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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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>> good evening, i'm antonio mora, this is lansing. al jazeera america. anger and chaos yore take donald trump's rally in chicago. defying the republican national committee. and the boos senator bernie sanders is getting after his michigan win. also. >> individually they may have gone far but together they could and did go anywhere. >> a final farewell to former first lady nancy reagan. memories from her family and
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friends. and deadly weather across the deep south. a state of emergency in louisiana and the danger in five other states. we begin with the wild scene in chicago tonight, donald trump cancelled a rally there, after the announcement supporters clash with protesters at the university of illinois chicago. it happened on a campus that's considered one of the most ethnically diverse in the country. andy rosegen is there. andy things called down over the last hours but there were some trite thing moments. >> reporter: there was. a lot of people in this very liberal campus in this liberal city, demanded that the rally be cancelled but a lot wanted it to
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be going on so they could make a public showing of it being shut down and tonight they got their wish. people protesting against presidential hopeful donald trump lined up in front of the university of illinois chicago pavilion, it didn't take long to get things heated inside. 60% trump supporters and 40% opponents, but just as the rally was supposed to start the trump campaign cancelled it. >> after meeting law enforcement has determined that for safety of the tens and thousands of people that have gathered in and around the arena tonight's rally will be postponed until another day. thank you very much for your attendance and please go in peace. >> reporter: that didn't happen. protesters and trump supporters exchanged angry words. fights broke out. a man tried to take the stage. after a struggle security officers removed him. a large contingent of police
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eventually came in and cleared the arena but the battles moved outside. some of the thousands inside the arena clashed with thousands of people outside and with police. in an interview with msnbc trump said he made the right decision to cancel but the anger wasn't directed at him. >> you have people who are very, very you know upset what's happening with the country as a country and other people just don't feel right about things. those people were outside coming inside and rather than having everybody get in and mix it up, i thought it would be a wise thing. >> hey hey ho ho donald trump has got to go. >> protesters gathered outside the arena long before the event. petitioned school administrators to cancel the rally they were concerned that it would create a hostile and physically dangerous
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environment for students. when it was all over, trump supporters were disappointed, opponents were elated. >> that kind of hate speech has no business being here. >> i wish it would have come and supported us but at the end of the day, i'm still voting for trump. nothing has changed. >> well, trump supporters left the arena just in stunned silence while opponents were cheering this as a huge victory. but we should mention too that trump said tonight that his campaign said that trump himself met with members of law enforcement, and determined that it was not safe to go on. he actually never even showed up to the pavilion here. however the police department spokesman told me tonight that did not happen. he said trump never consulted with law enforcement nor did his campaign, that they apparently made the decision on their own to cancel this and the police say from their perspective it was looking safe.
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antonio. >> all right andy rosegen in chicago thank you. and joining us now is soror, an activist that was outside when protest broke out. sor offeringsr, the protesterore peaceful, what happened. >> people started coming out, we started realizing that the trump -- that he had cancelled it and soon enough after a little while then it started to get a little more escalated because people were on the other side shouting back, we were protesting and making chants but for the most part it was still decent, you know, at the time that that happened. >> there were moments inside though that really weren't decent, there were punches
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thrown. >> i want to speak on behalf of the organizers. i came myself as someone who was very passionate, who works within the communities, felt like we couldn't stand by anymore. i needed to come to be a part of this. personally for me, the goal was yes to stop him. being in chicago as diverse as it is. being at uic which is such a diverse university it's not okay. it's not okay in my america in this america in our america for this to happen. so -- >> aren't you concerned that -- isn't it enough to be out there protesting, you were getting coverage, there were reporters out there showing the protesters, there were helicopters showing the people outside protesting peacefully. aren't you concerned that by protesting intolerance, which is what you want to do, aren't you being intolerant yourself by not letting him even speak? >> we were definitely not
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protesting intolerance. all we were doing was in a very peaceful manner. he of course has his right to speak but keep in mind he's the one who chose not to come. he's the one who chose not to speak. he had that choice and made that choice. >> but you know that a lot of his rallies are being disrupted badly and it was clear this one was never going to get off the ground and people do seem to be saying that he'd made the right choice by not going. >> i mean i think he -- i think the right choice would have been to not come. i mean i think he has the right to speak the way he wants to speak, just like anybody has the right to utilize our first amendment rights. i think nobody ever wants anything to escalate into violence whether you are protesting or whether you're on his side. nobody ever wants that. >> whether at a college no matter how ethnically diverse don't you want to hear different
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voices and aren't you concerned that this will stop people from coming to speak at the university of chicago? >> you know what, i want to hear diverse opinions but i don't want to hear ones that are full of hatred and bigotry. let's talk about all the rallies that have been going on and the guy who just got sucker punched. what about tall violence that he insights at his rallies, he encourages it. every time one gets taken out of the rally he makes some condescending remark about it or kind of makes fun or rallies up everyone in there. i they should be responsible or the the hatred and bigotry that comes out of it. >> thank you soror for taking time tonight. >> thank you.
