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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  March 20, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> more refugees arrive in greece but face being forced back to turkey under the new e.u. deal hello you're watching al jazeera live from doha. also ahead - d.n.a. tests to help identify the suicide bomber who killed four people in istanbul. >> the republic of congo where a long-time leader is looking to day in power and the u.s. and cuba's tumultuous past, ahead of
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president obama's historical visit preparations have begun on the greek island of lesbos to eventually begin sending refugees back to turkey. it's the key part of a deal struck between turkey and the e.u. to ease the refugee crisis. hoda abdel-hamid is in lesbos where more refugees have been hiding. >> the e.u. deal has come in, and the aim is to stop the flow of refugees to europe. to discourage people from making their way to europe. that has not happened. boats are still arriving. at least five overnight reaching the shores of the greek island of lesbos. the major city of the people on the boats - a lot of them from the war-torn city of aleppo, all aware of the new deal between the e.u. and turkey. they believe that they will
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not - you have to remember what the deal is about. it's about arrivals sent back to turkey if their application for asylum is rejected. there is that chance, but the people say no, we do not believe we'll we returned to turkey, because we are applying for asylum. we are coming from a war-torn countries, cities are being bombarded and rer looking for a better life. human rights are worried that there are loopholes, that there'll be mass deportations, that europe is turning their backs on the refugee crisis, and the deal is not the bay forward. europe is in a desperate situation. hundreds have reached europe's stores. greek will need help, the e.u. promised to send hundreds of experts, translators, judges to
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get this, as it is to process the papers. the deal is, in effect, that people come in, as far why is we understand, that they have people in turkey ready to make the journey to cross the agean sea to cross the shore. greece is no longer a transit country, people are stuck here, and the european countries imposed tighter restrictions. 18 egyptian policemen have been killed during an attack on the sinai peninsula. isil says its fighters were behind the ambush. groups have been targetting security forces it sinai. >> at least 43 people have been killed by a series of air strikes in the northern syrian province of al-raqqah. the victims include five
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children and 7 women. the isil stronghold and the russian attacks. nine strikes have occurred in the area. isil is not part of a shaky truce. meanwhile the syrian observatory says they have bombed the city of palmyra. 19 fighters were killed in the area. the state newsagency says government forces are west of the city. >> in turkey investigators are conducting dma tests. identifying bombing on saturday. he's suspected to be linked to isil. he was killed and dozens wounded. gerald tan has the latest. >> reporter: a sombre move hangs over the street. this is istanbul's commercial
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life line. packed with tourists and locals. after suicide bombing on saturday, the crowds grew. shopkeepers held a vigil for victims. >> we came after the incident and left red carnations to share the pain. we wanted to show we were here and would not succumb to terrorism or grief. we are not afraid. well not get used to this. we'll continue to be the country of piece. >> security camera footage shows the area. it's not known who is behind the attack. isil is being investigated. >> terror once showedize ugly face showing civilians. the fight against terrorism will continue with full force in and
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out of the country turkey stopped by a string of bomb attacks over the past few months. last week a blast from ankara killed 13 people. kurdish separatists linked to the armed group claimed responsibility. the government insists the country is safe. it will have to convince not only its citizen, but foreigners that contribute to the all important industry elections are taking place across africa on sunday. it's a sense situation in the republic of congo, where the president and expected to prolong his long-time in hospital. where niger is to hold its first vote. the incumbent is likely to get a separate term. people in zhan zibet are -- zhan
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zibet are heading back to the polls let's take a closer look at the elections now, in the republic of congo the government ordered all communications to be blocked for 48 hours, to stop illegal publication of the results. the president is seeking to prolong his 32 years in leadership. a 2-term and age term limit was removed, resulting in protests that left several dead. we have this update from brassaville. >> when the referendum tyke place a few -- took place a few months ago when the president voted for him to have a third term, people didn't come out in big numbers. people are coming out. they are looking for the names on the voter's role. he is on the list that you see. they'll go inside to vote.
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this is a contention, the opposition parties saying they have not been allowed to campaign, they've been intimidated and the process will be free and fair. the european union say that the processes are transparent. but the african union has, which is different to what they did in burundi, where the president ran for a third term. people are saying maybe with the selection it's a case of double standards. some political analysts say that it could be economic interests. they have been generally silent. they are saying it could be because of economic interest. for example, this country has oil. it's the fourth largest oil producer. so some people are saying that's a reason why. some countries seem to be silent and supporting the particular base. that line there, people waiting in that door.
