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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  March 19, 2016 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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>> an explosion in istanbul shopping and tourist district less than a week after suicide bombers targeted turkey's capital ankara. hello there, i'm peter dobie, and you're watching al jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha. in the next 30 minutes - scenes of shock and grief after a passenger plane crashes in russia, killing all 62 on board. extradition begins after the arrest of the paris attack suspects.
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plus... >> who wants to live in a place where everything it difficult. >> that's the question many greenlanders are asking. we look at a worrying exodus. within the last 90 minutes a bomb has gone off in a shopping and tourist area in central istanbul, not far from thaksin square. five, including the suicide bomber, have been killed. 20 have been injured. turkey has been rocked by five major bombings since july last year, including the attacks in ankara. less than a week ago that attack killed 25 people. we go to our reporter in istanbul. what happened? >> the casualty number is moving. it accused to be four people died in the explosion but it
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seems one of the critical injured are in the casualties as well. so the bomber, the suicide bomber included five people died in the explosion, and other are in a critical situation. and the explosion, according to the government of istanbul happened close to the district governorship of bayola, near that's correct sim square. it's one of the main attraction areas of istanbul city. and it's actually - now i'm standing in one. checkpoints. police are taking some security
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measures. starting 5 meters from the square. and they don't let them enter and they are taking measures close to the site and grabbing evidence. >> so the immediate area has been sealed off and locked down. we were looking at the c c.t.v. it looked as if some close to the detonation had a lucky escape. had there or is anyone from the local or national government suggesting who it might have been. >> no but there is a concern possiblilinged with the kurdish
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dan workers party linked with the -- possibly linked with the kurdish workers party linked with the terrorist groups, and possibly had targets, and u.n. had a warning for citizens in the country, and turkish security authorities warned about such a possible attack. especially just before the festival. which was one of the big celebrations and the opposition was trying to use the celebration to demonstrate against the policy. the government policy. >> thank you joining us live on skype, a political analyst at the bilgie university. and specialises in security and
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defense. whose fingerprints do you think are on this event, this incident today. >> it is too early to tell, but if we go by the threats issued by terrorism organizations it seems to be p.k.k. eliminated the groups. >> how do you feel turkish authorities will react to this? >> the authorities have been trying to take measures, but have been encountering difficulties, because some of the people who are terrorist do not have records, making it hard for the police to follow what is going on. it seems there's a pattern that the people get training elsewhere. some in northern syria or irish, and then they come in, and they
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are suicide bombers, and they are often found and other towns and they travel to istanbul. the shipment of the explosives are done separately. they come here together. >> a strant of people's thinking obvious to us higher on al jazeera. is that for people who are born and bred in istanbul, is the idea that they are living with the threat of this kind of attack every day. they are living with the tension of that that underpins the day to day existence. what else can the authorities do to fight back against this? >> i think there'll be more emphasis on profiling, and
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there'll be more emphasis on intelligence, and as the police are discovering the new ways throughs which the people are getting their supplies and they are trained people, there'll be measures. i think the controls at the arrival point on bus and train are being tightened up. i think there's a closer monitoring of stolen cars. in the end, this is a phenomenon that cannot be brought under control even though measures may be taken. >> to be clear on the profiling. we are talking about not really a printer group. one of our colleagues making the point in the past your hour, that it's bits of the p.k.k. rebranding themselves. but when it comes to profiling the people, it's difficult to
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know whether they are sleeper cells. it could be the family next door, or it could be somebody who has just turned up in a rented apart. next door. difficult to nail down who the people are, where they live, and/or where they come from. most do not turn out to be people that have been living here for a long time. the indication so far is that the people are newcomers in a number of instances. they had rented apartments not to long ago. they seemed to carry out skyping activities, where they commit crimes. one of the measures will be sort of to examine who the newcomers are more closely. >> thanks. jamal has reported extensively out of turkey. he joins us live in the al jazeera newsroom. it feels as if now there's momentum building, correct me if
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i'm wrong. it feels like the turkish government is almost at war with someone. >> it almost is, they've been at ward with the kurdish separatists. we were there, and there was a lock down, there were a.k.p., hoinds in the air and so forth. this is where the question is. fingers are pointed towards separatist. this is the response to the turkish state. if we come to our towns and cities. the turkish government's perspective. we will attack you where it hurts the most. and the heart of istanbul, the number one tourist attraction is where it's chosen at that point. this is a break down. we were going well where they had opened up direct negotiations with the p.k.k. and july came, and two turkish
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police officers fell, and everything collapsed. we have seen bomb after bomb. in the past five or such explosions were taking place. that is rocking turkey to the core. it's a step towards being a regional powerplay. the stability that could be brought. if it's to be taken away, that's where the government is going to find it. >> authorities will start the process of identifying the victims in the attacks in paris. salah abdeslam was wounded in a raid in brussels. the mayor of brussels says he has no longer in hospital. there's no word on where he's been taken. there are reports he's in the city of brugge. >> those probably for the attacks in paris will take
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justice. >> translation: along with four others salah abdeslam must face french justice, this is what all the families of the victims want, what the french citizen want, and the government wants to shine a light on what happened. it's important to continue to fight the terrorist organization of isil in europe. >> jacky rowland in mule am beak. you were in paris, one remembers of course, just to go back to what was said. very strongly the fight is not over. we will pursue the case to its natural conclusion. >> if we look at the question himself and the need for him to face justice. not only did we hear from the french president on friday saying that the judicial authorities would be seeking urgent extradition to france.
