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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 15, 2016 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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as seen in hollywood movies. more on that story and everything else we have been covering on the program on the website. you can see it on your screens right now, and the front page, obviously dedicated to our top story. police raid prompts a shootout in brussels. more on that in a few minutes. ♪ ♪ . >> i am very very humbled by the campaign, and the experience. >> john kasich and marco rubio battle for their political lives with winner take all contest in both of their home states. while bernie sanders supporters pinning their hopes on hillary clinton. the united states taking significant steps for re-establishing normal diplomatic ties with cuba, and for the time ever, an nfl official confirming the link between concussions and brain damage.
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>> this is al jazeera america, live in new york city. voters in five states today making their choices made in the key presidential primaries. what happens today in florida, ohio, illinois, north carolina, and missouri, change the course of the entire election. florida and ohio as you can see, whenner take all for the gop, and also the home states of marco rubio and john kasich. both men hoping to stop donald trump's momentum if heloses either of those states. the path to the nomination becomes that much more difficult. jonathon bets is live for the us in miami, but we are going to start with with sox hannah who is live in cleveland, tell us about the turn out where you are? >> dell, we are continue to see a steady stream of voters
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come through here. this is the most populated county in the state of ohio, what voters do when they get here, they come through the door, they sign in and then they walk over to one of four other tables like this. and then they ask for a ballot. now what is interesting about ohio if you are republican, you can ask for a democratic ballot. if you are a democrat, you can ask for a republican ballot. which means there can be some that they want to vote for john kasich, because they are afraid that donald trump will win the nomination. there is expected to be a high turn out here, we talked to a couple of voters and asked them why they came out to vote. >> i didn't think that trump is a good pick for me or individually. that's why it is very important for everyone to get out and vote. >> whom did you vote for? >> hillary. >> why is that? >> because i want to give a woman a chance. to see how they can work in
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the white house too, besides the men all the teem. how about that. >> now the economy is the number one issue for voters here accord toggle pros. unemployment is about the same as the national rate, but the state has lost many jobs especially in manufactures and the steel industry and is still trying to recover. >> as we mentioned john kasich the hometown boy in his home state a few hours ago, what is he saying so far about how he feels about the campaign? >> well, he kept the same tone as he has for the past several months and even over the weekend he said several times i will not take the low road to the highest office. each time he got a standing ovation. >> do you regret the fact that you have been so positive in the campaign? we all know that by the fact that i ran a positive campaign, or our team has run
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a positive campaign that the republican missed opportunities to get attention early on. but by continuing to run the race the positive campaign is shining through like a beacon. >> now polls here suggest that donald trump and john kasich are in a very tight race. so we are watching that very closely. >> so also what is at stake in ohio for the republicans and also for the democrats? >> on the republican side, 66 delegates are up for grabs and it is winner take all. if he does, that can slow the front runners chances at securing the nomination before the convention if john kasich loses he could drop out. bernie sanders is hoping to repeat what he did in michigan which is to beat hillary clinton by a small mar general. his message has appeal today
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a lot of ohioans here. >> jonathon bets as we mentioned is in miami, jonathon, today do or die for marco rubio, what is he saying there? yeah, i was out questioning marks the beginning or the end of some of these, with that in mind, marco rubio has been focusing hard on florida and offering a different tone. as he tries to slow trumps momentum and save his own campaign because marco rubio trailed badly behind donald trump in florida which is a shock to many, is that he is the junior senator from florida. so rubio has been pushing this message that he is best positioned to beat donald trump in florida. and that a vote for any other candidate rubio says is in effect a vote for donald trump, rubio has also broken from his past style, no longer insults him personally. but instead as we saw over the weekend, offering a da
