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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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>> good evening i'm antonio mora. this is al jazeera america. >> i ask you to prayerfully consider our coming together. >> if trump is there i won't vote. >> desperate to stop donald trump. republicans are speaking out as their presidential nominee in 2012 prepares to lay out his case against the front runner. >> we're going to wage a campaign that is about the future and about bringing us all together. >> calling it one for the history books after wins on super tuesday, hillary clinton looks ahead beyond bernie sanders. abortion rights back in the u.s. supreme court. the emotions, the facts and the
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impact of a court without a 9th justice. the international sanction he north korea faces. tonight the aggressive response from the communist country. >> a day after super tuesday, the republican field appears to be narrowing. ben carson says today he sees no political path forward and that he will not take part in tomorrow's gop debate in detroit. this comes a day after big vic industries by donald trump and hillary clinton. clinton has 595 detl delegates compared to 405. trump leads 315 delegates and the gop is launching new
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campaigns to stop him. senior political correspondent michael shure has more from miami. >> news that ben carson will be leaving the race will not attend thursday's debate and sees no path forward but the night before is about donald trump, who fancies himself the greatest deal maker and closer to closing the biggest deal of his night. >> i have millions and millions and millions of people. this is not like a close match. >> from the deep south to the northeast, expanding his improbable need and letting washington know, they have to be ready for him. >> paul ryan, i don't know him well, i'm sure we'll get along but if we don't he's going to have to learn okay? >> they need to get behind him as the only candidate who can defeat frumple.
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>> for the candidates who have not yet won a state who have not racked up significant delegates i ask you to prayerfully consider to come together. for uniting. >> even invoking iconic democrats to make his point. >> in our nation's darkest hours fdr told us that we have nothing to fear but fear itself. jfk told us to ask not what our country could do for us but to ask what we could do for our country. cleerp. >> america shouldn't have a president whose words would make you embarrassed in if your children repeated them. >> reporter: tuesday was anything but super, for marco rubio. though he won his first state
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minnesota, the candidate tried to convince his people that things still looked good. >> the polls say we're underdogs i'll accept that, this is a community of underdogs this is a state of underdogs, this is a country of underdogs but we willing win and when we do and when we do we will do what needs to be done. >> as misguided as it may seem rubio is counting on the march 15th contest in florida to reverse his fortunes much as john kasich is putting it all on ohio. >> i tell you now we will beat donald trump in the stoi an staf ohio. and it will be a new day. >> it was a caves the gop electorate continuing to lose. >> since last week i have been inundated with e-mails and calls from people all over this country joining our effort.
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>> the problem with rubio he has not been inundated with votes and the problem is that after super tuesday, donald trump is more inevitable. >> if trump is there i will not do a vote. >> i will do a write-in for marco rubio and resign from the republican party. >> news outlets all ghaniette owned papers printed an editorial calling chris christie as an embarrassment, he spent most of 2015 out of the state with his own campaign and now is on the road with frumple also, today, new hampshire's greatest newspaper regrets endorsing christie and watching him kiss
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trump's ring. ucla's school of communications, bill this gets more interesting every day. the gop seems fit to be tide. lindsey graham said he would support ted cruz, whom he increasingly dislikes to stop trump although that is increasingly less likely. >> the only way they can do it is have a majority of delegates who are against him. there's only one other way you can stop trump. trump could stop himself with his mouth. he's insulted everybody. he has insulted george w. bush, mitt romney, suppose he could insult oh my god ronald reagan then the game would be over.
