set of practical concrete steps along with terms the parties must commit to end the violence and create space we'll be
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respected from the outset or just as important, whether it will hold with time. that skepticism is more than reasonable. given previous efforts that this council and other multi lateral institutions have under taken to try to stop the monstrous violence and immeasurable suffering experienced by the syrian people. yet, that record does not change the fact that this is our best chance. it's our best chance to reduce the violen vie--violence. today, as in every other previous effort, it is not the words on the page of the resolution, but whether these measures are put into practice, and whether these lead to real changes on the ground. for that to happen, the parties of the conflict must abide by the terms endorsed today.
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to that end the united states has continued to consult closely with the major syrian opposition groups which have confirmed their acceptance of the terms of the cessation of hostilities through the high negotiations committee, the hnc, or directly with us. the vast majority among them are ready to participate in the cessation provided the syrian government and the forces supporting it abide by their commitments under the terms. we are, therefore, deeply concerned by the continued syrian and russian aerial bombardment of towns across syria. aerial bombing that has caused massive displacement and hundreds of civilian deaths. many of the towns being hit by syrian and russian bombers are towns like daraya. a suburb of damascus that is being pummeled up to this very day, a town that is not held by isil or the al nusra front.
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it's hard to seem serious when you ramp up fighting right to the minute that the cessation to hostilities is support to take effect. the parties must live up to their commitments. third, when violations occur, as inevitably they will, a sober, coordinated response is critical. the international syria-support group has set up a task force assigned with specific steps to address allegations of non-compliance as well as working with parties to de-escalate violence that can instant out of control. let us be real. it will be extremely challenging especially at the outset to make this work. in a world of horrific crises. no crisis has been done has inflicted as much human
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suffering as the conflict in syria. we are all now broken records here in this council about the fact that this crisis cannot be resolved through force alone, that it will require a political solution. we've heard it, we've said it. but today we have an opportuni opportunity. if we have make this cessation of hostilities hold, it will be a very big step. we all know if implemented the cessation of hostilities would not apply to terrorist groups like isil, who will continue to fight. even if a partial de-escalation would make a real difference in its lives of syrians and allow us to reach the span of syrian civilian access, it has been extremely limited or inadequate
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especially in hard-to-reach areas where people continue to starve to death or die of treatable illness due to lack of medicine. manmade starvation, manmade deaths. regular sustained repeated access must be granted to all syrians in need no matter where they live. a cessation of foss fillties will help to foster conditions in which they could reconvene talks, which is crucial to the transition of conflict. that transition, as we said all along, must be a transition away from bashar al-assad, who has lost all legitimacy to lead. as president obama said yesterday, it's clear that after years of his barbaric war against his people, against his own people, including torture and barrel bombs and sieges and starvation, many syrians will
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never stop fighting until assad is out of power. the cessation itself will not insure that a political solution is reached, but it does create conditions in which one is possible. beyond respecting the cessation, the parties can take other meaningful steps to build confidence, starting the release of detainees, especially women and children, who continue to be subjected to deplorable treatment and inhumane conditions. let me conclude. on february 11th, the issg issued its statement in munich, which set out it's terms of the cessation of hostilities which is supposed to go into effect shortly. not long after, a group of around a dozen syrians huddled in the rain outside of a checkpoint along turkey's border with syria. the men are just a handful of nearly 4.5 million syrians who have fled their country since the conflict began.
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these syrians were actually waiting to go back into syria in hopes of retrieving their families and bringing them to safety in turkey. a journalist asked them if they felt the deal reached in munich would actually lead to a pause in violence? no, they all said without hesitation. one of the men, a 25-year-old named faisel, who would not give his full name in fear that his loved one in syria could be hurt. he said the deals they make there are so isolated and detached from this reality here. end quote. whether this effort of cessation of hostilities helps to change that reality, the reality on the ground for people like faisel and other syrian who is have been through what no human being should have to ever endure. whether that happens depends in significant part on what the nations in this chamber do when the cessation begins in less than an hour from now.
