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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 21, 2016 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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>> barack obama hails this opportunity in havana in the reconciliation of the u.s. and cuba. hello again, this is al jazeera live from doha, also ahead. police in belgium issue information about leamed accomplishment t accomplish--led accomplice to salah
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abdelslam. and under the oceans and the coral reef. >> this is the second day to barack obama's second historic visit to cuba. in this case it is true. the symbolism of the visit captured in a single image from a street in havana. air force one flying over a street in cuba driving 1950s sedans. we're in havana. patty has hailed it as an historic opportunity. what are his main aims? >> well, his main goal is to set these, they say the cuban people who are working in the airport,
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they burst into a round of applause. for the cuban people, they're hoping this is a new beginning, that they can start to do things that they haven't been able to do for a half century like rebuild some of the buildings that are crumbling beneath them. the president knows this is an executive action. every step they've taken from allowing flights to come in, commercial flights to come in. all that can be undone by the next president. and he's unlikely to get the embargo lifted in his time left in office. he has brought business leaders with him. he brought jimmy buffet last night. they're trying to get the relations cemented so there is political pressure on the next president not to turn back the clocks. in other words if there is a building here and workers are here, they might be more willing to fight to keep cuba open to
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the american people. >> how does congress view this visit? >> the republicans in congress are absolutely aghast. they put out all sorts of editorials saying he's being an apologist and simply rewarding the castro government. they talk about the human rights record. that is a concern for this president. he's walking this very fine line because he wants to push the castro government without anglering them to the point saying we want to slow down reforms because the president sees it as a key issue. he'll meet with raul castro in an official state visit. we don't know if they're going to do a press conference. they have been pushing for a meeting. at the same time, he's going to try to push the cuban governme
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government, talk about their human rights records, he's going to meet with dissidents, and find out if the cuban government will let them out of their house to meet with the president. he's going to give a speech directly to the cuban people. he's going to say we don't want to overthrow your government, but at the same time the president is doing things that he believes will lead to the fall of communism, speaking with entrepreneurs and make sure that residents can get access to the internet. patty cuhlane in havana. have you verthank you very much, indeed. we're waiting on a press conference where the prosecutors will give more details of the
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24-year-old man that they are seeking. he's believed to travel to syria in 2013. let's get more information from al jazeera's neave barker who is in brussels. what do we know? >> well, adrian, before we wait for more details from the belgium and french prosecutors, they're about to give a joint press conference we've already gained some information from the belgium. they say they have launched a public appeal to identify a person they believe was a close associate of salah abdelslam. he has been named as a 24 years who uses a false documents. he traveled to syria back in 2013, and returned to europe,
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and he made at least two separate trips in september to hungary. and may have been stopped at the hungarian-austrian border by border guards along with abdelslam, too. authorities say they've been able to track him down using dna in and around the belgium capital. we're hearing that dna may have been found on explosives used in the paris attacks. this is a key development. he is the first newly named individual since the address of salah abdelslam on friday. we've been given the suggestion in the wake of new information that is arriving as a result of the interview process of salah abdelslam, of course he's being held in a maximum security
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prison, that new names may be give, that means that new levels of security will be given at borders. >> thanks very much, indeed. yemeni government officials say that brokered talks could be held at the end of this month, and it could lease to a cease-fire. the announcement was made. >> as he arrived in the yemeni capital, the job ahead for the united nations envoy isn't easy. he's trying to convince all sides to end the war and negotiate a political compromi compromise. vast attempts to strike a deal failed because of growing divisions. houthi rebels will still control the capital saying they are the legitimate authority. but the government backed by a
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saudi-led coalition said that the war will continue until they are disarmed. but on the ground hopes for peace are overshadowed by the fighting. this is the district in the oil rich province of marid. it has been taken by pro government troops. the army said that it is waiting for orders to go into sanaa. >> the national army has been formed only nine months ago but it has expanded. now it leads the fight in taiz and other areas. we're making major gains. >> the army backed by tribesmen is on the offensive, which is one of the last remaining rebel-held areas in southern yemen. but the houthis have put up a strong resistence. hundreds of their fighters are holding ground in the mountainous region. >> my unit is advancing. we have broken through enemy
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lines. >> fighting also continues in the city of taiz. the government is trying to retake yemen's third largest city on the main highway that links the south to the capital. hundreds of soldiers and civilians have been killed here all of this is a reminder of the challenging task facing the united nations envoy. al jazeera. >> zanzibar's ruling candidate has been declared the winner in the semi autonomous islands. malcolm webb reports. >> ruling party supporters are celebrating their victory. but throughout the island opposition supporters are not happy at all. they say the poll election was illegal and a fraud. they say they won the election in october last year and they say was free and fair. but for that reason they boy
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caughted and the ruling party won with 90%. >> past elections have been sometimes been violent and it's been a heavy deployment of police and soldiers. opposition can blame some of their activists have been intimidated and attacked by people working with the security agencies but the ruling party denies that the police are helping it with the political agenda. they say that the election was free and fair and supporters are celebrating what they say is a legitimate victory. >> just ahead here on al jazeera where in southern turkey kurds are welcoming the first day of spring with little to celebrate. the early bird catches the world, we don't know what that means, but twitter is ten years old today. we'll tell you more about that.