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>> the majority at the convention the philosophy was to hope at some point the republicans would coalesce behind one anti-trump candidate. but is that strategy stwoichg fragmentation, hoping with a bunch of candidates trump couldn't get the majority? >> the anxious is yes. there's a traditional washington establishment which is embracing marco rubio and the conservative establishment embracing ted cruz, those two establishments are facing the front much donald trump who is taking them both on. >> if nobody gets a majority can the party turn against its biggest vote getter at the convention? >> no. they constant. because the trump people will say they're denying the voice of the people. the people chose trump and you're going to nominate
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somebody else? go ahead, try it, they'll disrupt the proceedings. >> some people have talked about a third party candidacy. that seems suicidal to me. wouldn't that hand the presidency to the democrats? >> yes, but they are willing to risk it. >> the voting of millennials are off the charts. could that hold long alternatively risks for the gop which is hoping to expand their base not narrow it. >> yes, republican strategists say we can't go with donald trump he'll destroy the party. the demographics are all against it. but if he's the nominee he will define the republican party. if he's not the nominee the republican party can do everything it can to erase all memory of donald trump after he
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loses the election. >> with ben carson apparently exiting the race, who will his party go to? >> my guess is they could go to ted cruz, some may go to donald trump here is another prospect. i think it is a reasonable possibility that donald trump may put ben carson on the ticket with him. ben carson is an african american, which would allay any charges that he is a bigot. trump advertises himself as someone out of politics, ben carson is self made, the only problem is he didn't show a great knowledge of policy and the question is is he qualified to become president? >> bill schneider, always nice to hear your thoughts, thanks. all right. >> hillary clinton cemented her status with seven victories but bernie sanders won four contests
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and not prepared to give up the fight. john terret from burlington, vermont. >> reporter: antonio good evening from burlington, vermont where the sanders campaign held a inference t nrches to news ces we're in it to win it. the plan is to win state by state, targeted states not all of them. there will be some losses but also some wins. the candidate in maine today, appealing to voters. >> next sunday i believe at 1:00, the caucuses will be held throughout maine we can win here, if there is a large voter turnout. please vote! thank you all very much!
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>> reporter: and that targeted state approach for example would be in florida regarding elderly issues. there are a lot of retirees in florida. in the midwest where sanders think he can do well, they will be tackling mrs. clinton on the issue of trade. as for the secretary she was speaking in the ja javitz cente, rather like bush 41 used to say trying to distance herself from what she sees as the rather nasty campaign of donald trump. >> we are going to wage a campaign about the future and bringing us all together. i said a few times in the last weeks, it may seem odd to hear this but i want you to hear it. i honestly believe we need more love and kindness in our country right now. >> and mrs. clinton's campaign manager sake her win on super
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tuesday was prohibitive and likely to get bigger and reckoning they have the calendar and the math on their side. antonio. >> john terret in burlington, vermont. the justice department has offered immunity to a former state department staffer who set up hillary clinton's e-mail server. in 2009 he set up her server in her new york home. the fbi is investigating whether mrs. clinton mishandled her information. they are pleased that pagliano is cooperating with prosecutors. tough new standards for abortion clinics. it also requires doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. more than 20 texas abortion clinics have shut their doors.
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>> judging by the questions they asked they appear sharply subdivided. outside the supreme court, the debate over one of the biggest boorks cases i -- abortion casen years grew loud. >> texas cares about our women that is what this is all about. >> this is not about increasing women's health and safety, it is about putting them in a precarious situation where they don't have access to care. >> reporter: the justices asked whether the law is as devastating to health care as abortion providers there say. the law requires doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at local hospitals. it also requires clinics to meet costly standards similar to emergency rooms. the law's supporters say the goal is to protect women's health. critics say it is causing half the clinics to close,
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complicating women's accessing to the ones that remain. >> there's waiting periods, multiple visits that women need to make so they have to get childcare more than once they have to get time off work there is travel for a lot of people that can be really complicated. >> conservative justice samuel alito, asked attorneys, as to some of them: ftc and linl justice ellena kay.gab quizzed the justices, she said there are many procedures that are much higher risk. colonoscopies. line owlie poaliposuctions, i wy that is. >> scott keller later responded, legislators respond to topics that are concerned. anthony kennedy, is likely to be
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swing vote, it could split 4-4 that means the lower court's ruling stands and the texas law would be yum held. the court's decision is expected in late june. if the texas law is uphemmed the effects could be felt across the state. it would be left with only 10 abortion clinics. similar laws across the united states could also be upheld. roxana saberi, al jazeera, washington. >> in south dakota, the governor has vetoed a bill, that would have forced transengineered to use bathrooms that match their sex at birth. it's not up to the state but should be up to local school districts. had the bill become law the state also risked losing nearly $200 million of education funding. tile 9 forbids discrimination
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against trans-students. details from the u.n. next. nearly two years after flight mh 370 disappeared, officials say more wreckage from the doomed plane may have been found.
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>> these people have decided that today they will be arrested. >> i know that i'm being surveilled. >> people are not getting the care that they need. >> this is a crime against humanity. >> hands up... >> don't shoot. >> hands up... >> don't shoot. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> explosions going on... we're not quite sure - >> is that an i.e.d.?
