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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  March 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> syria's government said that it will attend talks to end the war, but it will only wait 24 hours if the opposition doesn't show up. hello there, i'm jonah hull. this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up celebrations as yemen forces enter taiz, ending the siege of the city. successful between supporters and protesters cause donald trump to have to call off a
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rally in chicago. and computer 3, human 0, in what is seen as a landmark moment for artificial intelligence. syria's government has confirmed it will take part in talks to end the war. but it will only wait 24 hours for the opposition to show up, and it was critical of u.n. envoy, who said he wanted to vote to take place in 18 month's time. our diplomatic editor james bays has the latetress geneva. >> both main sides now say they're coming to geneva for the talks. they made it clear that the role
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of president assad was not up for discussion. >> we are adamant on holding the sovereignty of one state. at least this is what has been reiterated by the international documents. including those released in attempt to resolve the situation in syria. >> those comments have angered the opposition. they always made it clear that there should be no pre-condition for these talks. they say that they hope to get to the substantive issues on day one. >> in concrete we can say that when we sought the talks in earn's, the talks on the 14th, we'll have some preparatory meetings. before that we will be to at
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least tell everyone this is happening, therefore, one is not enough when we need to push further. and two, now we can concentrate on the real agenda. what is it? the political process. what is that? well, it is a new governance that is a very carefully chosen word in vienna to include something completely different in terms of what we have at the moment. second. new control. and three new elections. >> the stage is set for monday. the first day of this round of talks, and they'll discuss the crunch issues, the future governance of syria. >> they caution that no one should get ahead of themselves.
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>> talking about elections is very premature now. the geneva process is starting for a transition of power to a ansition of governing body. and now this transition of governing body is going to organize and arrange for a new constitution and elections where we can establish a cease-fire and establish also the syrian people issues where they can come back and help the civilians on the ground. a transitional party that can be agreed upon, and this transitional party will look forward to elections in the next few months. >> looking at opposition control in eastern guta. there are reports of violence between the army and opposition in latakia.
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the first convoy carrying medical supplies after government forces capture part of the city. the huties have been obstructing humanitarian supplies to the area. it area includes south of sanaa under houthi control, but government forces have managed to take control of key years south and west of the area. hashem ahelbarra reports now. >> troops loyal to president abd rabbuh mansur hadi break through houthi lines on yemen's third largest city. now they can send humanitarian aid and weapons to the port of
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aden. it is the latest push for taiz. >> this is a big issue. the wheels have started to roll. it might seem slow but efforts are huge. >> but the fight to patrol taiz is far--to control taiz is far from over. thdespite the heavy fighting and gain made by government forces, the houthies remain defiant. >> the invaders will be defeated. they will destroy them. >> this is a funeral of houthi fighters killed ting to defend taiz. ththe houthies are backed by those loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh. the houthis were hoping to expanden their presence in yemen
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and consolidate their grip on pow. this it is an important battleground for the houthi rebels. pro hadi fighters are trying to breakdown houthi stronghds in the east and in the south. so that it can move north to capture the capital. if they do that, the houthis might lose the war. al jazeera. >> well, the war in yemen has been going on for nearly a year. this week the u.n. warned the humanitarian situation could get worse. nearly 2,800 civilians have been killed in the conflict, and more than 5,300 people injured. 2.4million people have been displaced by the war. an the u.n. said 21 million people, that's 82% of the population, need some kind of humanitarian aid. the u.n. coordinator for yemen said an effective peace process
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is needed in the country. >> 600,000 citizen placed people already in a population of 4 million who are desperate for humanitarian aid. they promised to deliver assistance into those areas. the yemens are a difficult country to work in, to live in, and people struggle for daily life. the war has brought an breeze in all of those vulnerabilities and poverty. the uncertainty that they have, the peace is important. if you bring about peace process that will bring an end to the war and people came back to a normal way of life again. >> republican presidential hopeful donald trump insists a rally in cincinnati, ohio, will take place on sunday despite claims by a local organizer that it had been canceled. it was confirmed in which he
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wrote, the rally is on, it will be great. love you, ohio. it comes after a campaign event in chicago was abandoned before it could even get under way on friday. violence erupted between trump supporters and hundreds of protesters as hundreds spilled out on the streets at the rally venue at the university of chicago. al jazeera's alan fisher is following events closely, and joins us live from washington, d.c. alan, trump has just been speaking at a campaign rally in dayton, ohio. hazard he been saying anything significant about friday's events? >> let me tell you just in the last few minutes as he was wrapping up thinks speech in today done ohio. someone attempted to get on the stage. now he was stopped and quickly the candidate was surrounded by secret service to make sure that he was safe, and the protester was led away by the crowd of local police. donald trump said thanks to the