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that is where they are going it to vote. this is an opposition stronghold. and the opposition are saying unlike when they boycott the elections they want the people to come out and vote. to show how they oppose the protest, going into a second round. the president says he will win resoundingly. and the concern people have is what will happen after the result. they saying they will not get the result if the president wins. >> and to niger, the opposition is boycotting the election. it's the second round of elections for the country, but the first presidential run-off. the president is aiming for a second term. the main opposition took leave for treatment in paris. he has been behind bars on child trafficking process. he said the accusations were made to keep him out of the race. >> there's an opposition boycott of elections is zanzibar.
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a re-run. election is being held following a decision to annul it. the ballot was cancelled after the winner declared before results were released. we have this update from zanzibar. >> reporter: hundreds voted at this polling station, there's little activity. only a small handful came to vote. this is the opposition strong, and their leaders called on their supporters to boycott the re-run, they say it's illegal. and the october elections, the electoral submission. because of irregularities, in other parts some are voting ruling party supporters are voting. the opposition say the whole purpose of the re-run is for the ruling party to rig it in power, and the ruling party will be
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free and fair. >>? senegal voting started in the referendum to make changes to the constitution, including reducing the president's term in 7-5 years. and giving more power. more than 3,000 police officers have been deployed. around 5 million are expected to head to the polls this sunday. >> staying in africa. suffering from the malnutrition rates. according to the u.n. fund u.n.i.c.e.f. nearly 33,000 children are suffering accrued malnutrition. food shortages have been made worse by a drought. it's been so bad it will affect future generations. >> consistently in this country there's 8% of the children. it is a continue that has the biggest impact before the age of two. if children don't then - if they don't end up being before the
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age of two. they leave with that problem. but not only this, but there are other parts of development that could be affected, their performance in school. and also they are prone to death from other illnesses still on al jazeera, the key suspect in november's france attacks wanted to blow up himself but changed his mind. we'll bring you the latest development. we speak to rural brazilians that have lost hope and faith in warring politicians. politicians.
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welcome bark. the top stories on al jazeera, preparations have begun on the greek island of lesbos to send refugees back to turkey. it's the key part of a deal struck between turkey and the european union. 18 egyptians appearing in an attack on the sinai peninsula. the ministry had a checkpoint. it was hit by mortar round. isil says fighters were behind the ambush. the car bomber was involved. d.n.a. tests conducted to identify the attackers in saturday's bombing of the istanbul. it is expected to be linked to isil. the suicide killing five people. now in last november's paris
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attack, wanted to below himself up, but challenged his mind. a man was charged with terror offenses. he will challenge a european arrest warrant. we'll get the latest from jacky rowland, who joins us from paris. what is the latest on france's effort to extradite salah abdeslam. >> france is facing up to the fact that this will not be imminent, because salah abdeslam is contesting the arrest warrant. as you mentioned, we have been getting details first in fact that he's given to belgium interrogators, the fact that he said his role was to blow himself up at the stade de france. the french prosecutor urged caution saying that bearing in
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mind that salah abdeslam was driving all over paris and left the 18th district that may be that was his intended role. >> he's held in a prison in brugge. do we know about his conditions of detention? this is a max security prison. he's being held in what is called a safety wing. it's a special wing for prisoners deemed to pose an escape threat or who has behavioural problems. they have double doors as an extra security measure. everything is bolted to the ground. and it is behind a thick screen of plexiglass. helle be held in solitary there, and apparently he'll have a
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special daily routine designed for him on that wing, and it is dealt with in an individual way. and clearly he is in a holding pattern now. clearly not keen to be extradited to france, because obviously there are a lot of people looking for justice, and for him to answer for the actions, for his actions, his role in what happened. the alleged role in what happened on november the 13th, he and his lawyer decided it was a better strategy to try to resist this extradition and remain in belgium, although he may be able to delay it. in all likely hood it could be inevitable in the end. emergency workers in southern russia resumed a grim task of cleaning up a run way in rostov where a plane crashed.
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people are laying flowers for all 62 passengers and crowds that died. it missed the runway during bad weather. the two black boxes have been found and sent to moscow for analysis. >> protests have taken place over the disappearance of a cartoonists. he went missing after warning colleges on republishing a letter asking for xi jinping to step down military drills in north korea. new images have been released. it shows kim jong un watching coastal land exercises and rocket fire. north korea was accused of firing one ballistic missile, 800 comes to sea. pyongyang has become defiant over the nuclear test and
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long-range rocket launch. >> voting is under way. people have been casting their votes in india, where the government is. more than 80,000 tibetans, the dalai lama fleeing to india following a failed rebellion against the chinese flow. we are voting in snap elections. the ruling party in pakistan - reeling from an economic crisis caused by low oil prices. >> reporter: many in kazakhstan say they are not sure which parties are contesting parliamentary elections, other than the president. a low campaign season saw little to raise awareness or enthuse nam for an outcome that voters say is a gift. >> i'm not voting.
