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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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>> good evening, i'm antonio mora. this is al jazeera america. a swat style raid captures the key suspect in last year's paris attack, the other arrested with him and how they ended up in brussels. >> we think we have a path towards victory. >> senator bernie sanders, vermont democrat says the battle with hillary clinton is not over yet and what is targeted out west. military personnel at a nuclear base, the information that triggered an investigation. why people with autism live shorter lives.
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twr ththe priept prime suspect s attacks is now in custody. be salah abdeslam. al jazeera's john terret has more on abdeslam's arrest. >> antonio, good evening, president obama is being briefed on the situation as it develops in europe tonight. he's also being praised for committing u.s. resources for leaders of france and belgium this evening. >> translator: bell jux's prime minister quimpleg that after four months on the run, salah abdeslam is in custody. one of several people in custody today, being dragged off by
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officers. ti offerings franken wrote three words, "we got 'em." along french president francois hollande and countries along the way that helped including the united states. >> translator: hollande'hollande and i spoke with obama who gave us his encouragement and support in our quest against all forms of terrorism. obama asked me to thank tall security forces in our country. >> reporter: the arrest of salah abdeslam came days after the firmts othe fingerprints ofm were fown i found in an apartme. >> significant capabilities and resources and we have used them to assist the french and the
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bellians abelgians. >> driver of the three bombers who blew them sestles up after attacking a french stadium. brett mcgurk, president obama's envoy, tweeted: in europe, too, there's a sense that this is not over yet. >> translator: we recognize that this is an important step but not a definitive conclusion. there have been arrests and there will be others because this network is large in belgium, france and elsewhere. until we have stopped all those
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who participated and financed and helped this terrorist network, that committed these acts of war on november 13th, this will not be done. >> reporter: the prosecutor says the investigation is continuing day and night. toint. >> john terret in washington. the search for abdeslam covered france belgium even syria. but he may have been under authorities noses all the time. john siegenthaler has more. >> the most wanted man in europe may be in belgian custody but the search has been a long one of. >> a professional one led to these very important results in the fight against terrorism and the fight for democracy. >> long before salah be abdeslam
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was scooped into custody by authorities, just days after the november paris attacks, these images show abdeslam at a gas station between paris and brussels. the trail went cold soon after. as french and belgian police conducted dozens of raids and questioned dozens suspected of collaborating with abdeslam. he was even thought to be in syria, be but authorities found abdeslam's fingerprints in an apartment in brussels, also found suicide bomb belts. on tuesday belgian police conducted a raid of what they thought was an empty apartment. instead, police came under attack. firing back they killed one jeeralgerian man. his firnts werhis fingerprints .
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leading them to abdeslam was captured in the very same neighborhood where he grew up. >> we must catch all those who allowed organized or facilitated these attacks and we realize without getting too much into the inquiry that they are more numerous than had be previously identified. >> john siegenthaler, al jazeera. >> we are joined by john walsh, jim good to see you. let's start with what we just heard from french president hollande that many other people than originally thought, were involved in the attack or aftermath. the authorities are overwhelmed, could that be the case? >> it's certainly true that what hollande says is accurate. even today, antonio not only did they get their main target, they got an additional four people. my guess is when they get to the
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four people interrogate them, look at their finances and their laptops that will lead to others. so i'm sure it comes as a challenge but also i think the french government has a lot of resources to bring to this. the belgian government this is a high priority for them so i think they're going to spend whatever it takes. >> belgium's prime minister said abdeslam's capture was a huge success in the battle against terrorism. usually these guys are not caught alive. if he be capitulate lates he could be a source of great information. >> remember this guy was a guy who threw away his suicide vest in the night of the paris attacks and unlike his brother went to belgium where they could have got him but missed him. then last night he did not
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commit suicide then or go out in a blaze of gun fire and they caught him again today, alive. it may be especially some of his family members were arrested, he may be willing to talk. >> why it is so difficult to catch this guy, since he was caught in a few minutes' walk from his family's home. so that has to worry you on a lot of different levels, especially is the community simply not helping authorities? >> if you are in that situation where you're being hunted, you're europe's number one target you have a real debate going on in your head, do i have to make a rub for it? which means having to cross borders. he got away with it once after the attack, did he have confidence he could get away with it one two three more times and then the attraction of staying with your family members who can provide you cash and security and support. >> clearly he had a bunch of
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associates so whether the community was cooperating or not, there is a network there. so do you see this as an encouraging development are to some extent could it be the opposite? obviously it is encouraging that they caught him but could it be a worry some sign just how many are supporting i.s.i.l. in that area? >> yes, one should worry whether it's a broader network, not everyone is sympathetic or willing to carry out acts of violence but it is worrisome. is it the police are heavy hand he and end up alienating that community, in belgium or in paris or in other european capitals then they will essentially be pushing away the very people who can provide them details, tips, data that would allow police to work. >> mit answer jim walsh. good to have you with us, thanks jim. >> thank you my friend.