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deep knew jens critic, calling his rise disturbing a grotesque development, of american politics and saying that troop has been feeding this anier that we have seen at rallies so rubio trying to offer a different vision for the party and the country, just listen to him yesterday, in melbourne, florida. >> the republican party and the american election is at a cross roads right now, where we have a nation of a lot of people that are struggling and frustrated and as leaders we have to decide are are we going to make them more aniry, or also offer them a better way forward to turner country and lives around, that's what i want to offer in this campaign. >> so marco rubio trying to unite republicans around him. in what can be the time days of his campaign, especially if he can't when his own state today. >> always important in
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elections tell us why today is no deferent? >> well, because there are 99 delegates up for grabs. it is a huge chunk, the biggest prize are the five voting today, these are -- and the whenner of the side gets all of those 99 delegates. also keep in mind that florida is a very very critical swing state, so there was a lot to learn to help people vote today, it could restreet how they might vote in november, and when the scabbed calls are taking a toll on them. >> and also on the democratic side, what is at stake there. >> hillary clinton is leading with a very effort canble margin, she was ahead by 20 percentage points in most polls but unlike the republicans the winner on the democratic side does not get all of the delegates, it is not a winner takes all approach, the delegates are awarded proportion natalie, so she has to win big to continue her momentum. especially since she will very likely face a big fight in the midwest after that bruising defeat in michigan
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last week. >> jonathon bets live for us, thank you very much donald trump can already count on one victory, and that is a u.s. territory just east of the philippines trump taking 73% of the vote there, he is expected to be awarded all nine delegates. the national political correspondent for the new york observer, len con thank you for being with us, is there anything, because this was the talk of the town all week long, these trump rallies where there was violence that broke out. now we are seeing the voting take place, is there anything today that would indicate that the violence is translating into a lack of votes for donald trump? do we expect to see this? >> i don't expect to see that part of the violence that we see at the rallies, most of the core of trumps appeal from many of his voters, the hatred, the anger, the bigotry, this is central to the tone of the campaign. if you are repulsed by that, for the most part you weren't voting for him to begin with,
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addition nally he has a story about the violence that casts him and his supporters as the victims. in fact, one thing he does not do is back down from the violence, he says that it is not his fought, flog that he has done to cause this violence taking place, in fact, when you look at sarah palin for instance, yesterday, she seemed to be speaking to that same group, by calling them thuggery. >> donald trump doesn't back down from anything. the tone is the message, he is the guy that never backs down. he is the guy that says exactly what is on his mind, and he is the guy that is very hateful, but if he moves away from that he is no longer the donald trump that has rocketed to the top of the g.o.p. primary race. what that tells you about the voters that is supporting him, that's a separate question, and how he gets from here from winning a general election, that's also a difficult question, but for now, staying the course admitly, and i think a pretty good choice, in terms of the
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morality of it makes some sense. >> if you are the republicans you have to be looking at the voters saying who are these people, because here you have kassich in ohio, now struggling to hold on to his home state, with he won all of the counties and you have marco rubio, the city senator in the state trying to hold on florida, who are these trump supporters in and also the cruise supporters in. >> is problem is if you dance up to the line of ratism. >> hatred eventually somebody will cross it. people held pictures of the african-american president comparing to a monkey, and very few stood up and said this is wrong. that facilitates moving fourther and further in that direction, my argument is not that the republican leadership is made up of racists but the leadership is somer on racism than i shout been. >> let's talk about the democratic side, bernie
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sanders is running ads in illinois are they having an effect, and why? >> well, we will see, but i suspect they will have an effect. rom emanuel as a symbol, symbolizes everything that is wrong with the establishment, and really every vulnerable of hillary clinton. >> is hillary clinton biggest vol innocenter in this election her husband? >> not exactly. or the 90's. >> she is certainly -- there is a debate in the democratic primary now, what the 90 as really were, and the side that hillary clinton has is that they were just this fantastic eight years of peace and prosperity, that has been challenged a lot. it was challenged by the obama successfully in 2008, and it is being charged by bernie sanders now. but it is that hillary clinton this anti-accomplishment attack, seems to be sticking, it seems to be getting bernie sanders on most died tips 40 to 45%. not enough to win, but it is enough that it is resonating. thank you for being with us.
