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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 21, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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♪ more defiance from north korea and rising tension and fire five missiles in the sea of japan. ♪ you are watching al jazeera live from headquarters in doha and ahead guilty of murder and a case that is a running sore between the two countries. obama hails a historic opportunity as cars pack the streets of cuba to welcome it.
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a tennis official accuses women riding on the coat tails of men. ♪ north korea has launched five projectiles in the sea of japan and comes from rising tension and let's cross to adrian brown and china and north korea watching events closely and what action do we have of the latest action from pyongyang? >> debate of what they fired off the waters off the eastern coast on monday and north korea says they were missiles but they are calling them projectiles or possibly military shells but it's the timing of this that is so interesting because on friday north korea said it carried out two ballistic missile tests
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roughly in the same area and the north korea leader warned his military was preparing multiple ballistic missile launches and a nuclear war head test and since february we knew that north korea so far fired 15 missiles of varying shapes and sizes and all this of course is another bitter slap in the face for china and they are the only friend that north korea has and in charge of implementing the sanctions against north korea because so much of what north korea receives passes through china and the port is a busy place normally for exports to north korea but in recent weeks we are told trade there has begun to decrease but nevertheless it's going to be very hard for china to inspect every container and every
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shipment that is destined for the north. we do know according to a japanese news agency two north korean ships were turned away during the past week but china has said all along it doesn't believe that sanctions are what could bring this crisis to an end and they say only negotiation ultimately can succeed but that tactic simply has not worked in the past. >> and you wonder what the international community can do next and china north korea's allies expressing this for pyongyang's action and what can the international community do next since the sanctions are not having an effect, what could they be doing next to reign in north korea? >> well, the problem is i think the north korean leader knows at the end of the day china will do nothing to bring about the north korean regime because that would create instability along china's border and create the one thing
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that china fears most hundreds of thousands of refugees pouring across its border but china is very deeply concerned about what is happening right now and that was brought really to bear at a news conference at the end of the national people's congress when they were asked from the times a newspaper here in china and he said whose side would china have fought on if there is another war on the korean peninsula and they said what china wants is a denuclearized china and placed in the heads of some people that some chinese people are not regarding north korea as the ally it once was. >> thank you very much adrian for us live in beijing. in other world news a russian court found a ukrainian pilot to murder a journalist and killed
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a journalist in 2014 and she says she was captured by rebel backed fighters in eastern ukraine and should have been treated as a prisoner of war and a guilty verdict that comes as no surprise really. >> no, it doesn't come as any surprise and actually the defense team has been saying all along and even in their view it was a political trial she still will be found guilty. she was found guilty but we don't know what sentence she is receiving yet because that is very typical to the russian judicial process. the judge has pronounced the verdict then now he is going through the deliberations of both the prosecution and the defense and finally he will review the reasoning of the court. that process could take up to two days especially in such a high profile case so it's either later today or tomorrow tuesday
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we will find out if she has been sentenced indeed to the 23 years asked by the prosecution or she received a lower sentence. >> both russia and ukraine have a lot of attention on this case and you wonder what impacts this guilty verdict is going to have on the already very bad relations between these two countries. >> well, it is a verdict that both sides expected. now and i think nadia herself is the symbol of all what is wrong between these two countries and here in russia she is portrayed in the media and considered by many as a villian who killed journalists and ukraine a hero and compared to joan of arc and this verdict at this stage doesn't come out as a surprise but it certainly is not going to improve any relations between the two countries >> in moscow with the latest
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there thank you very much hada. barack obama hailed a historic opportunity in his first comments since arriving in cuba and the first president to visit the island island innel 8 years and it was captured from a street in havana and airforce one coming in with driving blue sedans and a half a century and a world away from modern america and patty sent us this report from havana. >> with this step president barack obama is hoping to change the course of history, the first sitting american president in 88 years to step foot on cuban soil. >> glad you had a chance to bring your families here because i always like taking pictures with kids, that is the future that we hope for. young american children, young cuban children by the time they are adults our hope is they think it's natural that a u.s.
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president should be visiting cuba and think it's natural the two people are working together. >> reporter: that wasn't the case here, for more than five de dead -- decades and invasion of exiles and even assassination attempts and president obama hoping engagement might work better and made it possible for americans to do what he and his family did, become tourists and also changed the rules so some american businesses can operate here running flights, moving cargo and selling communications equipment but he can't lift the embargo without congress and won't happen unless cuba takes big steps first >> the you come here you can't hire who you want and have to go through state run hiring organizations, there is dual currency which is a challenge and 10% charge if you want to use dollars.