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>> i.s.i.l. fighter who surrendered to the peshmerga earlier this week, mohammed jamal quaish tried to contact kurdish forces. >> i didn't support their ideology, that'sly decided i needed to escape. >> the 26-year-old is apparently a virginia native. his family members have drched d that any of the family is a member of i.s.i.l. >> bernie sanders says the nomination fight isn't over yet, with 20 states ready to vote. david schuster reports. >> just days before democratic contest that seem to favor him.
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bernie sanders took the podium. >> we feel the area here is more friendly to us. >> in order to take over hillary clinton's delegate lead, he must win 51 to 42. sanders has more fundraising money and donors than clinton. and for this stage of the race that's a campaign record. and arizona, with its large group of democratic latino voters. >> we are going to pass comprehensive immigration reform and immigration reformand a pat. >> maricopa county schaeffer joe arpaio was one of the most
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contentious figures in the southwest. he jails immigrant in the arizona sun. arizona governor doug ducey earlier threatened to withhold funding to any cities that don't pay the minimum wage. >> news for you. we're going to raise the minimum wage to $15. >> and in sharpening a contrast to hillary clinton. >> we are not raising millions of dollars from wall street or the fossil fuel industry. >> for her part though, hillary clinton is now mostly ignoring bernie sanders. instead she's targeting donald trump about this week clinton picked up a nomination
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endorsement from the arizona republic, the state's largest newspaper. quote, sanders has been good for politics. but the editorial added, she has the mettle to be president, the sound judgment to be expander in chief. and with democratic primaries and caucuses left in 25 states, many of them seemingly favorable to sanders, hope springs eternal for his campaign and despite the odds many progressives continue to feel burn. >> on tuesday we're going to win here in arizona. >> david schuster, al jazeera. >> republican presidential front runner donald trump held a campaign rally in salt lake city tonight. on monday he will appear at the apac summit in washington.
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come together against hate campaign says about 300 rabbis will demonstrate against trump's participation at apac. 2008 presidential nominee myth romney says that's the only way to stop trump from lock up the nomination. romney says trump's movement is associated with racism misogyny bigotry and violence. (f) research shows people with autism are likely the die far younger than the rest of the population. story next. and public defenders are turning away people who need representation.
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>> stopping the next generation of isis recruits. teaching the youth on the front lines. working towards a better future. >> this is one of the most important sites in the century. >> proudest moment of my life. >> the zika virus has now hit new mexico. state health officials say they confirmed the first infection in the state today, bringing the total number of cases in the u.s. to nearly 260. but help may soon be on the way in fighting the virus. the fda has developed a rapid
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test for anyone who feels they are affected by zika, chikungunya or dengue. sadly, leading cause of premature deaths of autism suffering is suicide. soon showing whether containing genetically modified organize mixes. the labeling will be mandatory in vermont. food advocacy group says there's not enough evidence to prove that gmos are safe to eat.
