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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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the news continues live from london, next. >> tear gas on the greek macedonian border as refugees try to break through the fence. >> hello there, i'm barbara serra. you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up on the programi programish despite sporadic fighting the u.n. said that the shaky cease-fire is holding by and large. how women and babies are dying in south sudan because of the mass shortage of blood. >> i never should have allowed
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myselfer. >> tearful apology for an u.s. student arrested in north korea for stealing a poster. >> "spotlight." >> a surprise at the oscars as a drama about the cover up of sexual abuse by catholic priests beats the resident to best film. thank you for joining us. tension for migrants as they try to pass to europe. a group of people were trying to push through the fence on the greek side of the border with macedonia. the police on the macedonia side fired tear gas. the barrier allowed 300 people through. thousands of refugees and migrants including women and children are stuck on the greek
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side. >> the situation is like a disaster, and they don't open the borders, macedonia, they don't open the border, and people are coming more and more. >> i'm suffering here. i'm slowly dying here. >> well, the european union's struggle to handle the growing crisis has prompted countries to take individual action to cut off the flow of refugees an migrants to another europe. some fences have already been put up to try to stem the flow from turkey. but austria's recent decision to limit the number that it let's in every day has now sparked a domino effect through the balkans. all these countries are now allowing only a certain number of migrants to enter the borders each day. that threatens to turn greece into a huge refugee camp. at least 22 refugees and migrants have been strand there had in the past week and athens says that could rise to as many 70,000 next month. well, around 6.5000 people are
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massed at the camp on the border with macedonia where we saw those scuffles earlier. we have this report. >> impatient and exhausted. they march over the railway gates demanding once again to be let through. but soon things got out of control. some refugees manage to tear down part of the area. others hurl stones at the macedonia forces on the other side of the fence. they responded with tear gas. but rumor has spread around the camp that the border had opened. hundreds of refugees ran towards the fence. this family were sitting around
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their tent when the rumor reached them. >> like everyone else we ran towards the gate. people shouting open the borders. i couldn't see further up, but then they fired tear gas. i fell with my kids while running away. this was wrong. we demand our rights. there is no need for violence. we have to be patient and slowly, slowly, everyone will get in. >> but it was in vain. the macedonian forces pushed everyone back. it was a disaster in the making. people have been stranded here some as long as ten days. this camp is overcongested, and the uncertainty among refugees is overwhelming. emotions are running high. >> the family arrived a day ago. they walked for hours to reach here after greek authorities stopped busing people to the border to control the every-growing bottleneck.
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>> there is not humanity. finish. >> like many others, she wonders what will happen next. some of the protesting refugees are still refusing to move back from the fence. all the people who are here. all the people who have--they said--we won't step out. we want to stay here. without food, without water. they just need to open the border. >> but most refugees return to their tents. more worried now that europe will tighten it's frontiers even further. al jazeera, along the greek-macedonian border. >> horrible scenes. well, greece said it is considering bringing in the army to deal with the situation. we're joined from the greek capital of athens. you're in the center of the capital. what is happening there?
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>> well, yes, barbara, we're in sick tore i can't square, which is becoming some sort of refugee camp. there are hundreds of refugees who not only spend the day here but also the night. some of them are preparing to sleep here. there are a number of charities who run soup kitchens and also greeks from all walks of life have been supplying them with food for the children who are here. there is a charity which have been giving the refugees places where they can not only have a shower, change their clothes, but also feed their children and
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give them a place to a play. this they have not done much to stop the flow of refugees who come here. >> still they keep coming. 1,800 refugees arrive on monday morning. no one to welcome them. no one to stop them either. >> we face a lot of difficulties on the way here. now that we are here we want to cross to macedonia, but we don't know how to do that. >> the ports passing are now a temporary shelter for the refugees. most of them are from syria throughout afghanistan. >> everyone here has the same objective to get out of greece as fast as they possibly can. normally they would be effecting the process. they're not many living. greek officials say they want to ease the pressure there. one step closer to a new life
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the refugees say their only option is to travel north to other countries in europe. this men are from the sinjar area of northern iraq, the member of the yazidi minority, they show pictures of their hometown, beheaded bodies and mass graves. >> our home have been destroyed. our men, sons, and daughters have been slaughtered. we have nowhere to go back to. >> it has become a serious problem for greece. often seen as a transit point but many now at the capital including victoria square that has been turned into a temporary refugee camp. they're no longer permitted to cross the border. >> they're not allowed across the border.
