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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 22, 2016 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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.. . .. . ♪ . >> the death toll at least 24. there were two explosions as brussells airport. and here are the brussells metro, another explosion at the station. >> it has been confirmed according to federal prosecutors that these men were in their opinion behind the attacks.
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very good to have your company, watching al jazeera. live in london, also in this program. >> as the prime minister appeals for calm, brussells still on lock down. and people are told to stay where they are. >> we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally, to bring to justice those who are responsibility. and this is another remind tear the world must unite. >> barack obama condemns the attack during his trip to cuba. note ♪. >> the islamic state of iraq, isil, has said it was behind separate attacks in brussells that left at least 34 people dead. this is what we know so far. those who died lost their lives in two locations. hundreds of people have been
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hurt. the first attacks were inside the main airport. killing 14 people. that's at the airport. and then a blast on a commute eritrean, and a central brussells underground station, killed at least 20. we understand that was inside a tunnel. now, the suicide attacks were at least one of them we know was a suicide attack, appears to target morning travelers. the airport, that is about 8:15 in the morning. some witnesses say gunshots were heard, and we understand that at least one has been found at the scene. a third explosive device was found later destroyed at the airport by bomb disposal experts. move on an hour from that, and the commuter train that the station in central brussells, the station which is only 100-meters from the european parliament, and all this took place just to the east of the suburb. and that is where the alleged
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organizer of the paris attacks last november, the election organizers was shot and arrested by police on friday. he is in custody. the chief prosecutor says he wants these people. two primary suspects for the event in belgium today. this is a security camera picture from the airport two are believed to be suicide bombers. we do not know if he is involved in the attacks or involved in the metro station, but also wanted, that man. we will be talking to lee barkers, who is pretty close to the metro state. but first, let's hear from this report on the days events. >> the immediate shock after
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the attack. a haze of confusion and chaos. and the realization of what just happened. >> in the seconds that followed people turns to each other for comfort. once again, the routine of people's lives of making every day journeys shattered. and the dash to escape the danger inside. >> i am so scared. i feel like it is the end of the world. >> this woman was in an airport bathroom when the attackers struck. >> i hurried, and all the ceilings are going down, and i just go under the sink, and then the second explosion went, and then everything is black. >> across the city, another attack in the metro station. men, women, and children, aabandonned escaping as
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quickly as they could. the injured treated on the pavement. the army keeping guard. the shock felt everywhere. an immediate shut down of the public transport system was ordered, and the possibility of further attacks and immediate concern. one rescue organization appeals for people to stay where they were. >> the shock waves of this apparently coordinated attack have already rippled across the continent. brussells airport, the injured have been taken to hospitals the dead to mortuaries. now the grim task of identified those kills begins. just months after the last major attack in europe, fears of another strike on civilians in public places have been realized. take a look at this, this is the damage caused by at least one of the explosions. where those completely blown out, the management there say
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the airport will stay closed on wednesday. closed on wednesday at least, and looking at that, it would appear it is going to be a great deal longer than that before they can get anything back to normal. lee barker pretty close to all of that, been there most of the day, bring us up to date with what you believe to be the latest news? >> well, as you said there, it happened a short while ago by the chief executive who confirmed at the very least the airport would be closed until thursday. a tremendous amount of damage inside. the whole facade of the airport has been destroyed. a large portion of the roof has collapsed also. investigators now are continuing to pour over the scene. gathering important dna, evidence. this remains of course a closed crime scene, a murder scene, whatever evidence is gathered here can have a
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significant impact on on going investigations into the on going inquiry. we have information about the third device that they discovered here that according to local officials has been destroyed. that was described in some media outlets as a bomb, and others as a suicide vest. and ooze you mentioned there, the introduction, the attention is now focused on the location of a man in white that appeared in the that photograph that has been widely circulated in the belgium media, and is now believed that the two men in black in that image were responsible for carrying out suicide attacks although we only have had confirmation of oned is attack so far. although the other is looking increasingly probable. >> yeah, we understand that as yob are alluding to there, that the man in white has had a wanted notice posted in his