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it is true that our actions alone will not determine whether or not the cessation of hostilities hold. even if we all act in good faith. other parties have the power to sabotage the cessation by their actions. yet, it is also true that failure by any one of our nations to live up to our part of the deal, which includes working to insure that the commitment it's made are honored, pressing on the parties within our respective spheres of influence and make sure that sober united steps are taken to de-escalate violations when they occur could also result in the failure of the cessation. and if this collapses we will lose the most tangible opportunity we have had in a very long time to reduce the suffering of the syrian people and to create space for finding a political solution that will finally bring them peace. so much relies on what we do let us not squander this chance, thank you.
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>> i thank the representative of the united states. deputy minister, you have the floor, sir. >> thank you, mr. president, today, another important collective step is taken to reduce the conflict in syria. the resolution it just adapted to endorse the russian federation and united states of america as cochairs of the syrian support group on the cessation of hostilities in this country on conditions that are part and parcel of that joint statement. this document, the rugs which
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has been adopted which russia has become a cosponsor must be strictly implemented and without any pre-conditions. now the process of implementation itself must be monitored relybly. what is important the resolution has been adapted as the entering into the force in syria. many armed groups in syria say they're ready to comply with conditions. as was confirmed in the joint statement of russia and the united states, the cessation of hostilities regime will not apply to isis, al nusra and other terrorist organizations which have been recognized as such by the u.n. security council. the combat against them will continue. our position is that the long
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term stabilization of syria is impossible without eliminating the terrorist threat in this country to achieve that goal it is essential to put an end to efforts to use terrorists as a weapon to subject political aims. all sources of supply to the terrorists must be shut down relybly at the syrian border we must establish protection against illegal flows which allow criminal groups to prosper and thrive. we need to put an end to the continuing ingreenment against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of syria outside now the joint actions agreed with the united states can contribute
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to a real turning point in the syrian crisis as has gone on for too long. we have a real chance to end the violence and to step up our collective combat against terrorism as well as improving the very serious humanitarian situation in the country. what is of principle importance is that we're creating new conditions for developing the political process under the a spies of the united states. the main role will be led by the syrians themselves, the main this process should be a meaningful role for syrians who did not leave their homeland during the many years of conflict, one of the key elements encountered terrorist efforts. in other words, for all representatives of the ethnic and confessional composition of
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syria. we understand that this process will be difficult and complex given how hard the conflict has become in the various efforts to derail we should remaining aspects of the agenda, and, in fact, the resolution we just adapted speaks to this, and we hope that the u.n. will be impartial principled in this support we hope it will play a constructive role. at the same time, we need to be strongly committed to all provisions of 2254, and the other basic documents we should
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not single out separate components from these documents in order to take advantage of the changing situation on the ground or to benefit the selfish priorities of any separate opposition groups. any steps that could lead to the political process by putting forth pre-conditions should be countered. we should not be at the beck and call of radicals, but rather to urge them to engage in dialogue. at the same time we need to end the harmful practice of providing external support of armed groups. this has had a political impact on the political process, and it represents a threat to the future of the cessation of hostilities. mr. president, we expect that the syrian parties, the states of the region and the whole
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international community will act in a very responsible way in implementing a whole range of decisions on the political--on the syrian political solution. the cornerstone of this process should be the interest of the people of syria we cannot lose this opportunity. russia has consistently supported the political solution to the conflict in syria through our joint efforts we've managed to launch the strengthen in a process and to establish the international syrian support group. we supported some of the most important fundamental decisions by the u.n. security council on this conflict. you expect the groundwork is essential for essential.
