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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  March 2, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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>> no, it wasn't to allow an antetrump to rise and start beating regularly. it's true that one, two, three states don't tell you everything, but can we agree that 15 states tell you plenty? here's aljazeera's david shuster. >> this has been an amazing evening. >> what a super tuesday some. >> reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump are barreling ahead on the path to nomination, the two emerged as the frontrunners after super tuesday, solidifying huge leads. >> it's clear tonight that the stakes in this election have never been higher. and the rhetoric we're hearing on the other side has never been lower. [ booing ] trying to divide america between us and them is wrong,
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and we're not going to let it work. >> clinton swept the democratic primaries, minority voters voted for her 4-1, fueling her southern domination. for bernie sanders, the delegate map is becoming more difficult. but sanders is not giving up. he won four more states on tuesday. >> we have come a very long way in ten months. at the end of tonight, 15 states will have voted, 35 states remain, and let me assure you that we're going to take our fight for economic justice, for social justice, for environmental sanity, for a world of peace to every one of those states. >> reporter: super tuesday was also a wake-up call for the
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republican establishment. donald trump widened his margins across nearly every demographic. >> we have done something in a almost nobody thought could be done. and i'm very proud of it. and i just want to leave you with this. i am a unifier. i would love to see the republican party and everybody get together and unify t >> reporter: texas senator, ted cruz's campaign is the only republican that can beat trump if they're the only two. cruz defeated trump in texas and oklahoma, and he's urging the other candidates to drop out. >> so long as the field remains divided, donald trump's path to nomination is lower likely. and that would be a disaster for republicans. for conservatives, and for the nation. >> reporter: but marco rubio is hanging on. he won his first contest in minnesota, and he's now focused on his home state in florida, where all of the other races
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starting in two weeks, the results will be winner take all. >> the pundits say that we're under dogs, i'll except that. >> we have all been underdogs. this is a community of underdogs. this is a state of underdogs. this is a country of underdogs. but we will win. and when we do, and when we do, we'll do what needs to be done. >> reporter: the presidential race is still far from over, but the math is pointing toward an unusual choice in the general election. a brash and unusual businessman vels a controversial first lady. david schuster, aljazeera. >> after super tuesday, primaries in red and blue, joining me for that conversation, doug cornell, democratic strategist and managing director of ske knickerbocker, center for women and politics and policy, and kingston of georgia, who spent
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11 terms in the u.s. house of representatives, rising to vice chair of the conference, and so jack kingston, this is your world on this sort of super wednesday. what's the state of the race? what do last night's results tell you about the state of the nation process right now? >> let me say this about it being my world. it's not my world as we know it. it has changed around and politically, it's upside down, but i believe, from our standpoint, that the only guy who can beat donald trump is ted cruz, and we have grave concerns about trump's ability to beat hillary clinton, so republicans need to coalesce behind one candidate at this time. and the only one who has a pathway to victory besides trump, is ted cruz. so speaking as a republican for the good of the party, i would like to see some of these guys get out so a cruz versus trump
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for the remaining states, and i think that would give you a much better turnout. >> earlier today, ben carson heard that call, and he's suspending active campaign, but i think that you're really talking about marco rubio. >> marco rubio has 106 delegates right now, and florida has 99. trump and cruz are going to go to florida, and he still has less delegates than ted cruz has, so i don't see a glide path for him to victory, so right now, he has won one state, minnesota, in one of those crazy caucuses, and it wasn't really a hard voter kind of it went win. so cruz has four, but on the delegate count, he's sitting at 225, and trump has 316. so you know, trump and cruz are the ones in the serious delegate hunt. and as you know, they still
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have to get over 1200 to get the nomination. we have many states to go, many contests. >> michelle bernard, when the smoke cleared today, what do you make of this race? >> i want to start on the republican side first. >> we'll do democrats later. >> i'm firmly in the camp of conventional wisdom that believes that if cruz and rubio and governor kasich stay in the race, and kasich and cruz can beat mr. trump in their states, coming up on march -- i'm sorry, kasich can beat donald trump and stay in the race long enough to keep anyone from getting a clear number of delegates, take it to the convention, have a brokered convention, and save the country from a president trump or a president cruz.
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>> can i weigh in real quickly on that. >> let me push back a little? isn't that a problem for the process itself? to say that the millions of people who are going to vote in these republican primaries, you know, we're going to try some stuff out and your will is not going to be respected? the top finisher, we're not going to give him the nomination? >> but if kasich stays in the race, and he stays in because he can get people to pay for ads, and donate to his campaign, and if marco rubio is able to win the state of florida, which he does, i think that's demonstrative enough that mr. trump is not necessarily reflective of the will have the people. cruz has won texas, and rubio, i think has a good chance in florida, and kasich is coming up on march 15th, and why not really see what the will of the people is. have a brokered convention, and have a dog and pony show and
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see what happens with the delegates. >> let me say that the idea of marco rubio winning florida is an achievement for him i think is laughable. he's a senator from there, and he should win florida. johjohn kasich should win ohio. and marc ted cruz should win tet and he did, to stay alive. going to a convention, and republicans, i remember this very well, because i was working it at the time. and on this campaign of giving the power back to the people and taking it away from washington. that's the message of your guy, ted cruz, and now they're going to turn it around and have a smoke and mirror closed door where delegates and fat cats give it to the preferred establishment candidate, preferably marco rubio, and that's not going to pass the test. >> if you weigh out the risks,
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both approaches, which is the worst for the country? denying the frontrunner the nomination, or staving off the possibility -- >> i think that michelle is trying to put some anarchy in my party. >> i don't think that that would be possible, it exists on its own. >> that's the system, it's dynamic, sloppy, and it doesn't have the outcome that the washington pundits want. and i think that that's very healthy. right now, you have stead ted, who has an anti-establishment message, and you have donald trump, the new shaney object that people are fawning over, years and years of conservative liberal miss behavior. >> we're just misbehaving. >> and the reality is, i do agree with you, whoever the nominee is, that should be the nnominee, but interestingly enough, you mentioned it, in florida right now, trump has a double-digit lead over marco rubio. and i think that the senator is
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not really ready to be president. >> let's pick it up with donald trump, how have we gotten this far in the race with nobody figuring out how to run against donald trump? a candidate that had them sharpening their knives in june? stay with us, it's "inside story".