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>> reporter: in jordan, security forces say they prevented a major i.s.i.l. astack on sifnt e-civilian and military targets. in the northern city not far from the syrian border. in an effort to keep the group from gaining traction there. the united nations has delayed the next round of syria peace talks for two days to allow the be ceasefire to hold. the u.n. wants to make hurry the truce continues. talks will now resume on march inundate. north korea seems to have responded to new sanctions levied by united nations. launched several project isles into the water, near japan, it
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is unclear what those project isles were. the u.n. recently voted to hit the country with the heaviest sanction he in decades. secretary of state john kerry says: as diplomatic editor james bays reports. the resolution even got the support of china. >> even after north korea gave its latest test, the u.n. security council gave its response. a unanimous vote in favor of the toughest sanctions resolution yet. >> as the resolution we have adopted today underscores, virtually all of its resources
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are channeled into its reckless and relentless pursuit of nuclear weapons. north korea would rather grow its nuclear weapons program than it would grow its own children. may have helped persuade the chinese to disagree to these new extensive measures. the next of the resolution which is almost 20 pages long was discussed in numerous meetings between the u.s. and china. some parts are clearly directed at the north korean leadership, along the luxury goods band aquatic recreational vehicles, equipment like jet skis and also snow mobiles. despite the disagreement on the resolution china is still strongly opposed to u.s. plans to deploy a a missile program
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called thad. >> china debe, such action harms the strategic security interest of china and other countries of the region and goes against the goal of complaining peace security and stability of the peninsula. >> reporter: james bays al jazeera at the united nations. >> officials say more debris from malaysia airlines 370 may have been found. the debris washed up over the weekend in mozambique. they apparently show the right tail section of a 777. mh 370 is the only missing 777. while on route from kuala lumpur malaysia to beijing after losing radar contact over the south china sea.
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after officials sealed a massive gas leek in southern california, some residents say they are still feeling sick. bob dylan finds a home for his personal memorabilia, a collection worth millions of dollars.
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>> reporter: one busy one residents of the porter ranch area of los angeles are returning to their homes. they were torsed out for months as a nearby gas leak spewed tenlz otensof thousands of gallf methane into the air but the area may still be dangerous. jennifer london reports. >> joanie may be forced from her home. >> how do you explain this to your kids? >> they are going through a lot. we know we have to make the right decision for them. and i think they've been preparing themselves to leave. but i think not knowing where we're going and what we're doing it's frightening. >> spears is not convinced it's safe to live here anymore. the gas company has sealed the well and residents started returning last week but her health had improved while away
11:27 pm
and now she says she feels ill again. >> since i've come back the last several days and this past week i began getting really sick again. >> it's not just joanie's fears. others have started returning to the porter ranch area. and officials said they would like additional homes to check in people's homes. >> what has been trapped in the sediment rock or in people's homes? >> the most damaging natural gas leak in u.s. history took place at one of the gas facilities in the country, most people had no idea there were more than 100 wells just over the hills from their homes. the accident prompted protests. a demand for accountability. and lawsuits. >> you know there are many lawsuits, i've heard up to 75. we've got our own lawsuit that
11:28 pm
we filed on behalf of the people of the state of california istate of california, working very closely with the city attorney's office. >> reporter: some residents will move past this and resume life in porter ranch but spears says she intends to sell this house despite her love of the neighborhood. >> it's one of the most breathtaking places in l.a. county. when i saw this view when wear ready to purchase this house, i couldn't believe i was going to look at this every day. it makes me sad this could lap in our country. >> the consolation for people who plan to move, housing prices appear to be holding steady, in fact construction continues on million dollar homes right below the gas storage site. the disaster not a big factor apparently for some buyers though others may think twice. melissa chan al jazeera porter ranch, california.
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>> banning the smoking of electronic cigarettes on all flights, protecting from unwanted exposure to aerosol fumes. international flights to and from the u.s. on both domestic and foreign airlines. the ban goes into effect later this month. many have banned e-cigarettes already. bob dylan's collection including unreleased films photographs handwritten manuscripts and handwritten documents, portions of the dylan archives will be available to collectors, the value between 15 and $20 million. or high are, meaning dylan could
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get a tax break for the deal. for the news you can head to, ray suarez is up next for "inside story." have a great flight. have a greatly night. owners