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>> candidates put blame for tonight's event squarely in trump's camp. >> it is an environment when the candidate urges supporters to engage in physical violence to punch people in the face. the predictable consequence of that is that it escalates. and today is unlikely to be the last such instance. >> cruz made the statement before attending a dinner in chicago's northwestern area. bill schneider is a long time observer of the american political process and bill it is not a great night for american democracy. let's start with trump. how much responsibility does he deserve for the atmosphere that led to this. >> he sets the tone of the campaign when it comes to his campaign. the tone of that campaign was divisive, aggressive, nasty. you can't hold him responsible specifically for these protests,
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he didn't order them. but the fact is that he did set a divisive tone for this campaign and a lot of people are rethrig what hrethinking what hf he does become president. >> something about this is not a good idea, that i asked soror, if you are arguing that trump is intolerant, how can you be intolerant and not let him speak? >> very good question , there is likely to be a reaction. there is bound to be some sort of backlash and in the short term that could help donald trump. but in the long term i think conclusion that a lot of voters are going to reach certified and outside the republican party is very simple. trump i is trouble. >> can this not be self defeating for protesters? it does seem to be feeding red
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plate to voters who are already angry, about what's going on in this country. and will this not just feed that anger even more? >> yes, it could very well do that. protests like this have been known to do this in the past. look at what happened in chicago in 1968, that was really the defeat of the democratic party. there often are back lashes. but they want to make it clear that what trump is doing will not be tolerated, he means trouble. the larger thing that is communicated, if this man is elected or nominated, there is going to be trouble in the campaign. >> as a person who has lived there a long time i must say it's disappointing how ugly it got there. how worried are you about polarization and what is happening to the country? >> polarization has existed for
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a long time but working classmen believe they have lost their country, they hate the idea of political correctness and the new america is what much of the protests represent. immigrants, racial and political minorities, the old america, the new america are coming to blows. >> the sanders campaign tweeted about this tonight and said they do things dmirchlt their differr campaign. a lot of people were chanting bernie, seemed to be bernie sanders supporters, is it important for candidates like sanders to tell his supporters, this is not a good idea? >> yes, it certainly is, i don't think he is in any way
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responsible for this, he has to condem this activity if only it is court productive and doesn't make his campaign look good if these are indeed sanders supporters. >> bill schneider always good to have your perspective. thank you. earlier today trump received the endorsement of former candidate ben carson. david schuster reports. >> the endorsement the republican 41st runner wa fronts for. >> donald trump means it. >> ben carson says there are two different donald trumps, the one the public sees and the more cerebral thoughtful man in private. >> you can have a very good conversation with him. and that's the donald trump that you're going to start seeing more and more of. >> trump could not agree more.
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>> it is another side of me. i'm a very deep thinker. >> the endorsement comes just a few months after trump saw carson surge to a iowa lead. before hammering trump with his own book. >> he said he had pathological disease, temper, defined it as disease. he says he has pathological disease. >> and by pat pathological. trump adds this. >> if you are a child molester there's no cure for that. >> ben understands that, i talked to him yesterday. he handled it with such dignity, i frankly thought it was amazing. i actually gained a lot of respect for him. >> trump may lose the winner
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take all contest in john kasich's ohio and marco rubio's state of florida. rubio is urging ohioans to be strategic when they vote. >> if voting for john kasich is the best way to stop trump there, i suspect that's what they will do. as for ted cruz, the texas senator just received an endorsement from the conserve national review and russia was the target of a joke thursday night as president obama noted the country's great relationship. >> where else could a boy born in calgary grow up to run for president of the united states. >> reporter: in a democratic race fresh off of his victory in
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michigan, bernie sanders is again attracting huge crowds. >> when millions of americans stand up, get involved in the political process, and demand a government which represents all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors. >> to keep his dreams alive, sanders needs a string of victories next tuesday. hillary clinton is hoping north carolina will be her fire wall. the tarheel state has a sizable african american population and clinton is targeting them with a message about education. >> i think every child in this country deserves a good teacher a good school regardless of the zip code you live in. >> david schuster, al jazeera. >> still ahead, a final farewell for nancy reagan.
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hundreds gather to celebrate her life. and the latest on the flooding damage in six states.