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name. i don't know whether we have a name, but the terror suspect is there describing him. any links announced by the police? the alleged master mind of the attacks that was captured earlier on this week, or indeed one ofs his associations. we had his identity released yesterday and a picture of him? >> of course, after isil has claimed responsible for these attacks it is very much at the forefront of the investigators minds that there is a link, a direct or indirect link to his arrest on friday. on monday, basing their findings on the early results of the interrogation the belgium prosecutor said that they were looking for a 24-year-old. they believe that he has returned from syria back in
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2013, had been a close association of his. both french and belgium prosecutors said that they were looking for this man, and put out a public appeal for any information that may well lead to his arrest. something that also came out of the anyone round about him, was the fact that he was in possession of more weapons and that him and his association had planned to carry out further attacks here in belgium. which, of course, led to a series of new alerts being issued by the authorities. i don't think anyone at that stage, when these were first issued imagined that this would happen only four days after his arrest. >> okay, let's lee barker at the airport. i understand about 200 flights at least, have been canceled at the airport, and suggesting unlikely to be operation in any shape or form until tomorrow at the
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very earliest. let's go to brussells, paul brennen, my colleague is there for us live. paul, i know you were pretty close to the metro stop where there was the explosion earlier on today. i know you have moved around bit, but the central brussells had been locked down, people told not to move, has that changed? >> yeah, it is slowly chaining. there is a huge amount of areas that are still closed here in central brussells. it is a massive operation that is on going, i am afraid. there are vehicles police vehicles and unmarked cars that are moving through the streets. we can hear the sirens playering and you can see different squads involved as well. both uniform police, army, and unmarked plain clothes police officers too. it is clear, there are operations on going, we have
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been told there are house searches and raids being mounted and probably on going even now. the areas where they are taking place, have been requested by them not to say for security reasons but it is clear that this is a major and on going operation. where i am standing which is the large four lane highway which by sects the center. it goes straight through the european union headquarters. they are either side of this mane highway, and the metro station would have been used and will be used again by many of the same diplomates and civilian office workers that would have been targeted by this blast this morning. the area of the blast over my shoulder about 300 meters behind me. it is still screened off by the police van with screens. we saw about an hour ago, a large number of presence sick officers in their white paper overalls coming out from the
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metro station been and the area of the security may have shrunk but believe me there is still a large police operation which is on going. >> paul, i am going to put up on the screen, the pictures of the three men -- of the two men in plaque who may well have killed themselves or been killed at the airport, but the man on the right is the man we understand have issued this wanted notice for, the man in the light colored jacket, with the hat on. he is seen with them shortly before the explosionst the airport about an hour later, paul, that there were the explosions on the metro near you, just looking at this travel, sites you could fete from where he is to that tunnel within 30 minutes is that your understanding. >> i do understand exactly what you are suggesting and
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it is a very plausible possibility. that this third suspect, that is shown in that still photograph, that has been confirmed as showing the three suspects, it's possible that he was able to dispatch the 2 upon the mission and then go about his deadly task himself. we are hearing from the federal prosecutor, there's a news conference that is due to commence shortly, or might just be getting underway. and we are hoping to find out more details about the status of the police investigation so far, and certainly more about these three. it is a very plausible theory that you are putting forward, perhaps the prosecutor can put some flesh on that. >> it is something that is worth investigating, thank you, in what looks to be an area quite central of brussells. this march evening, foreign
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leaders quick to condemn what happened at the airport say the explosions are on attack on the whole of europe, security stepped up at different locations as you may expect, and this report is from barnabie phillips. >> the shock waves of events in brussells have spread far and wide. in britain, where up until recently the peace rarely carry guns they deploy armed and greater numbers the british government held an emergency meeting. >> here in london make sure we are don't everything we can to empart our security, and there will be increased security, underground stations and international railway stations as you would expect. >> the british authorities are not complacent. but they do enjoy some advantages over countries on the european mainland.
