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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  March 20, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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is ♪ >> turkeyides the istanbul suicide bomber as a suspected isil member and detains five other people. ♪ hello. this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up: no let-up. desperate refugees continue to brave the dangerous crossing from turkey to greece despite new eu rules to send them back. the country in crisis. we speak to rural brazilians who have lost hope and faith in the political system. and dimming the lights on iconic sites, the climate change.
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hello. we start with a breaking news from iraq where the american military has deployed u.s. marines on the ground to help collision forces fight isil. live. kristin, what more do we know about the deployment and how significant it would be? the news is just breaking. we don't have a lot of it details right now but the marines are part of the expeditionary force. they will be going to iraq to help with operation inherent resolve. we know 36 jus troops are in the region primarily in an advisory and training role. this announcement comes on the hooeldz of an attack in northern iraq on friday that killed a u.s. marine. it's the second death of an american in iraq and this seems to be a reaction to that. it could be an effort to boost
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security for forces there. anything they have to do has to be done in coordination with iraqi forces. iraqi -- the iraqi government is leading the efforts on this this has been done in conjunction with the iraqi government. it is a sfort role. we do not have any details yet. we are working our sources to see if we can find out moreuppo we do not have any details yet. we are working our sources to see if we can find out more but the pentagon saying now that they have sent this additional contention event of marcheens to the area, again, a sign of concern, perhaps in beefing of security in response to the attacks that left one american marine dead on friday. >> kristin thank you very much indeed for the latest on the breaking news. military forces say 24is ill soldiers have been killed and an operation and eight iraqi
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soldiers. the iraqi army launched an operation to retake towns. turkey's interior minister said the suicide attacker responsible for saturday's blast was a member of isil. four others were killed and dozens wounded with a bomber detonated a device on a crowded street. the latest from istanbul. >> reporter: a somber mood. this is the heart of istanbul's commercial lifeline. >> hundreds of people ran for cover. later, the security forces are
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still searching for clues. the forensic police are trying to collect more evidence from the explosion site here behind me and, also, there are some signs and banners that reflect a sense of defiance. one of the banners read that we stand united. the other banner says we won't give in to terrorism. but the general sense among people here is one of worry and concern. >> this woman says ninz could be a suspect. >> istanbul has millions of people living here and many more visit from abroad. now, anything can happen and everyone could be a suspect. >> media reports say dna tests are being done to investigate possible suspect linked to isil. >> terror once again showed it's face targeting civilians. a fight against terrorism will continues with full force in and out of the country. we should act together in our
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fight against terrorism without buts. there have been a defendant stream of attacks, last week a blast in the capitol killed 37 people. kurdish separatists linked to the armed group claimed responsibility. the government insists the country is safe. it will have to convince not only citizens but the millions of tourists who con tribute to its economy. omar assad, istanbul, al jazeera. greece has begun the process to send refugees back to turkey as part of a deal struck between the european union and turkey. as the operation begins to remove some people, more are arriving. a report from le sp os. >> this was supposed to have stopped, but the boats keep coming in.
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europe's refugee crisis is far from over. the latest arrivals are refugees, many from the war torn city. to reach the greek islands. the european agreementt was wanting to encourage seekers but they are hopeful they won't be turned back. >> i don't think they will reject us because we are come from a destroyed city. we are asking for asylum on humanitarian grounds. the situation in turksey bad for us. >> these people want to make their way to mainland europe. some in search of a better life. others to be reunited with their family members who made the journey before them. >> the situation is very bad in aleppo. we endured four years of rocket attacks. i don't want to be sent back to turkey because my father and two sisters are in germany and i
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miss them. tighter restrictions imposed by some european countries and the closure of the balkan route means these people will be stuck here greece is no longer a transit country and there are new rules in place. >> according to the new agreement between the european union and turkey, these new arrivals could be sent back to turkey. they will be given the chance to apply for asylum, but there are no guarantees it will be accepted. >> human rights groups criticized the deal with the eu resettling. they fear they qualify as refugees and require protection. >> it's 10 or 11 kilometers from a greece to turkey. so in the now, they told me, we 6 hours inside the water. okay? the simultaneousler go back to
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turkey. so i don't think they will be agreed to back to turkish 6-year-old hala and her brother are not aware of the new rules and the restrictions. all they know is that they managed to escape war and are hope it that their lives will become better. she tells us she was squared while crossing the sea. she also knows why her family had to do it. the situation in aleppo ask bad because. bombardment, she said. the agreement to send back new arrivals on the islands entered into force on sunday the eu has promised greece assistance to deal with all of the asylum cases. >> may not be the hard part. these people say they won't accept any move to take a step back russian planes have bombed pal mira. the syrian observatory said there were up to sent strikes on the city.