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>> you're watching "inside story," i'm ray suarez.
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i don't sympathize with any politician who wants to run against donald trump. but there are multiple types of approach, no matter how unconventional he is. his business has been regarding for him with back-story. in a party heavily influenced by christian conservatives, being on your third wife used to be a handicap, not a resume credit. and in every debates, the things that he says are not just a little wrong, but literally untethered from reality. the united states is a party with specific agreements that govern it's economic and political relationships with other countries. donald trump has been telling voters for months that he'll treat those agreements as if they don't exist. you shouldn't hear about nafta and the wto from me. perhaps it should be to talk to trump to his face on live tv.
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because i said so is not a move for parenting toddlers, and it's less impressive in negotiations. my guests are still with me, but instead, they're making fun of the size of his hands, or his hair, instead of saying, no, you can't prevent carrier air conditioners from coming back into the united states, you just can't do that. >> i tell you, i'm going to make an analogy, it's a little bit different, but i saw a play called sweat in washington a couple of weeks ago, written by a playwright, and there's a line, it takes place around nafta. and what has happened to the american public since the passage of in a few t a bar owner, people are losing their jobs in a mill town, tennessee, and the economy is getting worse and the education system is horrible, and the owner of
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the bar says, you know, who do i vote for, who i pull the lever for, [ audio difficulties ]
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a controversial abortion case goes before the supreme court. and plus, sanctions with north korea, the united nations puts more restrictions on the country's government. and changing iran, the hopes and dreams of the country's young voters. all of that is coming up tonight at 7:00.
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>> welcome back to "inside story," i'm ray suarez. almost, hillary clinton told a rap you're us crowd in miami she hadn't won the combination
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yet. she congratulated bernie sanders on his victories and reveled in her seven wins. it's something that you could have read a year ago, but for months, you've read a lot about clinton's weakness not a lot about her instructs. she looks pretty good today. i'm here with my guests, and was last night a water shed moment for the clinton campaign? >> i think so. i think that nevada was the turning point, and it changed things a bit. she had that victory in south carolina, and last night, she was dominating. he had some victories, but what bernie sanders has not been able to do is focus the message that appeals to a broad section of the democratic party. hillary clinton has not been able to do that. she still struggles with young voters and she could be doing better with women, but appeal to young americans and seniors, and that's her coalition, and i
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don't see bernie sanders in the next two weeks being able to disrupt her. >> michelle bernard, is it too soon to do a secret little victory dance in your hotel suite as you look ahead to the tumult on the republican side? if you're hillary clinton, you can't be too upset about the republicans having a bad time, but is it a little too early to be remeasuring the drapes for the oval office? >> i think that it's a little bit too early. senator sanders has not done as poorly as people expected him to early on in the process. he has not built the clinton coalition, but the hillary clinton that i watched give a speech last night, and the hillary clinton that we saw in the town hall meetings as opposed to the debates is a very likeable person. and part of her problem has been, when you don't hear about her, she does well in the polls, and they're beginning to change. she seems likeable, easygoing,
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and more herself. >> she's enjoying the process. >> when she gave the explanation, and i found it credible. when she gave the explanation, i'm not like my husband, and i don't campaign the way he does, it seemed authentic, and i think that she's going to begin to broaden her coalition. i don't know if anyone has seen the ad yet that i saw a couple of days ago, hillary clinton sitting down with the mother of trayvon martin and other african-american women who have lost children over the last few years and had a very real moment and said that your son's lives have value, i think that she is going to begin to appeal to a part of the african-american electorate who say that they have given up and there's no reason to vote. and i saw that and she's onto something, and we're certainly not going to get that from anybody on the republican side. make john kasich a little bit.
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>> talking about president obama like he's 15% approval rating but he's closer to 50, 48 or something like that. >> does his success or failure have more to say about how hillary clinton does than who the republicans nominated? >> i actually think that it's going to be a big, big factor, and where i disagree with michelle, hillary clinton is the least authentic candidate. she's going to do whatever it takes to get elected. when you talk about bernie sanders, here's a fluky guy who in the house didn't accomplish a thing. he's not a warm and fuzzy guy, and he might be great with college kids, but he's not overly charismatic. but he has given hillary clinton, who has been running for this for 8, 12 years, a run for her money, and the reason is there are so many flaws in
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her candidacy, and republicans are very nervous about who would hillary clinton appoint to the supreme court and how much regulation can you thrust upon the small business community out there? so i think that republicans are going to be, regardless of who want nominee is, and i'm not going to rule out joe biden, i think that he's waiting in the wings for the proper indictment. >> the proper indictment? >>
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