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crowd for a heads up. apparently he got a warning, but this was a look of concern in his face. he talked about the events in chicago. he said the decision was made on the grounds of public safety, and of course what we know once the event was canceled, the protesters who got into the hall were being led out and a number of his fights then erupted. once the police managed to clear the hall, that violence continued outside, we know that five people were arrested, and two police officers were injured. just in the last few hours we've heard from some of his republican competitors, who said that donald trump has to change the tone of these events. but as we heard in ohio within the last hour, when protesters were making their voices heard, donald trump insisted that they get removed immediately. >> we have got to change our thinking. yeah, if there is a group out there, just throw them the hell out. [ cheering ]
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so look, we cannot let our first amendment--we just can't--we cannot let our first amendment rights been taken away from us, folks. we can't let it happen. we can't let it happen. >> donald trump complaining about losing his freedom of speech. why do you think he was calculates that this level of sort of hate-based rhetoric is good for his campaign? >> well, he, of course, would deny that it is hate-based rhetoric. he's saying what ordinary people feel, and he's articulating the anger of the working and middle classes in the united states. but it is clear that he has pro poked protest from black lives matter groups, from latinos, from people who feel that donald trump, for want from a better water, is racist in his
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approach, and he is playing on the fears of ordinary people. when people are in that environment, when they're hearing things that just tune in to what they feel, and then protesters get in the way of that, we've seen in a number occasions violence eye erupt. now donald trump insists that the violence has been towards his people and the crowd simply reacted to that, but clearly there is a concern of many people in the dialogue of thi campaign. it's been articulated by john kasich, marco rubio and ted cruz, and they clearly think it that it will be bad for republican party and bad for the discourse of politics in the united states. what we saw from donald trump back on the campaign trail in ohio for the first time since ohio, there was no apology, no change in tone. just simply doubling down and insisting he was going to continue doing what he's been
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doing. and if you watch his campaign up to this point he has beenuse hugely successful. >> still ahead here on al jazeera, we visit the turkish border town nominated for a nobel peace pric prize after opening its doors to syrians. trying to get rich in sudan, the reality show encouraging start-up businesses. find fantasy shows.
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>> a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. both syria's government and
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a reminder on the top of the stories here on al jazeera. a meeting to end the war. and donald trump in a rally in cincinnati, ohio, isn't canceled and will go on to chicago on friday. the town of kilis on the turkey-syrian border has been nominated for the nobel peace prize. there are now more syrian refugees living in kilis than there are local people. >> you can see the refugee camp inside syria glimpsing in the sun. to the north there is the turkish town of kilis, which is
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an example of what can happen if the will is there. 95,000 live here joined by 120,000 syrians. they refuse to turn their backs on them. they set up businesses and work with their hosts. just outside of the center these women were making firewood with their children. they've been here for four years. >> it's not an easy life, but said this woman they've been welcomed. they said she had no intention of joining the journey into turkey and greece, that's likely because kilis has opened their front doors to the syrian. s kilis has been nominated for the peace prize. they feel their efforts have been so deserving they even invited the european leader they admire the most, germany chancellor angela merkel, to visit. >> the contrast between the way
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in which turkey is managing the refugee crisis and the chaos in the european could not really be any greater. it's hard to think of a single european town or city who could be nominated for the nobel peace prize in the way that kilis has been. what do they say to an europe with increasingly closed borders? kilis day hosts more syrians than it's own population. citizens of kilis share their city, their streets and even their air with syrians. we believe the example of kilis should be an example to the e.u. and united nations. >> elsewhere this huge resentment towards the refugees but not in kilis. complaint about human rights in turkey have an odd ring to them here. laurence lee, al jazeera, kilis, southern turkey. >> meanwhile, refugees stuck on the greece side of the macedonian am border have carried out a sit-down protest
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on the international train track there. n [ protesting ] >> there are at least 12,000 refugees stranded at the makeshift camp. another 30,000 refugees are currently stuck in transit increase. authorities say by next week it hopes to have built capacity to house 50,000 people. well, the refugee crisis will be a major issue in regional elections taking place in germany on sunday. angela merkel has led a final campaign rally in badden. they will be selecting a new parliament, but the massive influx of refugees has led to a surge of popularity of right wing parties. now north korea said that it's military is ready for a preemptive attack against the south. the announcement has been made as joint naval exercises are held between south carolina,
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u.s. and australia. rob mcbride has more. >> this is a show of force intended to impress. one of the set peace drills of the annual exercises involving thousands of troops from south korea and the united states. and they come at a time of increased tensions on the korean peninsula. in response to these drills north korea threatened preemptive strikes while it's leader was shown on state run media inspecting missile test. this show of force shows stability. >> at the end of the day we sincerely believe in peace through strength. and it is in the strength of our alliance that we believe that we can detour and award war. >> they claim that these