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is there democracy here. not at all. >> i'll vote because you have to. no democracy. >> a former communist party boss let the country since it gained in dependence 25 years ago. last year he was elected president with 25% of the vote. his pop lieu labor party shows no sign of debating. in kazakhstan, the oil and gas industry constitutes 20-30% of vtc. but analysts say parliament has little influence over economic influence, and such issues will not factor in how people vote. >> parliament is not a large player, an important player.
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when we talk about economical life of kazakh ston. if you asked ordinary people. i believe the most part of them. they say that economical situation in kazakhstan. >> the economy is focussing on unity and stability. kazakhstan is a multiethnic country, russians make up 20% of the population, against the back drop of separatists, voters support the attempt to project a strong sense of national identity. international election monitors say kazakhstan never held a free and fair election, pointing to a lack of flourism come mated, as well as vote rigging and ballot stuffing the president filed a
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complaint against allegations made. saying he knew about an event in relation to paris metro bass. the former lieutenant leader accused dilma rousseff of funding the presidential campaign with the money. the government planned to stop the former president silva taking up a post. >> people in rural brazil watching it unfold. in a town of 20,000. a al jazeera's correspondent reports. >> the noise of horses in the streets. here it's another day on horse back, getting from one place to another. this 18-year-old looks at the politicians in his country and
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sees little hope. >> translation: the politicians are not there for the people. those of us that are poor, we keep trying to figure out how to pay for a bag of rice. >> reporter: here people are quiet, humble, working class and are watching from afar as the government faces the worst crisis in a generation, and are losing faith. >> we have one politician and they are corrupt. then we have another who is corrupt too. everywhere you look politicians from all sides are corrupt in this country. >> in rio de janeiro, thousands of anti-government protesters took to the streets, calling for the impeachment of dilma rousseff, who they hold responsible for economic decline, and alleged close ties to corrupt officials. pro-government supporters responded with protests of their own, saying it's a coup, and they won't stand for it.
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the deepening crisis is to bring down the government and has the potential to get worse soon. >> here in the capital. the political situation could be more volatile this week. that's when lawmakers are expected to open the first phase of impeachment against the president. >> here, they are watching developments today. no mert the differences, the one thing that brings them together is the local neighbourhood championship. thousands realized this would be the worse faced more protests have been held in the u.s. against republican presidential front-runner. protesters shouted as they tried
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to prevent trump supporters getting to one of his rallies, and in new york people gathered near trump tower, hotel, and were met with a large police presence u.s. president obama is heading to cuba, the pierce presidential visit in 90 years, coming 50 months after announcing dommic ties in both countries. we look at some of the key moments in the tense championship. >> reporter: for more than 50 years, this is the image americans had of cuba. fidel castro, the passionate voice, leading the overthrow of a dictator backed by the u.s. now relations between the two have a fresh faith. >> change in our own lives and the lives of nations. change is harder when we carry the heavy weight of history on our shoulders. >> it is marked by suspicion and
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animosity, which took the world to the brink of a nuclear war. >> duck and cover under the table. >> it goes back to the 19th century, when americans intervene in the war from spain. cubans ruled their land. the leaders governed with the backing of the u.s. there was economic growth and poverty and resentment. in 1959, fidel castro and his followers fought their way into havana. under him. cuba was a one-party communist state. >> new york station rarely saw anything like it. he travelled to the united states, only to be shunned by president dwight eisenhower who went golfing, forming it out to his vice-president. >> castro said we'll go to washington. but we will not do it like all do, which is cow tow to washington. to get down on the knees and beg for money. >> that's when the president
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began an embargo, and castro responded by nationalizing american business. that's when the u.s. began to try to overthrow castro. the u.s. exiled cubans to the island known as the bay of picks invasion. it failed. behind the scenes, repeatedly they tried to kill him. in 1962, it became the center of the cold war. the soviet union pledged missiles. >> it shall be the policy of this nation to regard any nuclear missile. launched as an attack by the soviet union on the united states. requiring a response. >> this was the most dangers time of the war, one of the most dangerous moments history. in cuba, they were firm enemies.
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the country turned into a stalemate. until this. and the handshake with the u.s. president signalled things could change, and they did. and now with the visit president obama is hoping to solidify the approach. he could only do so much. the embargo could only be list said. >> famous landmarks around the world turned off their lights on saturday to raise awareness of environmental issues. in dubai, they disappeared into the night sky. in russia, the kremlin and other iconic buildings went dark. activists gathered on the red square with candles for planet change awareness.
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in paris, the world famous isle tower plunged into darkness, 7,000 cities in 162 countries are taking part in this year's. plenty more news on the website., the latest on all the top stories there. 7♪ ♪ >> in 2015. evidence of slavery on a massive scale surfaced in the remote islands much eastern indonesia. this is ambon, an indonesian island 600 miles east of australia.


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