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>> thank you. >> and by the way you can follow all of our election coverage, our coverage here begins tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern. the white house is easing some restrictions with cuba ahead of the trip there, next week, among the changes americans will be able to travel to cuba without an official organization, it still has to be an educational trip, but you don't have to sign one a sponsors company. cubans will be able to earn money beyond basic living experiences and they will be able to open up a u.s. bank account, and they will be able to buy u.s. products or alcohol that is already billion sold in you, those are set to take place tomorrow. iran is saying it has retrieved thousands of pages from the electronic devices of those american soldiers that detained in january, state t.v. saying the information was taken to the sailors laptops their g.p. devices no response from the
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pent gong. says shots were fired today. misspokes woman saying four officers suffered minor injuries and two different shoot outs. both of those taking place in the same building security forces are hunting for two men in connection with today's shootings. up next, deflection and finger pointing officials behind the water crisis now testifying before congress, and it has been five years since the conflict in syria began, we will have the latest on the talks to re-establish peace in the that nation, stay with us.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is.
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president obama set broughting st. patrick's day earlier this year. that is end da sitting down with the president in the oval office. he is also heading to the capitol for the annual friends of ireland luncheon. he has made the visit to washington, d.c. an an yule tradition since 2011. the man at the center of the water crisis in flint testifying before a house committee today. former sit manager facing tough questions about what he knew about the tainted water supply, and when he knew it. al jazeera is live for us in washington, what have we heard so far today? >> well, we have heard a will the of berating. and accused of a lot of things in a way you don't hear too often, but it costs the republicans from georgia saying they save a special place in held for actions like this, and what he is
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referring to is what the e.p.a. did not do, when it became clear there was led many the water in flint michigan. it is the the inker pointing hearing according to the republican of florida, and what he is talking about is susan headman, head of region five of the e.p.a. at the time of the crisis, saying that the e.p.a. could have done more yes, but it is not to blame. mark edwards saying the exact opposite, he is the head of the team that went in to discover if there was led in flint michigan or not, and donell early, who is the city's emergency manager or was at the time, appointed by the governor saying that he relied on evidence given to him by experts. and the environmental protection agency, and justin amash who is the third district michigan congressman representing the area, and on the panel today, saying could you in your position as emergency manager with hindsight, have done more.
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>> you believe as an emergency manager, someone who is put in charge of the city of flint, it doesn't fall on you to question second guess or validate any actions taken prior to your appointment? >> no, what i mean by that is that it does not fall to me to arbitrarily change that. >> is it the job of city manage tore question things? isn't that why you are brought in. >> that's part of the reason. >> is if as a congressman i took the position that it is not my job to question second guess or validate any actions that happen prior to my being here, would by don't my job? >> because he said the scientific evidence being given to hip at the times with accurate. >> john, as you pointed out the committee hearing from a local e.p.a. official, and also that virginia tech team, that helped expose the crisis what have we learned about their roles? >> yeah, i think this is the first time we have heard from donell, and i think certainly
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this is the first time that susan headman that was the head of region five, and mark edwards who is the head of that team from the junior tech that went in there and discovered there were high levels of led, i think it is the time they have come head to head like this, susan headman, as i say, saying that the e.p.a. is not to blame for this, that it could have done more, mark edwards going as far to point the finger at her, saying she did nothing to protect the children of flint, absolutely nothing. there was also in the weeds discussion about an email coming from miguel dell toro who is an epa scientist, and a lot of discussion today about whether or not there was a climate of fear regarding whistle blowers. and whether or not that man was disciplined for the email that eventually became public. jason chafe fetes the the republican chairman, and he really layed into susan headman, and the audience appeared to approve. >> this is where yo you are
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totally wrong. if you don't recognize that now, we're in mid march. 2016, and you stimdon't get it. you still don't get it and neater does the administrator. you screwed up and you messed up people's lives. >> mr. chairman. [applause] >> no, no. the audience, please. >> and the house oversight committee offering a 2-for this week, because on thursday, the star witness will be the governor of michigan rick snider. >> for us in washington, thank you very much. well, russian troops and war planes leaving syria today, the russian president calling the pull out a step toward peace, he says the goal of going after isil has been largely achieved, and the russian decision is just one of the topics that is being discussed today, at the syrian peace negotiations underway. al jazeera is there. >> it is certainly changing
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the dynamics i think that underlie these talks. because russia has always been the strongest supporter of the syrian regime now there are some doubt about that, about their support for the syrian government. and i suspect there's some doubt even in the government delegation about where they stand. and i think there will be a little uneasy about the situation, and the opposition seems to have a bit of a spring in their step in the last few hours because of this news, isil reaction for the spokes men from the main block, the high negotiations committee. >> we know that there are big efforts from the states from the european countries that really made putin take this.
