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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  March 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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>> syria's government says it will attends talks to end the war but laid out clear conditions about what it's willing to talk about. hello. i am mariam watching axis live from london. also coming up. >> another donald trump rally threatens to turn violent. north korea threatens to retaliate. as south korea holds the biggest military drill yet with the u.s. walking for hours for water. a report from heratt where severe drought is putting lives
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in danger. indirect talks to end the war in syria are due to get underway at generally eva a monday. syria's government confirmed they will take part. the removal offatsad is not up for discussing. jame bays has the latest from geneva. >> reporter: both sides say they are coming to geneva for the talks, the confirmation from the government coming from the deputy prime minister and foreign minister at a news conference. he made it clear the role of president assad was not up for discussing. >> we are adamant this is what
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is reiterated by the international documents released including those released in attempt to resolve the situation in syria. comments have angered the opinion zies. the u.n. made it clear there should be no preconditions for these talks. the u.n. special envoy, steffan dimastur on an al jazeera program says he hopes the substantive issues on day one. we can say b we started talks in earnest, in other words, the substantive talks on the 14th, we would have some meeting before that before that, we will be able to tell everyone, this is happening. therefore, one is not enough and we need to push further. two, now we can concentrate on the real agenda. what is it?
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the political process. what is that? well, it is a new goshance that's a very carefully chosen word in vienna to include something completely different in terms of what we are having at the moment. second, a new constitution and 3, new elections with subject. >> supervision. >> the stage is set for an important day on monday. >> a member of the syrian national coalition says no one should get ahead of themselves. >> talking about e elections premature now. the geneva process is calling for a transition of power, now, this transitional governing body is going to organize and arrange for a new constitution and
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lesions where we can establish a cease-fire and establish, also, the syrian people, most refugees, come back at the situation on the ground. it's premature now. what we should talk about now this will organize elections supposedly after 18 months. >> meanwhile on the ground in syria, government forces have attacked the city. trying to advance under areas on opposition control under gutta. reports of vie slens between the amy and syrian opposition. the syrian observatory for human rights says government planes have hit areas in hama province. on a social website is said to show the aftermath. syrian rebels say they shot down a government jet. moving to lebanon where the
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government put forward a temporary solution to the eight-month long rubbish problem. >> they have accused krupt politicians for being responsible for the piles of trash. sifts the landfill closed in july. the government says it will set up three new landfills to deal with the problem. more from beirut. >> the garbage crisis quite literally began overflowing eight months ago when the country's mainland phil reached capacity. thousands of lebanese to express their anger at the government's failure in solving this crisisnd in that meaningful solution. the people are saying not only do they want the garbage to be thrown out. they want the government to be thrown out, too.
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it's absurd much wir responding. >> respect us as people. we have been dealing with this for eight months they don't even care about our health. >> protests have been largely pooeftsz. there hasn't been the case in the past. protest orders clash with lebanese state security. you can see a heavy police presence here in those past protests. we saw police using tear gas and other methodist. which resulted in a number of injuries still people we have been speaking to say they are continue determined to keep protests going until there is a solution to this crisis telling us all they have received so far
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is promises. >> the 6-year-old sister of a boy killed in an israeli airstrike in gaza has also now died from her injuries. she died in hospital after her home was hit by shrapnel on saturday. her 10-year-old brother died in the blast. it comes after several rockets were fired from gaza friday night. the children's brother described the moment the happennal hit. >> what happens was we were sleeping in our house and suddenly, there was a strike. the roof fell on us. my brother was wounded and he died. may god have mercy on him. we called the ambulance. it arrived after two hours. after we had already taken him to the hospital in a car. >> another rally by republican presidential hopeful donald trump was disrupted on saturday less than 24 hours after an event in chicago had to be cancelled. alan fisher has the latest on an