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what we have seen in france and been jump is a new phase where -- they are far more access, more many firearms in the country. we don't have that problem in the u.k. so much. so they have a different set of brocks. >> in france, memories of the paris attacks are still raw. here too, there was heightened security. >> terrorism has hit belgium, but europe was targeted at the whole world is concerned. we need to realize the extent and gravity of these terrorist threats, these attacks and others paris was particularly targeted last year. in the month of january, and in the month of november. on the continent i am thinking of africa, but we are facing a global threat, which demands a global response. from germany too. >> it appears to be clear that the targets of the
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attacks and the metro station, indicate this was not just against belgium, it is against our freedom. our freedom of movement, mountain, and against everybody that is part of the e.u. that's why we are effected by this attack. >> and other european government express concern and solidarity. >> this is the station in london from where trains normally run, but they were stopped soon after these attacks. and all over europe, people are asking themselves is this the new normal? transport disruption, and extra security. and then there are the political effects to open borders and to it's treatments of migrant and refugees. two consequences of today's events will be felt across europe for a long time to come. al jazeera, in lon done. >> i will bring in justin crump, security expert, who has been with us for some time.
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and put you on the spot here, do you think there's any way that belgium forces, security officials could have should have prevented this? >> was there a way they could have, possibly. anything is possible. a lot of things if you see something say something. and the best people to detect suspicious activity are the people themselves general population, being aware that something was out of keeping. for example, before the paris attacks if bout detonators allegedly but it was a suspicious purchase, and the gentleman that sold them said i felt bad about that when i sold them but never reported it. it is those clues that sometimes take place. especially when people are being so savvy about technology use, using one time mobile phones as they did in paris. or trying to make use of encryption of devices. >> .
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>> the two on the left, we understand may well have killed themselves or been killed the man on the right that they are looking for now. if you are trained as these people have been, if you are trying to avoided detection, ate peers to have a hat over his face, but the others don't seem to care, does that tell you something? >> it is potential this is someone involved going on to do something else. >> this was taken at the airport about an hour before somewhere, somehow, detonated the device on the metro which is 30 minute train ride away. >> yeah, so it is quite possible that this is a third attacker. that is one hypothesis, and as we saw in paris sometimes people do get away.
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they are intended to fin wish a shoot out as we have seen. whether they take hostages delay the response, for example we saw as charlie hebdo. >> so what would you assets this to be? a well planned attack or something in response to the events the last few days? wounded captured and perhaps. >> my gut says it is something between the two. i think there are enough prepared people that they are capable of mounting operations shore of notice, however i do think the plans was underway, the timing may have been changed by what has gone on. certainly you can imagine yourself as a member of a terrorist network, and the key people involve sod uh yo know had information that has been captured by police. you are probably quite afraid that the network will close in. so that will probably bring forward any attack plans you have. >> duh the security service seem to be letting it be known, they found more weapons. >> secondly that they believe
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something was in the offing and they had hoped to be able to prevent it. if we take a look at this man on the screen, they are not that many -- a picture of the other suspects. imagine about 24 hours ago, mid say they want to find him, we don't know if he was retted in anyway with what was going on. but they seem to be on the trail of something. >> yes. and again i think that was the timing of the raids. to some extent, was led as they develop the operational picture. i think to some extent there's been this undercurrent there's something in the works. i am no doubt there are other things planned, i think what we saw in paris showed that. a the sheer number of return as just almost statistically, and of course they have the ability to plan. i think we have some interesting things throughout this summer. the uefa world cup, the attacks on the french
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interest as well, as we have seen in northwest africa too. now in competition what the islamic state is doing, it is interesting to see how they react. but obviously, only two days ago, they were attacking -- only yesterday they were attacking. unsuccessfully, but followed a trend of activity and other resorts. so again, it isn't just this, there are other networks out there, and that's not even talking about turkey and several groups as well. >> i will ask you in a minute, give you a chance to think about this, if there are other attacks whether they are spectacular, mobile attacks whatever they are, if they are likely in europe, which cities are most vulnerable, come back to you if i may in just a moment, in the meantime, here are some pictures from a survivor. immediately after the two explosions and the departure.