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i don't think it is acceptable to see asaad any longer. >> yes, this process is underway, it is quite a slow process, these are what are called proximity talks so on monday, we have the government side here, before the announcement from moscow meeting with stefan the u.n. mediator, and in one hour's time, the parallel meet willing be the opposition and his colleagueses that will be meeting. he has already put out a statement, the u.n. mediator, the special envoy saying that he is pleased by this development, he says it is constructive develop minute for the talks the news, coming out of moscow. >> and that is james bays our diplomatic editor oen the ground, when we come back, making the connection the nfl acknowledging for the first
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time a link between concussions and the brain disease. stay with us.
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google going to progress today to try to fast track self-driving cars. they say they want lawmakers to change regulations to make it happen. google is set to tell them it can reduce parking space and also make roads safer. they have complained the rules in effect now get in the waying for example, they say the need for rear-view
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mirror only makes sense if there is a human driving the car. for the time an initial from the national football league is admitting there is a link between the game and traumatic pain injuries. al jazeera tells us that is a major change, from what the league has long maintains. >> on capitol hill a round table discussion was playing out as a routine affair. >> people bump their heads all the time, with do you draw the lean between a boo-boo and going to the e.r. >> , leading researcher dr. ann macchia testified that she believes there is a link between chronic traumatic enreceive lofty and playing the game of football. in a long term study of the games dr. mckee says 90 of 94 nfl players had c.t.e. as did 45 out of 55 college players and six out of 26 high school players.
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then, illinois congresswoman asked the nfl's senior vice president for help and safety jeff miller about it. >> do you, think there is a link between football and degenerative brain disorders in. >> well, certainly document shows that a number of retires nfl players are diagnosed with c.t.e., so they are -- the answer to that question is certain he yes. but there's also a number that come with that. >> so if you are speaking for the nfl, right? >> the you asked the question whether i thought there was a link, and i think certainly based on the research, there's a link. >> and with that answer, jeff miller became the nfl senior official to admit a link between c.t.e. and playing football. from commissioner roger gadell to the nfl leading pain injury researcher dr. mitch burger, the league has staunchly maintained that no proven link exists. >> i feel that that was not the unequivocal answer three days before the super bowl.
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by dr. mitchell burger. >> i am not going to speak for dr. buggier. >> the league has been defended itself and settled a lawsuit that i knew about the dangers and didn't warn them. a lawyer representing some of those players filed an objection with the court. he argues miller has now directly contradicted the league's position in that case. john henry smith, al jazeera. >> and the nfl now responding to just what miller did say, leads spokesman brian mccarthy writer. miller was discussing the finds and made the additional t more questions need to be answered. he said the experts should speak to the state of the science. also saying the nfl wants the facts on head trauma, so the league can better develop it's on solutions the shows
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creator showing off some of the skills as well. with big assist from the commander in the chief. >> it is the oval office, i can't believe i am there, it is so much more intensive. seven opportunity knocks and i can't stop, i am here with the president, and yo, the mike drops. >> how good is that? >> that's -- you think that's going viral. that's going viral. >> miranda performed an early version of one of the songs during the white house event back in 2009, so last night the president taking some oof the credit he said for hamilton's success, and that drummer you see in the background celebrating around the world because of both of those men, thank you for joining us, the news continues live from london next.
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russia bebins pulling out the mill care from syria as talks on how to end the conflict make progress. >> shots are fires in the belgium capitol following a police raid remitted to last year's deadly attacks in paris. heavy fighting as government forces launch a campaign to recapture yemen's third la