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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  March 12, 2016 9:00am-9:31am EST

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the syrian government says it will attend forthcoming talks to try and resolve the conflict but warns some topics are off limits welcome. you're watching al jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha. i'm peter dobbie. also in this program, government forces take back parts of the city from houthi fighters. north korea threatens to retaliate against the u.s. and south korea for their joint military exercises.
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fighting breaks out at a rally for the u.s. republican presidential hopeful donald trump forcing him to cancel the entire event. beginning with the war in syria. both sides set to take part in indirect talks in geneva on monday. already the negotiations have gun. the fortunately minister says the delegation will attend. there are continues and the government will only the way for 24 hours and head back home if the opposition does not show up. on friday syria's main opposition confirmed it would take part but said president bashar al-assad should not have a role in the transitional period. staffan de mistura said elections will be held in 18 months. it was said he had no right to set a date for syria's
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presidential poll. it was added that breaking up the country was not an option. >> translation: we are adamant on holding the territorial integrity and sovereign ultimately of syria as one state. at least this is what has been intimated by the documents released, including those released in an attempt to resolve the situation in syria live now to geneva and our diplomatic editor james bays. some issues looking positive, some issues looking potentially negative. i do not yes. it is getting to the crunch issue of the political solution if there is one in syria, and that's the future role of presidential bashar al-assad. certainly the u.n. have always said that all sides need to come here without preconditions. it seems the syrian government
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and their deputy prime minister and foreign minister is setting a precondition. the opposition is already saying that they are not happy about that, but both sides are coming here and the key day is going to be monday because the u.n. special envoy staffan de mistura says he will get to the key issues of substance on day one of the talks. in an spru for our talk to al jazeera program he loud out what those key issues with. >> in concrete we can say that when we started talks in earnest, in other words, the substantive talks on the 14th, we will have some preparatory meetings. before that we will be able to at least tell every this is happening, therefore, one is not enough and we need to push further, and, two, now we can concentrate on the real agenda, what is it? the political process, what is
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that? well, it is a new governance, a very carefully chosen word in vienna to include something completely different in terms of what we're having home. second, a new constitution, not the old approach. three, new elections. u.n. with u.n. supervision. >> reporter: staffan de mistura speaking to me there in an interview with the talk to al jazeera program, an extensive interview setting out his position and how he is going to conduct these talks which are due to start on monday. you can see that talk to al jazeera program at these times in the coming hours when it comes to the impact of the diplomacy, this time yesterday we were talking to one of the two groups that put together the report saying that there wasn't enough diplomatic pressure. listening to how optimistic he
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is being today in that interview with you, difficult to imagine whether they can acquire-- where this can acquire more pressure from unless the russians change their stance every so slightlily. >> reporter: absolutely. one of the key differences to this time that they're trying to get a piece in syria and it's still a long way off and it will be very difficult discussions is the fact that he made it clear in our interview that they believe they have this time got the international community on board. the international syria support group, the meetings that have been taking place in vienna, the last in munich trying to save this process after the collapse of the talks in february. i can tell you there are many that questioned the role of the international community and the opposition certainly questioned the role of the russians currently one of the countries that is monitoring that
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cessation of hostilities because they say the russians are not really just the guarantee of this process and the monitor of the cessation. they're also one of the belligerents because their air force has been working very close, hand-in-hand with the syrian government forces thank you for that update. to riyadh and a spokesman for the syrian opposition's high negotiations committee. welcome to al jazeera. in our last hour we were talking to one of your opposition colleagues out of the egyptian capital cairo. they're on message. they told us on our news hour program, they will go to geneva and indulge in the proximity talks within this 24-hour window that has been laid down by the government in damascus. will you give mr staffan de mistura the same undertaking?
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>> the situation is to go there. the main objective is to save lives. it is important that we break free of this dictatorship and terrorism, and having a serious partner on the other side. it looks like that will be. we want to see an influence on the international community from the state's, from the u.n. and we trust our friends, and we trust the special envoy when you say you want to be
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free of this leadership, is your part of the opposition, because you were quite in tandem with the other parts, are you prepared to display any form of ee elasticity when it comes to the red line when it comes to who that person is and when that person stops figure that role? >> didn't we discuss this before in geneva too, and we were there ten days away, not trying to discuss the resolution [indistinct] we are keen discussing the transition there.