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>> you've been listening to the russian representative to deputy minister foreign affairs. this after the 15-member council unanimously adopted that resolution endorsing the u.s.-russia brokered plan for a pause in the fighting in syria, which is set to get under way in less than 30 minutes from now. and our diplomatic editor james bays is at the united nations in new york. highways been listening into all of this. we heard the special envoy of the u.n. say that talks, peace talks resume possibly on march 7th. but i suppose that will be very much contingent on what happens in the next seven days. >> yes, exacty and even what
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happens in the coming hours. the cessation of hostilities is supposed to start, that's less than a half hour away. so a very key moment as they described it. and it will effect whether there are going to be though peace talks that they have announced or at least set a date for geneva. these are the talks that collapsed during the year, they're now revived. they're not expecting the guns to fall silent. they believe that will be impossible. they know there will be incidents, but what they're hoping for is some significant lull that shows that the
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violence has decreased. the other element of this, the humanitarian element. trying to get more aid to the besieged people. they've reached many people, and there are many more they want to reach. i've been told by diplomats from western countries is that they hope there is a lull in the fighting in the next few days. and then they'll try twisting the arms of the opposition groups, the main opposition block, the hnc to try to get them to commit to go back to geneva. the syrian government, it appears, it is willing to go back to geneva.
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the main opposition reliance. we're not talking about face-to-face talks here. >> no, we're not. we get back to where we were earlier on in the year which is the idea of proximity talks. then we get, if it happens, the high negotiations committee of the opposition, the main opposition block meeting with mr. demestora and then after that you get meetings with the syrian government. interestingly the chief negotiator, he's also in the room where we're watching these live pictures because he's doing his main job at the moment as ambassador of the u.n. at the end of this meeting, after we've heard from all 15 ambassadors of the security council, we will hear from the syrian ambassador. clearly the syrian opposition will get a seat at this table.
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>> thank you very much. at at united nations where that 15-member council has unanimously endorsed the russi russia-u.s. brokered deal to bring a pause in the fighting in syria, and we heard from the u.n. syrian mediators saying if this works, if the cessation and hostility holds there may be peace talks come march 7th. but of course a great deal has to happen, and a great deal could still happen in the next week, that pause in fighting set to begin in 20 minutes time. moving to the days other news now, and football's world governing football has selected infantino as it's new president. in a surprise result. he came ahead of others.
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>> the man to lead them into a new, cleaner future. gianni infantino. the swiss was standing for fifa president was because his boss michel platini was banned. >> we will report respect to of fifa, and everyone in the world will applaud us, and we'll applaud all of you for what we will do for fifa in the future. we have to be proud of fifa, and everyone has to be proud of fifa and what we'll do together.
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>> an exhort for the man who was secretary general. but he has a huge job to try to stabilize an organization that became rotten to the core under 17 years under sepp blatter. the election pledge of $5 million per federation raises questions of how an original $550 million under their financial target a year can afford it. disappointment for sheikh salman. he thought he had more than enough votes. some of his pledges did not come through. some delegates broke ranks. if he had been elected, questions over his human rights record, which brought protesters to congress may have brought another shadow over fifa it can barely afford. 207 national representatives came to zurich knowing it was crucial they got this right and
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pushed through the reforms that the organization desperately needed. 89% of them agreed to do so. they hope it will be enough to satisfy the u.s. and swiss authorities who wanted fifa radically overhauled. after the glory infantino will need to work tirelessly to convince the world that his new fifa can be trusted. >> donald trump has been given a key endorsement from new jersey government chris christie, who had been a candidate himself up until a few weeks ago. >> i'm here to say that i endorse donald trump for president of the united states. america must have a strong leader again that can restore american jobs, that can restore
4:42 pm