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>> reporter: the cuban police arrested the ladies in white after their protest just hours after the president arrived. >> translator: this is not the moment for u.s. government to change and we have not changed and nothing changed about human rights. >> reporter: president under pressure back home to show she will pressure them over human rights records and he will speak directly to the cuban people but top aids say he is walking a fine line because he needs the cuban government to speed up the reforms and knows he needs momentum because if not the next president could simply pull the plug. that is something the cuban people seem well aware of. >> nobody knows what is happening but we think cuba and united states, you know, we are open. >> reporter: the president hoping this visit will help that seeing a u.s. president will be an event was not a moment like this, one that history will
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remember. patty with al jazeera, havana, cu cuba. russia warned it can use force of those accused of a ceasefire in syria and opposition are due to resume in geneva and rebels accused president bashar el assad about not being serious about negotiations and staffan de mistura has separate talks with the high negotiations committee and the syrian government delegation to find a solution to end the war in syria. air strikes in northern iraq killed at least 25 people and injured around 70 others. the u.s. and its allies hit an area mosul university and shops nearby, the city has been held by i.s.i.l. for over a year now. on sunday the u.s. military confirmed it carried out 16 strikes against i.s.i.l. over the weekend. a football match between two big
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teams has been cancelled over concerns and it had been scheduled for sunday evening and called off because of intelligence about a potential threat. monday marks the kurdish new year and rules and it will be muted in the kurdish southeast region and the first new rules since the kurdistan, pkk and kurdish military and clashes between the sides left many people homeless and we report. >> reporter: the kurdish new year since the collapse of the ceasefire and what it looks like. every single person is checked on entry to the districts for explosive bells. up and down the main commercial street almost every side alley is blocked by police. the turkish police checked us with the shots and no faces and nothing to jeopardize control. there is no trace left of pkk
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flags that used to fly and the kurdistan worker party has been going on four months and decision of pchl pkk to fight here left desperate choices. >> translator: never seen anything like it and have to leave home in these cloths and wore them for four months and don't have a wife and my son and wife went to stay with other relatives and i live with my friends and won't come back here. >> translator: i never left here. it was very difficult the sound of bombs and guns and i have my family with mow, six children and we have been waiting for it to end. we had food and water and managed to survive. >> reporter: before the ceasefire ended they had been getting back on its feet with the help of state money, now the regional government is having to pay to put families up in hotels, fighting in these narrow streets caused huge collateral tam. turkish military will not let us
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go down the streets where fighting is worst because they are still looking forrings plow explosive devices but it seems for themselves and according to turkish authorities pkk fighters killed and 460 0 families displaced from their homes and operation right here is happening right now in another suburb. there kurrish men watched soldiers and armored vehicles from the outside, none would go on camera over fears of repercussions and the mood is of fear and loathing and sense of oppression by the turkish forces and kurds wish the pkk never picked its fight in such built up areas. >> translator: illegal and legal groups started the struggle again in the city center this time but the state reaction was hash and if there were naeighborhoods and now the are burning the entire city.
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>> reporter: many will not attend few year festivitys because it's too volitile and nothing to celebrate the new year, al jazeera. coming up, after the break on al jazeera protesters and presidential candidates defend on apac the proriz ral lob guy group and could australia be facing another election? we report from a country where their seems to be no change and prime ministers often are in their shoes. ♪
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♪ welcome back our top stories on al jazeera, north korea launched five projectiles in the sea of japan and flew 200 kilometers in the eastern coast and three days after pyongyang fired a medium range missile for the first time since 2013. a court found a ukrainian pilot guilty of murdering two journalists and the case has come to symbolize h and should have been treated as a prisoner of war. president obama visiting in 90 years and meeting his counterpart castro and warming relations between the two countries. but obama's visit is dividing cuban americans and andy
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gallagher reports from miami where there are a million cuban exiles. >> reporter: inside the studios the broadcasters have a unique missions and for seven days a week and short wave radio they transmit to the people of cuba and say it's a message of resistance. for ten years they have been reporting on cuba's opposition movement and for many years president obama visit is in the step in the wrong direction. >> he is be friending castro and it should be divorced and engage with the resistance and cuban people and the thing positive to cuba is using substantial international leverage he has for free elections. >> reporter: echoed by many in the exiled community and for those that came here many years ago any move to normalization is not well received. >> every time castro takes the
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microphone he reiterates they are not going to change this. >> reporter: arrived at a teen and spent her life fighting for change on the island and thinks president obama's visit visit sends the wrong message. >> going there at a moment when there is more oppression and our visit will power those in power. >> reporter: there is still deep skepticism for the normalization process and say it began over a year ago and not seeing the concessions they would like to see for the cuban people and people who were born in the united states they do things very differently. sympathetic to how cuban americans feel and ready to embrace a new approach. >> folks of my generation tend to be a little bit more curious about what changes in policies
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would yield and it's different and i don't have the scars and trauma of being in exile like my grandparents do. >> reporter: every cuban wants better things for the island and how it's done causes friction and andy gallagher, al jazeera, miami, florida. joe biden said there is no political will of israelis and palestinians for move forward the peace process and tom ackerman reports from the annual conference in washington. >> reporter: this year a record 18,000 people have made the pilgramage to washington and the apex mission strengthening and promoting israel and lobbying effectively for more military aid to israel and in the past years for advanced sales to arab governments like the radar planes to saudi arabia which was