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we would be without bashar al-assad in person . it is not good [indistinct] i'm going to interrupt you again for which i apologise. can i take what you've said in the last minute as a resounding no, because as far as the syrian foreign minister and deputy prime minister is concerned, there is a red line here, which is bashar al-assad is the president of syria and he stays as the president of syria, and you have got to accept that what
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happens to him may be might change after an election but not befor before? >> bashar al-assad is not - would not be a ruler of syria any more. this is not acceptable [indistinct] the russians are having the discussion. what they are saying [indistinct] i believe they will be there. they will wait because this is the will of russia and other countri
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countries we appreciate your time. thank you for joining us on al jazeera. meanwhile on the ground syrian government forces have attacked a city while trying to advance in opposition controlled areas. there have been heavy clashed between the army and syria armed opposition. turning our attention to yemen where government forces have recaptured parts of the city of taiz. the city has been under siege for houthi rebels for nearly a year. key areas were taken in the west an south of the city. >> reporter: troops loyal to the president broke through houthi lines in taiz, breaking a seeming on yemen's third largest city. they can now send humanitarian aid and weapons to the southern
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port city of aden. for the government the latest game is a major development in the push to capture the capital sanaa. >> translation: the siege of taiz was broken. this was a big issue. efforts are huge. >> reporter: the fight to control taiz is far from over. these are houthi fighters trying to hold ground in the area. their stronghold in eastern taiz, but despite the heavy fighting and gain made by government forces, the houthis remain defiant. >> translation: we will destroy them and we will win the fight. >> reporter: this is a funeral of houthi fighters killed trying to defend taiz. the houthis are backed by republican guard units loyal to the former president. the houthis were hoping to
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expand their presence in yemen and consolidate their grip on power. it is an important battleground for the shia rebels. these are houthi fighters prying to repel a government offensive in the oil rich province. they're trying to breakdown houthi strong holds in the east and the south so that they can move north to capture the capital. if they do that the houthis might lose the war the u sment republican presidential hopeful donald trump has cancelled a campaign rally in chicago. it came after fights broke out between the supporters and demonstrators. hundreds of people were at the event. clashes began hours before the meeting was to begin
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does this make him more popular or less popular? >> the supporters see him as a strong man, that will be reinforced by the fact that people came out to try and protect. what happened in chicago is that hundreds of beam got into the event and it was clear that they were going pretest. there has been violence at trump rallies in the past. it was better to cancel the event. he spoke to the police station and they said there wasn't enough people on the ground to cope with any violence. the police deny that. donald trump walked away from this. it means that people are angry that, first of all, political discourse is being impacted this way, but they say that donald trump has to speak out on the violence at his event where protesters are being targeted by his supporters he has pulled the plug on
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his next event sdchlt that mean his people are thinking the next event after that one might become a folk l point for people who angry on both sides of the debate. >> reporter: to be clear he has events in ohio starting in the next hour. the one in cincinati was cancelled. he will continue on the campaign trail. he will be there in the next couple of hours. there are people out at that event saying they are there because they saw what happened in chicago and they want to voice their support for donald trump. he has said on the campaign trail several times that he wants to punch supporters, that he wants taken out on the stretcher, he would pay the legal bills. he will have to dial that pack or be accused by others of inflaming tensions at his events still to come here on al jazeera we will take a look at
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how the european refugee crisis is given germany's far right an upper hand ahead of regional elections. trying to get rich in sudan, the new reality show that's encouraging start-up businesses. businesses.
