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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  March 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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tie police fire at protestors after a protest of the state's takeover of the country's biggest newspaper. hello. i am marian nemazi. also coming up: calls for a state of emergency on the border between greece and macedonia where thousands of refugees are stranded. migration in slovakia's election campaign as incumbent leads in exit polls. promises of unity long gone as
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donald trump attacks political opponents in the race to the white house. we beginning intie where there has been a defendant decision to over take the country's largest newspaper. it has been met with criticism inside and outside the country. police used tear gas and plastic bulls to disperse protesters gathered in support of the newspaper aligned to a u.s.-based cleric accused of treason. the u.n. is worried about it sayingtie needs to respect press freedom. the committee to protect journalists is accusing turkey of being one of the worst jailers of journalists worldwide. foreign reporters were imprisoned in the country at the end of last year and since the early 1990s, the cpj says at least 23 have been kilted.
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representatives from turkey's ruling act party say many in prison aren't there for reporting but because they are accused of what they call terrorism charges. caroline malone has our report. police use water guns and plastic bullets. they are taking a stand after police raided the offices of a popular opposition newspaper replacing it's editors with state representatives. >> cher have we seen this before? this didn't happen even when hitler was in power, let alone turkey. the incidents going on syria are not much better riot police pushed through the crowds. they got into the building and
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evicted the editors. >> it has been heavy for the last three or four years. anyone who is speaking against the government is facing either court cases or prison or such control by the golf. >> government. >> the daily turkish paper had circulation of 650,000 copies, more than any other newspaper. it's run by a u.s.-based cleric who was once close to president erd erduoan. he has been accused of trying to overthrow the government mood y'all groups linked today have been taken over by pro-government managers. back on the streets, people held up a copy of the last newspaper
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printed before the offices were raided it reads, "the constitution is sus suspended". >>a a columnist at the english language edition complains how constrained journalists are in turkey. >> according to all existing reliable, turkey is considered a country where freedom of press and freedom of speech are in dire straits. this is not me -- it's all of the internationals are saying this. the are clear on that. they are undecided about what to do with turkey, the politicians.
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refugees without taking any points. >> the refugee crisis on the border of greece and matsdonia is so bad that the state of emergency needs to be declared according to one of greece lone star regional governors. around 13,000 people are trapped at the border crossing after the macedonian authorities closed it to syrian and iraqi refugees. >> the former yugoslav public needs to open immediately the borders. the european union needs to demand severe actions against the countries closing borders today whether they are members
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of the european union or candidate members. the grease macedonia border, she has been following the journey of those who have been arriving at the makeshift camp. >> the face of emergency of this area is indeed declared t would pave the way to be released to improve the living conditions in this camp. these are the latest riffles, the only place they found to set up their tent is in between the rail tracks. the money will also go to compensate the local communities here, for example, many of the tents are now on private property and the farmers are losing business. that people have been camped here for the past few days. they have entered grease on the 18th of february. sot it can happen soon. the border is more shut than open because of the chaos and also because of stringent
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interviews happening on the other side. at the moment, the camp is coordinated by doctors without borders. it expanded so quickly, various aid organizations cannot deal with it. this is the queue for the feed. people stand here for two, three, four hours at the end of it, they get a is sandwich and food because there is not enough hot meals for everyone. now, on this side, there is another queue, for those going through the registration process all over again because the paper they got when they first landed on one of the greek islandses is not valid any more. there are mistakes on it a computer-generated paper which has a computer-generated stamp and signature where macedonian authorities will not accept anymore. even though it doesn't mean they will be able to continue their journey. >> the afghan taliban said it
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will not participate in talks with the government until conditions have been met. the group is demanding of what it calls the occupation by foreign troops. the taliban has asked for all of their prisoners to be released. in kabul with the latest this has come as a surprise to many people in kabul because there was a mood of growing optimism in the city that these face to face talks, actually the taliban and afghan government would actually go ahead in pakistan. the preconditionses that thetable are now saying are nothing new. they want the prisoners released. they want their leaders taken off of the blacklist. they want withdrawal of the american forces and they site basically american forces are being deployed around afghanist afghanistan. they want that to stop. they want u.s. aerial bombardments to stop and they want to be kept in touch with what is going on. they say they have been kept out of the loop. this is basically, a surprise to most people.