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increasingly chaotic campaign. >> back on the campaign trail towards the end of the event in ohio, a moment of concern for the republican frontrunner. it appears someone tried to get on stage and donald trump quickly -- >> thank you for the warning. i was ready for them but it's easier. >> witnesses hours after an was in chicago was cancelled. >> tonight's rally will be post pound after hundreds of protesters got into the hall as people began to file out several fights broke out. police cleared the hall. there was violence outside. five people were arrested. two police officers injured. trump insists he doesn't need to change his tone. >> mr. trump should get up and this morning tell his people to be nice? my people are nice, folks. >> the republican rivals condemning the violence said trump was not blameless. >> political dis course should
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occur in this country without a threat of violence without anger and range and hatred directed at each other donald trump has created a toxic environment. the toxic environment has allowed his supporters and those who sometimes seek confrontation to come together in violence. there is no place for this. >> protesto being led from an event was punched in the face. the 78-year-old attacker has been charged with assault. the u.s. t.v. show "inside edition". >> knock hell out of that big mouth. we deserved it. the next time we see him, we might have to kill him. >> many believe trump is encouraging such behavior. >> who is protesting? anybody? get out of here. i would like to punch him in the face. i tell you. i love the old days. you know what they used to do to guys like that they would be carried out on a stretcher.
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knocked to hell. i promise you, i will pay for the leg fees, i promise. >> his campaign manager is facing criminal charges of roughing up a computer all three have, asay all of this would bea problem. alan fisher,as. >> north korea says its military is ready for a pre-emptive attack against the south. as joint naval exercises had held between the united states and south korea. the drills are being described as the biggest after after the recently recent rocket launch. rob mcbride has more. >> this is a show of force intended to impression. one of the set piece drills involving thousands of troops from south korea and the united states. they come at a time of increased
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tensions to the core ian "penguins of madagascar." in response to these drills they have threatened pre-emptive strikes while its leader was shown on state run media inspecting missile tests. far from provoking north korea says the u.s. military, this show of force ensures stability. >> at the end of the day, we sincere lee believe in peace through strength. it is in the strength of our alliance that we believe we can deter and avoid war. >> north korea claimed the exercises are a prey lewd to war, allowing south korea and its ally, the united states, to build up forces ahead of an invasion that's always denied but the contingent this year is the largest of ever, doing little to allay the fears of the north. >> some of the vessels assembled for these war grams.
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like this, carrying up to 3 am,000 sailors and marines the commander of this force insists these exercises have been planned for well over a year. >> it not in response to anything north korea is doing. he we think it's important to show the commitment to the alliance and our ness. >> getting ready for whatever or whenever the next surprises will be. rob mcbride, al jazeera, south korea. >> coming up shortly, we will have all of your weather. celebrations as yemeni government forces breaking a long sage of the city. computer beats human at a chinese game. we will explain why it could be a landmark moment for artificial
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♪ >> welcome back. our top stories, syria's government and opposition leaders say they will join talks in geneva aimed at halting the war. another rally by cran presidential hopeful donald trump has been druptd by protests after clashes between demonstrators and his supporters on friday. thousands have taken part in anti-rubbish protests in beirut. the government has promised to create landfill signs sites. ref uming ease stuck on the m s macedonia border have staged
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more protests. there are at least 12 ref uming ease now standstranded at the makeshift camp. more than 30,000 stuck in exit in greece. authorities say that by next week, they hope to have built housing for 50,000 people. >> please, i beg you have messing on women and children. we don't want to eat. we don't want to drink. we don't want anything. but we feel to feel humanity. we want to feel like human beings. for god's sake, we don't want anything. we want to feel like we are humans. >> the green minister in charge of refugees says he will try to convince refugeez to move. he set this camp up. it's housing 3,000 refuge edes with access to 24 hour million dollar care. it comes as two cases of hepatitis a have been diagnosed there including a 9-year-olds