american confidence, and donald trump is just the man to do it. [applause] america needs someone who can going to make sure that hillary clinton does not get within ten miles of the white house. donald trump can do it. >> we're live now from houston, texas, alan, what does this mean for trump's bid for presidency? >> well, t is a surprise. chris christie way sassing that donald trump couldn't be trusted, and america didn't need an entertainer in chief. now he's saying that he's the best man for the job. will it mean a huge vote scoring for donald trump? no, it won't. if there was a lot of voters behind christie, he would still
4:43 pm
be in the race. we saw chris christie dismantle marco rubio just a few weeks ago, but it is odd a few weeks ago now he's going to do everything in his power over the next seven or eight months to make sure that he's actually the president. >> alan, we know that donald trump is leading in many of the polls. he has won already three consecutive contests. what is expected to happen in the coming days particularly as we work towards super tuesday? >> well, chris christie isn't dumb. he realizes that donald trump is perhaps going to win the nomination. getting on board now gives them a bigger voice, a lot more influence and pow. many would say that chris
4:44 pm
christie would perhaps be vice president candidate. i suspect, as a former federal prosecutor attorney general chris christie may be something that we see. and over the next to you days chris christie is going to use his very loud voice and large presence in campaigning for donald trump as we approach super tuesday where 12 states go to the polls as she decide who they would like to see as their republican nominee. donald trump can't win the nomination on super tuesday. but what he can do is create such big waves and give himself such big leads over the other candidates that it becomes almost impossible to reig rein him back in. chris christie is getting on board now because he thinks it
4:45 pm
will be good for him, and he thinks it will be good for donald trump. >> thank you very much with all the latetress texas. at least 14 people have been killed in an al-shabab attack on a hotel in a somali capital according to security sources. a car bomb was detonated at the syl hotel. the armed group said that it's fighters then storm the hotel. the police say they killed three of the attackers and the scene is now secure. polled have closed in iran irans are voting for their assembly of experts, who would appoint the next supreme leader. it's a test that president hassan rouhani. >> the could you of voters stretched around the block. turn out that the election has
4:46 pm
been high and it should favor the list of moderates and conformists. a list of vastly reduced numbers after thousands were excluded from taking part. >> we should look at foreign investment, banking, social security and labor laws. in my opinion these major laws need to be modified very fast. >> the mosque serves as a polling station. no ordinary mosque it was here that the revolutionary spread their message over monarchy over 35 years ago. watch what happens now when a conservative candidate turns up to vote. >> get to the back of the queue, they cry. in tehran reformists and moderates are expected to hold sway. >> i would like to have a better
4:47 pm
economy, and better life with friendship all over the world. >> this is supreme leader ayatollah khamenei casting his vote. they could well determine whether iran moves to greater tolerance, openness and much needed economic reform. but in a system geared to the ultimate power of religious conservative tim, old thinking and the status quo remain deeply entrenched. this woman said that the united states could not be trusted. they keep threatening us. we're not afraid of threats. this election is a test. he is it settled the nuclear
4:48 pm
issue and had sanctions lifted, and he's likely to have a show of support for that. but no one is expecting a countrywide landslide. time now for your sport with rahul. >> thank you very much. we've been they joined the race after they pulled out. the 45-year-old acknowledged the size of the task ahead. >> you will restore and everyone in the world will applaud us and will allowed all of you for what we'll do in fifa in the future. we have to be proud of fifa and everyone has to be proud of
4:49 pm
fifa. and we have to be proud of what we'll do to go. >> the aaron football president ended up with only four delegates in the end. and former fifa executive jerome champagne. >> i think, you know, it was between two friends and i congratulate them, and they'll have all our support in the future. what matters is the future that we stick together there is no hard feelings. this is ports. this is fair play and all the best to him travis, does the election of gianni infantino really represent progress at
4:50 pm