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certificates are a prelude to war allowing south korea and it's ally the united states, to whether build up forces for an invasion. but that has been denied. but they have done little to ease the fears of the north. >> out to sea, a short ride by military aircraft, some of the vessels are assembled for these war games. like this assault ship carrying up to 3,000 sailors and marines when deployed for conflict. but the commander of this force insists these exercises have been planned for well over a year. >> in response to anything that nortthatin' north koreanorth korea is doing. but it shows our commit to our alleys for readiness. >> getting ready for whenever the next crisis will be. rob mcbride, al jazeera, south korea. >> electricity bills are going up in nigeria, as providers
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spend big money improving the country's power infrastructure. however, the increase is angered consumers who want to see a more stable power supply before the prices go up. al jazeera''s yvonne ndigi has this report. >> very unhappy at the 65% rise in his electricity bill. he relies heavily on having a steady power supply for his workshop in the outskirts of abuja. >> they give a steady light. now we have to pay this bill. the light is not steady. >> electricity providedders say that the price will generate important revenue to invest in much-needed improvements. >> no one wants to pay more. we understand that. but the reality is that they have been decades of under investment and we need to get
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this supply change healthy. you can only do that when the revenues are there. >> the government recently privatized the industry to try to solve the power shortage. in a country of 170 million people own 6 million people are on the national grid. the industry regulators say that consumers were worse off under the old tariffs. >> if we stay with the old tariff, we'll be staying wit staying with a product that people didn't want, and we'll be staying with a tariff and the potential of increased tariff. >> the amount of electricity being stolen is a problem partly driving the increase. providers are taking action. hundreds of thousands of so-called smart meters are being installed across nigeria.
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electricity distribution said that technology will stop customers illegally siphoning off power. it may take years to wear off so providers can eventually meet demand. one village close to the capital has never had electricity. >> we feel bad and that we're not human because we do not have electricity. >> $100 million of investment is needed to meet demand nationwide. money that won't be easy to come by. al jazeera, nigeria. >> now entrepreneurship may be considered an unlikely or unwise career path in sudan, a new reality tv show is trying to shake things up. the country's answer to "dragon's den" and "the
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apprentice" with funding for fresh business ideas. we've been speaking with some of the show's contenders. >> his business is not even a year old, but he can already see it dominating the african continent. he poured his savings into this app, it allows users to call for a taxi and to pay for their rides in cash. it was inspired by the car service uber. >> we are pioneering to make this model. >> in order to expand he needs to launch an advertising campaign beyond social media. that's why he's competing on this reality show promoting entrepreneurship. it's called "my project," and it's sponsored by the british government. the first prize is $35,000. asher is one of six applicants.
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aspiring entrepreneurs in sudan can't get a loan without collateral, and there are no venture capitalizes searching for their next venture to fund. but there are efforts under way, and the hope is eventually banks will offer financing and the investors will follow. business owner ahmed said that he created the reality show to nurture talent. sudan is one of the poorest countries in africa. the official unemployment rate is 15%. a reality colliding with the optimism of moguls in the making. >> if you don't have a job where you can earn an income, or family support, the consequences can be very, very dire. this is a fact of life here. there is not a social security system. you have to temper the enthusiasm a bit, and not go over board. >> he said that he's already won because of the training he has received and the name
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recognition. >> really, we're helping a lot of people. they know. even so he'll continue working two other jobs. he has a family to support. al jazeera, khartoum. >> now, it's been described as a landmark moment for artificial intelligence. one of the world ace top human players of the complex board game go has been defeated 3-0 by a computer program. it means that the alfa go program has an unassailable lead, and it sets a new standard in artificial intelligence, oa.i. >> wow. >> the amazement of the commentators was obvious. the disbelief of the human champion equally clear.
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mr. lee is considered one of the game's greatest modern players and went into this five-game series supremely confident, but he didn't win a single match. >> we're stunned and speechless. lee se-dol put up an incredible fight. mr. lee found some really amazing tactics to play in the territory and create a really huge co-might. >> go is an ancient chinese game for two players who take turns placing white and black stones on a 19 x 19 grid. the winner surrounds the opponent's pieces. sounds pieces but the player has a choice of 200 moves, compared to 20 moves in chess.
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which means conquering go the everett of a.i. programmers. it learns and improves from every game it plays. last octoberalga go beat the european champion 5-0, but this latest victory sets a whole new benchmark. the defeated champion tried to put a brave face on with a reassuring word for the human race. >> alfa go exhibited some weaknesses so i don't know if it has the skills to deliver a wider message to humanity. >> but with the final two games of the series still to be blade, alfa go will only get better and cleverer. paul brennan, al jazeera. >> and finally, a 16th century church has resurfaced in mexico
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because of a severe drought there. it was flooded along with the town o in 1962 to make way for a dam. since then it has appeared several times when water levels drop. don't forget you can find much more on all our top stories on the website,


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