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syrian girl. it is transmitted through contaminated water or direct contact with an infected person. >> refugees are among hundreds of thousands trying to get to europe in search of a better life. the orphan children amongst them, a journey in a risk can be particularly terrifying. we met up with some of them en mas massedonia. >> it's a moment of respite in a life otherwise filled with hardship, lonelinets and uncertainty. teenagers who dare to dream about a fresh start, far away in europe. >> like 17-year-old wesinal who left with his parents and smuggled his shores to the shores of grease. >> they ordered me to bury my hands in the snow for five hours. i have not seen my family since. i don't know how to find them. >> he is receiving medical care along the border with serbia,
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unable move forward as afghans are no longer welcome on the balkan route. >> this orphan is in a situation who first worked in iran as a janitor. >> they were trying to dedeport me because i did not have a passport. so, i left. i want to be in a place with fwho weapons where i feel safe. i saved money to pay smugglers. i borrowed money from my friends. now, i am so sad to be stuck here. >> along the way, he became friends with so far e a, a year older. they sneaked across borders and slept along the way kicking up clothes left by other refugees they relied on food left by compassionate people along the trail, but some of their friends didn't make it. >> there were two other teen agesers with us. the smugglers wanted more money. they removed their money but they still did not have enough. so they were kidnapped and taken away. i don't know where they are.
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>> many say there are 18 fearing they could end up in a shelter for minors. others claim they are traveling with relatives so they go unaccounted for and unprotected. >> everything, there is a count of how many refugees and my grants are in the camp because despite the border being closed and heavily secured, people here want to reach their destination. so some take their chance at crossing the border line. >> this is a life many others are considering, for $1,800 they are promised safe package to germany. it will be more debts and more suffering. wassim is overwhelmed by a sense of loss. he has little to live for. >> if they don't open the border, i will kill myself. if i have to go back to afghanistan, i will die there. i might as well end it here. >> europe is crumbling under the
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le endless flow of refugees. lonely children have been abandoned. border closures increasing their vulnerability and the real risk of them ending in the wrong hands. hamyd, al jazeera along the balkan route. the refugee crisis is a major issue in regional elections to be held on sunday. angela merkel led a final rally as three german states will be electing a new parliament. the influx has led to a surge in popularity for right-wing parties doc nick cane reports from berlin. >> this is washington central berlin where people have come for a demonstration against angela merkel called asking the chancellor to leave her position. the view is dominated by the asylum policy. i have been speaking to some of
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the knot straight orders who come here today. they told me they believe the ref uming e policy and the policy of the coalition government here in germany is the wrong policy. >> i am critical of their going it alone. they are ignoring all of the other people whether it is particular own population or the european countries who have found now a different way of thinking about this. >> not coming through the police court through the other side where a demonstration is being held by the supporters of the left wing and here, the attitude is very different. here, people are probe refugee, proceed the asylum policy and i have been speaking to a few people who told me they are concerned about the schtik they feel germany may be making. >> i believe the germany is undergoing political change because it is becoming more nationali nationalistic, something i thought we had overcome. it is directed at people from
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other countries. i think this is really difficult. it is about too he we contain it. >> the issue of how germany deals with the asylum seekers or refugees it has encouraged to come to this country has become a dominant factor in german politics in 016. we all know how those voters feel about this situation on sunday. >> first conroy carrying medical supplies has entered taiz in yemen after government forces recaptured parts of the city. >> they say the houthi have been obstructing humanitarian supplies to the area. south of sanaa, under houthi control, government forces have managed to take control of key areas in the south apted west of the city with the baking of soud e hide led airstrikes.
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>> troops loyal to the president ran through houthi lines in taiz, partially breaking a siege on yemen's third largest city. now, they say humanitarian aid and weapons from the southern port city of aden, for the government, the latest gain is a major development in the push to capture the capitol, sanaa. >> translator: the siege of taiz was broken. this is a big issue. wheels have started to roll. it might seem slow but the efforts are huge. the fight to control taiz is if a are from over. these are houthi fighters trying to hold ground in japari, a stronghold in eastern taiz. despite heavy fighting and gains made by government forces, the houthis remained quiet. we will destroy them. we will win the fit.