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they're feeling sad and hopeless. >> for now these victims of war and failed governments who wait. they struggle to find a new place to call home. but not over. every day they remain in greece they pay beyond thei a welcome they never had. greek officials say they're overwhelmed by the refugee crisis, and now they are considering declaring a state of emergency. greeks has confirmed that there has been a plan submitted to the european union. there is a feeling here if they declare a state of emergency, then other e.u. member countries will be obliged to come to the help of greece in tackling this crisis. now, the emphasis has mainly been on strategies from afghanistan, iraq and syria with iraq and syria with greater
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assistance. there are migrants from other countries. there are african refugees from the whole of africa, sudan, people running away from the crisis in darfur, and they're here. nobody is talking about them. they're not allowed to cross the border. some of them who we've been talking to tell us that they're trying to get to some unofficial crossing point across to macedonia, and also some of them told us that they're looking into going by truck to italy with a view of getting into germany from there. >> a desperate situation for so many people. mohammed, thank you. well, authorities in france have begun dismantling part of the camp at calais used by refugees and migrants. the site known as the jungle is close to the port and europe tunnel rail link to britain. up to 4,000 men, women and children are still thought to be
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living on the site. french authorities want to move people into makeshift accommodations or other areas where they can apply for asylum. 93 syrian refugees have arrived on a flight from lebanon. part of a group who have been given visas to stay in italy on humanitarian grown. they hope the scheme can be a model for other nations to copy. >> isil says it's to blame for a suicide-bombing at a shia funeral hall in iraq. more than 5 people have died in the attack in the eastern province. now countries backing talks aimed at stopping the conflict in syria are meeting in geneva to discuss attacks on saturday. the main opposition blames the government and russia for
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violating the agreement. but rebel fighters are the one who is have gone against the first major truce in the fighting. the french foreign minister has called for an urgent meeting to discuss the attacks. >> we have received indications that attacks including by air have been continuing against those controlled by moderate opposition. all this needs to be verified. france therefore demanded that the task force charged with the is he says of hostilities meet without delay. >> despite the pause in fighting there have been airstrikes in homs and idlib. in a letter, opposition parties say continued breaches would make new talks unattainable. it says government forces have attacked several rebel held areas using barrel bombs. age's in turkey which is near the border with syria, he said that the truce is in danger of collapsing. >> what we have from the syrian
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opposition is quite alarming. in fact, they're warning that the entire process, the truce could be on the verge of collapse if violations continue. now a number of activists have given us their own account, as well as the opposition, main opposition in turkey. for the last three days at least 55 incidents or 55 violations occurred. i think that number actually gave us more to 60. now the reason is why ban ki-moon, for example, the european council said that they're largely holding. it's because prior to the truce the level of violence was so high and the number of casualties so big and now compared to those days the figures of attacks daily attacks or even the casualties are lower. so probably that's why we have u.n. officials saying that truce is likely holding. when it comes to turkey, yesterday they said yesterday it
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was relatively holding. today there is no--the truce is in danger. >> you're watching al jazeera. still to come on the program. how the outbreak of the zika virus has reopened the abortion debate in brazil. despair in indonesia has weather go number none and el niño is causing food shortages, that's coming up. >> the only live national news show at 11:00 eastern. >> we start with breaking news. >> let's take a closer look.
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>> welcome back. here's a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. macedonia police has fired tear
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gas and stun grenades as refugees are stranded in greece because of border controls in the balkan states. allegations of violation of facilities emerge with opposition telling u.n. further breaches would make new talks unattainable. and u.n. aid workers meanwhile with food and medical supplies are trying to reach 154,000 syrians in besieged towns in five days. protesters have gathered in pakistan denouncing the hanging of a convicting kill who are shot a former governor in 2011. the execution has triggered protests in several cities across the country including the capital islamabad. some religious and political leaders had publicly defended the killer. kadri who repeatedly shot a governor in a marketplace said that he killed the governor because he spoke out against the
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country's blasphemy laws. a symbolic funeral has been held in gaza for a palestinian man who died in suspicious circumstances in bulgaria on friday. >> in gaza, a funeral without a body. for omar mayef who died last week. he was jailed by an israeli court in 1986 for his role of an ultra orthodox seminary student. four years later he escaped custody and eventually turned up in bulgaria. his widow is convinced that israel's security services have caught up with her husband. >> even from merchandise the embassy he was told that israel
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had all the keys to the doors. they told him although inside the embassy they could not protect him. they were urging him to to leave the embassy. >> nayef had been hiding in the embassy from the bulgarian officials who received an extradition from israel. >> israel is responsible for what happened. the palestinian embassy is responsible for not protecting him. the embassy did not do anything to relief the pressure on omar. >> omar nayef's body was found in the embassy's backyard. bulgarian investigators are investigating whether he fell or was pushed from the high floor. israel's foreign ministry said that they're looking into what happened. at nayef's family home his
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brother blames the palestinian authority for not protecting nayef. president mahmood abbas is investigating the situation. >> blood shortages are a leading cause of death in south you dan's main hospital. patients, especially pregnant women and new mothers are dying because of ignorance about blood donations and cultural taboos. >> in the gynecology ward too often women die from a lack of blood. this woman left her baby more than a week ago and has suffered a serious hemorrhage. >> we treated her and found she needed blood. if they doesn't get blood she'll suffer heart failure and die. >> her mother was willing to donate but wasn't a match. her father was a match but refused to give her his blood. the hospital could not help, either. >> there are only nine units of blood in this fridge, and it's all been donated for specific
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patients. so while there is a blood transfusion center for general donation, this hospital has not received any blood for over a blood now. >> the lack of understanding about blood transfusion keeps people from donating even for their own family. joyce is far from an isolated case. in the maternity ward this mother was in desperate need of blood, but they are family would not donate either. >> they do not want to donate. some of them fear the screening. they don't like to be screened. they don't want to know its status, whether it's hiv, hepatitis, they fear that to be known. some feel that if the blood is taken from them they may develop diseases. >> until cultural attitudes around donating blood change giving birth in south sudan will continue to be a great risk. al jazeera, juba, south sudan.