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it says at least 18 isil fighters have been killed. certainia's state news agency. west of palmeria syrian government forces say they have rene taken control of the mountain near a town in homs. it had been held by isil in eastern homs, however, isil seized five checkpoints near an oil field. an industrial town in northern aleppo. >> hundreds of people have been killed in yemen's third largest city, taiz in the latest fighting between houthi rebels. hospitals already stretched are struggling to cope with the rising number of casualties. a report. >> a shell hits near a group of people in taiz. fighting for control of yemen's third largest city has destroyed many areas and killed hundreds of people. >> the city is divided. the government controls districts in the south and east.
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houthi rebels and former president control the west and north. hospitals over overwhelmed with the rising number of casualties. the street was bustling with people when the barrage of shells fired by the houthis landed here, killing many innocent people. >> these are government troops trying to hold a houthi counteroffensive days after suffering losses in taiz. to recapture the military bates. finding has turned into street battles. the government of the president sending reinforcements. these fighters have been deployed to secure the mountains surrounding the city. this is another battlefield in yemen's conflict. government troops launching an offensive to recapture areas and the houthi crowley control. it's one of the last remaining
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houthi-held areas in southern yemen. government forces are backed by local drives and coalition fighter jets. >> the moment has arrived. we have been instructed by the government to launch an offensive to recapture the last remaining areas for the houthis in shebwa. we are ready. i have started to make gains. new recruits are joining the fight the government loyalists. they all say they are determined to defeat the houthis but the fight may not be over yiment soon as neither side seems able to achieve a decisive victory. >> presidents facing impeachment hearings, a former president under investigation and daily street protests. brazil's tension political situation has many losing faith in dilma rue ceph's leadership. a report. ousseff's leadership.
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a report. the noise of protests replaced by sound of horses on cobblestone streets. it's just another day on horseback getting from one place to another. looking at the politicians in his it country, he sees little hope. >> the politicians are only there will from the people and for those of us who are poor or keep trying to figure out how to pay for a back of rice. >> here, people are quiet, humble, working-class and they are watching from afar as their country's government faces the worst crisis in a generation and they are losing faith. win politician, they are corrupt. another who is corrupt, too. everywhere you look, politicians from all sides are corrupt in this country. >> in rio de jenro hundreds of
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thousands took to the streets calling for the impeachment of dilma rousseff who they hold responsible for economic decline and alleged close ties to corrupt officials. probe government supporters responded with huge protests of their own saying it's a coup and they won't stand for it. the deepening crisis threatens to bring down the government and it has the potential to get worse very soon. here in the capitol of brazilia, the political situation could become even more volatile this week. that's when lawmakers here in congress are expected to open the first phase no matter the differences, on this day, the one thing that brings everyone together is their local neighborhood football championship. even those far away from the
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traditional seats of power realize this crisis is one of the worst the country has faced for many years. gabriel, al jazeera, brazilia. joining us from the capitol, brazilia. tell us about this impeachment process. >> reporter: it's move ahead. it's going start here the national congress here, the first phase of it will begin on this tuesday. it's a special commission of over 50 lawmakers from all various different political parties herein brazil and they will be having, they say... >> all right. seems we have lost our line there from brazilia. in the meantime, we will look ahead to what is after a short break, visiting congo heading to polls this sunday and examining why elections there are so
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important. senegal is holding a refer endsum on reducing presidential terms. why the president is coming under fire even though he supports a yes, vote.
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>> hemo. top stories here on al jazeera. the u.s. military deployed marines on the ground to help fight isil in iraq. five others have been arrested after a suicide attacker killed 4 people on saturday.
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a bus carrying students has killed in spain killing 13 people. it happened near a small town about 150 kilometers south of barcelona. 57 people were on board. mostly exchange students. 123ish8 says the driver hit a railing before the bus crossed to the wrong side of the highway and hit a car. more than 30 people were injured. a suspects wanted for involvement in the rwandan genocide has been handed over for trial. arrested three months ago. extradited on sunday to be prosecuted in a u.n.-backed court for crimes against humanity. more than 800,000 people mainly tsusis were killed and thousands raped. voters in the republic of congo are electing their new
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president. widely expected to win although eight other candidates are in the race. ordered a complete shutdown of all communications throughout the vote. a correspondant has been following events in brazilville. >> when the re refer ends youum took place, and wanted people to vote for him and have a third term, people didn't come out in big numbers. look. people are slowly coming out looking for the names on the voter's roam. if the name is on the list that you see, they would go inside to vote. this is a contentious one. the european union are saying that the process is not transparent. the african union has which is different than in burundi last
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year: people are saying maybe the election is a case of double standards. why is that? some political analysts are saying it could be economic interest, generally silent on the election, speeching out about time to extend his term in. it could be because of economic interests. this country has oil. it's the fourth largest oil producer so some people are saying that could be a reason why some seem to be silent and some supporting this particular process that line means people waiting in the door. people going in to vote. this is an opposition stronghold. boycott the elections there. th they want to show how they opposes the process. they want the situation to go into a second round. the president said he will win in the first round opposition
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saying they are not going to get the results if the president wins. >> presidential elections taking place despite an opposition boycott. opponents say the process has been tainted by fraud. here is more. >> this is the frontrunner the president got 48% of the votes in the first round last month. he is expected to win a second term. the opposition is boycotting the vote. we asked our militants and sincere democrats to stay at home and not vote on march the 20th. opposition leaders say the government failed to address poverty and challenges by droughts. it accuses the government of electoral fraud. characterized by irregularities and massive fraud on a scale we have never seen before.