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we heard significantly from a lawyer representing the families of the victims, and she said it was important for the people who lost family members on that fight, for salah abdeslam to be brought back to the scene of the crime to france, and to answer for the attacks person tried in france. behind that, as you pointed out, yes, there's work to be done. what the event revealed is the network of people involved, if not directly, in terms of support, logistic, finance, people involved in the paris attacks, and who potentially could have been potentially organising future attack. that network is maybe bigger than initially inspected, and the authorities in france and belgium indicated that they are going to continue to question people carry out searches,
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arrest people as each new piece of evidence potentially draws links with other possible suspects. >> is that the key worrying aspect of where it may take authorities, if it's bigger than they want to be, they have a larger problem when it comes to guaranteeing security. homeland security in belgium and/or in france. >> and potentially anywhere in europe. and beyond as we have seen. the links, the spidery like links of isil stretching from syria. we are not looking at a convention organization here. it's more a kind of an idea, a state of mind, an inspiration. anyone, it seems, can set up a freelance isil organization, and carry out attacks in the name of
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isil. certainly in terms of the scope of connections we are looking at, we know in france hundreds of search operation, stop and search, surveillance is taking place in belgium. not as many, but a scant number, and we were hearing from the french interior minister who was giving statistics for the numbers of questioning, arrests, the in the in detention. the french and belgium making it clear they are not leaving any stone unturned. there was criticisms that they did leave stones unturned. missed leads, and salah abdeslam was travelling in the back of a car stopped by police on the night of november 13th to 14th, driving from brussels to paris. they are clear from - from paris to brussels, the clear message, from belgium and french, underlines the way in which the
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two security forces and the countries are cooperating, and that the investigation will continue to ensure that no lead is left uncovered. >> thank you, jacky investigators are trying to work out what caused a passenger jet to crash in russia killing everyone on board. 62 people, the boeing 747, missed the runway on rostov in southern russia on friday morning. happening at 10 to one. it hit the ground with much forth. there was nothing recognisable left. the jet abandoned a landing attempt and circled for two hours, and crashed on a second attempt. a ceo expressed devastation at the news of the crash. >> we do not yet know all the details of the incident, but we are working closely with the authorities to establish precisely what happened.
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we are making every effort to care for those affected and will provide assistance to the family and friends of those who were on board. >> live to hoda abdel-hamid, in the moscow bureau. they need to get to the black flight box recorders, and they need to hear the conversations between the pilots in the last minutes of the flight. >> yes, absolutely. and they did find both black boxes - the voice recorder and a data recorder. from there the investigators will look at what exactly happened or at least try to understand, and i think that's the question. both the families of the victims of this crash, and probably the officials by dubai would like to know why did the pilot decide to keep in that holding pattern over the airport of ros tov, for two hours, rather than head to a
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nearby airport that is only 300km away. that would have been a short flight, and that's where most of the other flights - all of the other flights scheduled to land went to. so that is one question fly dubai will have to answer to the relatives of the victims of the crash. >> thank you, hoda. >> still to come. lots more coverage of the breaking news coming out of istanbul. plus, brazil's political crisis deepens as thousands protest against the government. stay with us.
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welcome back. you're watching al jazeera, with the continuing coverage of the two main stories taking place today. the first one being this one. five people have been killed in an explosion at a popular shopping district in istanbul. 20 people were injured. four of them, we understand, are in hospital, where they are in a critical condition. coming less than a week after suicide bombers killed 27 people in ankara. >> we have been talking to a military analyst in ankara, the attack may be attributed to kurdish armed groups. >> this morning, suicide bomb attack. it gives us evidence that the p.k.k. is affiliated for the
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organization. and this organization claimed responsibility for last week's ankara bombing attack. it may be the officials have identified or haven't given a hint at this stage or which organization may be responsible. there's an understanding that it may be p.k.k., whose members are in turkey's tweest since mid july. several months ago the p.k.k. announced that the parking would be spread all over. if the violence is not stopped.