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>> a drought caused by the weather phenomenon el niño has forced many farmers in indonesia to delay planting their crops. that's already causing food shortages in some parts of the country. >> they tried to plant corn three times this year. but found instead of nutritious food only weeds grew. most plants died because of lack of water. planting season was delayed because the rain season started two months late. >> sometimes rains are heavy, but sometimes only a drizzle, and sometimes only cloudy and there is no rain at all. >> the weather phenomenon el niño, which is predicted to reach its peak this month i will have brought lack of rain in many of the areas.
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>> people have been waiting for rain for two months now. but even this will not be enough tenough. >> many have had to cut back and they're hungry. >> i'm worried about the coming months. worried that we'll be really hungry because of this drought. >> the government said that food stocks are still sufficient, but experts are having doubts. >> they should look at food stocks now and start handing out food supplies. they don't need to make a big deal about this, but just start handing out food where it is needed immediately. >> the governor of the area has asked the national government for help and welcomes international organizations to assist if the situation worsens.
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they can only hope that any help will arrive very soon. al jazeera. >> a student from the u.s. has given a tearful televise apology in north korea. >> i never should have allowed myself-- >> it's the first public appearance by the 21-year-old since his arrest in the capital pyongyang on january 2nd. the north korean media said he confessed to what was called severe crimes against the state. the zika virus reopens the abortion debate in brazil. the suggestion is unacceptable to many in the deeply catholic country. al jazeera's report.
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>> lourdes has just been told her maim has microcephaly. she was born with a small head and her brain might not develop. it's a condition effecting many in northeast brazil where the zika virus is widespread. >> it's very hard to take care of a child like this. my other two children were perfect. they weren't born with any problems. >> the women like lourdes, who many live in poverty, don't have the option to terminate their pregnancy. according to law only because of rape or if the fetus is missing a large portion of its brain. one women die every two days from botched back alley procedures. >> they will petition the supreme court not only to allow
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abortions' as quicklyible to all women but abortion as part of their health. it's the abortion for all part of the petition that have affected many in this deeply catholic country. brazil is the most populous catholic country in the world, and christian teachings are very much a part of every day life. even congress is dominated by conservative evangelicals who say the fears around zika are being exploited by pro abortionists. religious leaders say that abortion is unacceptable. >> it really is selection. part of human life is having people with difficulties. be it with their movement, their thought or social behavior. society seems to have great difficulty accepting people with limitations. >> women rights groups this debate is not about zeke can or abortion but reflection of a different social reality that brazil does not want to deal
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with. >> it is not new. it has to do with inequality and it has to do with women's rights and social production for disabled children and their caretakers. there are issues related to it. we have to be able to talk about all of them together. >> many people here feel there isn't much talking being done. there is a lack of information and now the health budget has been cut. lourdes said that she would not have chose on it have an abortion even if it was legal, what she would like, though, is more supposed and a solution to deeper social issues that can no longer lie dormant. al jazeera, brazil. >> the film based on journalist who is exposed the ring of pedophile priests is the pric surprise winner of this year's oscars. >> and the oscar goes to
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leonardo dicaprio. >> well, they say good things to come to those who wait, and leonardo dicaprio has waited for this. five times before tonight he has come close, but this is to be his night at last. >> it's about man's relationship with the national world. >> in fact, it took another big award, too. >> alejandro gonzalez inarrit. >> he won last year. >> i can't believe this is happening. >> but no hat trick for his film. here's why. >> "spotlight." >> this movie had been a won tender, but it was not the favorite. it goes to show you can never tell what is going to happen in hollywood. >> and the oscar goes to-- >> when it came to best actress,
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brie larson took that. she was happy to win, but she was not overly surprised. she was the hot favorite, after all. >> thank you to everyone who participated in "room." thank you to all who saw it. >> "mad max fury road" was also a big winner, six oscars for this movie. all eyes were on the host, chris rock. the accusations of racism at the academy not far from every's minds, a subject he was expected to touch on, and not in a subtle way. for weeks there was pressure on the academy after nominations were all white, and chris rock did not disappoint. >> i counted 16 people on that montage. >> the annual night of back slap something over for another year. these ceremonies under. controversy with lack of diversity.
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now as they enter that period of soul searching, wil when it comes back next year will it be necessary? >> more on that and everything else we're covering on our website >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> donald trump doing damage control from support of a former leader of the kkk. >> this is a sad day for everybody in this room. it's a sad day for law enforcement. >> a soldier due in court accused of killing a rookie police officer on her first day on the job. >> if they nominated hosts, i wouldn't even get this job. [laughter] so y'all be watching neal patrick hais


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