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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  March 12, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EST

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i'm ray suarez, have a good weekend. good night. celebrations at yemeni gofs oyemeni governmef the city of ta'izz from houthi rebels. you're watching al jazeera live from doha. i'm fauziah ibrahim. branding hezbollah as a terrorist organization. syrian deportation, the plight of afghan teenage deportees in europe.
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an unruly crowd forces donald trump to cancel a campaign rally. while supporters and protesters fight it out. fight it out. arab coalition air strikes have hit rebl positions east of rebef ta'izz. retook areas in western and southern suburbs. part of the suburbs have been under houthi control for months now and heavy fighting. earlier my colleague nick clark spoke to the editor in chief of the yemen post, he says the advance in government forces is a major blow to the houthi fighters. >> right now the houthis are in shock in yemen. this was not expected.
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over 24 hours, yesterday they were in control of many parts of of ta'izz. strategic areas of ta'izz, complete fall for houthis. this is considered a major defeat for the houthis. probably the strongest defeat the houthis have faced since last july. >> reporter: since strategically what does it mean the houthis losing control of ta'izz? >> major. this battle has been on going for ten months. no side seemed to have seized control of ta'izz but today, hundreds of fighters allied to the houthis switched sides and this is pain reason why ta'izz was able to fall on the hands of government forces so quickly. houthis right now are blaming each other. trying to find answers of why this happened.
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i've talked to numerous houthi officials over the last six hours around who i talk to seem to be as much shocked as we are. and are still trying to find answers. >> now of course this means that the siege of ta'izz has been lifted. what do we know of the conditions within the city for those who are living within the city? >> the city was under siege for the last seven months so people were facing a severe hunger crisis in ta'izz. this is over now. ta'izz right now siege is over, families can enter and leave the city openly and freely, food can enter the city, like it was before the war. the houthis became of had no control of what's happening in ta'izz right now however, classes are still ongoing right now and i do expect the houthis to not give up this soon and to try retake ta'izz according the what they said over the next 24 hours or retake some strategic
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areas that they've lost today. >> right because the houthis are saying they're sending reenforcements, is that right? >> they are sending roarmt send, but they lost massive territory. main areas that were the reason for them to be powerful in ta'izz. so right now they can sand in forces but it's easier said than done. especially now saudi war planes are bombarding ta'izz as they try oretake areas they lost today. >> the saudi allegation that the arab league has stormed out of a meeting in cairo after the iraqi foreign minister, decision supported by saudi arabia and nearly all 22 members with just lebanon and iraq expressing
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reservations. last week the gulf corporation council had branded hezbollah a terror group. >> translator: the arab countries do not seek any escalation with iran but there are he key issues that need to be addressed. firstly, iran's clear interventions. the arab league received six documents on intervention. >> add to regional tension. >> the implication he are for lebanon very serious and for united states a problem.with regard to the uniteproblem.withd states, the saudis are their primary concern appears to be their confrontation with iran and iran's allies in the region. for us it is the clash with radical extremists like daesh. for the lebanese it is a very
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serious rob. lebanon can only function under the consensus of the religious groups in the country. they've done pretty well in the last couple of years, having the consensus of having the consensus of daesh and al qaeda on their border. by putting pressure on hezbollah you are actually putting pressure on the lebanese political system and driving a wedge between the groups. the question is will they work together or break into factions more than they have been? >> be russian air strikes, aftermath of strike, a bus in homs was hit killing at least 15 he people. a deal is in place to stop much of the fighting in syria but i.s.i.l. is not included in the truce. for a second friday demonstrators in syria have taken advantage of the temporary ceasefire to protest against
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assad government. protests were held across the country in at least 15 cities including azaz, in a spall town to the north of idlib, el nusra front supporters disrupted the peaceful demonstration. the greek government is hoping to clear out a makeshift camp at the macedonian border within two weeks. people jostle for food aid. macedonia be along with other balkan states have shut its borders to refugees for now. afghan refugees make part of the influx of refugees to europe but for orphaned children, the journey can be terrifying if they are caught by officials before reaching their destinations. hoda abdel hamid has been speaking to some of them. >> reporter: it is a moment of
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spite otherwise filled with hardship. teenagers who dream of a fresh start far away in europe. like 17-year-old haasim. >> the smugglers told me to bury my hands for five hours in snow. i don't know how to find my parents. >> he is now receiving medical care in a macedonian camp about 16-year-old yasim is in the same situation. he's an orphan who first worked in iran as a janitor. >> translator: they were trying to deport me because i did not have a passport. so i left. i want to be in a place with no women's where i feel safe. i saved the money to pay smugglers, i also borrowed money
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from my friends and i'm so sad to be stuck here. >> together they sneak across borders and slept along the way picking up clothes left by other refugees and hoping to get undetected. they relied on food left by compassionate people along the trail but some of their friends didn't make it. >> translator: there were two other teenagers with us. the smugglers wanted more money, they removed their money, they were kidnapped and taken away, i don't know where they were. >> the area of macedonia is teeming with unaccompanied children. claim they're traveling with relatives they go unaccounted for and unprotected. every day this account of how many refugees and migrants are still in the camp where because despite the border being heavily secured, some want to take their
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destination, so some take their chance crossing the borderline. for 1800 they are promised safe passage all the way to germany. it will mean more death and more suffering. wassim at 17 has little to live for. >> translator: if they don't top border will kill myself. if i have to go back to afghanistan i will die there so i might as well end it here. >> reporter: europe is crumbling under the endless flow of refugees, the border closures only increasing their vulnerability and the very real risk of them ending in the wrong hands. hoda abdel hamid, al jazeera, along the balkan route. >> republican candidate donald trump has cancelled his campaign rally in the u.s. city of chicago due to security concerns.