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90th missile wing in wyoming has come under close scrutiny over the past few years. over a string of violations in personal conduct. jamie mcintire has the story. >> antonio, the be investigation is particularly embarrassing to the air force, prompted a top to bottom shakeup aimed at restoring the reputation of air force officers who are in charge of launching icbms in the event of nuclear war. back then a launch investigation of officers, in which missile ears aeersas they're called, han cheating on exams. not on the missileers but the forces who protect them, guarding the movement of nuclear weapons as well as the missile
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deployments. 14 rairchging in rank from airman first class to senior airmen are accused. officials are not saying what drugs are involved, whether it's marijuana or more serious drugs such as cocaine. and wyoming is not one of the states that has had legalized marijuana. those 14 junior military personnel have been relieved of duty while the investigation continues. the investigation does not involve any of the officers who are coalz the nuclear tipped minute man missiles. all forces on the base are subject to random drug tests but not how the issue was uncovered. one man reported it to his superior and that's what triggered the investigation. antonio. >> jamie mcintire, the
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pentagon. president obama will soon nominate general lori robinson to lead the u.s. general command. there are nine such commanders responsible for military activity in regions. her appointment would have to be confirmed by the senate. if you can't afford an attorney one will be provide id to you. the supreme court ruled years ago that all defendants have that right. but in louisiana, leaving many people in jail with their cases in limbo. >> reporter: new orleans chief public defender derwin button. >> it's terrible. nobody becomes a public defender so he can tell some people no. >> as a result the office has refused more than 50 case he
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this year often involving the most serious changes. that's especially troubling in nenew orleans where 85% of the, defendants can't afford an attorney. >> waiting for bond arguments, motions to be filed, we simply don't have the resources to do it ethical. >> this is a constitutionally protected right. we have to make sure that the money is there because the constitution guarantees it. >> the american civil liberties union in louisiana is suing, on behalf of three defendants sitting in jail. >> they can't gro back to work, or can't stay home, they are in jail. >> have been offering to represent some of these clients pro bono, but the aclu says the only way to change is change how
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the fest public defender's funding. >> police are writing too few tickets. it's a formula that doesn't make sense. >> derwin button and the ak luz agree louisiana may have to overhaul its criminal justice system. highest creation rate. incarceration rate. >> we wouldn't need so many to defend them. >> solution globally is either shrink the system or add resources or some combination of both. >> jonathan martin, al jazeera, new orleans. >> president obama will make history when he travels to cuba on sunday and thousands of americans are likely to follow
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in his footsteps. what they and he will see, on sunday, next.
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>> the newest crew members of the international space station are knocking on the spacecraft's door. they docked on the space station a short time ago, they are scheduled to open the hatches in
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the next hour or so. jeff williams if all goes as planned, will spend six months on the international space e-space station, and will extend his days in space to 544. president obama is visiting the island of cuba. lucia newman reports what the island looks like after a half century economic embargo. >> reporter: it still looks like the havana of the precold war era where cuba was the playground of the united states. like most visitors president barack obama will likely feel thrust back into the 1950s when he sees havana's art deco architecture.
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and the old cars from before the 1959 revolution. still working against all odds. he will be touring old havana and perhaps stop at ernest hemingway's favorite watering holes or eat in one of the privately oanld restaurants, ows testament to the culture. but havana also wears the scars of decades of decay. what president obama will not see is what's on the inside. so many of these house he are absolutely deteriorated because of lack of maintenance and repairs. this one has simply collapsed in fact i.t. has been condemned yet there are still families living inside.
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74-year-old amaro mo thrvetiontemontez hasbeen livin. >> there's no plumbing so at night i bring water from the sewage tank from the building next door but only for the toilet and to bathe because it's too contaminated. >> cuban authorities will likely tell obama that the faded paint and crumbling buildings are the fault of u.s. economic sanctions of half a century but many say government neglect is mostly to blame. still the city is a metaphor of a cold war bilateral relationship that is falling apart. a relationship that was kept frozen in time and with obama's visit, appears to be taking a giant step into the 21st century. lucia newman, al jazeera, havana. >> after days of anticipation a baby eagle has finally hatched
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in washington, d.c. caught on a live web canal at the national arboretum. i'm antonio mora, thanks to joining us, ray suarez is up next with "inside story." have a great night and great weekend. >> at the end of the weekend, the president of the united states makes the geographically small but diplomatically long trim trip to havana. something that an american president hasn't done since calvin coolidge. obama sees havana, it's the "inside story."