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>> the only live national news show at 11:00 eastern. >> we start with breaking news. >> let's take a closer look. welcome back. you're watching al jazeera. the top stories. discussions on the meeting in
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geneva. discussions will be started within the first 24 hours. yemen's vice president has announced that the houthi siege of taiz has been broken. relief efforts will begin immediately u the u.s. rn donald trump has cancelled his campaign rally in chicago. fights broke out between his supporters an demonstrators. he has also cancelled his rally schedule for sunday. an israeli air strike has killed two children in gaza. shrapnel killed a 10-year-old boy in his family home. his 6-year-old sister died in hospital from her injuries. five air raids were carried out early on saturday. north korea says its military is
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ready for a pre-emptive aattempt from the south. our correspondent has this report. >> reporter: this is a show of force intend intended to impress. one exercise thousands thousands of troops from south korea and united states. they come at a time on increaseed tensions on the korean peninsula. north korea threatened pre-emptive strikes. while the leader was shown on state run media inspecting missile tests. far from provoking north korea, this show of force ensures stability. >> at the end of the day we sincerely believe in peace through strength and it is in the strength of our alliance
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that we believe we can deter and avoid war >> reporter: north korea claimed these exercises are a prelude to war allowing south korea and u.s. to build up forces ahead of an invasion. that's always denied, but the u.s. contingent this year is the largest ever doing little ease the fears of the north. some of the vessels assembled for that's war games. like this assault him carrying up to 3,000 sailors and marines when deployed for conflict, but the commander of this force insists these exercises have been planned for well over a year. >> it is not in response to anything that north korea is doing, but we do think it's important to show the commitment to the alliance and our readiness. >> reporter: getting ready for whatever or when ever the next
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crisis will be the refugee crisis is a big issue in elections taking place on sunday. the chancellor has held a rally. the right wing party has surged in popularity. >> reporter: this woman rise and her party running high on the polls. afd once concentrated on opposing the euro. now their main concern is the influx of refugees to their country. >> having taken more than one million asylum seekers and awaiting many more families, is going to cause huge problems in germany on all sorts of levels
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in politics. >> reporter: shifting their focus on to minimum aggravation has won the afd few friends, but it does appear to have gained popularity can voters. before the influx of refugees started last summer, they were receiving less than 5% in the opinion polls. fast forward to now it has doubled. one leading academic told me he thinks the immigration policy is the main reason why. >> the afd had really good opportunity to get profile as an important and necessary part of the german spectrum which gives voice to those citizens in increasing numbers for not represented by the politics of the party. >> reporter: for now the test for the party is in the state
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parliament. the german federal system gives the states considerable powers and elections there matter. the eastern state is one of three to hold elections on march 13. a recent survey suggests the afd have supplanted the main social democratic party here, a point some afd supporters were keen to make at this rally. >> translation: we know that they're not all war refugees. we're also human and we want to help, but we will not be made fools of and that's exactly what is happening. that's why we're here to support the afd. the old parties it's over >> reporter: the people at this rally clearly believe that the afd speaks to their concerns, but the question for the party will be whether they can translate their opinion poll performances into actually votes. dominic kane the brazilian president says an order for the rest of her
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predecessor has no basis in law. he is wanted on money laundering charges remitted to a luxury beach front apartment he owns. he denied the charges saying they're politically motivated. the current leader in the race to be peru's next president but there is a lot of people who want her out. she is the daughter of a disgraced former president and is accused of handing out bribes. >> reporter: she is guilty, they chant. they demand that she withdraw from the presidential election. she is a front runner but a critics say she shows the same hard line views as her father. >> translation: she was complicit in a dictatorship in which human rights were violated, women were sterl illised. >> reporter: her father is in prison. he is serving 25 years for ordering death squads to carry
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out massacres in order to put down a left wing rebellion during his ten year presidency which began in 1990. it is said his daughter follows her orders. >> translation: her father's dick dayorship is what is happened, they want to return to power today. >> reporter: this election has been complicated further because two men, including moderate economist have been barred from running. he can't stand because of a technicality. he is also facing accusations that she handed out money and gifts to her supporters, which she denies. she who lost the 2011 presidential run off, has 11% of the voters. these protesters saying they're
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determined to stop her. >> reporter: a 250 kilometer march is taking place in bangladesh. protesters want the government to scrap plans for a plant close to a world heritage site. they're marching to the largest mangrove forest. an agreement to develop the pour plant has been signed side. a show gives 12 people the chance to pitch their idea and then get funding. >> reporter: this man's business is not even a year old, but he can already see it dominating the african continent. he poured his savings into this app. it allows users to call for a taxi an pay for the rides in cash. it was inspired by uber.
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>>way make this business model. >> reporter: in order to expand, he needs to lodge an advertising campaign beyond social media. that's why he is competing on this reality show promoting entrepreneurship. it is called my project and it is sponsored by the british government. first price it is $35,000. he is one of the six finalist whittled down from 1500 applicants. you can't get a loan without collateral and there is no venture capitalist $searching for their next venture to find. the hope is eventually banks will offer financing and the investors will follow. >> reporter: business owner says he created the reality show to nurture talent. sudan is one of the poorest countries in africa. the official unemployment rate is 15%. a reality colliding with the
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optimism of moguls in the making >> if you don't have a job where you can earn an income or family support, the consequences can be very, very dire. this is a tabbing of leer life here. we dot not have-- fact of life here. we don't have a social security system. >> reporter: he says he has already won because of the training he has received and the name recognition. >> i'm feeling happy nowment a lot of people know about my business now. skroo he says he is going to continue working two other jobs. he has a family to support nor a third straight time a machine has beaten man. go playing software won the best of five series against the south
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korean player. one of the world's best players apologised to fans in a news conference after the match. it is an ancient game many thought too complex for machines to master the headlines are next, but there's our website


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