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the messages we were getting both from the aftergan government and from the taliban was that there was a meeting of minds, a certain consensus things had to be given and taken and that this was move in the right direction. pakistan played a big part in this, made promises to the big powers in the region dealing with the u.s., with china and they need to actually show that they have that kind of power to make things happen. the talibantable could be posturing, trying to get something behind the scenes a little bit better deal maybe. this could be a message for their foot soldiers, something they want to hear because if they go in to talks without getting what they said they always wanted, perhaps they would lose face. we are some way away, i think, from coming to the end of this terrible, terrible war with a lot of negotiations to be done in the meantime a u.s. led coalition aircraft made an emergency landing in a field west of erbil in iraq. officials say the landing was precautionary because of a technical failure and no one was
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hurt. i witnesses say the plane was flying very low and its propellers weren't working at the time of the landing kurdish and u.s. loaded onto a truck. five more states are delivering their verdict in the u.s. republican and democrat presidential contest. republicans donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich are competing in mistaken, kansas, did he have maine, kentucky and louisiana. hillary clinton and bernie sanders looking for support in nebraska, kansas and louisiana. a few days ago, ronald gump trump was trying to sell himself as a unity candidate. on saturday, he was back to the devisive finished dominated campaign. >> you have lying ted cruz. i nicknamed him liein. how would you spell that lyen. with a big apost trophy.
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but, you know, you have ted cruz and he holds up the bible and tel tells you what i didn't say. i say something. i make it clear. then they get on television, "donald trump just said. i used to think that real estate people were tough, especially in manhattan. they are babies compared to these politicians. these politicians are liars. >> why are there so many young conservatives serving our country? because we grew up in the era of reagan. ronald reagan looked and acted nothing like donald trump. donald trump, he might have grown up the way he did with a lot of money, going to boarding schools. where i grew up, if somebody keeps punching somebody in the face, somebody will have to punch them back. >> gabriel in washington, hearing from marco rub joe and donald trump there. we have five more states voting today on saturday and i think the polls are showing that actually, despite what republican party is trying to do, trouble is still in the lead in those polls.
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he is still in the lead as the voters in these five states went to vote. he was in the lead in the polls but we are starting to get some of the first results back. i can tell you in the first state we have got some results from, the state of kansas where there were caucuses, about 30% of the results are back. 49% from ted cruz so far. donald trump in second place with 25%. rubio 13 and jokasich, about 30 of the results from one state of kansas other states outstanding. get those results as the even progresses here on the democratic side, there are 126 del gants up for grabs. several states voting on that side. hillary clinton still needs more than 1,300 delegates to secure the nomination. she has more than doubled the delegates so far burney sanders
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but still a long way to go for anyone on the democratic side to security the nomination it's such a competitive race. it's all about momentum. donald trump trying to keep his momentum as you mentioned, doing well in the polls. but ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich trying to regain momentum. republican debate right now, the rates on the republican side under trump is going nowhere. let's pretty clear. rubio, kasich and ted cruz fighting to be cruz doing very well. already won 4 of the 15 states 5. his pitch to the republicans. he has won more states other than donald trump so he would be the best candidate to be the alternative to trump. everyone is looking forward to
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march 15th. >> that's when five very big states with lots of del gants in play are going to be at play including florida, rubio's home state and also ohio, john kasich's home state. march 14th will be clear. >> stays voting on march 14th. today will certainly be an interesting stepping stone to that. thank you very much gabriel live in washington, d.c. more to come for you on al jazeera. that's correct can back at the leader of sue dad's opposition popular party has died. china warned its facing a tough battle to keep economic growth on target. those stories and more in a
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moment. ♪ welcome back. watching al jazeera. let's take you through the top stories. police have fired tear gas and plastic bullets at protesters gathered out bytie's biggest newspaper placed under state control. the afghan taliban is threatening to pull out of direct talks with the government a state of emergency over the refugee crisis at its borders. now, in other stories we are feeling poles have closed in slovakia where people have been voting in an election. he fought the election on an
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anti-immigration stance putting the refugee crisis at the heart of his campaign and suggesting every muslim in the country should be monitored. katrina is. this update. according to the first exit polls the direction has fallen short of expectations he did almost exclusively accuse the refugee crisis he promised soldiers a safe -- voters a safe country. it will be interesting what will happen now with the new government when and if it is assembled. he specially 350 applications
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for asigh lem. 8 of which were granted waiting to go for their final destination like aust try i can't, america or canada. not many refugees but at this point. >> the omzition party leader has died: the party split from the ruling national congress party in 1999. emma hayward has more. >> at times, he had been a defendant thorn in the side of the sudanese government but he was honored as his death was discussed on state television. he was one of the most influential men in sudanese politics who helped bring the current leader and shaw his
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political leanings lead him in trouble. he was born in sudan and educated in kartoom in europe. his political career began in the 60s when he joined the muslim brotherhood. in the subsequent years, his brand of political islam would see him fall in and out of favor. living in exile in libya in the cents before becoming sudan's attorney general for a short time, it's deputy prime minister. in 1989, he helped orchestrate the coupe that brought albashar to power and went on to shape political policy. 10 years on, though. his opposition led him to being jailed several times. he was the only suedan ease.