fifa? >> it's hard to know. he talks a good game. he says he's committed to reform, changes, and said that the world is going to look at fifa in a different matter. but the right hand man michel platini, a man who has been involved in soccer for a long time, it does not strike the note of change that people wanted to see from fifa. but as far as the candidates go, he may be the one who gives the best chance. that said, he's still an insider. this is not a big-time change from what we've seen before. sepp blatter came out today and said he's the type of guy who will carry on the legacy of change that he wanted, but how confident were people that sepp blatter was the change for fifa. there is an opportunity for change, whether or not infantino is the man to do it, we'll have to wait and see. >> you talk about the opportunity for change, did the reforms approved by the congress prove to be more important in the long run for fifa rather than the election of a new
4:51 pm
president? under these new rules the new president does not have as much power as his predecessor accept blatter. >> that's correct. there are a lot of sweeping reforms in this package that they voted on this merge. to bring more women into the governance of fifa. they'll take on racism in a way they hadn't seriously before. it expands the executive committee. there are a lot of things that could be positive. there are things that could be questionable. it gives more power to the confederations. as we know with con can calf, those are the roots of a lot of the corruption within fifa. so there are concerns that maybe we're handing power just to different places where corruption has taken hold of fifa. you know, it's hard to know. there are definitely good things in that reform package, but i think the efforts to reform fifa are going to be long and ongoing, and people should still
4:52 pm
question whether or not the organization is capable of reforming itself. >> great to hear, we'll have to leave it there for now. while the fifa presidency was the main focus in sur kick on friday it was by no means the main reform. these are reforms that are designed to increase transparency and move the organization away from the allegations of corruption and vested interest. let's have a closer look at these reforms in a little bit more detail. one of the main points the council will have to include six women. they'll only allow to be served a maximum of three four-year terms. the single officials will be
4:53 pm
disclosed at the end of every single year. staying with football. england's two successful clubs will meet in a competition. manchester united and liverpool have come together. that's the stand up tie. but here is a look at some of the other ones. in terms of the aggregate win, they will face atletico bilbao. liverpool manager says he's got the draw. he wants it. you can ask my staff. i think we have to clear something. it was a good game. we lost 1-0. it was not what we deserved on this day, but we got it.
4:54 pm
now we can. >> tennis will face the final in the dubai championships. it was the first meeting between the two since kiros was banned for making lewd remarks. unfortunately, not much in the way of fireworks on the court. the swiss was leading in the second when they eventually decided he could not continue. well, wells had just beaten france in cardiff with the only try of the game in the victory. that's all your sport for now. >> aarahul, thank you.
4:55 pm
just two days before hollywood celebrates the best films made. >> fans love to make films. we're talking about super fans here. take one favorite movie. add your own twist, but cheap and chie cheerful. this is called "prelude to axenov." the movie was so popular that he began to make a full-length feature with cash from fans. this production has come out of warp speed because of a legal battle with "star trek" owners. >> it has given fans the opportunity to fill in holes with the universe of their
4:56 pm
favorite franchise that they've never been able to do before. i think people are amazed at the quality of most fan films these days. i've even fan films five minutes long that look as good as any tv or movie out there. >> from star track to star would wars, lucas films holds awards to give a nod to this genre. >> there are just three steps you have to go through. first of all is the funding. who needs the bank manager. you have social media, crowd funding, you get the cash and the sky is the limit. and then there is the equipment. equipment is available these days. everyone is a potential filmmaker. gets some friends along and you've seen got yourself a crew. then there is distribution. cinema, he forget that. you've got the internet. immediate transmission and
4:57 pm
immediate feedback. >> just because people have the tools does not mean that they're going to use them correctly. >> he has directed many fan films. he made "the punisher." and his at all times take on power rangers has more than 17 million views so far. for him it's all about making a statement. >> what i try to do when i make fan films every so often is i'll try to view some sort of idea in it, some big idea within the myth. >> for most fans it's all just a bit of fun a hobby. they say they keep the spirit of the films alive long after they leave the box office. whether or not hollywood agrees, well, that's another story. >> you can find much more on everything we're covering right here on is the address. we're going to bring you more on syria and then the u.n. vote in our next bulletin, which gets under way in just a few minutes'
4:58 pm
time. we'll see you in a bit. >> let's take a closer look.
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