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>> this is a funeral of houthi fighters killed trying to defend taiz. the houthis are backed by guard units, loyal to former president asala. the houthis were hoping to expand their prince in yemen and consolid ate their grip on power. an important ground for the shia rebels. these are handoouthi fighters tg to rep ella government offensei of the oil and gas-rich province. they are trying to break down houthi strongholds in the east and the south a so that they can move north to capture the capitol. if they do that, the houthis might lose the war. for decades, war has posed the greatest threat to the people in afghanistan, but a growing number of after gans are now facing a new danger as a report from the region of the
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country where severe drought is threatening people's lives. >> reporter: twice a day signature 12-year-old tana labors through wetter than afghanistan to fetch drinking water. four kilometers to get there. four kilometers to get back. once in the morning. again in the afternoon. 16 kilometers in four hours of walking every day. >> we are mising because of water aerment i go get water, it shaves off years from my life. >> tanaa is among 50,000 afghans who don't have access to clean drinking water. the district sits along afghanistan's border with iran. years of drought have complete?ed the nearby hari route river drying up 60% of the farmlands leaving many jobless. decades of war have delayed construction of water storage facilities. the grouping genu journey is the only way to reach hand-dug
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waterfalls. >> if we don't do this, my family goes thirsty. there is no water for 50 kilometers. where are we supposed get it from? millions in the developing world suffer the same plight. the u.n. says in rural asia and africa, women and children walk an avenue of 6 hours a day for water. it puts them in danger. villagers say about six years ago, their trek for wall turned deadly. they say on several occasions when young boys went to fetch water, they were shot and killed by border guards. villagers say it was the border guards' way of sending a message? >> i pounds my son near some bushes by the we will. he had one wound on his chest and side. when i saw his bloody clothes, i blacked out. an ramble government official denied the allegations. local afghan officials say some could have been smugglers.
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but reports of tension between the nabors persist as iran faces, too, a water crisis. fasli sits on a committee that manages the region's water supply. he says plans to address the crisis exist but has been delayed by war and a lack of financ funding. >> the solution is to build canals and wells. we plan to address it. until then for millions in drought stricken areas a gruelling journey for water remains a daily necessity. al jazeera, iraq afghanistan. >> it's being described as a landmark moment for artificial intelligence. one of the world's top human players in the complex board game "go" has been defeated 3-nil by a computer program. the result means the alpha go has an unasailable lead in best of 5 series? >> it sets a new standard in ai. paul brennan reports.
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>> black with stay here. >> the you disbelief of the human champion, mr. lee is considered one of the game's greatest modern players and went into this 5-game series supremely confidence. he didn't win a single matches. alpha go's creators were amazed by the result. >> to be honest, we are a bit stunned and speechless. lee put up an incredible fight again. alpha go made the large territory at the bottom of the board but mr. lee found some really amazing tactics to play in the territory and create a really huge co fit. >> go is an achen chinese game for two players who take turns placing black and white stones
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on a 19 by 19 grid. a go player typically has a choice of 200 moves compared with around 20 moves in ches and intuition is important as memory which makes conquering go the mount everest. the alpha go program uses two sets of deep neural networks that allow it to lunch dacrunch data in a more human like fashion. it lernlz and improves from every game it plays. last october, alpha go beat the european go champion 5-nil. this latest victory sets a new benchmark. the defeated champion tried to put a face on it with a reaesuring? >> alpha go exhibited some weaknesses. so, i doubt whether it has the skills that can actually deliver a widen one to humans. i think lee settle was the one who lost today. not humanity. still today played, alpha go is
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only going get better and cleverer. paul brennan, al jazeera. >> more on everything in this program right here. comment, analysis and video on demand right there, e,


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