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i also welcomed a it to sudan in the 1990s. sudanese television described hezbollah him as a well-known islamic thinker span can deck it's a club some of the nation's most turbulent. emma hayward al jazeera. china's leaders are warning of a battle. the predicted rate for growth has been cut to between six and a half and seven%. yongon has been selling fruit here business is slow. my boss, the communist party. where did the customers go? you have to ask the communist party. busy was bad in the past year. >> he is not alone.
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it's been a turbulent year for many people in china. economic growth is at its slowest in 25 years. six kilometers away, the most important event in china's political calendar is playing out. china, the last major communist nation has changed considerably over the last 30 years. but the grandeur of the national's people's congress has remained. 3,000 delegates a report on the last year was mildly critical of the communist party. there is still inadracies in the work of the government. some reforms, policies and measures have not been fully implemented. he went on to say more work needs to be done on government corruption and misconduct. and that it's not just chooi's economy that's slowing. it's global. >> this is the great hall. what will take place here in the next 10 days for the most part is political theatre it's how
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china will be run by top party officials >> major a place where they put out the messages including some new propaganda message for public consumption and then the meeting is actually discussing merely specifics of thousand to implement these things or how to fort worth, texas it to make it better. >> some economists think it wouldn't happen. >> i think there is something of a misnomer. it starts with the government. 6.5% won't be achievable. >> no good news for people line yongong. >> i will definitely go back to my hometown, maybe one or two years. it's too expensive, so hard to make money. that's not the direction of the
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communist party wants people going. they want more people in cities, working, and spending. heading toward the china dream. scott hideler, al jazeera, beijing. a north korean cargo ship is being held in a port in the philippines for the first time the united nations actions have been enforced. arrived in sifbling bay on thursday. sanctions were imposed after north korea's recent nuclear and ballistic missile tests. so far, there has been no response. venzuela of today is very different to the one left by the late leader hugo chavez who died three years ago. his focus on booting public spending for the poor made him almost political untouchable. >> popularity came at a price. larnlthsest known oil reserves but with the collapse of public prices, there isn't enough money coming in to supply banks like food and med icinemedicines.
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one legacy was cheap football but it was liked 6,000%. maduro was forced to declare an economic emergency in january. it follows years of quantitative easing. the bol i have a r is nearly worthless. it will top 700% this year others predict it will default on its debt. now on the ongoing struggle the country is facing from the island. in western pennsylvania looks peaceful and sleepy from afar. for lack of all basic services, anything but that. in many ways, it is a microcosm of all of venzuela's problems. no are four days they have waited here demanding that tanker trucks make what's supposed to be regular visits to their homes to deliver water.
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there are some trucks but it might not be enough. >> a retired teacher says the is nothing short of cam am 'til tows a declining health system an makes basic line a matter of survival. the lits of problems that the island has is endless. they have no electricity, no running water and therets pit is no longer available after criminals vagged idesed the installatio installations. a few kilometers away, another group has had enough blocktion a road to protest what they view as a total decline before we had water and boats that worked
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could increase the threat of social unrest as venzuelan economic crisis continues to deepen and yet, people including rodriguez have learned to live with less with only enough water for five days, he is down to a bucket to shower and just acup to brush his teeth and wash his face. in the end, all we can do is pray to god for a solution because all of the state institutions are controlled by the executives. >> a view many in the country share because for at least the time being, venzuela's present government is struggle ling. virginia lopez, al jazeera, island venzuela. is the city can't cope with the increase with people wanting to leave there. andy gallacher reports. >> the church world service in
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miami newel arrived cuban families are given all of the help they need to resettle in the u.s. for the perez family, it's been a long and pairless journ. many recent arrivals, they made their way through south and central america and faced a series of setbacks. victor perez tells us he was roped several times by corrupt officials. the story not uncommon among those seeking a better life but it's the fate of the thousands of other cubans who now started making that i their way out of central america that's concerning city officials in miami. the city's may occuror says resources are stretched. they will not be able to cope with an influx of new arrivals. >> it's a pain to see people living in a parking lot or in front of a store over the past few months, the number of cubans arriving by see has increased
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dramatically. it has many concerned. organizations who deal with the new lee arrived my grants is nothing short of panic they say many are now settling in states like texas, kentucky and michigan oscar rivera says most new rivals local settle quickly and have explained to go. there has been over reaction this time around because of maybe the idea we will be homeless or they didn't put in perspective the majority have families and we are not going to be homeless but with families here. >> the perez family are part of the biggest influx of cuban my grants here for more than 2 decades. they have one less journey ahead. they will leave south florida to make new lives in michigan al jazeera, miami florida. fighters scientists have
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covered what they think is a new species of octopus on the pacific ocean floor near hawaii by a remote control submarine. how about that? more on our website, everything is right there. the magestic rhino, the valuable horn. high demand continues to fuel illegal poaching. today taking the animal to the brink of extinction. in a race against time, scientists are working on a


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