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opposition leader came in second in the first round of votes. he has been in prison since november over accusations of child trafficking which denies. with health deteriorating, he has been taken to paris for treatment. the coalition for, known as copa wants the immediate release of hama and adu. the constitutional court and those results to be declared null and void. supporters of the ruling party say it's a reaction to not getting enough votes. >> boycotting at this stage, the opposition participated in all phases so far in a manner that shows we have a free and fair election. now, they are leaving only after they have realized they are going to lose. >> the opinion on the streets of the capitol is reportedly split on the controversial run-off. what everyone agrees on is the need for political stability. al jazeera. >> senegal, a referendum.
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campaigning for a yes, vote. critics say his support is half hearted at best. nicholas hack reports from the capitto capitol. >> a political it campaign like no other. calling on people to vote yes to cornstitutional changes. yes to more power for the national assembly local government and opposition. these changes are going to give more power to democracy, more power to the people thanks to the leadership. a yes, vote is a referendum will reduce the president's term in office from seven to fives years. never has an african had a state introduce such measures. >> we need to modern on you eyes our institutions to reflect the needs of our people is this
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referendum feels and sounds like a presidential campaign beyond a "yes" or "no" vote, it's a popularity and the trust people have in his policies. back in 2012, he won the presidency because he opposed the incumbent president who was trying to extend his stay in power. he promised to leave office after five years making him popular among voters. some have turned against him. they as well as the political opposition are calling for a "no" vote saying the reforms are too little too late. he has disappointed us because he hasn't pushed for all of the reforms he had promised us during his election. we have given him the opportunity to make radical changes that would benefit the senegal easy people. we want more than what he is
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offering. >> more than three,000 extra police officers have been deployed to ensure this runs smoothly. the yes campaign say they are confident of victory. for them, this election is history in the making. not just for senegal but for the african continent. in this the second time they are electing in an election. broadcast pictures of kim jong un. the stayed need i can't did not specify. on friday, north korea test fired and received strong condemnation from the u.n. security council. >> a controversial film predicting a grim future for
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hong kong has been nominated for best picture. the movie has been selling out in early screenings despite apparent moves to limit its release. rob mcbride has more. >> the film is called "ten years." it's a feature-length package of five short films by different directors that predicts what life will be like in hong kong in 2025. it is a bleak picture. that's in spite of the so-called one country, two systems form of government that is supposed to guarantee hong kong a high level of autonomy. production started in 2014, demanding greater political freedom.
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those real life a variety of events became woven into the film connecting with a hong kong audience we can never imagine and so i think the tone and the mood become a little bit pessimistic. >> there was a riot in hong kong. >> events since then seem to confirm that pessimism. the street violence that happened at chinese new year which many believe was fueled by discontented youth. and the case of the hong kong booksellers who produced works critical of china's leaders, detained and paraded on main land television. the early screenings of the film have sold out in hong kong made less than $100,000. it's certain nearly a million at the box office but some cinemas are afraid of showing it. >> even with that smashing
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record, suddenly, the cinema tell the film maker said no, we are not going to book the film. >> there is now speculation the upcoming hong kong film awards won't be shown in mainland china because of the movie's nomination for best. combine that with the apparent reluctance of some cinemas to show it and the film makers can be excused for thinking their totalitarian pre-dix is starting to come true. rob mcbride, al jazeera, hong kong. >> iconic landmarks dimmed their lights on saturday night to mark their 10th annual th hour. the event was aimed at highlighting climate change and millions turn off their lights for an hour. gerald tan reports. going dark, more than 7,000 cities taking turns to switch off their light for an hour at 8:30 p.m. local time.
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landmarks across moss co illuminated by the candles of those who gathered for the initiative. >> the goal of this event is to remind us of the limits of natural limits, resources and about how finite human life is paris show its love for the environment without the usual romantic flow of the eiffel tower. situate in the blackness of night. from sidney to taipei millions coming together to raise awareness about the environment. climate change has been severe recently. the recent cold weather, a climatic abnormality let me realize the environmental protection for our planet. this is the 10 eth hour. organizers say 60 minutes of
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action worldwide keeps the momentum going to address an issue that's affecting us all. gerald tan, al jazeera. >> a quick reminder, keep up with the stories we are reporting on by checking our website. the address on that is al jazeera .com. are at the listening post and some stories we are looking at this week, pressure ramps up in the streets against dilma rousseff. south africa a complex relationship between zuma government and news out lets in the count interest i and he may be getting more coverage than any one else in the election


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