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once opposed but it's out dated and the greater menace is here. >> and they are my friend and many the past you are right weapons to these countries, they now have a common interest. >> reporter: last year apec lobbied congress to reject the deal that froze iran's nuclear program but the campaign failed and under minded the traditional policy against taking sides between democrats and republicans in the u.s. political arena. still the group program messes to keep up the pressure on iran and heard one opponent of the deal and warned remaining sanctions are losing power to curb the regular ambitions. >> when things are techicily prohibited they erode. this disturbs this woman. >> it's important from where we
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stand in this conference to get the right answers and how afraid we should be and how deep the problem is. >> reporter: most americans agree with two in every three opposed to the nuclear deal according to a recent gap -- gallop poll. >> reporter: but four democrats and republicans will here to court their votes, tom ackerman, al jazeera, washington. australia's prime minister threatened to take the country to early election and a vote will have to be held in july if the senate fails to pass legislation to regulate trade unions and andrew thomas is in sidney and has this update. announcer: all mps both in the house of representatives and the senators in the reviewing chain
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and the senate are up for reelections. there are two theories why he is doing this, one official and one unofficial, the official reason the prime minister gave is he is fed up with the senate and blocking relations he wants to get through and says unless they as that legislation and the double election will put all their positions up for tender and hoping they will pass legislation and the other reason is he is hoping they do continue to block this legislation and can have the earlier election which he thinks he can win opinion polls suggest but soon he and his party will problem win it and win it in the senate as well as in the house of representatives because of new voting laws that came into even just last week that would ensure that tiny micro parties and independence and much harder to get seats in the senate and established parties would find
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it easier to get elected in the senate and have a clear run in the house of representatives and the senate that is why many people here are saying he wants an earlier election on july the second. staying in australia where on the great barrier reef coral reaching has spread and raised the threat level to the highest point and bleaching happens when they lose color due to warmer temperatures and it has turned white and gray in more parts of the reef than previously thought. now on this day ten years ago a young software developer in the u.s. sent a message that changed the way millions around the world communicate and it was the first tweet and twitter had its ups and down and here is our editor to talk with more. >> may not be a force of nature but over ten years the twitter bird has become a force online and today 320 million people use
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twitter every month and pushing out around 6,000 tweets a second that is 500 million tweets every day and the trouble is these figures appear to have stalled and twitter's share price hit $69 and after it went public it's sitting at $17 and twitter is struggling to attract new user as facebook and google become increasingly dominant. at its launch it was a new and revolutionary way to communicate. during arab spring five years ago it was widely used to help protesters organize but since then it has been used to launch observe vicious personal attacks. >> it has become a space where people also experienced really, really challenging personal invasion of what is for many a workspace by people who have particular sort of one-sided.
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twitter criticized for responded too slowly to on line harassment and has a reporting system but for some the public platform is too risky. >> we heard stories where people have been burned by tweets that were misconstrued or tweets they said in the spur of the moment so i think giving them more control for individual tweets might get people back to the platform. >> reporter: twitter struggled to earn kind of money that google and facebook are making on line and in ten years it lost more than $2 billion prompting increasing moves to sed advertising on the platform. >> what they are really doing is they are profiling you and ponetizing you and that is a very lucrative business but it's against the people who use the platform and who want a quick means of communicating.
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>> reporter: to win more users twitter has been making changes including last year's launch of its live video per scope and users taking care of how and what they tweet but for many it remains as it always has been, the possibility to connect and communicate in real time with an unprecedented number of people. the biggest tennis tournament outside the grand slam but as soon as djokovic won their titles on sunday attention turned to the role of female players in tennis and we have more about what is sexism in tennis. >> reporter: indian wells one of the richest joint events in professional tennis and the price of money for men and women tournament here is a same, the same of pay parody in sport but
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they call it a travesty. >> when i come back in the next life i want to be someone in the nta and arrive on coat tails of men and don't make a decision and was very lucky and if i was a lady player i would go down every night on my knees and thank god that roger federer and nadel were born. >> reporter: extremely poor taste and they issued a statement calling it disappointment and alarming and djokovic said stats are showing we have much more spectators than men's matches and one of the reasons why maybe we should get awarded more. the argument over equal pay in tennis and other professional sport is not new and some say women tennis players should be
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paid less because of fewer games in the grand slam and it's the best of three sets as opposed for the best of five for men and women's games can last just as long and attract even more viewer, one of the biggest stars of tennis is a rain that williams sell out even before the men's. >> i'm totally surprised especially with me and venus and the rest of the women on the tour have done well and last year the women final open played the final and it was sold out before the men's final. >> reporter: tennis is one of the few where they have equal prize money for men and women and even then the salary of most male athletes far out stripped them and last year the top ten highest earners were all male,
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gerald tan, al jazeera. more sports news check out our website and the top news stories on there as well and that of course is the historic visit by the u.s. president barack obama to cuba, all of that on al >> i didn't come to journalism objectivity. i deeply believe in having an extreme bias toward reality. >> in her youth, she traveled europe and the near east and worked as a nude model and danced ber lesk. >> so much of women is maintaining this sort of pearly innocent purity. i hated that idea. i hated it. >> crapapple has drawn migrant labor camps, illustrated the conflicts in palestine and ri