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>> the only live national news show at 11:00 eastern. >> we start with breaking news.
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>> let's take a closer look. >> hello again. barack obama is on the second day of his visit to cuba. the first sitting u.s. president to visit in 90 years. he's set to meet with raul castro later. the latest sign of warming relations. prosecute necessary belgium are appealing for information for a man believed to be an accomplice of the main suspect in the paris attacks. the police are seeking details about the 24-year-old, who is believed to have traveled in syria in 2013.
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zanzibar's ruling candidate has been declared the winner in a semi autonomous islands. he ha has governed for the last five years. the war crimes trial against a congolese politician. it's a case focusing heavily on rape as a weapon of war. let's take you to the haig. paul brennan is there. give us some of the background to this case. >> yes, the judge presiding judge in this case is i think coming to the end of the verdict summary that she has been given. we haven't heard formerly whether or not the charges of crimes against humanity and war crimes have been ruled to be proved or not. but the way the summary has been going i have to say that it's looking inevitable that there be guilty verdicts at the end of
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this. we're talking about a period from october of 2002 to spring of 2003 where they were sent across the border to prop up the president there, who is facing an attempted coup at the time. but what actually took place when soldiers arrived were horrific crimes including rape and pillage and murder. >> paul, many thanks, indeed. reporting live there from the hague. >> three turkish soldiers have been killed in a bomb attack in southeastern turkey. is happened in a town close to the syrian border. fighting with the pkk and kurdish workers party cease
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since the heights of fighting in july. >> it's the first kurdish new year every single person is checked for explosive belts. up and down the main commercial streets almost every side alley is blocked by armed police. the turkish police followed us while we filmed and checked every shot. no faces, nothing to jeopardize their control. there is no trace of the pkk flags that used to fly. the military operation against the workers party has been gone and they left kurdish civilians with desperate choices. >> it has not ended yet.
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i've never seen anything like it. i have to leave home in these clothes, and i've worn them for the last four months. i don't have a wife. my son and his wife went to stay with other relatives. i live with my friends. i won't come back here. >> i never left here. i have my family with me, six children. we have been waiting for it to end. we had some food and water and we managed to survive. >> before the cease-fire ended, they had been getting back on its feet with the help of state money. now the regional government is having to pay to put families up in hotels fighting in these narrow streets caused huge collateral damage. >> fighting is at its worse because they're still looking for explosive devices. but statistics really speak for themselves. according to the turkish authorities, more than 300 pkk fighters killed, and 4,600
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families displaced from their homes. in an operation just like the one that happened here is also happening right now in another suburb. >> there. kurdish men watch their armored vehicles moving outside. the mood is one of fear and loathing. for all the presences, many kurds wish that the pkk had never picked its fight in such built up areas. >> the illegal and legal groups started their struggle in the city center this time, but the state reaction was very harsh. even if there were two neighborhoods for the pkk they damaged the whole city. they used to burn villages, and now they're burning the whole city. >> during the cease-fire hundreds of thousands celebrat ed only a tiny fraction turned out and land that should have been full is now empty.