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turkish parties should be vigilant against attacks in turkey and all over the country. >> it appears as if the intended target was a local government office in that area, and we understand not far away is the diplomatic quarter. we have the greek and german consulates, turkey, greece and germany, it is not as positive as they have been looking back through the past countries. istanbul's governor was at the scene quickly, flanked by political associates, and had this to say. >> a suicide bomber blew himself up in front of the district governorship building around noon, killing three, wounding 21 others. three were in a critical condition, one died in hospital. a detailed investigation has been carried out by our colleagues in other news this our are
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hour, a judge in brazil blocked the appointment of former president silva to the cabinet of dilma rousseff. it's the latest twist in a crisis that is bringing huge numbers of protesters on to the streets. >> sao paulo is the heart land. government workers party. if they weren't heard here, they risked being drowned by the side of the opposition rallies. they criticized large sections of the media and the judiciary, which they accused of conducting a coup against the president. >> here we have people that do not completely agree with what the president is doing, we do not want to see a coup at the end of democracy. >> many were buoyed on by rumours that the president would address the crowd. >> the movement is more organized.
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we have more than we expected. that should be enough to legitimize dilma's government. >> we are ready to die if necessary. they will not take away from us the best presidents that brazil had. this is the biggest pro-government gathering. there were similar scenes across brazil. this is a huge opposition rally. 3 million people. a low turn out would have been a catastrophe for the government. a large showing polarized the party. >> reporter: the opposition said it would respond, repeating the protests scene last sunday. the biggest in recent history, angry at what's been ducked the car wash scandal. implicating business leaders and other politicians. lula is the man that this crowd, government supporters came to
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hear. >> i'm not going into the government to fight. i'm going to help my government do what she had to do. >> as she spoke. it meant the investigation would continue, once the hold on the presidency is weakened now to south africa where the governing party will meet again. the president zouma is expected to respond to questions about close tied with the gooupta family. the finance minister admitted that he was offered a promotion. zouma appeared before parliament on thursday to deny the allegations. the u.s. secretary of state is in russia for two days of talks. john kerry will arrive in moscow on wednesday, and the main focus
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trip will be how to solve the syrian disprm matter a 27-year-old palestinian male has been shot dead by israeli forces. the victim was killed near the ibrahim mosque in hebron. the man tried to stab an israeli soldiers. there has been violence. 204 palestinians, and 29 israelis have been killed. the government in exile is based in the indian city. that's why india and pakistan was supposed to pay an indian match. these two nuclear armed nations will grind to a halt as tens of millions of fans are glued to the tvs. they prevented the two sides from playing in more than a
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decade. the pakistani team has been advised ahead of the t20 match. >> greenland losses about 500 people who leave to seek a better life. it may not seem a lot. but it is. the total population is 56 thousand. the country is hoping to stand on its own two feet and cut ties with denmark. this report on why the future is looking bleak. >> reporter: growing up in greenland has changed. children here would once have been destined to be hunters, fishermen or reindeer herders. that way of life is dying out. and the struggling economy left many with little hope. greenland has social problems like alcoholism and unemployment. hundreds leave to seek a better life in denmark, the colonial ruler. others give up.
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this single mother attempted suicide and escaped and now runs a haven. >> who wants to live in a place where everything is difficult? where it's hard to get a home. i've been living and renting an apartment on the black market for the past 16 months, deciding to come back in 2012 was a big make. >> with 10% unemployment many believe there's little reason to stay. life in greenland can be harsh, not just because of the climate. the hundreds of young people that are leaving take their skills away. and in the short term handouts from denmark could be the only solution.
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the dinnish can look like a beacon of hope. >> we have to do a better job. seeing that denmark doesn't mean solving problems. and then it will work for you. >> reporter: small time giants are one of the biggest matters. despite the frosty reception despite the frosty representation. there's a bit of prejudice in denmark. you have to go to denmark to achieve something you can achieve in green land. there's a low sealing. only simple pleasures remain. the path is not a smooth one. paul rees, al jazeera. greenland. >> let's wrap up the half hour
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of world news where we started. that's the top store i yn the website. five people lost their lives, 20 have been injured, several are critically ill in hospital. all that and more on the website "on target" tonight. robots in the workplace. cyber war between nations and designer babies our digital future and how it will change the way we live. get ready because the future is coming. how many times have you heard that? now you're going to hear a lot about a so-called fourth industrial revolution. that's already upon us by the way. this revolution will undo the global industrial economy which has underpinned the advance he


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