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you can still see the dust in the air. eerie in so many ways. so this is inside the brussells airport. and the head of the chief executive -- let's just let these run a little bit longer. ushers people out, trying to evacuate the few people that have stayed behind get out
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get out she said. this is the scene outside, we heard from the chief executive at the airport not long ago today was a plaque day, and very sad for the airport. to the victims and the families and the friends. the airport was hit very hard two bombs went off, and there were thousands people doing their check ins the airport is closed. 600 flights have been canceled and the passengers have not been able to travel. tomorrow, we hope to restart operations. >> we are looking at pictures. yes, we do have a live shot of the outside of the airport. we will show you that now. the chief executive says he hopes to restart operations tomorrow. by that he means -- within
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the next 12 to 15 hours and 200 plus flights have been diverted from brussells airport, and the damage there all the windows blown out. very easy to see. so they managed to get things up and running again. the airport. in just a matter of hours, as they try to do that the u.s. president has been calling on everybody to unite, he says what he called terrorism, after those brussells attacks, barack obama was talking to his trip to cuba. understandably condemning what happened and offering support saying the u.s. will do whatever is necessary to bring the attackers to justice. >> my colleague in havana, patti has been following the president. as you normally do, white house correspondent, you went there to report what the president was doing, in cuba, the history that was being
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made there, and perhaps we can talk about that in a moment. but since we are concentrating on the coverage on the events in brussells, tell us about what he said about that and what the feeling is where you are? >> the white house is very quick to respond. this has an impact on the american peel. after the paris attacks the vast majority of americans thought a similar attack was imminent inside the quite, we saw the president tweet out a picture of himself, we know he immediately called as soon as he could, the prime minister of belgium, and he has offered support, he said we can send in our investigators to help you. he also said even though this was a very scripted speech, it happened just behind me he began his remarking talking about the attack. >> my thoughts and prayers of the american people are with
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the people of belgium. we stand in solidarity with them, in condemning these attacks against innocent people. >> we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally of belgium in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. sentiments that have been echoed and indeed by those that might want to replace him at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> yes, and we are hearing from the republican side, incredible criticism of the president. one ted cruz, senate ted cruz
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saying that the president should be staying with our allies instead he is going to the baseball game with the castros. now there's only one castro headed to the game, but the president is in a bit of a tough spot here. the polls show the american people don't think he is doing enough in the fight against the islamic state, and at the same time the polls show they don't want another full scale military invasion with the u.s. forces so he repeatedly trying to send the message you just heard him say that they will be defeated, we have also seen behind the scenes the military, in very public ways trying to push him to do more. the president has stayed steadfast on that that this is as far as he is willing to go for now. >> we should since we are with the party, and you are there to report on the meeting between the u.s. president and the cuban president just give us an idea what he has been saying today. or particular terms and the
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historic visit since last we spoke? >> all of the imagery is meant to send a message. a pretty nasty relationship. she came out criticizing the policy, and the president responded today in this speech, and it was addressed to live t.v. audience at cuban television, and he basically took that criticism and try to poke him back with it. let's take one example. when it came to the idea of racism in the united states, president obama said yes there was racism, but we fixed that by organizing and protesting. and at 1 point, he seemed to even be lecturing president castro, let's listen to that.
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>> to president castro, i want you to know, my i have sit here demonstrated you don't need to view a threat of the united states. i am also confident that you need not fear the different voices of the cuban people. and their capacity to speak, and assemble and vote for their leaders. in fact, i am hopeful for the future because i trust that cuban people will make the right decisions. >> so obviously some very heated tension there, but they are trying to put a good face on as the visit wraps up. so they are trying to send a message but it is all smiles but i can tell you that raul castro is very forcible a the american policy. he called it two face, he went on to talk about how cubans have free education and healthcare, he said
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that's a basic right, so pretty testy exchanged. >> thank you very much indeed. our white house correspondent there with the u.s. president in havana. just want to read out a couple of things that we have heard from ash carter the u.s. defense secretary, we stand by our allies in europe, and by the french prime minister manuel we are at war, he said, the security analyst with us here now, as he put it, estimate which european major cities not necessarily capitols would appear tor most vulnerable if other sites are attacked. i think the key think to look at is one of the risk factors and the population that have gained the operational experience. and again, belgium is on that list, france is on that list. bosn