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for many kurds it is a sour new year. >> a judge in russia said that the ukrainian pilot is complicit in the killing of two russian versus. the former verdict still has to be confirmed. he's accused of directing mortar fire that killed the journalists in eastern ukraine in 2014. the judge said that she was driven by political hatred and she said she was captured by pro-russian separatists and should have been treated as a prisoner of war. the case has come to symbolize the poor relations between the two countries. now we were telling you a few moments ago about the case at the international war crimes tribunal at the hague against the former congolese politician. we've had the first of the verdict in that case. he has been found guilty of war crimes we're not sure about the
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other charges that he was facing yet. the verdict is still handed down as we speak. paul brennan is in the hague. paul? >> yes, the judge sylvia steiner has been summing up the verdict in excess of an hour. there were no surprises that we now discover that she decided that the case against the politician is that he is guilty. he's facing five charges, two cases of crimes against humanity and two war crimes and we've heard the most horrific details of what happened when his private member militia forces moved across the border in the spring of 2003. tales of rape, gang rape, grows
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sexual humiliation carried out by their soldiers. the question at the heart of this case is ho how much control did he have over their troops. the defense argued that once they crossed into the central african border, they were no longer under his command. what the judges have decided is throughout this whole area he was in effective control of his troops. he had direct line of communication with his generals and he issued disciplinary process against certain soldiers. yet he didn't do anything to stop the kind of crimes that we've heard about in this long, long trial five years this trial has been going on. so the guilty verdict comes as no surprise. the sentencing will take place later. i can tell you that the reaction of human rights groups and groups to do with rape as a weapon of war will be hugely cheered by this verdict as it
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was ands is a landmark case where rape is a weapon of war and has been put front and center of a criminal case against a former leader. >> paul, many thanks, live there in the hague. we were talking there about the international criminal court has convicted the congolese former vice president and has been ordered to be detained pending sentencing. north korea has launched five projectiles into the sea of japan. it comes as tensions continue to rise over pyongyang's nuclear program. it's not immediately clear if these projectiles were missiles or artillery fire. adrian brown has an update for us. >> well, a big debate as to what the north korean military did or didn't fire. the south korean military is
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calling them projectiles, but it's the timing that is interesting. of course on friday north korea said that it carried out two about a his take missiles tests roughly in the same area. then a few days before that the north korean leader warned that his country's military was preparing for multiple ballistic missile launches and nuclear warhead tests. now since early february we know that the north koreans have launched 15 projectiles of varying sizes. this is deeply unsettling for china because china is about the only friend that north korean has and china at the moment is largely in charge of implementing the sanctions that will be imposed on north korea and are being imposed on north korea because 70% of what that country receives passes through china. but, of course, implementation is going to be the issue. is china really going to be able to inspect every container and
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shipment bound for north korea? china does not believe that sanctions in themselves will bring the north koreans around. it says it wants to return to negotiations. but for the moment the north koreans are ignoring those appeals. they're defying china and they continue to defy the international community. >> coral reefs host some of the world's most biologically diverse ecosystems. this australia's great barrier reef or it was many parts of the reef now experiencing the devastating effect of coral bleaching, the vibrant colors draining away. >> australia's great barrier reef is in trouble. once the kaleidoscope of colla color, it is turning to white and gray. known as bleaching. latest underwater pictures show the extent of the problem.
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coral reef bleaching occurs in changing conditions. last summer was the hottest summer, and it showed. the death of the coral is coupled with the loss of fish and other marine life. the australian government has declared the highest level of alert protecting the great barrier reef is no easy task. the unesco world heritage site is 200 kilometers long. but the effects of climate change is becoming more difficult to ignore. the distress signals are getting louder. >> we'll take you now to brussels where belgium and frequence prosecutors are appealing for further information about a man believed to be an accomplice in th to the main suspect in the paris
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attacks. >> became more important as we were aware that we're dealing with a group who does not know the borders, and has problems with french collaboration, a cultural relationship is vital before the paris attacks we met on a regular basis, and three days before the 14th of november we were in morocco. with our respective teams we talked about the inquiry that has seen a lot of development over the last few days, as you know, with the arrest of mr. abdelslam. we know that the inquiry has not ended. and as you're able to see through the press releases of the federal prosecution that
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there are still other people who are wanted. i want to welcome enormous work done by our teams on both sides of the border, and i express all my thoughts to the victims of these horrible dramas. >> thank you, frederick. first i would like to emphasize the quality of the enormous work that has been achieved by the belgium investigating judge and of the quality of the work under the instructing judge by all the anti-terrorist investigators of the brussels police are meeting again with my colleague frederick. i would like to again highlight the quality of the contacts that exist today. not just today of today but of
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longstanding. the prosecutor and myself both teams the paris prosecution office and the belgium prosecution. i would like to emphasize to you today to what extent the quality of international collaboration is vital for countries effected by terrorism for the success legal cooperation between france and belgium is very rich it has to go through certain number of factors, what we call in our jargon international criminal procedures. four teams are in progress currently. related to the case of the 13th of november. 15 applications, criminal applications are in progress.
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the cooperations will goes through regular meetings, regular meeting structured, and for the attacks on the 13th of november we have direct contacts in the night that followed the attack. and from the 14th of november we took the decision to initiate proceedings. this cooperation has regular meetings either bilateral context between the federal prosecution and the anti-terrorist team in paris. we're here in brussels to share all the information on the development of the case. we meet each other twice a year in a more structured way, and finally we're in a multi lateral context because we both belong to a group of four countries
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belgium, france, morocco, and spain. which combines the four prosecutions. this bilateral is based on a certain number of factors which is vital. >> you've been watching live coverage on brussels and the terror attacks. we'll have more on that later in the hour, i'm stephanie sy. history is being made in havana. president obama is 30 minutes away from meeting with raul castro in cuba. here when he landed. >> it's been nearly 90 years since the u.s. president stepped foot in cuba. it is wonderful to be here. >> this is day two of the president's three-day visit. the culmination of a diplomatic thaw. the president and his cuban current part raul castro. we join melissa chan in