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>> former first lady nancy reagan was buried today in simi valley, california. more than a thousand guests paying a final tribute. al jazeera's jennifer london reports. >> with irish bagpipes playing, nancy reagan was laid to rest friday at the presidential library named for her husband. the ceremony capped a week of remembrance and reflections, on the first lady's actress links to washington and hollywood, led a delegation of form are george h.w. bush, his wife laura, former first daughter carolina kennedy. representing reagan's white house, former chief of staff
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james baker, hollywood heavy weights in attendance, included arnold schwarzenegger, mr. t and tom selleck. unwavering commitment to her husband, especially in the moments after he'd been shot in 1981. >> they didn't know what his condition was. when the secret service told her in the white house there's been a shooting, the president has been rushed to the hots. she said i must go. they said we don't think that is a good idea mrs. reagan. she told to them, you get me a scar right now or i'll walk to the hospital. >> patty reagan talked about their strained relations. >> i tried her patience and she intimidated me. we were never mild with one another, whether we were distant and angry, bonded or close, our emotions burned up the color
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chart. nothing was ever gray, but there were moments in our history when all that was going on between us was love. i choose to remember those moments. >> the reagans's son ron. >> as a couple they were more than a sum of their parts and it would be a mistake by the way to consider her somehow subordinate to him just because he was the one usually taking center stage. they were co-equals. they complemented one another. individually they may have gone far. but together they could, and did, go anywhere. >> reporter: following the service the reagan children led the long list of mourners to their mother's burial site and after a rendition of god bless america and final farewells, mrs. reagan's casket stood alone before burial in a tomb next to her husband. jennifer london, al jazeera.
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a new batch of e-mails released by michigan governor rick snyder, shows that some of his colleagues had concerns about switching water supplies. some e-mails show snyder's advisors, showing the movement was too quickly. and the top snyder aides let, quote, chips fall where they may. some areas in the south have seen 20 inches of rain. jonathan martin has the story. >> a state of emergency was declared in louisiana. >> this truly is a statewide event. i have to imagine when we add up the damages it will be in the millions of dollars. >> my backyard was completely under. >> in monroe, louisiana, 20.flynn inches of rain fell in
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a 48 hour period causing a road to collapse. >> we looked down and part of this concrete was all gone. so it was like a huge waterfall was going down. >> trucks were forced off highways. drivers tried the get through washed out roads forcing water rescues and some neighborhoods are still under water. a university of louisiana add monroe college student shot this video of fish swimming in the streets. >> it won't stop. >> meanwhile a marina owner is trying to rescue her boat in shreveport. strong winds knocked out power to thousands of homes. most schools closed friday as a precaution. in harris county texas livestock and horses were stranded as the waters continue to rise. volunteers led horses to trailers as their be stables
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were swamped. the heaviest rain over the next few days is expected to fall from new orleans ojackson, mississippi where six inches of rain is possible. jonathan martin, al jazeera new orleans. one of the world's biggest tech and entertainment venues had a special guest, president obama. and why this chair could be fetch thousands of dollars when it goes up for auction.
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>> president obama spoke at the annual south by southwest festival in austin, texas. the ten day festival combines music and technology. message to tech pioneers. >> thousands of tech pioneers gathered in austin for the south
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by southwest expo. this year there was a special guest. president barack obama. who urged an audience of innovators entrepreneurs and shapers of the digital future to use their skills for the betterment of society. >> the reason i'm here is to recruit all of you. to say to you as i'm about to leave office, how can we start coming up with new platforms, new ideas, new approaches, across disciplines and across skill sets, to solve some of the big problems that we're facing today. >> reporter: but his remarks in austin came as the fbi and u.s. justice department are pressuring apple to create a back door method for unlocking an iphone used by said farook used in one of the san
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bernardino shooting. tim cook says that would open the door to encrypted phones at will. this week the fbi raised the stakes, saying it might demand apple's source code which controls the.owner software of hundreds of thousands of iphone users. >> i don't want obama or the fbi pressuring apple to create a back door or give them their source code because there's a lot of stuff on my phone that belongs to me. >> reporter: in the name of security the obama administration defended the collection of data about phone calls and e-mails by the national security agency. the agency also tapped the smartphones of u.s. allies like german chancellor angela merkel. no one's data is truly secure
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from global snooping. >> if you are on the phone you have to understand that everything is being monitored. that's the way i look at it. the latest court hearing is set for late march. astronaut scott kelly is calling it quits. kelly's retirement marks the end of an illustrious career. last week he completed a year long mission to the space station. even though he's retiring he will continue to participate in the follow-up research that is monitoring his health and comparing it to his twin brother's. people hoping to absorb a bit of magic may have a chance. john kerry rowlinj.k. rowling'sr
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$21,000 one time, $29,000 the next. have a great night, ray suarez is next with "inside story." ♪ ♪ >> five years ago, the earth shook and a tidal wave stormed ashore on japan's coast. ability of a coastal power plant to withstand a tsunami made much worse. adding fukushima to three mile island or chernobyl and stopping or stalling nuclear projects in many places. we'll