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called off following clashes between pro and anti-trump supporters. are one man managed to get on stage while security tried to drag him away. al jazeera's andy rosegen is in chicago and following events there. >> a stunning turn of events where donald trump was going to speak to a campus rally of about 9,000 people inside. however before the rally even started a number of people were kicked out of the arena, egged on by trump supporters who wanted them out. we've seen that at a number of trump rallies around the country. and about the time it was supposed to start, a spokesman said the event was being cancelled entirely due to
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concerns about security. there were about 9,000 outside the arena protesting the event, a lot wanted it cancelled but in the end it was cancelled out of concerns for security. supporters for donald trump fell silent when that announcement was made but a good chunk, hundreds of opponents burst out in tears and applause. there was pushing and shoving, opponents and supporters, a lot of that spilled outside the arena, no serious results, no serious vinylserious violence. donald trump said today he was disappointed by not being able to show up. he said the anger that has followed him on the campaign trail is something that is not really due to him, he says it's just anger across the country. he says though he will hold another campaign event here in
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illinois, bloomington illinois on sunday. >> still to come here on al jazeera, we report from the site of one of the biggest ambiguous tri drills ever in south korea. power kit in nigeria. cut in nigeria.
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>> the only live national news show at 11:00 eastern. >> we start with breaking news. >> let's take a closer look. >> welcome back, the top stories here on al jazeera. and there are celebrations outside the yemeni city of
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ta'izz. breaking a rebel siege there. coalition air strikes to back areas in western and south from houthi fighters tote east of the city as well. a saudi delegation at the arab league has stormed out of the meeting in cairo, as the lebanese group defended hezbollah. over backing syria's government in the war there. and republican presidential hopeful donald trump has cancelled his campaign rally in the u.s. city of chicago due to security concerns. protesters broke into the mall wherhallwhere he was supposed tk and scuffled with trump supporters. one of the first major electoral test for main political parties since the influx of refugees into germany.
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surveys show that angela merkel's party has declined in favor of the right alternate for germany. >> reporter: party are riding high on the polls with local elections just around the corner. but with that plair popularity s become greater scrutiny. if you are deutscheland, they are concerned about the influx of refugees into their country. >> awaiting families as well, going to cause huge problems in germany on all sorts of levels in politics. >> shifting their focus onto immigration has won the afd few friends among the political parties but it does appear to have gained them popularity with
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voters. the afd was receiving less than 5% in the opinion polls before last summer. fast-forward to now and that position has doubled. one person told me the coalition government's opinion on refugees is why. >> as an important and police part of german political spectrum which gives voice to those citizens in increasing numbers who feel not represented by the politics. >> but for now the test in the party is in the lenttag or state party, elections there matter. the eastern state of zaxan an
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anhelt, the party has supplanted the national democratic party here, a rally in melzeborg. >> translator: we know they are not all war refugees. we will not be made fools of and that's exactly what's happening. with the old parties it's over. >> reporter: the people at this rally clearly believe that the afd speaks to their concerns but question for party will be whether they can translate their opinion poll performances into actual votes. dominic cain, al jazeera in zaxen anhad. preemptive attack against the south. announcement as naval exercises with the u.s., south korea, and
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be australia take place. rob mcbride has more. >> the u.s. say this is felon provocative, they have told the north koreans about compactly what is taking place here. they say it contributes to the stability of the region and does not undermine it. the north koreas say this is used as a cover for a buildup of forces. those fears are not helicopter 50 fact that this year the contingent is larger than ever, 17,000 forces taking part, working with 300,000 of their south korean counterparts. comes in a backdrop of wore thing relation he. we had the nuclear test and then last month the long range rocket launch. all this has worsened relations. we have the punitive sanctions
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by united nations and the relations between north and south at the moment are bad as they can get. >> the u.n. security council has overwhelmingly passed a resolution that calls for the repatriation of peace keeper kes accused of sex crimes. sharp rise in the number of allegations. 69 cases were reported last year that's up from the 52, in 2014. nigerians were soon be facing higher electricity cost as suppliers say it is the only way to improve power supply. consumers don't agree. yvonne ndege reports. >> workshop on the outskirts of abuja.
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>> definite, no longer will we refuse to pay the bill. >> reporter: electricity providers say important revenue is needed to invest in much needed improvements. >> no one wants to pay more, we admit that however there have been sedates of underinvestment and we need to get supply change healthy and you can only do that when the revenues are there. >> the government recently privatized the electricity industry, in a country of 170 million people, only 6 million are on the national grid. they wer were worse off under te old tariffs. >> we wouldn't have the
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protections that the old tariffs have. we would also be staying with a potential for increased time, it will still increase. >> reporter: the amount of electricity is another problem that's driving increase. electricity owners are taking the action. hundreds of thousands of smart meters are being installed. the.providers can eventually pete demand. 1,000 villages in jejenia which is close to the capital have never had electricity. >> we feel very bad and we feel as though we are not human. we are not into in the world. >> villages here hope they will get connected to electricity supply soon but $100 million of
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investment will be needed, money that will not be easy to come by. boire, nigeria. >> cuba has signed a historic deal normalizing relations. the eu has been second largest cuban trading partner. flooding in the south, low income families who were hardest hit on the outskirts of sao paulo. many people are still missing, heavy rains began and shut down sao paulo's international airport. science in the u.s. say they have developed new techniques that can link human activity to
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droughts and cyclones, offering a chance of new ways to predict them. be.daniel schweimledaniel schwe. >> at the end of a long and unexpectedly hot summer, millions would welcome news science that will tell them precisely when storms or droughts will strike. at a may happen. extreme event attribution. seeking individual weather events. >> it moves us forward so perhaps one day we could predict months of advance or simply week of. >> is human activity really changing the weather or are we looking at natural effects on the planet that has warmed or
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cooled in the past. we all know the weather, hottest summer that anybody can remember. lime through the roof. how much is that attributed to clievment change? melting glaciers or melting of theitis cap? being compared to the u.s. surgeon general report in 1964 that links smoking and scare. >> better global clievment matters could help, better understand being of the science or physics involved, could help. better use of observational data records could all help on that. thais on the siem side. what would a person let's say who is responsible for safety or
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for the welfare of people using, i think it would be very good if she or ha he would understand tt yes, science can do this treks and tattribution and the science department can look at that. >> reporter: extreme event attribution seems to circularity. daniel schweimler, al jazeera. u.s. president barack obama is urging america answer young to use their skills. legal battle between apple and the fbi. rob reynolds has the story. >> reporter: thousands of leading tech industry professionals gathered in austin for south by southwest interactive expo. this year there was a special guest.
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>> hey! >> president barack obama, who urged an audience of innovators and entrepreneurs to use their skills for the benefit of society. >> the reason i'm here is really to recruit all of you. it's to saw to you as i'm about to leave office, how can we start coming up with new platforms, new ideas, new approaches. across disciplines and across skill sets. to sox some of the big problems that we're -- to solve some of the big problems we're facing today. >> but his remarks in austin came as the fbi and the justice department is pressuring apple to unlock the cell phone of said farook.
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sayyed farook. apple's source code which controls the operating system of every iphone. obama said he couldn't address the specifics of the case but he says sometimes compromises might be needed in the interest of national security. much of the tech community opposes apple having to give up its secrets. >> i don't want the fbi to pressure apple to give up source code. there is a lot of stuff that belongs to me. >> the obama administration defended the collection of data about phone calls and e-mails by the national security agency. the agency also tapped smartphones of u.s. allies like german chancellor angela merkel. nobody's data is safe.
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>> you have to determine you're always being tapped is the way look at it. >> rob reynolds, al jazeera, austin, texas. >> quick reminder, you can get all the news and analysis on our website, the address is ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> thanks for joining us on "america tonight," i'm joie chen. this week we marked international women's day, when we commemorate the lives of women.


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